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Gaza War Diary: 18 JANUARY 2024

An article written by Dr. Michael Milstein and published today on Ynet English gives an in-depth analysis of how Israeli sympathy for the “poor Gazans” has taken an irreversible 180 degree turn. While before October 7, many Israelis and their political leaders believed that “the majority of Palestinians in Gaza are different from Hamas, which controls them through fear and oppression, and share a universal human longing for a good life…” leading to the “assumption that by improving their situation it would be possible to ensure security, stability and even bend the ideological fervor of Hamas.”

These beliefs were shattered on October 7. “Not only did the Gazan public not protest against Hamas following the attack, but thousands took an active part – publicly and without fear – in the massacres, kidnappings, rapes and lootings, including the theft of bodies as a sort of ‘appreciating asset,’ and of course participated in the victory celebrations that included abuse of the kidnapped and the bodies.”

Released hostages have added to this picture with their experiences at being tortured by women and children while held prisoner. Moreover, the discoveries made by IDF soldiers of the widespread weaponry, tunnel entrances, and hate material found in the average Gazan home, have been a factor in enlightening even the most resistant to reality.

Recently, the head of a soldier decapitated on October 7 was found by the IDF in a refrigerator in Gaza. According to the testimony of a Hamas prisoner, the head had been offered by Gazans for sale for $10,000. The IDF returned it to Israel for burial.

“The Israel Democracy Institute found in a survey conducted last month, that 40% of Israelis believed that the harm to the population in Gaza should have a limited bearing on Israel’s decisions and a similar percentage say it should have no bearing at all. Palestinian surveys conducted at the same time found that 72% to 75% of the Palestinians support the October 7 massacre, and about 70% support the armed struggle as the main means of confronting Israel.”

Let there be no mistake: this is a war between Israel and the Gazans. All of them. It is a war between Israel and the Palestinians, excluding Israeli Arabs. We shouldn’t be feeding them, employing them, minimizing harm to them, or providing them with electricity or shelter. Just as the average Berliner was a Nazi, the average Gazan and West Bank Palestinian, is Hamas-ISIS. They want us dead.

Dr. Milstein believes that we should nevertheless not dehumanize the Gazans: “This would undermine the moral foundations of Israel and its image in the eyes of the world.”

What we have to do then, is dispose of our illusions that anything we do can affect change in their morality, prejudice, savagery, and genocidal dreams. What we need to do is create a buffer zone between us and never, ever allow them to pass over it.

Despite the thinning of troops in Gaza, the IDF has scored numerous victories in the last day. Fighting in the southernmost part of Gaza so far reached against the Hamas Shuhada unit and its officers, dozens of terrorists have been killed, their offices raided, intelligence materials confiscated, along with armaments including rifles, RPGs, grenades, and digging equipment. University El Asri, so-called, will not be enlightening any more Hamas operatives on how to build bombs because the IDF today blew it to smithereens. If only our air force were able to take care of other bastions of higher learning / terrorist propaganda with such efficiency!

Also today, significant Hezbollah strongholds have been bombed; terrorists have been apprehended in Tul Karem. The work of our IDF goes on with resilience and determination despite the nagging of the nay-sayers at home and abroad. Biden, apparently, has given up pressuring Netanyahu and has decided to discuss the future of Gaza with … Saudi Arabia! Hopefully, he won’t be in office by then.

Once again, the families of the kidnapped have tried to block the passage of aid trucks going into Gaza. Among those at the border are also the families of fallen soldiers who gave their lives to win this war against Hamas. How long can our government cover its eyes and turn a deaf ear? I don’t know what kind of pressure our leaders are under, but this is absolutely insane, disgusting and outrageous. The next time the protestors go, I would love to join them. The army thwarts them by declaring the area where the trucks pass as a closed military zone.

Everyone in Israel should be there at the border trying to hold back the aid trucks to Hamas. Everyone.

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15 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 18 JANUARY 2024”

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  2. Dave

    “An article written by Dr. Michael Milstein and published today on Ynet English gives an in-depth analysis of how Israeli sympathy for the “poor Gazans” has taken an irreversible 180 degree turn.”

    Cannot find article. Please provide links when you cite a source.

  3. NickM

    May I also suggest that rather than use the terrorist attack on “9-11” it may be argued that 7th October is more like Pearl Harbor.

    The subsequent fighting too, is more like what Israel is facing. The enemy digging themselves into tunnels and caves, suicide attacks, absolute fanatics, etc. And the Americans used any and all means to deal with that enemy – flamethrowers, grenades, mowing them down with machine guns – there were not a lot of prisoners taken as the Americans “island hopped” across the Pacific.

