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Gaza War Diary: 15-16 MARCH 2024

A new blood libel: The IDF reports that on Thursday, 14 March 2024, the IDF facilitated the passage of a convoy of 31 humanitarian aid trucks containing food and supplies intended for distribution to civilians in the northern Gaza Strip.

Approximately one hour before the arrival of the convoy to the humanitarian corridor, armed Palestinians opened fire while Gazan civilians were awaiting the arrival of the aid convoy. As aid trucks were entering, the Palestinian gunmen continued to shoot as the crowd of Gazans began looting the trucks. Additionally, a number of Gazan civilians were run over by the trucks.

An intensive preliminary review conducted overnight by the IDF found that the IDF did not open fire at the aid convoy in Kuwait Square.

While the IDF continues its humanitarian effort to supply food and humanitarian aid to the civilians of the Gaza Strip, Hamas terrorists continue to harm Gazan civilians who are seeking food – and Hamas is blaming Israel for it.

As a result, on the first Friday of the month of Ramadan, a smear campaign has been created with the aim of spreading baseless misinformation for the sake of instigating violence in other arenas.

Let’s continue our survey of the fabrications being used by the Pro Palestinian, Hamas-loving supporters walking through the streets of Western cities with their genocidal message.

We’ve discussed the blood libel of famine in Gaza; just look at YouTube videos of them celebrating Ramadan with their food fests. We’ve debunked the outlandish figures of dead and injured propagated by their “Ministry of Health”; look at the article published on this subject by Dr. Abraham Wyner, Professor of Statistics and Data Science at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in my March 13 diary entry. Are people being killed in Gaza, including women and children? Of course! The Gazans crossed the border and murdered 1,200 Israeli men, women and children. They started a war, and their leaders didn’t bother to arrange shelters for the Gazans because they were too busy spending billions on terror tunnels. In fact, as I think about it, why didn’t Hamas direct their population to take shelter from bombing in these tunnels? Because Hamas wants the Gazans to die to force Israel to stop the war.

Everyone who believes that a civilian population in favor of genocide and supporting it with their families their votes and their screaming approval, deserves to survive unharmed in a defensive war they started, isn’t thinking clearly. Israel isn’t only fighting a people. It is fighting an ideology, and that ideology must prove if not fatal, then a source of great suffering to its adherents. Without that, they will be left with an incentive to try again, and again, and again. And maybe next time it won’t be in Israel, but in a town near you.

And now let’s talk about the Jews of Israel as “colonizers.”

Of all the countries in the world, Israel is probably the most amazing case ever of de-colonization, a native people returning to their land, buying it legally, or acquiring it through defensive wars. The tiny land area that comprises the present State of Israel was colonized by – among others –  Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Turks, Muslim Arabs, and the British. But these colonizers never actually succeeded in completely removing the Jews from their native land. Jewish presence in the Biblical land of Israel might have been small, but it was constant.

That a people, i.e., Muslims, whose prophet and holiest book demands that they become colonizers, depriving native people of their religion and their land, should be supported by those who hate colonization, is both ridiculous and ignorant, both attributes that characterize much of what we have come to expect from the young, stupid people blindly following online lies and liars; people too uneducated to do the slightest research into the historical subject matter which is also available online at the touch of a fingertip.

The Jewish people returning to their ancestral homeland, reviving their native language, practicing their religious and cultural heritage, should be a cause of celebration and joy to every single person who deplores colonization.

You just have to look at the misery Muslim colonization continues to this day to perpetrate in places like Sudan – a conflict totally ignored by the “anti-colonizers” – to realize just how empty their opinions and brains really are.

Muslim invasions into Africa began just seven years after the death of their Prophet Mohammed in 639, when 4,000 strong Arab invading forces came from Mecca under the leadership of the military ruler Amr ibn al-Asi.

A mere glance at the history of conflict in Sudan – which has claimed so many lives, displaced so many people, and is causing widespread famine – began with Muslim raids against native farmers. Supported by the Muslim ruler Omer al Bashir, who organized the Janjaweed, nomadic Arab tribesmen, into the RSF, who have perpetrated mass killings, mass rapes, pillage, torture, and destruction of native villagers and were accused of committing ethnic cleansing against the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa peoples. I just wish the do-gooders actually understood where the evil they should be fighting is actually taking place.

The present situation in Israel is one of a holding pattern. More and more, it seems we are negotiating not with Hamas, which is intransigent, expecting total victory by torturing our kidnapped hostages, but with our so-called friends. The war in Rafah, the last Hamas stronghold; the war against Nasrallah in the north, which is preventing thousands of Israelis from returning home to Kiryat Shmona and the Galilee; the lack of progress in freeing our hostages from their cruel imprisonment, is all held in abeyance as our leadership comes to some understanding with Joe Biden who needs the votes of Muslims who entered the United States as “refugees” and are now trying to dictate U.S. policy in the Middle East, from which they fled for dear life.


