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Gaza War Diary: 15 FEBRUARY 2024

You wake up in the morning and find you are surrounded by enemies, near and far. In the south, you are fighting Hamas to the death. In the north, you are being bombarded by Hezbollah terrorists, whose rockets hit Safed yesterday killing Staff Sergeant Omer Sarah Benjo, 20, and wounding six others. Another rocket landed near Safed’s hospital. There has been criticism of the warning system and the rocket defense system. Another twenty rockets were fired at the mostly evacuated northern city of Kiryat Shmoneh.

Israel’s response was fierce, its attacks against Hezbollah in Lebanon widening. The IDF confirmed that in yesterday’s precise, targeted bombing of the house in the town of Nabatiya, a senior commander of Hezbollah’s Radwan force, his deputy, and another operative were killed.

Radwan forces of Hezbollah are equivalent to the Nukhba forces of Hamas responsible for the atrocities committed in October, specially trained bestial murderers. The more that die, the better. Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant said: “We upped our strikes against Hezbollah by only one level out of ten. The IDF has significantly more power (than it has yet used). The Air Force planes that are now flying in the skies of Lebanon have heavier bombs for more distant targets.”

In Gaza, a commander in the Shati Battalion of Hamas who

kidnapped and held hostage soldier Noa Marciano, found murdered in captivity, was targeted and killed by an aircraft in Gaza City.

A Gazan journalist addresses Hamas in an online video:
“You slaughtered us with the ‘victories’
This time we don’t need to ‘win’
Let us live on the basis of ‘past victories’

Our Prime Minister, to his credit, has refused to send an Israeli representative to participate in this farce of “hostage negotiations.” Good for him! Keep bombing, go on to Rafah. Of course, some, but I emphasize, not all, the families of hostages, are up in arms about this. I think that’s understandable. But I still agree with Netanyahu.

The real problem is that according to a recent poll, on the center-left, only 26 percent of Israelis think we can win this war, while on the right, it’s 80 percent. And that is heartbreaking, because it is the future of our life in this country we are talking about. There is no alternative to victory. I remember how the British, under attack by the Nazis, refused to give up hope, and they were dying by the thousands. Perhaps what we need is a Churchill to galvanize us with stirring speeches, strengthening our resolve.

I understand the fear, the weariness, the horror of these daily announcements of the loss of our brave young soldiers. It is hard to relish our just victories over these scum if it means one beautiful twenty year-old soldier has lost his or her life and isn’t going home. It breaks our hearts, but it cannot be allowed to break our resolve. If we Jews want a homeland, a Jewish country where we can bring up the next generation and the one after that in a place where Jews are safe, beloved, allowed to flourish and create, we have no choice. We must be brave, we must fight, we must win.

The fact that the great majority of our losses have ties to Holocaust survivors you would think might make some people in the world wake up from their moral lethargy. But I often despair if there are more than just a handful of good, intelligent people left on this planet among the ignorant, hateful masses condemning us; people with zero understanding or sympathy for our plight. Instead, the idiots of the world, to assuage whatever little conscience they have left, scream: “Genocide!”

I actually think that’s the narrative they are longing to be true; for the Jewish people to show they are no different and no better than the rest of the world. So sad to see them squirming and lying when Israel passes up opportunity after opportunity to torture, mutilate, deliberately kill children, and rape women. I actually think they find that infuriating, making them hate us more, not less.

Nasser Hospital has been evacuated, the “poor Gazans” standing obediently in line as they pass through IDF checkpoints weeding out terrorists from mere Hamas supporters. Like all the Berliners were Nazis, Gazans are all Hamas. Lucky for them the IDF isn’t making them take a lie detector test and answer the question: “Do you support Hamas?” Very few would be allowed through to relocate outside Israeli prisons.

Right now, the “hospital,” like all the “hospitals” in Gaza, is being searched for terrorist infrastructure. Most of all, Israel is acting on intelligence that hostages who are no longer alive are buried in the mass graves around the hospital. A terrible task that the IDF has undertaken to examine the bodies to make sure. I give them so much credit.

I understand President Biden is gung-ho on rewarding the monsters of October 7 with their own state, where they will be free to rearm, continue their Nazification plan for their children, and their threat to Jews by joining together with the equally genocidal Palestinian Authority. MK Gideon Sa’ar, in a speech in Berlin, railed against this dangerous, developing international one-sided plan: “Not only won’t such a misguided plan bring peace, in will make the problem insoluble. The Palestinians will be given their own state without paying the price of compromise, and will continue their attempts to destroy Israel from a better position that will harm Israel’s right to self-defense.”

It will be hard to create a state for a nonexistent people. There is no such thing as “the Palestinian People.” I’m not saying this. Zahir Muhsein, Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee member, said this in an interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw, published on March 31, 1977: “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct ‘Palestinian people’ to oppose Zionism. For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.”

