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Gaza War Diary: 18 FEBRUARY 2024

Although, as usual, the supporters of Hamas are whining about how Israel is arresting doctors, patients, and their families at Nasser Hospital, the truth is that hundreds of terrorists and suspected terrorists hiding in Nasser Hospital have been arrested, including some that participated in the attacks of October 7. So it was fortunate that Israel ignored all demands for it to stop. In addition, large amounts of military equipment, guns, mortars, etc. were confiscated, some of them hidden in vehicles used in the October 7 attacks. Also, a vehicle stolen from Kibbutz Nir Oz was found on the hospital grounds.

The IDF also found unopened boxes of medicine prescribed for some of the hostages, obviously never transferred to them. Qatar and France assured us that the medicine would be given to our hostages, but that didn’t happen. Can Israel rely on these two “intermediaries” in the future?

Nasser Hospital, like all the other “hospitals” in Gaza, lost its immunity under international law when it was used for military purposes and as a jail for our hostages. One of the released hostages actually recognized it from television. So thank you, all you “deeply concerned humanitarians,” for your kind advice, which we in Israel will continue to ignore as we go to rescue our people from the hands of the monsters you support and who are using you as useful idiots.

On Friday, a 37 year-old terrorist from Shuafat near Jerusalem holding Israeli citizenship opened fire at Re’em/Masmiya Junction, killing two. One of them was Sgt. First Class Ori Yaish, 27, a reservist on his second round of fighting in Gaza, who was on his way home for Shabbat. He was the cousin of Israel’s Eurovision singer, Noa Kirel , who told her fans: “The pain and heartbreak are relentless.”

The second victim was Yishai Gartner, 23. Both victims were from Modi’in. Several other victims are still hospitalized. Police said the terrorist arrived at the scene in a vehicle and opened fire at people at a bus station with a handgun, before he was shot and killed by an off-duty IDF reservist officer at the scene. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “this attack reminds us that the whole country is a front and that the murderers, who come not only from Gaza, want to kill us all. We will continue to fight until complete victory with all our strength, on every front, everywhere, until we restore security and peace to all citizens of Israel.” Amen.

Defense Minister Gallant in a press briefing said 30 employees of UNWRA took part in the October 7 massacre, actually murdering and kidnapping Israelis.

There is video footage of Abu Omar, a Hamas terrorist who Al Jazeerah claims is one of their “journalists,” breaking into Israel with Hamas terrorists on October 7. Omar got his just desserts when he was recently blown up by the IDF. Lost a leg, but unfortunately still has his head. Al Jazeerah demands he be sent out of Gaza for “better medical treatment.”  You’d think they’d want to distance themselves from this disgusting situation, but no. Shameless. Omar isn’t going anywhere but to an Israeli jail, or if we’re lucky, to hell.

Following the clashes and the sounds of gunfire earlier Saturday evening at the Rafah crossing, Gazan sources reported that the boy Ahmed Al-Arja was killed by Hamas police as he was trying to get food from an aid truck, which Hamas routinely commandeers, selling the contents for exorbitant prices to the Gazans. In response, Al-Arja’s family members killed the Hamas policeman involved along with a second policeman, taking their weapons. The Gazans are fed up.

This is a common problem. Egyptian truck drivers bringing aid into Gaza are bitterly complaining that their vehicles are being vandalized and that they themselves are being personally attacked by Gazans, who throw stones and bottles at them as they enter through the Rafah crossing, attempting to stop them before the goods disappear into Hamas warehouses. You can’t really blame them, although the truck drivers call them “ingrates.”

And speaking of ingrates, an Israeli woman in a time warp from a pre- October 7 organization called: “Look the Occupation in the Face” came to the Jordan Valley to, as she put it: “protect Palestinian farmers being harassed by settlers(!)” A video was released showing her car being stopped by Palestinians, who violently drag her out, dump her in the middle of the road, then take off with her car. Police are investigating. Doctors should also investigate where the screw that went missing from her head has gone to.

