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I know what I’m about to write is going to astonish many of you, but it is the absolute truth. The all-out Iranian attack against us was actually the most wonderful thing that could have happened! It was just what we Israelis needed to experience after the horrors of October 7, a necessary correction – tikkun – to the fear and horror and helplessness of that terrible day; an experience that united us completely, placing all the conflicts between on the back burner.

Finally we were totally united, engaging with our main enemy in the world, the one behind all the little savages in Gaza, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. I can’t explain to you how it felt to know those rockets had been fired, and to say a few Psalms and then go to sleep Sunday night, waiting for them to arrive. I can’t explain the feeling of putting yourself completely into G-d’s hands.

 The next day, watching those drones and missiles misfire, or land in the water, or destroy some houses in Iran, or land in Rewandez, Kurdistan, falling all over the place except where they were aimed, and watching the rest get shot out of the sky, was simply an exhilarating religious experience. While Israel had the help of the Americans, and even the Jordanians, it was mostly the IDF who downed those colossal missiles and drones. Watching it unfold restored our faith in those defending us, mitigating all that had happened in October, taking away our sense of helplessness. It showed us what bumbling idiots our “fearsome” Iranian enemies are with their defective weaponry. How wonderful to realize your most fearsome enemy, the one you’ve been so afraid of, is like the outed Wizard of Oz, a little bald man behind a curtain, a paper tiger, and an idiot.

And most of all, it let everyone in Israel experience a most needed miracle, restoring our faith and our connection to G-d, so close to the holiday of Passover, when the Jewish people were born into miracles, proving to all of us – and perhaps people all over the world – that “our Father yet lives.”

Hundreds, even thousands, could have died or been injured. Instead, only one little girl, a Bedouin who wasn’t in a bomb shelter, unfortunately sustained a shrapnel wound; and two holes were dug in the ground near our air bases in Nebatim and in the Golan Heights. Nothing. Nada. Hundreds of rockets and drones. Who else in the entire world can say: This also happened to us.

Almost as wonderful, is the merciless fun now being poked at the Iranians. Two of my favorites: A split screen image, one of the devastation in Khan Yunis and the other a photo of paper planes being launched.

The second was two little dwarf cavemen with clubs wearing tiger skins and mullah hats launching paper planes while Netanyahu in a suit, five times their size, sits in a chair and simply puffs out his cheeks and blows them away. Awesome.

Their failure made the mullahs so desperate they resorted to airing old footage of fires in either Spain or Texas, claiming it was in Israel, a result of their rocket fire. Of course, they were outed immediately, making them a laughingstock all over the world. I understand that to restore their masculinity, Iranian morality police are now doubling down on torturing girls and women not wearing hijabs. I guess they need something to prove they still have a pair.

There is also other good news, this from the Biden administration which at long last has publicly put the blame for the failure of the hostage negotiations squarely on Hamas. About time. They also recognized Israel is going into Rafah, and that we will, at the right time and place, retaliate against Iran. Can it be that the U.S. is finally off Israel’s back ? As a concession, the souks of Gazan now overflow with food, keeping Joe happy.

Iran’s failure against Israel must be devastating to the terrorists whose hopes were pinned on them destroying the IDF. No such luck.

An attack today on a Hamas police vehicle in central Gaza killed seven out of eight Hamas operatives; and successful strikes in Lebanon saw the elimination – among other Hezbollah terrorists – of Ismail Yusaf Baz, Brigade Commander of Hezbollah’s coastal sector, who was involved in the promotion and planning of rocket and anti-tank missile launches toward Israel from the coastal area of Lebanon, as well as organizing and planning number of terror attacks against Israel during the current war.

In more good news, we were delighted with the very positive message from Saudi Arabia, who accused Iran of trying to destroy its developing relationship with Israel, and wondering why Iran has been allowed to nurture terrorists all over the world. I can answer that one: Barack Hussein Obama, who has for years been at the core of the feeding and nurturing of this terror regime, a legacy bequeathed to his successor Biden. It could not have happened without both of them.

