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Joe Biden: “I made it clear to the Israelis – don’t move on Haifa!”

Yes, yes dear reader, this is the leader of the free world responsible for giving us advice and issuing ultimatums during our existential crisis.

Two jokes are going around. They are both aimed at people who understand what it means to prepare a home for the Passover holiday. Joke one: Why couldn’t Iran’s missiles harm Israel? Because the country is wrapped in two layers of heavy duty aluminum foil. (Many Jews cover all the surfaces in their kitchen that have been in contact with leavened bread with foil.)

And then there is the video my daughter sent me in which a confused Israeli housewife stands in front of her newly scoured refrigerator and addresses the leaders of the nation: “I don’t get it. Is there a war or isn’t there a war? Do I have to clean the whole house for Passover or just the bomb shelter? I have no intention of cleaning the whole house just to spend the holiday in the bomb shelter. I’m expecting some information here! What should I buy for food? Salmon, chicken, or food we can open with a can opener? Somebody in the Knesset has to decide! It’s a week before Passover, you can’t leave me up in the air like this.”

Black humor every Israeli understands.

The organization for the hostages has released a viral video in which they ask that this Sabbath be one of unity and prayer “to light the way home for our kidnapped. “Former hostage Lena Taporonov – whose son Sasha is still in captivity – speaks to the camera: “Before I was kidnapped, I never once lit Sabbath candles. But after I returned, I light every week. I ask everyone to light candles this Sabbath, The Great Sabbath, and say a prayer in their hearts for all the kidnapped, including my son Sasha, that they will return to us whole and healthy.” A prayer seems as powerful as anything else our government has yet to come up with to free our hostages. It is believed that after Passover, reservists will once again be called up, and the war in Rafah –  and the end of Hamas in Gaza – will finally begin,

The Iranians have internalized that Israel will be striking back. Now, they are busy negotiating acceptable targets for the IDF. Achmad Haq Talev, who is responsible for the protection of the Iranian nuclear facilities, issued a hysterical statement about their advanced weapons: “We have accurate information about the nuclear facilities in Israel and our missiles are prepared to destroy the designated targets.” Ah, you mean the same targets you were aiming for and completely missed a few days ago? Those targets? And then they say: If Israel tries to damage their nuclear facilities, “we will reconsider our nuclear policy.” You mean the fiction for foreign consumption that Iran is not building nuclear weapons? Please.

I say, go for it Israel! You know if they had the bomb, they’d use it. We have nothing to lose.

Israel has already begun attacking Rafah, the A-Salam neighborhood. It’s rubble. Meanwhile Gazans from Deir al-Balah are seen in videos romping in the surf with their families, none of them the least bit worried about “genocide.” Tell me, if you had genocidal soldiers on your doorstep, would you be building sand castles with your children? But they aren’t worried because they know the IDF doesn’t randomly bomb civilians. Despite their hatred, such is their faith in the humanness and civility of the Israeli army.

Let’s not forget that the same people frolicking on the beach, and enjoying overflowing food markets – thanks to a worldwide outpouring of compassion for the murderers of our people – are the people who brutally kidnapped Yarden Bibas, father of the two little redheads who are the youngest hostages, along with his wife. Yarden’s blood soaked face is visible in the picture below, surrounded not by Hamas soldiers, but civilians. His fate and that of his wife and children are unknown were all in the hands of Gazan civilians. Hamas says they are all dead. So let’s remember that, even if the Biden administration chooses to forget.

I honestly try to keep upbeat, and I truly do believe the Israeli people are going to win this horrible war against these despicable neanderthals. But two things I read yesterday really depressed me. One, is an article by Melanie Phillips describing her experiences in Brussels as she attempted to attend a conference of conservatives. The viciousness with which the Mayor of Brussels, local judges, and the police set out in force, like the Nazi S.A. , to prevent people having their say is truly horrifying, and does not bode well for our planet. You can read it here.

The second article was by the amazing Liel Lebowitz, in which he dissects the universe of liberal Jews for whom Jonathan Glazer has become the mouthpiece. Read it here.

Among other things, he cites the disconnect of liberal American Jews to the harsh truths they refuse to accept:

  • There’s no such thing as a Palestinian people.
  • There’s no real difference between Hamas and Fatah.
  • The overwhelming majority of Palestinians aren’t interested in building a robust, flourishing state where they can live and work in dignity, prosperity, and peace. They’re interested in righting what they believe is the fundamental wrong of their existence, the Jewish state next door, an abomination that must be destroyed no matter how long it takes or how many must die in the process.
  • To protect itself and secure its peaceful existence, Israel will have to seize territories it needs to control, in Gaza and Lebanon alike. This will involve displacing more civilians and will lead to more international condemnation.
  • But above all, it will mean the end of the “peace process” and an era marked by the belief that we were marching, however haltingly, into a warm embrace with the rest of the world. Compare these insights to the tenets of liberal American Judaism, and you’ll see they have almost nothing in common.

And that, precisely, was the point of Jonathan Glazer’s speech.

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4 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 18 APRIL 2024”

  1. Linda Biderman Reply

    I want these pro Hamas and un American people living in our country flown to Arab countries. Let them understand what it feels like when you no longer have freedom of speech and daresay, if a woman has her hair showing. Oh yes, let’s get them out of our country! Are their families encouraging this behavior? If so, they have to get out also and then we should burn their houses down so there is no coming back to home.

  2. Karen Reply

    I read that article, Naomi. Wow. I agree. It’s to that point now. People need to realize it. Especially us in America because we’re next and it’s coming soon. Wake up America! Israel is showing us what’s coming and we need to be ready.

  3. Brenda Matsumura Reply

    Not only can THIS Admin. In America not be trusted, it “leaks” daily. News on ABC reportedly said last night, Israel will retaliate against Iran after Passover”
    .Who telegraphs what they are planning? These folks,98% of which are lies. But when it comes to Israel, they blab incessantly. I will not ever waffle in my of support of Israel. You can add this gem to the jokes. Biden said yesterday at an event with hardly anyone there, that his “Uncle Bozey’s plane went down near New Guinea, where they think he was eaten by cannibals.”. Then later said he ‘went to New Guinea and found a light and another piece of his plane “.!!!! I laughed a loud and I told my neighbors who are in their 20s who responded” he is delusional”!. Yes, slightly. And the least qualified person to give advice on frankly, anything. Let alone Middle East strategy. Wish there were a way to send the pro-Hamas fanatics in U.S. to go live in any number of places, esp.the Muslim countries that will happily rape them to death, shoot their eyes and they can all be martyrs. I can dream.

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