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In my post yesterday, many wrongly assumed that I sided with Benny Gantz in his unprecedented and unforgivable attack against Netanyahu during a full-scale war. What I was trying to say was even those of us who back this war, and Netanyahu’s stance, can no longer approve of the dragging of feet in pursuing military goals.

It is Gantz’s demand for a deadline that we all approve of, particularly our soldiers. A group of IDF officers operating in southern Gaza demanded either a full-scale operation in Rafah or for their men to be withdrawn, warning that the current mode of operation makes their men sitting ducks and allows the enemy too much time to study their movements, resulting in greater casualties.

Defense Minister Gallant told the Likud: “I am against a Palestinian State.” He also objects to Israeli military rule in Gaza, which he says will extend military service to four years. The slogan: No Hamas, and no Abbas (head of the Palestinian Authority) is currently very popular in the discussion about “the day after.” But then, what?

Meanwhile the farce in the Hague continues, with the prosecutor asking for arrest warrants for Sinwar, Deif, Netanyahu and Gallant. If such warrants are issued, equating Nazi mass murderers to those defending Israelis from genocide, it will be the biggest war crime of all.

The death of the Butcher of Teheran, Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi, as well as the country’s foreign minister and several other officials who were killed after their helicopter crashed in northern Iran on Sunday had us in semi-euphoria. I really prayed so hard that he would be found dead and in little pieces, and my prayers were answered.

We have, since the war began, been surrounded by open miracles. I thought that this was just my private world view, but Israel Today actually did a survey on just this subject. Asked if the death of Iranian president Raisi in a helicopter crash was a case of Divine judgment, 72 percent of Israelis said yes. 69 percent said they see Divine judgement as a direct intervention, and 45 percent said they are praying for Divine judgement against Hamas daily (as opposed to those who answered “no” (24 percent) and 31 percent who answered “occasionally.” Please pray. It really does help. And it certainly can’t hurt.

Working against our prayers, are the morons leading the West who keep on pouring aid into coffers of the savages of Gaza. Since the war began, Israel Today reports, Hamas has profited from no less than $500 million off the humanitarian aid to Gaza, which has only served to prolong the war with all its concomitant miseries for all involved. Such stupidity! Starving Hamas and cutting off fuel to its tunnel systems would have driven it to the surface and out of business in two weeks, saving thousands of lives and shutting down the terror protests all over the US and Europe. The West has only itself to blame.

By the way, it seems that these protests have been very effective in furthering the goals of terror supporters on American campuses. As reported in The Free Press, Princeton has agreed to consider academic affiliations with Palestinian scholars, students and institutions and an new Palestinian studies course. Northwestern has committed to building a house for Muslim student activities and to fundraise for scholarships for Palestinian undergraduates. Brown University has agreed to vote on implementing BDS. Rutgers has agreed to accept at least 10 displaced Gazan students and hire additional professors who specialize in Palestinian and Middle Eastern studies. Johns Hopkins will grant amnesty to all student protestors. The University of California, Berkeley will ensure their academic partnerships don’t exhibit anti-Palestinian discrimination which protestor say is “a pathway to boycott of Israeli university programs.” And last but not least, UC Riverside has committed to discontinue a business school study program in Israel and promised a “review of Sabra houmous” served in its cafeteria.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Gazans are complaining that in Jabalya, in the north of the Gaza Strip, attacks and destruction are on a level that has not been seen since the beginning of the war. Israeli forces entered from the east and intend to cross the entire northern area of the Gaza Strip from east to west and reach the coastline. “The Beit Lahia project area, north of the strip, is now being wiped off the face of the earth,” wrote a Gazan on Facebook. Yes! In addition, the IDF has been particularly busy in Naqoura in southern Lebanon, where bombings have targeted Hezbollah terrorists, as well as Hezbollah strongholds like Quasyr in Syria, which is close to the border with Lebanon, and helps to facilitate weapons smuggling, Unofficial sources reported four dead and four enemy wounded in Qusayr.

On Oct. 7, Dvir Fisher, 23, was at a Rainbow Festival in the Himalayas in Nepal. After he heard the news of the Hamas attacks in Israel, he decided to return home immediately to join his IDF reserve unit.

During a ride to Kathmandu, he was sitting next to an Argentine woman who asked him why he was going back.

