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Gaza War Diary: 13 MARCH 2024

There are two blood libels that Hamas and its supporters are using to garner sympathy from a gullible world: high death statistics, and famine, with photos of starving children especially prominent.

Dr. Abraham Wyner, Professor of Statistics and Data Science at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Faculty co-director of the Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative, has convincingly explained in an article published in Tablet Magazine that all the statistics coming out of the “Hamas Ministry of Health” are fake and completely without foundation, a truth attested to by the numbers themselves:

  • “The graph of total deaths by date is increasing with almost metronomical linearity,” with the increase showing “strikingly little variation” from day to day.
  • “The daily reported casualty count over this period averages 270 plus or minus about 15 per cent.”
  • “There should be days with twice the average or more and others with half or less. Perhaps what is happening is the Gaza ministry is releasing fake daily numbers that vary too little because they do not have a clear understanding of the behaviour of naturally occurring numbers.”

As the second point of evidence, Wyner examines the rate of child casualties compared to that of women, arguing that the variation should be tracked between the two groups. “This is because the daily variation in death counts is caused by the variation in the number of strikes on residential buildings and tunnels which should result in considerable variability in the totals but less variation in the percentage of deaths across groups,” Wyner writes. “This is a basic statistical fact about chance variability.

“Consequently, on the days with many women casualties, there should be large numbers of children casualties, and on the days when just a few women are reported to have been killed, just a few children should be reported.”

The lack of correlation between the number of children reported to have been killed and the number of women reported to have been killed presents circumstantial evidence that the numbers are not real, according to Wyner.

He also points to a strong negative correlation between the number of female and male casualties, which “makes no sense at all.”

The low level of male casualties reported is inconsistent with a report last month that Hamas lost 6,000 of its fighters, which represents more than 20 per cent of the total number of casualties reported.”

Well, well. Not surprised.

This hasn’t stopped Biden or his Minister of Defense quoting the outlandish statistics of Hamas with moral outrage in order to pressure Israel to surrender. Are they really so naïve, or simply stupid and unprofessional? You can’t tell me the CIA has no access to the real data. Their quoting these fake statistics on the world stage means the U.S. government is a tool of the Hamas propaganda machine. How shameful is that?

The “hunger” narrative is likewise fictional propaganda. The IDF reports that in southern Gaza, where there are 300,000 Gazans, the food delivery is limited because of the looting by Hamas operatives. This is being handled by relief packages parachuting down from aircraft. If they make it safely down, and don’t kill any Gazans, it’s abundant, although not exactly to the taste of Gazan palates, who are complaining non-stop online it’s not delicious enough for them. Does that sound like starving people to you?

In central Gaza, where there are half a million Gazans, the food supply is regular and abundant through truck delieveries. Khan Yunis is empty right now, but 1.5 million Gazans are in Rafah, where aid trucks driven by Gazans make regular deliveries too.. They are going to be well fed right up to the evacuation of Rafah, which will happen soon. Military activities there are targeing terrorists with success daily.

The poster boy for Gazan starvation – photoraphed in a Gazan hospital with his healthy, well-fed dad at his bedside – has reportedly died, but certainly not from hunger. There are many diseases that might have been the cause of his skeletal appearance (progeria, for example). This has not stopped Hamas and its idiot-supporters using his photo to prove their blood libels of the poor, starving Gazans. In fact, numerous videos have been uploaded showing Gazans in Rafah at traditional Ramadan feasts. Also bustling outdoor food markets. MK Avigdor Lieberman has complained with justification that all this humanitarian aid flowing freely into Gaza has destroyed Israel’s ability to negotiate the freedom of our hostages.

From Israel Today: “Allah placed men ‘in charge’ of women.” That’s just one example of the rejection of gender equality being taught in Palestinian schools. Usually, Western liberals vehemently oppose efforts to keep women subservient to men. But in this case, it would seem their hatred for Israel is enough to make them turn a blind eye to Palestinians misogyny.

Documentation has been found inside Sinwar’s Hamas offices describing the torture and murder of a Gazan homosexual, accused of “unnatural sexual proclivities,” who was held in prison by Hamas for over a year, beaten 500 times, hung upside down, until finally murdered. Among other tortures Sinwar is fond of is pouring concrete over live victims, laying them in pits and suffocating them. He apparently likes to be hands on when he murders his victims. This man is a monster.

As for the ongoing war: Channel 14’s miliary correspondent has said that Israel will soon make Hezbollah and the north the major offensive, with Hamas taking a secondary place. Hezbollah has been launching hundreds of rockets at Israel daily, but they have not caused recent deaths. Israel has been responding with increasing ferociousness.

The war with Hezbollah can’t come soon enough for the Israeli evacuees from the north. According to INSS, the Institute for National Security at Tel Aviv University, as of December 26, 2023, some 61,800 residents along the northern border were officially displaced from 61 towns and villages including 27,000 residents of the villages closest to the border, who have been displaced since October 18; some 23,000 residents of the town of Kiryat Shmona, who were evacuated starting October 20; and another 11,000 residents from villages located up to 2.5 miles from the border. In addition, approximately 15,000 people voluntarily left their homes.

Currently, most of those displaced are still accommodated as families in about 200 hotels across the country, facing considerable uncertainty about their future due to the security situation and the possibility of a wider war in the north. In general, local municipal leaders and the evacuees themselves have stated that discussions about returning to their homes is premature without significantly diminishing the military threat from Hezbollah, particularly the retreat of its Radwan Force beyond the Litani River. Under these conditions, this group of evacuees is not expected to begin bouncing back anytime soon, as most are likely to remain in temporary accommodations for an indefinite period, far from their homes and places of work.

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6 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 13 MARCH 2024”

  1. Debbie Reply

    Naomi – your March 16 and 17 emails/blog cannot be opened. It shows gobbledegook. Have you been hacked?

    • Eva Lande Reply

      I, too, have a couple of times not been able to read the second half of the messages. “Gobbledygook”
      in red. Have not received anything for March 17/18.

  2. KD Reply

    It may interest your readers to know that Douglas Murray wrote an article in The Spectator recently in which he argued that what has happened up to now is just the prelude to a larger war in the north.

    If this is correct, then it would appear that the efforts being made by the walking corpse in the White House to hobble Israel’s military effort in the south are tremendously sinister, because leaving an enemy in the south, instead of destroying that enemy before hostilities open in the north, will leave Israel facing the prospect of fighting a two-front war. (Never a great idea.)

    Whenever I look at the walking corpse in the White House, I see a shell of a human being whose very core has been corrupted by darkness. (You see the darkness within him in his eyes when he starts yelling and shouting and screwing up his face – the eyes are indeed a window to the soul!) There is nothing inside that shell but evil – absolute, utter evil.

    • Ryan Reply

      Agree Kenneth, I thought you were referring to Murray Walker for a second. Trust me, Biden isn’t just evil for Israel, he is evil for Americans too. Taxes went up so much under Biden, under Trump taxes were cheaper. Petrol was cheaper too. What did you think of my book idea?

      • Wes Hagglov Reply

        Both you and Kenneth are correct in your observations…and how odd, that Biden and company are not putting forth any demands on Hamas…here’s a good place to start…like release the hostages…

  3. Ryan Reply

    I honestly think the giving of food to Gazans is counterproductive, because it makes the war more likely to go on, since if the Gazans were really starving, they would be more inclined to surrender. As the saying goes, an army marches on its stomach, and armies with no food cannot fight. In my opinion, there should be no food handouts until surrender, only food in Israeli controlled territory.

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