    Here’s the point: The enemy wouldn’t let any other kind of war be fought!

    The nature of the enemy determines the nature of the war.

    Read about what the Americans had to do to take back Manila.

    So it may be an idea to start drawing comparisons between what Israel is facing, and what Israel has to do, and what the Americans were facing, and what the Americans had to do in the Pacific theatre during WW2.

    So that people will start to understand what is going on here. (Hopefully.)

  4. NickM

    Good evening,

    May I suggest that it may be an idea to start referring to the attack on 7th October not as a terrorist attack, but as a “casus belli” – this would remind everyone that Israel is now at war. And in a war, there is only one way to win. That is, as Winston Churchill once wrote, “the proper application of overwhelming force.”

    From Amazon:

    “There has been some controversy in recent months about Israel’s response to the terrorist attacks of 7th October 2023. If we accept that those terrorist attacks were seen as a casus belli, then the response of the Israeli government can be seen through the lens of what is sometimes known in political philosophy as the “dirty hands problem.”

    Machiavelli wrote about this in “The Prince.” According to Machiavelli, if the leader of a country wants to “maintain the state,” then, when it is necessary, they must be able to have things done that are “not good.” In a time of war, when their country’s enemies have shown that they are willing go to any lengths to visit harm upon his or her people, any leader who insists on being “good” at all times will allow their enemies to destroy their people and their country.

    In order to ensure their people’s survival, and to make sure that their country ends up on the winning side at the end of the war, a successful wartime leader must be able to make the hard decisions, and order things done that are “not good” – when it is necessary.

    During the second world war, Churchill found himself in this position on several occasions. The Road to Gomorrah analyses some of the decisions that Churchill had to make in the early years of the war, through the lens of Machiavelli’s political philosophy.”

    From the description for “The Road to Gomorrah” on Amazon.

  5. Irene Fuller

    Dear Naomi,
    I live in Toronto and wat to thank you for keeping us so well informed with your Daily Diary. Needless to say, we here are heart stricken and face antisemitism everyday.
    I am a member of the National Council of Jewish Women here in Toronto. We meet via zoom usually on a Wednesday, however we are flexible. We would be honoured if you would consider being our guest speaker. The timing would be sometime in the Spring (April or May). I realize that the time zone may cause a problem, but since we are a group of seniors, we would be able to work around it. Normally, the presentations are 45-60 minutes with time for questions. You can e-mail me at
    We wish you and our family in Israel a Yasher Koach.

  6. Gary Davis

    I don’t know why any aid truck was even discussed until the hostages were returned.

  7. golda urmacher

    We should not dehumanize the Gazan’s?
    by their actions on Oct 7th, they did that themselves.
    they deserve no human emotions.
    they are worse than animals.
    no, I have insulted all animals who would never do what they did on Oct. 7th.
    we owe them no mercy.
    the raped and descecrated should cut off the penises and testicles of ALL muslims captured,
    and the body parts fed to any pigs being raised.
    As disgusting as it sounds , we have to outdo them on cruelty.
    that is the only language they know.

    • Ryan Keogh

      I don’t think there would be any point in fighting a war against barbarians, only to become like them. There is no need to stoop to their level and roll around in the mud with them. I think Israel is much better than that.

  8. Ho. MeraLee Goldman

    Dear Naomi, Think again about wishing President Biden away—the consequences of another Trump administration would be devastating. Note the 91 offenses he is charged with—and await the legal outcomes. MeraLee

    • Wes Hagglov

      Think again MeraLee…if Trump was president, this war would never have been attempted…and the 91 offenses he is charged with are…’Trumped’ up…Wes…

  9. Sharron

    Thank you so
    Much Naomi for your daily diary. 💗💗💗🇮🇱I live in Canada where our idiot prime minister is allowing in Gazan refugees. Great. I better take my mezuzah down 😒😒

    • Wes Hagglov

      Hi Sharron…I too live in Canada, and your take on our Prime Minister is too kind…and don’t forget he paid out $10.5 million dollars to a terrorist who killed a U.S. soldier and wounded another…and granted him asylum and citizenship who was able to fly in Canada during the pandemic…what no-fly list? And don’t forget about all the illegals who walked into Canada unvetted during the pandemic…did you notice the Royal Canadian Mounties carrying their luggage for them?…and I agree about Naomi’s daily diary…a breath of fresh air…Wes…

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