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Gaza War Diary: 18 MARCH 2024

Remember Shifa Hospital, that major medical facility that was at the center of furious cries that Israel was targeting humanitarian institutions in Gaza, up until the very moment the IDF invaded it and found the terror tunnels and evidence of imprisoned Israeli hostages? Now, after the IDF evacuated Shifa months ago, it has had to go back in because Hamas terrorists have once again set up shop there.

Following IDF and ISA intelligence indicating the presence of senior Hamas terrorists in Shifa Hospital, Israeli forces conducted precise operational activity in the compound eliminating Faiq Mabhuoch, head of the Operations Directorate of Hamas’ Internal Security, responsible for coordination of Hamas terrorist activities in the Gaza Strip, who was hiding in a compound there, overseeing advanced terrorist activity. Numerous weapons were located in the room adjacent to where he was eliminated.

So far, the IDF have killed at least 20 Hamas terrorists, including Mabhouh, apprehended another 80 suspects and confiscated many weapons. Terror funds intended for distribution to Hamas terrorist operatives were also found.

According to Palestinian sources, the IDF has also arrested the entire Al-Jazeera team in Shifa Hospital, including “journalist” Ismail Alghoul, who was invited by Hamas to document the return of kidnapped Israelis as part of the November hudna on the 26th of the month. Alghoul has subsequently deleted all his “reporting” from social networks from the beginning of the war, no doubt because it shows his complicity with the terrorists. Al Jazeerah is hysterically demanding their “reporters” be released. I hope the IDF interrogates them first and then makes them wait until our hostages are freed.

During the fighting in Shifa, Staff Sergeant Matan Vinogradov, 20, was tragically killed.

In a recorded conversation between the IDF and the Hamas “Ministry of Health” the IDF tells them: “We see that the Hamas terrorist organization is continuing its military activity inside hospitals. We are willing to provide any humanitarian aid needed. Our request is simple: an immediate end to all of the terrorist activity in the hospitals.”

Two things I don’t understand. How is it that Israel went into Shifa Hospital months ago and then allowed it to be reoccupied by terrorists, paying with the life of an Israeli soldier to retake it? And, number two, why is the IDF bothering to talk to the Hamas “Ministry of Health?” Like they don’t know that hospitals cannot be used for terrorist activity, and that terrorists shooting over the heads of patients at the IDF is unacceptable? It’s just a sad joke. The hospital should have been closed down and shut, with guards surrounding it, or bombed and put out of operation.

But then, of course, the “poor Palestinians” would have no place to go when they get wounded during the war they started and continue to pursue. Tell me, where does it end, this demand on Israel to appease the hypocrisy of the West, who continue to propagate the myth that there are innocent civilians among the Hamas-voting and -idolizing local population who must be fed, housed and protected? Are we really going to sacrifice our sons and daughters in the IDF for the sake of grandstanding foreign politicians and their poll numbers?

But Israel continues to play the game. The Israeli army on Friday assisted in the delivery of humanitarian aid from the World Central Kitchen (WCK) organization which was delivered by sea at a makeshift pier constructed by the IDF in central Gaza, to help get food and needed supplies to Palestinians.

The Abu Ali Express channel on the Telegraph app shows the full extent of the “famine” in Gaza: shwarma stalls, overflowing food markets, and festive Ramadan meals.

Motaz Azaiza is a Gazan journalist with over a million followers on Twitter who left Gaza last month through the Rafah crossing. Tweeting the other day he alluded to Hamas: “We should not care at all about those who do not care about the death and starvation of their people. Curse everyone who trades in our blood, burned our hearts and our homes and ruined our lives.” Motaz’s tweet received 8.5 million views and caused an uproar between the public opponents of Hamas and its supporters.

One of them was Mahmoud Hasnat, an expatriate Gazan religious preacher with over 6 million followers on Instagram and 4.5 million followers on Facebook, who answered him furiously: “The suit you are wearing was bought with the blood of the children of Gaza and the blood of its resistance fighters…”

Many followers asked them both to stop because “they were making the Zionists happy.”

Got that right!

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2 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 18 MARCH 2024”

  1. Brenda Matsumura

    Not surprised Al Shifa is again involved. I watched Hagari’,s statement, then went to YouTube and listened to Yair as well as saw seized weapons and long tunnel that connected to the huge one. At least 300km one was destroyed. At end, it automatically went to Al Jezeera, which lied about all of it. No evidence they said, the big name terrorist was delivering aid. A child saying he was hurt by IDF ETC ETC. I replied calling out the pack of lies they are putting out as news for Arab world. Beyond deplorable. And Biden/Schumer all day in US. It is just infuriating for this American. I am unable to contain my commentary when there is so much lying going on, with Israel the only source of truth. No one even asks WTH Biden gang is doing giving another 10 Billion to IRAN last week. Neither Israel or America can withstand 4 more years of the Corruption, anti Semitism and anti American, pro Iran idiots in office. We MUST get them out!!!!

  2. Ryan

    According to KD’s book, when the RAF conducted Operation Gommorah, which destroyed much of Hamburg, caused a huge firestorm, and killed over 30,000, some Germans were overheard calling for Hitler to be hanged. Seems the same thing is happening.

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