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Gaza War Diary: 15 NOVEMBER 2023

I opened my computer to write this diary entry, and what I found was a letter I’d written along with my husband to our grandson. Turns out, the package he was going to get had to be very, very tiny because all the soldiers in his unit are getting packages and they can’t bring it in a huge truck. So after his Dad sent him socks and underwear, and his Mom put in cookies, all that was left for us was room for a letter.

What can grandparents say to a grandson who has been dismantling bombs in Gazan terror tunnels for a month?

We expressed our immeasurable pride and thanks for allowing us to have a country.

We tried to put into words how much we love him, and how much we want him to come home safe to all of us.

We promised him a grand Thanksgiving Day dinner (my tradition ever since coming to Israel) where the whole family will meet, and eat, and laugh and tell stories. And hug him over, and over, and over.

Being immersed in the news all day, every day, one’s mind somehow focuses on certain things, and passes over others.

What stuck with me today was once again an “apology” by the BBC who had outrageously broadcast that “medical teams and Arab [sic] speakers were being targeted” in the Israeli army’s raid on Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital. “ Actually, the BBC corrected itself, the report should have said “IDF forces [participating in the raid] included medical teams and Arabic speakers.”

Are you kidding me? The use of the publicly -funded British Broadcasting Authority for anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda during this latest round of fighting is inexcusable. In general, I look at the once great British people and the land of Great Britain and think about how they were once in a very similar position to Israel, targeted by a genocidal maniac who threatened them with total destruction unless they gave into tyranny. Their response was magnificent, just as Israel’s response to the terror attack that killed the equivalent of 200,000 people in American terms has been magnificent. The country that once stood alone in Europe facing tremendous odds and even annihilation, nevertheless declared: “We shall fight on the landing grounds. We shall fight in the fields, and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills. We shall never surrender!” has now surrendered to the Islamic jihadists they have mistakenly taken in for no damn good reason.

If any country should side with Israel, it should be the British. Their behavior in tolerating Nazi-marches in their streets, and antisemitic violence against British citizens by newcomers and illegals show a tragic decline in their nationhood. The shame and the pity!

Another rankling news item was Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. I always thought he was a little Hitler, and wasn’t very happy that Israel decided to restore full diplomatic relations with Turkey only this past September when Erdogan met in person with Netanyahu. Today, he outdid himself, calling Israel a “terror state” and saying it was committing “the most treacherous attacks in human history.” ( I think the Armenians would beg to differ.) Hamas, on the other hand, he labeled “a democratically elected government.”

Please, everyone, don’t visit or vacation in Turkey! Don’t use their airline. Don’t buy Turkish products or any electrical appliances manufactured in that demented country. Many well-known brands like Siemens and Bosch manufacture appliances there. Check. Israelis, who singlehandedly used to fill their hotels because of the cheap prices and short flight, will be staying away permanently, I hope, although you never can tell. It is my hope that this little Hitler stews in his golden mega-palace until he can’t afford the electric bill anymore.

And I’ll end with these good tidings:

  • The IDF blew up the Hamas parliament building after taking photos of themselves inside.
  • Israel is finally inside Shifa, doing what needs to be done with unbelievable kindness to the undeserving people inside, bringing medical equipment and incubators and fuel. Never did a people deserve it less.
  • The Givati Brigade planted an Israeli flag atop a UN-run school which has been teaching Gazan children to hate and kill for the last twenty years, and whose graduates were no doubt prominent among the perpetrators of the atrocities that have disgusted and outraged the entire world. That’s how UNWRA stays in business. Now they’ll have refugees to take care of for another sixty years.

Some jokes going around the Israeli internet:

  • Videos show Hamas terrorists dressed in civilian clothes shooting RPG’s. That way, when they die, they are counted as civilians, get it?
  • Written on a bomb: This was manufactured in Israel. If it proves defective, let us know your address and we’ll send you another one.
  • From the River to the Sea; Palestine’s a fantasy (picture of unicorn)

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7 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 15 NOVEMBER 2023”

  1. Mary Lou Sinkey

    Love and sincere respect for your posts. I feel more connected to the truth. I read in today’s newspaper that most in US want cease-fire. That “most” include morons, the ignorant and supporters of monster Hamas. I am a Christian American and proudly wear a blue pro Israel ribbon on my coat (from the local Jewish community center). I am 100% pro Israel, ALWAYS have been. I have many friends who are pro Israel and in my Bible study group, we open with a prayer for God’s chosen. In short, pro Israel. I am disgusted with the Biden Administration. They are included with the “morons” I mentioned above. They have absolutely NO worries in the comforts of their large homes, personal drivers and power. I visited Israel. Loved it. I read much about Israel – continuously. Just finished the enemy beside me (I loved it!!!). In conclusion, I pray daily for the people of Israel, the soldiers and ask that God’s blessings be upon their loved and beautiful land. I also want to see the Gaza Strip totally flattened. I do not want a cease fire. The antisemitism in the world is disgusting and the devil is laughing (damn this beast who runs alongside of Hamas.). May Hamas be vaporized, annihilated and once that happens, I will rejoice in their destruction. Shalom.


    Thank you for your daily blog.
    May Hashem bless and protect you ,yours and all the brave Israelis.
    Please continue writing .

  3. Abe Himelstein

    Dear Naomi,
    You are the Israeli Ernie Pyle, may Hashem give you the Koach to keep writing your daily blog.,With appreciation.Abe Himelstein
    Palm Beach Gardens Fl

  4. Ryan Keogh

    I have heard on the news that most Americans want a ceasefire, but I just have one question. If what happened to Israel happened to the United States, would the public have the same sentiments? I doubt it. If it happened to us, the only difference would be that the United States would have not felt a need to justify itself, and if someone didn’t like it, then that was too damn bad. It is a shame that Israel has to constantly defend itself from accusations of genocide. When I hear some of my compatriots talk of Israel, they act as if they are talking of Nazi Germany, and how the evil Israeli “colonizers” kill Palestinian children. I wonder why they don’t say those things about Gaza. It is very hard for me to imagine and understand how my countrymen have come to this conclusion.

  5. David Bornstein

    From the river to the sea, beautiful Israel is what you see.

  6. Gloria Valentine

    I look forward each day to your beautiful and wise words here in Toronto.
    You have become my connection with truth.
    I seek it in the media and it is painfully absent.
    For me- you are the voice of we who feel deeply. You speak
    the hearts of mothers, and grandmothers.

    You sadly are a prophet of sad and tragic truths.

    GOD bless you
    GOD bless every one of our brave IDF heroes.
    My two grandsons are among them, like yours.

  7. PAM H. Stuart-Cooley

    Naomi, I’m seriously praying for the safety of your grandson. I’m a Christian who loves Israel with all her heart. I recognize that you are G-d’s people. My heart is breaking for your country and its inhabitants.

    I’m horrified by the lack of truthfulness with the press. Hamas attacked you. Israel didn’t ask for this. You have every right to protect your country and its citizens. Hamas is barbarian. Wake up people! (I’m wondering if Hamas attacked their country, how they would react? Differently, I’m sure.)

    It’s my understanding that those in the Gaza Strip are of Philistinan descent. I am thinking of David and Goliath. David won.

    I am deeply saddened and even disturbed by what is happening in your gorgeous land with its amazing people, God’s children.

    Once again I’m praying for the safety of your grandson, and for peace for the unique country of Israel and its brave, spirited people, God’s children.

    With great sincerity and tons of prayer, Pamela Kay Cooley

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