Jordan also surprised us by using its air force to shoot down Iranian drones aimed at Israel in its airspace. For all the ugly pro-Hamas rhetoric of their silly Queen, they came through. Thank you!

Being quoted extensively on the Arab channels, were these words by Israel’s Minister of Defense: “The skies of the Middle East are open to our planes, we will attack any enemy that will act against us, wherever it may be. The Iranians will not be able to establish a new coalition against us.”

And finally, this: A religious woman from America posted on a Facebook group asking for advice. Her family already purchased tickets to come to Israel for Passover, but she was afraid. She asked the group for their advice. And this is what I wrote her: “It isn’t a religious obligation to spend Passover in Israel; it’s a privilege.” I personally wouldn’t have missed being in Israel at this time for anything. It’s truly one of the most sacred, mystical and profound religious experiences I have ever had.

May G-d continue to intervene for us and bless Israel and her people.

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8 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 16 APRIL 2024”

  1. Ellen Calderon Reply

    I’m so happy that you’re happy too, have a happy Passover for you and your family.

  2. KD Reply

    Apparently that two faced ****** David ****** Cameron has pitched up in Israel and is trying to tell Benjamin Netanyahu how he ought to respond to the Iranian attack. What a brass neck !

    Strangely enough, after all the cries for a “proportionate response” after the October 7th attack, that concept is no longer popular with these people.

    After all, that would mean Israel launching 300 missiles back at Iran – only Israel’s missiles would work!

    No, now “Lord” Cameron is urging “restraint.”

    I would have liked it if Netanyahu had done a presser with Dynamic Dave and said, we are going to take this ******’s earlier advice and go for a “proportionate response.” I would have liked to see the look on the Cameron creature’s face!

    Followed by a warning to the Iranian leaders: By the way, we know where you live. So rest assured that 300 well aimed, functional, HE missiles will be headed your way very shortly.

    Maybe even the next time you go to the bathroom for a No. 2 . . .

    You’ll never know . . . until it happens.

    I’d have given a month’s wages to see that press conference!

  3. Audrey Travis Reply

    I love the all the post attack humour! We certainly need a few good laughs after what we endured! Liron Kopinsky (who used to live in Neve Daniel where my niece lives), cracked me up when he wrote: “The Iranian army didn’t take into account that Israel’s entire airspace had been covered in not just one, but two layers of heavy duty aluminum foil.”

  4. Linda Reply

    Naomi…you tell it like it is!!! I love your diary posts and your positive spin on the day to day occurrences in Israel, which uplifts me and makes my day!!! May Israel and the Jewish People continue to celebrate life and stand firm against their enemies. We will live long and prosper, and be victorious over our enemies, with the help of G-d, our Father!

  5. Charlotte Wallace Reply

    You are so correct in describing the antics of those who hate Israel. No sugarcoating and excuses. I’m tired of the political correctness the US feeds the liberal media. While our poor excuse for a leader kills our country, know there are some Americans who support Israel.

  6. golda Reply

    bravo to the brave citizens of the only formidable democratic country in the Middle East,
    ISRAEL , for showing the world, that they are going to continue this mad fight against less than human barbarians, who call themselves neighbors???
    is it just me, or doesn’t the world’s population realize all the wasted dollars and EUs
    fighting a war barbarian arabs will NEVER win, when those funds could have alleviated so much suffering, starvation and deprivation of their brethren worldwide!
    HAPPY PESACH TO ALL OF ISRAEL, may your tables overflow with lotza matza, may your bellies be fill with delicious holiday foods, and may your children answer the four questions with the guile of centuries of other Jewish children.
    I too, have my heart filled with joy, and hope one day to have Pesach with my grandson in Israel.
    Hag Samech

  7. Jilly Reply

    I LOVE YOUR POSITIVE ATTITUDE & agree with you in all ways.

    Thank you for your postings !! xoxoxo

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