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Gaza War Diary: 14 NOVEMBER 2023

The rains started today, with booms of thunder over our heads like bombs. I thought: how appropriate. I’m glad for my garden. But of course, we only partially live in our homes these days; most of our hearts and minds are in Gaza with our loved ones. We are worried that the rain might make their already deplorable living conditions among the bombed out buildings or in the tunnels of Gaza intolerable. Of course if Hamas operatives in the tunnels catch pneumonia and die, that’s another story.

Honestly, I don’t really feel threatened by Hamas anymore, and neither do most Israelis. They had their shot because they caught us unawares. They are not an army, just a bunch of ugly, barbarian Neanderthals hyped up by hateful religious fanatics and medication. They got some training and weapons (which they had no idea how to use, according to people who researched this). They got some tactical instruction, which they immediately forgot. I’ve been reading all about their attack on October 7. They missed their strategic objectives completely. The plan was to attack Israel on two fronts, from the north and south. But the their “allies”, the Iranian sponsored monsters of Hezbollah in the north, didn’t cooperate, leaving Hamas open to a counter attack.

Prayer service in Gaza

Also, Hamas “soldiers” were supposed to attack military outposts of strategic value. But they got bogged down in the kibbutzim, because one of their directives (discovered on their dead bodies) was “to take off their pants.” I suppose we can all guess why. By the time they put their pants back on, and stopped torching kibbutz homes and families, they faced a counter attack of Israeli lions. Not just IDF soldiers, but volunteers, local armed militia groups protecting each kibbutz, policemen, armed kibbutz members, volunteers from across the country who came to help. Many of these lions paid with their lives, but they stopped Hamas in their tracks from taking over large swathes of the country, which was their objective. They were coming to Tel Aviv. They were undisciplined sadists, brave only if their opponent was in a crib or a wheelchair. Hundreds surrendered and are now held in special prisons. I hope we hang them all.

Here are some things you won’t hear on CNN: Israel offered Shifa hospital incubators to evacuate preemies. Their offer was turned down because the medical director is under orders by Hamas not to evacuate and to keep patients and medical staff in place as human shields. CNN even did a report of what was found in the basement of nearby Rantisi hospital: a tunnel filled with weapons and evidence of hostages, diapers, bottles, women’s clothing. We can just image what Hamas is hiding in the basement of Shifa.

Even the CNN reporter, who seemed skeptical not only about everything the IDF army spokesman was telling him, but everything he was seeing with his own eyes, had to admit in the end that according to international law, if a protected place like a hospital is used for combat, it loses its protected status. Israel has every right according to international law to bomb Shifa into hell. I sincerely hope they do so.

On Monday, Hamas released a propaganda video of IDF field observer Noa Marciano kidnapped from her observation post five weeks ago on October 7. Noa speaks from captivity: a sweet, pretty young woman. In the video, she looks relatively unharmed. Today Hamas released a video showing her corpse, claiming she had been killed in an Israeli airstrike. Their talent as soldiers is matched only by their talent as propagandists. Clearly, Noa’s head injuries testified to her being beaten to death. THEY ARE MONSTERS! She was only nineteen years-old. Her family lives in the same town as my son’s family, Modi’in.

Today the families of the kidnapped are walking from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. My heart goes out to them. Yes, it’s good to bring attention to the plight of our kidnapped people. But the march will have zero effect on anything. If its purpose is to force our government to do something they haven’t yet done, I would sincerely like to know what that could be. We have sent our families into Gaza to bring back their families. They are there, risking their lives. To suggest otherwise, to suggest that not enough is being done, is not only upsetting, but dangerous.

As heartbreaking as it is to face, whatever deal we could make with Hamas is unreliable. Hamas told Russian hostage negotiators three weeks ago that they had no idea where all the hostages were being held, many of them taken by Gazan free-lance terrorists who joined the fun on their own volition. Our only hope is for the IDF to be unbound from the completely immoral Western powers insistence that Gazan civilians be protected.

Take the Red Cross, which has absolutely refused to visit our hostages, and yet is constantly issuing demands to improve conditions for Hamas terrorists in our jails. It has been suggested that Magen David Adom, which is affiliated with the Red Cross, break all ties once this is over. They have shown who they are. They have no reason to exist at all as an international humanitarian organization. Bad enough how they behaved during the Holocaust when they saw no evil in concentration camps they visited. Now the picture is undeniable.

May the rains bring only blessings, flooding the evil tunnels, making Hamas weaponry unusable, and forcing them to surrender and return our precious hostages.

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7 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 14 NOVEMBER 2023”

  1. Oscar Abraham Jaeger


    Your brain has turned to mush and your heart has turned to stone.

    I wish you a speedy recovery of whatever humanity you once possessed.


  2. Linda Biderman


    I think you have the right idea! I am also a grandmother who cares what happens to the hostages and to the people living in Israel. Let them all know we are watching!

  3. David Bornstein

    I have been saying all along. Flood the tunnels. Lots of water in the Mediterranean!
    Am Yisrael Chai.
    From the river to the sea, beautiful Israel is what you see!

    • Suzanna

      Interesting article.
      I think it doesn’t hurt for the Red Cross to know that we’re watching their efforts from all over the world. Filing complaints is the only way I can think to do this.

  4. Linda Biderman

    Great idea! I will also file complaints with the Red Cross. This organization doesn’t hesitate to send me many letters asking for donations. I do not send a penny to the Red Cross. Years ago I heard bad things about the Red Cross. Do Not Send Them Any Money!

    I have been sending Naomi Regan’s War Diary to many, many people and organizations. I want the world to know what is really happening in Israel.

    Naomi offers all of us a truly honest and clear account. Thank you again Naomi. Keep sending.

  5. Suzanna

    I have filed two complaints with the Red Cross about the hostages. I have received one form email promising to contact me. That was a week ago. No answer! What a shock!
    Time to file many more complaints, or actually accusations.
    It’s a small thing considering the enormity of the war, but it’s something all of us grandmothers over here in the USA can do. Small voices together become a big voice. Just an idea.

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