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Close on the heels of the euphoria with which we in Israel greeted the miraculous failure of Iran’s attack Saturday night, comes the deadly launch of a guided anti-tank missile and drone attack by Hezbollah against al-Aramshe village in the Galilee on the Lebanese border. Eighteen IDF reservists, who were apparently housed in the village, and members of village’s local protection force, were wounded, four of them critically.

The IDF was apparently caught unawares, and was unable to respond in a timely fashion with the Iron Dome to deflect the attack due to its location. Apparently, Hezbollah is in a learning curve to target less well-covered areas. But we have no doubt this costly lesson has taught the IDF how to strengthen its defenses. We learn fast.

In the meantime, thousands of the evacuated residents of Northern Israel have formed an organization to represent their interests named Lobby 17. Following the attack on al-Aramshe, they issued the following statement: “Eighteen reservists and citizens paid a bloody price for the continued passivity of our government and war cabinet. The time has come to tell the public the truth: the Iranian attack did not end on Saturday night, but has been ongoing for the last six months. The time has come to end it! All the members of the cabinet must smarten up. If the guided missiles and drones are being manufactured in Iran, then Hezbollah is Iran.”

The IDF responded with aerial bombardment and artillery attacks in Lebanon. The last few days have seen Israel eliminating key Hezbollah commanders and so the attack comes as no surprise given Hezbollah’s customary tit for tat policy. It is a wake-up call that the war we are in will have many bitter surprises, and we won’t always win every battle. But there is no choice.

Iran is fearful of what is coming its way, despite its barking rhetoric. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Iran’s IRGC has enacted emergency measures for its facilities across Syria. Some IRGC members have evacuated their bases in Syria and others are doing so at night when Israeli strikes are most likely. Only a few soldiers are staying behind to defend arsenals.” Hezbollah too is reportedly evacuating its senior members from Syria, although reports by Syrian security officials say that Hezbollah has increased the number of its operatives on the Syrian border with Israel in recent days “to collect intelligence on possible Israeli attacks.”

Knife-wielding maniacs have taken over Sydney, Australia. What I find interesting is how reluctant the police are to release the names of the perpetrators. In the 18-hour news vacuum created by police silence concerning the Sydney mall attacker’s identity, an antisemitic Russian blogger created fake news pointing the finger at an innocent Jewish student named Benjamin Cohen, even claiming his photo was that of the attacker. Before the true mentally-ill person’s name was revealed, over half a million people saw the post, defaming the poor kid, and causing major damage to his family and the Jewish community.

The name of the smiling 16 year-old Islamic terrorist who knifed a Bishop in his church was also withheld. What are the police afraid of, being accused of Islamophobia? I understand the police were very concerned for “the poor kid” and the press was out to demonize the victim, a respected Christian leader. Apparently, he was not a fan of the gay community. So I guess that lets the knifer off the hook, right?

I just love how nobody was warning Iran to exercise “restraint” before it let loose 300 missiles and drones at our tiny country. But now that we survived (I’m sure many of the world’s leaders would have been much happier crying crocodile tears and parachuting in aid packages over our destroyed cities, along with body bags in the thousands) they are all either running to Jerusalem to urge Israel to exercise “restraint” or sending their representatives. Cameron of the U.K., Schultz of Germany, Joe Biden. What happened to the “proportional response” you were urging on us just a little while ago? That would mean Israel sending 300 missiles  and drones to Teheran. Make up your minds. Also, have some guts and join us. This is your fight too, you cowards.

And then we have to deal with that little Hitler wannabee in Turkey, Erdogan, who is accusing Israel of attempting to orchestrate repeated coups against him in Turkey. No, that would be your own citizens who know what an idiot you are. They don’t need any help from us in Israel. Erdogan is hosting Hamas leader Haniyeh, whom he refers to as the “leader of the Palestinian struggle.” Listen, you little Turkish rodent, I have some free advice for you on how to gain in popularity amongst your people. Support Israel, who filled your hotels and imports your products. What have the Palestinians ever done for the Turkish economy or its people?

You are such an stupid Islamic fanatic. Your people are sick of you.

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3 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 17 APRIL 2024”

  1. Brenda Matsumura Reply

    I saw current footage of ‘U.N.Peacekeepers” in a turret style site in Lebanon, very close to border with their spyware peering into Israel ! Who are they trying to kid??? There’s no peace and they likely feed everything they see to Hezbollah killers. If they were peacekeeping, they would enforce the U.N
    Resolutions of required distance from Israeli Border, but no, they were spying on Israel is what it looked like. When these attacks on specific IDF locations as were described here, I put 2 and 2 together and it does equal 4. I saw this footage shortly before weekend attacks. I cannot be the only person seeing this trash. I try to avoid CNN at all costs, and could have seen it on a rare visit to BBC. It was end of last week. When you mentioned little rodents, I thought of them peering into Israel. Unsettling then and more so now. And HAMAS said they might be able to find 20 missing abductees. Positively evil. Evil everywhere.

  2. Toby Reply

    Hi – and you have to also include the earthquake they suffered last year when Israel ran to help them out! Turkey has a short memory.

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