Why, after seeing who they are on October 7, would you give them a state? Only if you are delusional enough – as apparently Mr. Biden is – to still believe that this is a land dispute of an oppressed people. Have you seen the videos of what Gaza looked like before October 7? The resorts, the luxury buildings, the cars, the promenades, the restaurants… They had everything, and with only a fraction of the billions poured into their coffers, the rest going to terror infrastructure. Their “Palestinian State” will be no different. It’s an insane move that God help us, must be aborted.

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8 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 15 FEBRUARY 2024”

  1. Shira Reiss

    I think that Netanyahu should say again and again “Yes to CeaseFire” with full surrender of Hamas, Hamas out of Gaza, return all hostages, etc. They will never agree to it, but the world will see that Israel is saying “Yes to Ceasefire” That would be a way to get the world off of Israel’s back!

    • Daveed

      On Oct 6, 2023 there was a full ceasefire in effect. There were no hostages. You think that Israel should go back to that situation and then everything will be alright.
      I have no idea what you mean when you say “Hamas out of Gaza”. If you are referring to all Hamas supporters, that’s over 90% of the entire Gazan population. If you are referring to the terrorists, all they would have to do is regroup in another country, just as the PLO did in Tunisia after Israel allowed them all to leave Lebanon.
      Your plan is totally unworkable.

  2. David Bornstein

    I think. Biden needs to be reminded of 9/11. That is a far more accurate a comparison, although even that pales in comparison to what those who falsely claim they are from “Palestine” did on 10/7. The latter is equivalent to 40000 Americans killed, not to mention mutilated, tortured and kidnapped. America went into Afghanistan with multiple allied armies for how long over this? 20 years?
    The Fakestinian arabs are indeed just plain bog arabs. The Gaza’s belong in Egypt, which absolutely does not want them, the occupiers of Jude’s and Samaria (and those in Israel too for that matter) belong all over the Middle East. Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Interestingly, not Saudi Arabia from where they ultimately all come!

    • KD

      Or rather, Pearl Harbor. The similarities in the attack, the casualty figures, the nature and conduct of the enemy, and the legitimate, inevitable response.

      I suggest that Israelis start referring to October 7th as “a date which will live in infamy.”

      One of the problems Israel is facing, I would suggest, is that the Western countries are seeing this as a “terrorist attack.” That is to say – just another terrorist attack. And the politicians in charge of the Western countries deal with terrorist attacks by maybe, at best, having a quick, temporary, knee-jerk reaction where they actually do something about it. Then they revert to their default position of appeasement.

      So they are looking at Israel’s response to October 7th as a response to a terrorist attack, and they expect Israel to adopt a policy of appeasement – because that is what they would do.

      What I would suggest is that Israel re-frames the events of October 7th, so that people in the West see it differently. Keep referring to the events of October 7th as “a day which will live in infamy” (this will remind everyone of FDR’s speech after the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor), keep saying the attack was like Pearl Harbor, and keep saying it the attack was a casus belli.

      This might have some effect, not just on the attitudes of some people in the West. It would also be useful to have this view on record, for the honest historians out there to refer to.

  3. Ryan Keogh

    In defense of the Palestinians and their identity, 1977 is not 2024. Just as the British settlers in North America became Americans and Canadians. Were they an invented people, made for political reasons? Partially so. But now there are people who say they are Palestinian, who have their own culture, ideas and customs distinct from that of other Arabs. If someone says to me that he is a Palestinian from the land of Palestine, what am I going to say, that he is lying? Of course not, the fact that someone says they are a Palestinian is good enough for me.

    Anyway, I believe the United States at this moment is guilty of hypocrisy, and I will state why I believe so. I am sure many years ago, Joe Biden, and you as well, will remember a little conflict in Indochina. The cause of this conflict was an attack by North Vietnamese torpedo boats, which as I remember caused no more damage than bullet holes to the damaged ships. However, this was apparently enough of an excuse to send troops to Vietnam and have 50,000 of them robbed of their lives, only for the North Vietnamese to walk into Saigon ten years later. (Obviously, the domino theory was the true reason, and we now know that the US government substantially distorted the facts of the North Vietnamese attack). Now, I am not a huge fan of North Vietnam, in my view what they were doing to the South was nothing more than a glorified invasion of another country, with the Viet Cong taking orders from Hanoi, not unlike the separatists in Ukraine. However, it is not obvious to me and many other Americans that the Indochina conflict posed enough of a threat to Americans to warrant military action.

    But now, 60 years later when a country is being attacked by terrorists and having hostages taken and whatnot, America is telling their military, their government and their citizens to go easy on the perpetrators. Excuse me Mr. Biden, did America go easy on North Vietnam? Did they go easy at My Lai? Over Hanoi? At Haiphong? I think not. So if I were in your place, I would suggest you rethink your attitude towards the Israelis, because what Hamas did to Israel was 100 times worse than anything the North Vietnamese or Viet Cong did to America.