A survey last week among 304 Israelis, showed the majority in favor of a Trump presidency over Biden. But just as Israeli politics isn’t going to be dictated by American politicians, American policy isn’t going to be dictated by Israelis. Too bad!

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16 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 15-16 MARCH 2024”

  1. Sandra Reply

    I was just on Youtube looking for the videos of Ramadan in Gaza. What you said “We’ve discussed the blood libel of famine in Gaza; just look at YouTube videos of them celebrating Ramadan with their food fests.”
    I would like to see a link for this. What I found was quite different. Only one from 5 years ago of a food market in central Gaza. All others show families fasting after eating meager meals.

  2. Ryan Reply

    Look, I’m not a Trump fan either, but Biden had not done a good job. Two wars have broken out on Biden’s watch, and he is currently letting the Haitian crisis go on with no intervention, which in my opinion is unacceptable, and opening the door to another Cuban situation. He is also 81, which is not a great age for a leader in my opinion. (Granted, Trump’s not far off). When it comes to the law, I have a feeling that the current trials would not be going on if he hadn’t been running this year. The worst thing he did, in my eyes, is when he allegedly insulted the soldiers at Belleau Wood, and if I was in the same room if and when he made those remarks, I would have felt like slapping him. But anyway, it is the Democrats fault that he has won. Instead, actually offering good alternatives to him, all they have done is bash him, like no other politician since Abraham Lincoln, for 7 years. I’ll admit I used to dislike him, and I still do, but I now see that he was right on many things. As a side note, taxes went up under Biden, not a great way to gain votes.

  3. KD Reply

    “If you think Trump would be better for Israel you are truly misguided.”

    I do not think, I know that Trump being President again would be better for Israel, and for the entire world. And I am not misguided.

    Please do not allow yourself to be brainwashed by the lying legacy media.

    • Liz Rome Reply

      Absolutely true KD and as Wes said–think about: the embassy moved to Jerusalem; recognizing the Golan heights as part of Israel AND –the Abraham Accords. There would be no war is the Abraham Accords had continued.
      Finally–Sandra –how any Jewish American won’t vote for Trump, but will support the hugely anti-Semitic Biden, Blinken and Obama puppet master…is both sad and worrisome that people can be so uninformed and brainwashed by liberal MSM lies.

  4. Wes Hagglov Reply

    Sandra, I’m afraid you are the one who is misguided…have you forgotten it was Mr Trump who moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the true capital of Israel?…after the previous Presidents promised to do so, but never followed through? Biden claims he is for the Israeli people by agreeing to supply weapons for the Iron Dome, yet puts restrictions on aerial bombings of buildings in Gaza, forcing IDF soldiers go in on foot to clear out the terrorists, putting them in grave danger by having to go into booby trapped buildings and firefights that have resulted in unnecessary deaths of soldiers…Naomi is right on…

  5. Roberta Berenson Reply

    Thank you for your comments on tRump. How any Jewish person in the US can vote for the orange faced liar just amazes me. He belongs in jail not in the White House.

  6. Ellen Calderon Reply

    Again so true, sorry too many here in America are only worried about the Palestinians.

    • Liz Rome Reply

      Trump did NOT insult soldiers at Belleau Woods. Everyone there –except one –said he did not. But MSM ran with…. the one.
      I’ll take “mean tweets” if it means: a closed border; lower crime rate; less inflation and respect on the world stage> AND–Trump cannot be bought by our enemies like the Biden crime syndicate has been.

      • Ryan Reply

        OK, I’ll go with the story that he didn’t. I don’t have many complaints about him. Mean tweets don’t mean anything to me, Twitter is a cesspool anyway.

  7. Sid Levine Reply

    To try and understand the mentality one should go and read Dore Gold’s book – Hatred’s Kingdom.
    You will then understand the mentality of all the Muslims who thrive on killing their own who don’t hold beliefs similar to their own – Shite, Sunni, Wahabi and so on. They are all barbaric tribes
    In fact how come Islam is accepted as a religion?

  8. Ryan Reply

    “It is fighting an ideology, and that ideology must prove if not fatal, then a source of great suffering to its adherents. Without that, they will be left with an incentive to try again, and again, and again.” That is a very good point. When Germany was bombed to smithereens, it gave the populace and leaders every reason to abandon National Socialism for policies of peace and cooperation with their neighbors.

    However, I don’t like the term colonizer that you use. Today, I think the only people who take the colonizer concept seriously are leftists, and I honestly think support of the concept is an Anti-American and anti-Western plot by Russia and China. Do you ever notice that when the term is used, it is almost always used against America or her allies, such as Israel and Britain? Just type in on YouTube “Al-Jazeera Colonialism”, and it is very apparent, to me at least, what the real purpose of the term is.