“I said my country was at war, that many people were murdered and kidnapped. The woman told me, “So what? Your life is more important. In the end we are all private human beings. There is no such thing as a people.’”
“I told her, that’s not correct. This is my people, this could have been me. I’m fighting for the right of my people to live in my country. For the right of the Jewish people simply to live. She didn’t understand.”

In November, Dvir was shot in the neck in Gaza and barely survived. Today he is involved in highlighting the experiences of soldiers who were wounded in the Gaza war.

Hodaya Karish-Hazony today in Makor Rishon (Hebrew):

Satellite photos show the complete devastation in eastern Rafah due to IDF activity over the last ten days. Let us keep praying for our soldiers, and for victory. Not just for Israel, but for the forces of good which are seemingly being routed everywhere. Without Divine intervention, we all know which way this is going to go.

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12 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 20 MAY 2024”

  1. Charlotte Wenz Wallace Reply

    As an American who pays taxes, I’m disgusted with Biden’s approach to the college lunatics who have controlled and destroyed many colleges in the US. He has rewarded them for their shameful behavior. The US is a mess thanks to far left ideologies that are infiltrating higher education and other institutions. We are a G-d less society and a sore eye in the world. Peace for Israel.

  2. Isabel Ringer Reply

    Dvir FIsher expressed the unity of the Jewish people, no matter how we disagree on politics or anything else. First, we have the right to exist, period! Then to live in our own-G-d given Land.
    I see young Jews here rejecting any “specialness” and I think, “Hitler rooted out every assimilated Jew. You youngsters are hardheaded when you refuse to see your Jewish DNA as a gift. You will be dealt with by our enemies.”

  3. Barbara Ellen Calderon Reply

    I always pray for my people in Israel and am against all these young protesters as they don’t know what is real. Love to you always old friend from far Rockaway.

  4. Sara Reply

    I pray every day and every night, we need more divine intervention. The world has gone crazy.I agree this work should have all been done more swiftly- seems taking time and listening to the world has only made it worse for Israel- Seems BB has been trying to do the right thing but as Jews, we’re always wrong anyways. Swift and strong…but then there are the hostages- another reason why great care has been taken. And now all this political strife in Israel…everyone wants power. Biden just wants re-election …seems like Benny is in his pocket…so much to take in…perhaps another book Naomi.

  5. Carol Hope Reply

    Perhaps some Adan’s would like to go to the other Islamic nations but alas those nations refused to have them left their ancestors in camps where hatred grew. A funny aside on the ancestry sites each Palestinian could find out the country that their ancestors came from and demand the right of return but Egypt closed the Rafah border which media fails to mention allowing Israeli to take bad press and Egypt did it to prevent suffering Arabs from entering ….

  6. Audrey Reply

    Yes, I agree – it’s high time for Bibi to ACT, right now. Finish off Hamas once and for all.🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  7. golda Reply

    what to do with gaza???
    expel the muslims and return it to Israel. it was given to these barbarians for peace.
    ha! ha!
    divide the rapists among their own 30 muslim countries and let them worry about them.
    enough land for peace.
    these neanderthals are brain dead.
    thanks for your perspective.
    we think alike and if my prayers were answered ‘the others’ would all be sterile or died of cancer.

    • Michalis Reply

      One cannot help wondering why these people in Gaza would choose to remain in Gaza (if half the stories they tell the world are true) when they could choose to leave and live in Islamic countries, where they could practice their “religion” all they like.

      Maybe they could all go back to their true homeland. After all, the Muslims invaded the place in 639 and chucked everyone else out, before heading west across North Africa and doing their invasion/occupation thing there too. Why don’t all the Arabs go back to their homeland – in ARABIA.

      Answer? Because their religion teaches that wherever they have invaded and occupied in the past remains Islamic territory forever.

      So because the Muslims invaded Gaza in 639, they see it as theirs.

      But it’s not.

      Their real homeland is the desert.

      A vast, empty nothingness.

      And that is reflected in their religion.

  8. Ettie Kryksman Reply

    Thank you, Naomi for your wonderful updates and insights. I am happy that you clarified your view regarding Benny Gantz. The idea of him giving Netanyahu ultimatums did not sit well with me, but I agree with your conclusions and appreciate your beautifully expressed analysis.

    • Wes Hagglov Reply

      Yes, thank you Naomi for the clarification…and keep up the good work of telling it like it is…you have a talent for putting into words what most of us are thinking…

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