    • Daveed

      Normally I agree with everything you write. Regarding the Palestinians, however, you are wrong. Their culture, ideas and customs are identical to those of their fellow Sunni Muslims. Their accent is either Egyptian Bedouin or the Arabic spoken in Haifa, Akko and Jaffa and further north into Lebanon, with urban Gazans speaking more like people from Nazareth. They share the common written language of all Arab speakers.
      If someone says they are Palestinian from Palestine, they are either lying or sadly misinformed. I highly recommend Joan Peters’ From Time Immemorial which shows exactly where Palestinians immigrated from – Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria, interested in the employment offered by the growing Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe. From MiDA (The Origins of Arab Settlers in the Land of Israel
      Rotem Nimkovsky | 16/05/2018):
      With the migration of Jews to the Land of Israel between 1870 and 1947, the Arab population in the area grew by 270%, nearly three times that of Egypt, the Arab country with the highest natural birthrate at the time. In other words, the increase was mostly due to migration.

      The mass immigration was the result of economic development and modernization following Jewish immigration. The Arab immigrants came in search of a livelihood.

      Tawfiq Bey al-Hourani, the Syrian governor of Hauran, said in 1934 that “over 30,000 Syrians invaded Palestine within a few months.”

      Winston Churchill, on May 22, 1939, stated that Arab immigration during the Mandate period to Palestine was so great that their numbers grew by such a rate that even the Jews of the entire world could not match.

      Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the United States, said on May 17, 1939 that the immigration of Arabs to Palestine since 1921 was far greater than the immigration of Jews in recent times.

      According to the British census in 1931, the Muslims in the country were not necessarily Arabs, judging from the languages they spoke: Afghan, Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Circassian, Kurdish, Persian, Sudanese and Turkish.

      The Arabs themselves admit that Palestinian identity is forged.

      Yasser Arafat’s full name for example, is Yasser Yusuf Arafat, Al-Qudwa, Al-Husseini. While he claimed he was born in Jerusalem, he was born in Cairo and his father’s family originates from the tribe of Al-Qudwa, which is in Syria. His mother, Husseini, was an Egyptian citizen, though the name exposes her roots in the region between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

      Here are some of the origins of common Arabic surnames one can easily find in any phone book in Israel, as well as on the map which reveals their location of origin (Since these names are all in Arabic, some might be spelled differently in other places):

      Al-Turki – Turkey

      Sultan – Turkey

      Uthuman / Ottoman – Turkey

      Al Masri – Egypt

      Masrawa – Egypt

      Al Tartir – Tartir village, Egypt

      Bardawil – Lake and village Bardawil, Egypt

      Tarabin – South-east Sinai (Bedouin), Egypt

      Abu-Suta / Abu-Seeta – Tarabin tribe, Egypt

      Sha’alan – Bedouin, Egypt

      Fayumi – Al-Fayum village, Egypt

      Al Bana – Egypt

      Al-Baghdadi – Baghdad, Iraq

      Abbas – Baghdad, Iraq

      Zoabi – West Iraq

      Al-Faruki – Iraq

      Al-Tachriti – Iraq

      Zabaide / Zubeidy – Iraq

      Husseini / Hussein – Saudi Arabia (Hussein was the 4th Imam)

      Tamimi – Saudi Arabia

      Hejazi – Hejaz region (Red Sea shoreline) in Saudi Arabia

      Al-Kurash / Al Kurashi – Saudi Arabia

      Ta’amari – Saudi Arabia

      Al-Halabi – Haleb region, North Syria

      Al-Allawi – West Syria (shoreline)

      Al-Hurani – Huran District, South Syria

      Al-Qudwa – Syria

      Nashashibi – Syria

      Khamati – Syria

      Lubnani – Lebanon

      Sidawi – Sidon, Lebanon

      Al-Surani – Sour-Tair, South Lebanon

      Al-Yamani – Yemen

      Al-Azad – Yemen

      Hadadin – Yemen

      Matar – Matar village. Yemen

      Morad – Yemen

      Khamadan – Yemen

      Mugrabi – Maghreb, Morocco

      Al-Araj – Morocco

      Bushnak – Bosnia

      Al-Shashani – Chechnya

      Al-Jazir – Algiers

      Al-Abid (Bedouin) – Sudan

      Samahadna (Bedouin) – Sudan (still a matter of debate)

      Al-Hamis – Bahrain

      Zarqawi – Jordan

      Tarabulsi – Tripoli, Lebanon

      • Ryan Keogh

        Daveed, I agree with your points, and I am not saying that the Palestinians aren’t an invented identity, they are. But the point I was trying to make was that there are people now, who call themselves Palestinians, (this was the assessment of Elan Journo in his book, What Justice Demands, and he is hardly a Palestinian apologist, in fact he is quite the opposite) and if those people were born in Palestine, I believe they have a right to call themselves Palestinians. Do note, however that when I say Palestine, I am referring to Gaza and the West Bank, not Palestine and Israel, which is what most Palestinians refer to. If they were born there, they are real. If they immigrated from somewhere else, maybe not so much. A separate identity is certainly in conflict with the Nasserist pan-Arabism which used to be so prevalent. I suppose the failure of the Arab countries to occupy Israel strengthened that identity.

  4. Elka

    Biden has changed his tune to appease his Muslim Democrats in Michigan. They paid him a visit in Washington last week. . Expect more pressure as the election looms closer.

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