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Gaza War Diary: 17 JANUARY 2024

The Fatah organization, headed by Yasir Arafat’s right hand man, Abu Mazen, the person who the West mistakenly believes is a “moderate” and that Israel is being pressured to accept as the head of post-war Gaza, has published an official “mourning” announcement, declaring all five terrorists killed this morning in the drone attack in Nablus as their own “heroic martyrs.” One of them was the head of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade which has the blood of many Israelis civilians on its hands.

According to Abu Ali Express, which translates the news from Arab sources, if you read what is being written by our enemies, they are full of optimism, declaring the imminent defeat of Israel and their own victory. Unfortunately, much of the information they are broadcasting, which is encouraging their delusions, is coming from the defeatist Israeli press. For example, Nachum Barnea, a broadcast journalist, wrote the following: “The 100th Day of the Gaza war met millions of Israelis in a state of chronic depression, indeed, the situation is depressing.” They translated this, along with quotes from the Israeli press about the tensions in the war cabinet, with Gantz and Eisenkot supporting a prisoner deal even if it would require ending the war, while Netanyahu and Gallant are interested in continuing the military pressure on Hamas.

What is wrong with the Israeli press?! Why would you give aid and succor to your enemies like that?! These “journalists” need to be shut down. And our politicians need to shut up.

Are we depressed? Well, we aren’t dancing for joy, that’s true. But the reason for it is not that we are losing, but because we would like to flatten them and kick Biden in the ass along with Blinken, and blow up the “humanitarian aid” trucks” along with the Hamas murderers who steal everything in them. We would like to seal the Gaza Strip, or open it up to the Sinai desert, where the residents of Gaza, who have spent the last twenty years turning their home into the worst terrorist nightmare on the face of the earth, can escape and eat sand as they die of thirst along with their terrorist-brainwashed families who have no purpose to exist on earth except to hate and kill.

If you detect a wee lack of sympathy on my part, it is the result of the day’s news in which pathologists released their findings on the death of three Israeli soldiers taken hostage by Hamas. The report says it is impossible to determine the cause of death. While Hamas gleefully declared they died as a result of IDF bombings, there are no obvious wounds or battle injuries, leading their poor families to envision a scenario in which they were tortured to death by a lack of oxygen in the tunnels, or poisoned or strangled or….?

The psychological terror inflicted on Israelis by reports like these is immeasurable. But we continue to bear it. Because every, single day we can bomb more of them, discover more bomb factories, destroy more of their tunnels, trick more of them into coming out of their rat holes into the open so we can blow them up. With the declared joy of Hamas in being martyred, Israel really has to do more to accommodate them. All of them.

An interesting point was made in an article by Iranian-born Amir Taheri, Chairman of the Gatestone Institute of Europe, located in London, which pointed out that if you follow the war in Gaza as explained by the BBC and then read what Iranian news agencies write, you’d be viewing two completely different wars. While the virulently anti-Israel BBC “gives massive coverage to (so-called) diplomatic initiatives to bring about a ceasefire” and when there is absolutely no sign of that, they blame Israel’s stubbornness . “Forgetting that fire is coming from both sides, even now, the [BBC] wants only Israel to rein in its fury, never mentioning that Hamas, too, could help by stopping rocket attacks on Israeli civilian targets. BBC commentators imply that Israel is no longer in real danger from Gaza and thus should be magnanimous and accept a ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ which, again according to the wise men of London, will encourage Hamas, too, to cease fighting.”

On the other hand, the mouthpiece of Hamas and Houthi terrorism, IRGC propaganda, “not only wants Hamas to stay in the game but also encourages other members of the queer club known as the “Resistance Front” to join in. In fact, it already claims that the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Yemeni Ansar Allah (Houthis) and the Iraqi Hashd al-Shaabi militia are already dealing “deadly blows” not only to the “Zionist enemy” but also to its ultimate protector, “the American Great Satan.”

It’s almost funny, in a macabre way, that the great terrorist supporter and the terrorists themselves are contradicting each other. But in a way, I can better understand their love affair: Both are consummate liars and fantasists.

No serious person should be watching the BBC.

The decision of Netanyahu not to inspect the shipment of medicines coming in supposedly to be distributed to Israeli hostages has been furiously overturned by his government colleagues. The inspections will go on.

This decision, and the decision to allow continued truckloads into Gaza while our hostages languish in their tunnels, is unfathomable. Moreover, Hamas continues to collect taxes on these goods and to sell them for exorbitant prices to fill their war chests. No government in the history of mankind has allowed such things to transpire during an existential war.

My only comfort these days is the knowledge that with the thinning of troops in Gaza, many fathers and husbands have returned to their families. In that I rejoice, despite not knowing what the long term effect will be.

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4 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 17 JANUARY 2024”

  1. Ryan Keogh

    The last twenty ceasefires or so have always ended in perpetual war. I think the adage “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” applies to the bleeding hearts and humanitarians of the West.

  2. David Bornstein

    Any aid going in to Gaza as forced by the international community including regrettably my own country, Australia with its treacherously bad government, should be inspected by Israel and DISTRIBUTED by Israeli troops. Let the bastards come and beg for something to eat.
    It is a great pity that some particularly vicious plague has not descended on the displaced Hamas supporting rats. Cholera, Typhus, etc. come to mind.

    • Ryan Keogh

      Not to change the subject but how is Australia’s own defense going? If they can’t see the threats that Israel faces, how can the government see their threats (China)?

  3. Ellen Poor

    I do not understand how medicines for the hostages will get to the hostages and if, in fact, they would be beneficial. First, those wonderful hamas (or ham-ass, as a friend calls them) leaders claim they do not know where the hostages are. How will the medicine get to them? Second, If a person needs medication and has gone without it for over 3 months, is it going to help them at all?

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