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Gaza War Diary: 13 NOVEMBER 2023

I would like to spend this column speaking about all the good things that have happened. Yes, you read this correctly.

For example, the IDF announced fifteen minutes ago that 200 Hamas terrorists involved in carrying out the barbaric massacre in on October 7 have been killed, along with their commanders.

The elegant building in Gaza that was the embassy of Qatar is now empty, and has been renamed by our soldiers – with graffiti – the Nova Hotel, complete with a Jewish star. Qatar’s foreign ministry has issued a furious condemnation. Duly noted.

A little girl in Gaza interviewed on Arabic television was asked: How do you feel about the Resistance?” Her answer was immediate: “They hide in tunnels and let us children get attacked in the street.”

An IDF soldier with a sense of humor has written on missiles: “Iran, this space can be yours!”

Photos of Israeli tanks in the middle of Gaza’s main street showing soldiers walking around casually and fearlessly has been promulgated by Gazans, who hope the photo reaches Mahmoud Alhandi, second in command of the Islamic Martyrs brigade, who recently wrote that “Israelis are terrified to leave their tanks.”

Similar voices are now being heard in England, Germany, Hungary and Poland. Perhaps the jihadi “refugees” have overplayed their hand?

The Palestinian minister of communications announces that the Internet and phone lines in Gaza will be shut down by Thursday due to lack of fuel.

An Israeli soldier strikes a pose in an armchair in front of Sinwar’s destroyed villa, imitating the famous photo of Sinwar sitting triumphantly after the last war. The chair might survive, but Sinwar won’t.

A recent video shows a jihadi from the demonstration in New York climbing a pole on Lexington Avenue to tear down American flags ON VETERANS DAY! I think this says everything about who is demonstrating against Israel. Police seemed to be closing in rapidly. A little while later, Elon Musk tweeted: It’s time to for mass deportations from the U.S.A.”

Hamas terrorists were filmed firing an RPG at the IDF from INSIDE A HOSPITAL. The terrorists were joined by others from the hospital. Israel responded with artillery fire, and air cover bombing. Twenty-one terrorists were killed, and Israel now has proof positive that hospitals are being used as terrorist sanctuaries.

Dozens of young soldiers from the prestigious Givati Brigade, who enlisted in August 2022, finished their training program in Gaza last Thursday. The trainees have already been involved in successful battles that wiped out Hamas terrorists and their infrastructures. Team leader, Captain Ofek, handed out the Brigade’s pin that symbolizes their joining this renowned unit: “I am proud to be standing with you in the heart of Gaza to award you these pins you showed yourselves worthy of long ago. There is no one that deserves it more. You are wolves, the distinguished fighters of Israel, my pride and the pride of the entire Jewish people.” The soldiers, dusty from battle and no doubt weary, could be seen linking arms and dancing.

How I love every, single one of them! May they all return safely home.

The IDF has had enormous success so far in Gaza, attacking 4,300 terror sites, destroying hundreds of rocket launchers, 100 booby-trapped buildings, 300 tunnels openings, 3,000 terrorist command posts.

Israel’s underwater unit has uncovered a trove of Hamas weapons off the coast, destroying them.

I’d like to end with this, a speech given by Bari Weiss to the Federalist Society in honor of the late Barbara K. Olsen, an American lawyer who served the PLO papers to kick them out of New York, and was killed by terrorists on 9/11 when her plane crashed into the Pentagon: (I highly recommend that you read the whole speech here.)

If there can be anything good that has come out of this nightmare that began on October 7 it is this: we have been shaken awake. We know the gravity of the stakes. And they are not theoretical. They are real.
So what do we do?
First: look. We must recover our ability to look and to discern accordingly. We must look past the sloganeering and the propaganda and take a hard look at what’s in front of our eyes.
Look first at what just happened. At the barbarism that Hamas carried out.
Look at the reaction to it. Take stock of how profoundly the lies and the rot have traveled. How badly the forces of civilization are faring in this battle. How it is the most educated, the most pedigreed who have become the most morally confused …
We have let far too much go unchallenged. Too many lies have spread in the face of inaction as a result of fear or politesse.
No more.
Do not bite your tongue. Do not tremble. Do not go along with little lies. Speak up. Break the wall of lies. Let nothing go unchallenged.
Our enemies’ failure is not assured and there is no cavalry coming. We are the cavalry. We are the last line of defense. Our civilization depends on us.

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3 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 13 NOVEMBER 2023”

  1. Debbie

    Unfortunately most of the media didn’t report about Israeli soldiers bringing the much needed fuel to the hospital and Hamas not allowing the hospital staff to retrieve it. Nor the about Hamas terrorists shooting from the hospital entrance at the Israeli soldiers.

  2. Barbara Ellen Calderon

    May Hashem watch over our soldiers in Gaza and in Israel. I have grandchildren in Israel and worry about them too.

  3. David Bornstein

    Great news indeed! Every piece of terrorist excrement that has departed this planet is good news.. it is even better news that they departed without taking any nice Jewish boys with them.
    As to the hostages I honestly don’t believe more than a few remain alive and those that do I am positive are injured. Certainly all of them mentally injured.
    Regarding the excrement movement repository beneath Shifa hospital, it is going to cost Israeli lives unless they do it smarter. Why not start by dropping tear gas into the known tunnel entrances? Why not flush them out using the Mediterranean? The latter is the last thing they expect.
    Finally I apologise for the disgusting Australian federal government whose appalling lack of support for our friend Israel is a source of personal shame. I have written now 3 letters to the prime minister, and our foreign minister. No responses of course.
    Am Yisrael Chai!

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