Another Gazan Facebook post last night to the leaders of Hamas (thank you Abu Ali Express!):

“Your whole goal is to produce a winning image, no matter what the cost.
Ya Sheikh, give us bread so we can eat. Give us a safe place.
Give us human dignity. Give us medical care for the sick. Give us
Give us a job. Let us import and export. Give us freedom of movement
between cities. Give us visits to Al Aqsa.
But you want to show an image of victory at the expense of our blood and the blood of our children.
Give us reasonable prices without (heavy) taxation. Give us people who will treat us as human beings and not as numbers.
Well, that probably won’t work. At least give us people who will be God-fearing with common sense and vision for the future, give us people who understand. Not retarded people [so he wrote in the original – Abu Ali].
Go away already…”

Similarly, a displaced person in Rafah openly addresses the leaders of Hamas in a video:

“You sat for two years and planned October 7th.
During the two years, did you not spend even one hour thinking about what will happen to your people in Gaza following what you did?
Did you just plan the attack?
Didn’t you plan for them to respond?
Look what happened to people.
Did you make sure to guarantee your people water, fuel, flour, medical equipment?
No planning? Just attack and the world will turn upside down.
And now they tell me to shut up?
‘We will liberate Jerusalem…’, you say.
I am now on the Chinese border. Instead of getting closer to Jerusalem, we are moving away from it. Shejaiya [his home – Abu Ali] is closer to Jerusalem than Rafah and Sinai.”

Anti-Hamas sentiment is rapidly reaching a boiling point among Gazans, with openly defiant demonstrations against Sinwar, Haniyeh, and Hamas. Hamas is taking note and took the unusual step of issuing a proclamation: “We warn all parties lest they take advantage of the current situation to harm the internal front of the Palestinian people. We emphasize that the fact that we are busy resisting the barbaric aggression does not harm our protection of our people. We call for vigilance against any attempt to harm the firm standing of our people.”

Their rapidly devaluating slogan “No voice prevails over the voice of resistance” has a rather hollow ring to it these days, as those clustered for the last stand in Gaza against Israel’s determined and courageous soldiers begin to internalize that no one is coming to save them, least of all their own leaders who are concerned only with saving their own skins.

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4 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 18 FEBRUARY 2024”

  1. David Bornstein Reply

    The Palestinians situation is 110% of their own making. All the checkpoints, indignities etc. are self inflicted. Had they behaved like normal human beings over the past 76 years they would be prosperous. But, of course, Islam, the terrorist religion rears its ugly head. I men, why is Iran so violently anti Israel? During the Shahs time, good relations. El Al used to land in Tehran. The ONLY thing Iran has against Israel is Islamic garbage as spouted in that fake book, the Koran.

    • Ryan Keogh Reply

      I think the Shas’s son, Reza Pahlavi, needs to come back, he seems like a good guy. People criticize his father because of human rights abuses, but when he was there, he kept the Islamists under control, Khomeini was hiding in France. It is very sad; I am a very big fan of the Iranian people and culture; they had the Persian Empire in ancient times and had Zoroastrianism. Now they have none of that. As you said, they were also great allies of the US and Israel. Many Persian Jews. To be honest, I blame a lot of this crap on Carter, who we now know secretly colluded with the Ayatollah. Big mistake. Now Americans and peaceful Iranians alike are paying the price. I think if Pahlavi somehow regained the throne, he should be made the Caliph of Iran, similar to how Charles III is the head of the Church of England. That way he, and only he, has the final say on religious matters, not these fundamentalist traitors, because that is what these people are, and if they are ever deposed, they should be treated as such, and there should be a Nuremberg-style trial for justice.

  2. Ronald Gottlieb Reply

    I have been reading your posts for years. I absolutely love your clarity and forcefulness. Of course they are well written as well. My wife and I visit Israel 2-3 times a year as our son and his family made aliyah 14.5 years ago. We have 3 grandsons fighting in Tzahal now. We were in Israe all of September and October and are returning next week. My son, Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb, has a shul in Ramat Bet Shaemesh, is a Ram at Gush (Yeshivat Har Etzion) and is the director of a fabulous organization , Tzalash . The acronym in Hebrew stands for Tzavah l’shem shamayim. Their purpose is not kiruv, but rather to help religious soldiers stay religious while serving. Wonderful website, Tzalash .org, in case you are not familiar. My daughter in law ILana is also no slouch. For the past 13 or 14 years she has been the director of a girls’ seminary in Yerushalayim, Midreshet Amit.
    Keep up the great work.

    Ronnie Gottlieb

  3. Ryan Keogh Reply

    I was reading a story about this Palestinian construction worker from the West Bank who used to work in Israel making $3,000 a month, a relatively good salary. Now he can’t do that, and he had to sell his car to make ends meet and support his two daughters. I have to admit I feel bad for him. The article didn’t mention whether or not he supported the attacks, but if he didn’t, I sympathize with him. My father is a carpenter, I know how it is when someone is laid off or whatever, and he received no compensation. The Palestinian Authority, according to the article, is useless in these matters. The attacks have only made the Palestinians worse off.

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