    Speaking of which, here is my opinion on the Muslim conquests, which were mentioned by you and KD. It is obvious to me that the Muslims at the time of their conquests, were very good fighters, and they managed to capture most of Iberia until they were revered in the Battle of Tours … that is, in modern day France. Something must be said for a people who can fight so hard against their enemies, and so successfully. I am even a descendant of these conquerors, and we have mellowed out a little bit, I think.

    I respect Muslims, but I think on a certain theological and philosophical level, it is strange that a religion can claim that the Prophet was peaceful, when he was a conqueror and essentially a warmonger, at least by today’s standards. Obviously, Christendom had its fair share of conquerors and warriors, such as Charlemagne and the various crusaders, but still.

    KD, if you are reading this, I see you are already working on the book you mentioned to me, and it seems that the draft of it is coming along very well, but when in the future you are done with the book, I would love to know what you honestly thought of my book idea.

    • KD Reply

      I did read about your idea, and it was a very interesting proposal. Almost like a manual for existing users of the game. (So a built-in customer base.) Unfortunately I don’t play any games at all, so I don’t know the game you mentioned. However it is an interesting idea, and I wanted to have a think about it. I have in fact begun to work on the other project, but I will certainly consider your idea.

  9. Brenda Matsumura Reply

    Long before Oct.7, I’ve been interested in the Middle East beginning with Biblical times. It is so complex, I know why others spend lifetimes studying. It remains complex, with the back stabbing and incompetent Biden making Domestic and Foreign Policies wobbly, dishonest and for me, infuriating. I weigh in with those on social media that are IMO, very misinformed and perpetuating it especially on Israel’s platforms, from sites about sports to every site they get public access to. I value and learn from your Diary and hope and pray daily for Israel. No country can withstand another 4 years of Biden policies. It will take generations to mop up the mess he has created. May the IDF be successful in Rafah and at home. Not all of America falls for the propaganda, but it does require one have a number of good sources which are in short supply in U.S. May the abducted be found and many living. I’ve not much hope left for the youngest babies and mom of Bibas family. Guarantee when Bidens float for aid will have some catastrophic outcome, that Israel will be blamed for it. Wish I knew how to help more than factually informing those in my sphere and trollers on Israel and Jewish Social media. Please let us know if there are more ways to help your beautiful people and culture. Daily hopes and prayers for Israelis and that aid does reach all to lower the noise and I’ve no desire to see children harmed and hungry, wherever they mmare. Seeing the photos and brief bios by Alexa P. Sarney is close to unbearable. In the spirit of true Aloha, I remain standing with Israel.

  10. KD Reply

    The story of the invasion and colonisation of North Africa in the seventh century is not well known today.

    The historian and writer Raymond Ibrahim, who is fluent in both Arabic and English, provides an account of the invasion of Egypt in one of his recent books, Sword and Scimitar. Ibrahim reminds us that Egypt was a predominantly Christian country, and had been for a long time, when armed forces led by Amr bin al-As, the murderer of the martyrs of Gaza, invaded the country in late 639, besieging and capturing many of its towns before laying siege to Alexandria in March 641. The Christian defenders held out until September 641, at which time the Islamic invaders entered the city and, according to Ibrahim, burnt down many of its churches, including the church founded by and containing the remains of Mark (author of the gospel) who had brought Christianity to Egypt around 50 AD.

    The invasion continued the following year when, according to the historian Hugh Kennedy, the Byzantine forces in the city of Barca (in what would be Libya today) withdrew to the coastal town of Tokra, some sixteen miles along the coast, before leaving the area altogether by sea. The invaders reached a settlement with the indigenous Berbers who remained in the area. The unfortunate Berbers were forced to pay the invaders a discriminatory tax for non-believers known as jizya. Kennedy notes that the settlement contained a provision that allowed the Berbers to sell their children into slavery to raise the money for the jizya. The indigenous Berbers were then left in the position where they were compelled to hand over their sons and daughters to the invaders, who would make a pretence of paying money in exchange for these child slaves, before taking the money back again in the form of a discriminatory tax for non-believers. Kennedy, who based this part of his 2007 book, The Great Arab Conquests, on the writings of the Egyptian historian Ibn Abd al-Hakam, notes that the Islamic invasion of North Africa by was marked by the enslavement of many of the indigenous Berbers by the invading jihadis.

    According to Raymond Ibrahim’s account, one of the invaders who went by the name of Uqba bin Nafi, who is said to have been the nephew of Amr bin al-As, set out to conquer the rest of North Africa in the year 666. In his book, Ibrahim describes how both Christians and the indigenous Berber people were killed, subjugated or enslaved as the invaders headed west. The native Berbers tried to fight back under the command of their queen Kahina, but the Berber forces were defeated and Kahina was killed at the battle of Tabarka around the year 703. Once the whole of North Africa was under control of the jihadis, the people who lived there began to adopt the policies and beliefs of the invaders, to the detriment and despair of seafaring people all over the world.

    Draft of passage from an unpublished book . . .


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