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I’m going to say this once, and once only: There can’t be a two state solution because the “other” state, the Palestinian State, would be Hamas hellhole whose only purpose for existing would be to murder Jews, and anyone else in the Christian or Islamic world that disagrees with them.

Now, you may well ask, how can I be so sure? Well, here’s the proof, thank you Abu Ali Express: Today, the Palestinian Center for Political Studies and Surveys published a comprehensive survey it conducted at the end of May on a variety of burning questions related to the current war.

The survey included about 1,570 participants, half of them from the West Bank and half from Gaza. The survey shows an upward trend in the Palestinian public’s support for Hamas and its actions, and confidence that Hamas will win the war and remain in control of Gaza even after it.

From the survey:

  • 73% of the respondents answered: Hamas made the right decision when it went to war on October 7 – this is the highest figure for this question since the beginning of the war.
  • 96% of the Palestinians who did not watch the October 7 videos do not believe that Hamas committed atrocities against Israeli civilians.
  • 54% of the Palestinians who saw the videos from October 7 do not believe that Hamas committed atrocities against Israeli civilians.
  • 79% of respondents believe that Hamas will win the war – the highest rate since the beginning of the war.
  • 61% of the respondents in the survey prefer that Hamas continue to rule the Gaza Strip after the war (71% of the residents of the West Bank and 46% of the residents of the Gaza Strip prefer this to be the case).
  • In the event of an election for the PA presidency between Abu Mazen and Ismail Haniyeh, Abu Mazen will win 5% of the votes and Ismail Haniya 46% of the votes. 46% have announced that they will not vote in the elections.
  • The rate of support for Hamas and Fatah in general elections:
  • 17% will support Fatah
  • 41% will support Hamas
  • Only 32% of the survey respondents support the two-state solution for two peoples.
  • 52% support the armed struggle as a way to end the occupation and establish an independent Palestinian state.

So please, just put away this liberal-sounding but meaningless idea of two states for two peoples. Palestinians have a long, long way to go until they can call themselves a people. Right now, they are members of a death cult, Nazi wannabees, ignorant, violent, and misogynistic jihadi fanatics of the worst version of Islam, and they pose an existential threat to all our lives.

No one in their right mind would give them a state of their own where they can buy as many weapons as they want, build as many terror tunnels as they want, put grenades in the incubators of prenatal care units in their hospitals, and train their four year-olds to murder, stab and decapitate. Oh, how cute. Not.

The war with Lebanon is no longer a slow burn. Hundreds of rocket attacks have been happening all over the north, with wildfires breaking out everywhere and two wounded in a Hezbollah anti-tank missile attack in Margaliot. The Israeli cabinet will convene this evening to discuss the serious escalation in the north.

We are not the only ones who want to get rid of this miserable bunch of terrorists. Camille Chamoun, a Maronite Christian (and grandson of the Lebanese president in the 1950s) who heads the Free Nationalist Party threatened Hezbollah today: “At dawn, we will take 20,000 armed men to the streets, not including the soldiers of the Lebanese army. They will be Sunnis, Druze and Christians.”

Many in Lebanon hate Hezbollah who hijacked their Christian country and has made their lives hell. They would welcome an all-out war against Hezbollah by Israel, and seem to be preparing to join in if we can give them hope that defeating this Iranian terror proxy is possible and that Israel is prepared to take it to the bitter end.

How wonderful a vision is that: Nasrallah and his merry band of ISIS murderers removed from the neighborhood for good. If only.  

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12 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 13 JUNE 2024”

  1. Liz Rome Reply

    “No one in their right mind would give them a state of their own” Your words are so true Naomi.
    Explains why anti-Semites Biden and Blinken are pushing for a 2-state “solution”. They are NOT in their right minds. The mostly student “pro-Palestinian protesters” are also not in their right minds either. They have been indoctrinated, pampered and worst of all…know there are no consequences for their violent , criminal behavior. They should be arrested, charged, tried –but if found guilty, not go to jail. But rather go to Gaza and see in person what they have been screaming about.

  2. Guy Reply

    The so called “palestinians” even Araft was an Egyptian.
    There is only one solution for those so called Palestinians
    The majority of Jordan’s population is palestinians.
    Just like some Armenians were relocated recently, the palestinians
    should be relocated to Jordan and Turkey, Norway, Ireland, Slovania
    and any other country that wants to commit sucide.

    • Michalis Reply

      Isn’t it interesting to see the leaders of all of these European countries (and America) saying that all those poor Muslims from third-world countries should emigrate and come into their countries, and the populace should bend over backwards to accommodate them, and not criticise their culture or their religious beliefs of practices.

      But they don’t want the “Palestinians” to do the same as all those other Muslims! No way – they don’t want them. They have to stay where they are!

      It’s absolutely crazy.

  3. Avital Schurr Reply

    Dear Ruth, I understand very well your arguments against the two-states solution. Is there an alternative to it? Do you have one? Palestinians cannot be Israeli citizens. Even those who received Israeli identity cards after the Six-Day War in East Jerusalem are anti-Israel. What Israel to do with the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip? They cannot be uprooted and be sent to Jordan and Egypt.

  4. Sid Reply

    How is it that the world International News Agencies aka Reuters, AP, AFP etc and then the International News Media do not provide coverage of what Hezbollah have been doing in the North?
    The same could be said about Syria – 13 million and Sudan 9 million, just to name a few.
    My analysis is that when the Jews defend themselves after a pogrom, these organisations do not consider it in order for us to take any action in response just like what happened in the Diaspora over the centuries. Any action we take is in their minds inappropriate – hence a repeat of their silence in the 1930s. We must call on the government of Israel to declare persona non grata all the journalists involved in this immediately

    • golda Reply

      why can’t ALL the muslims be disbursed throughout the 30 muslim countries of the world.
      little Israel took in 1.25 million Russians and helped them to assimilate.
      why not the muslims doing the same for their brethren?

      • Michalis Reply

        Because their religion is based on conquering other lands and peoples, not in staying peacefully in their own back yard and minding their own business.

        It’s that simple.

        The Nazis were all hanged at Nuremberg for engaging in a war of aggression. The Mohammedans have been doing that ever since their false prophet breathed his last on this earth, and spent his first day burning in hell. Off they went, into the Levant, invading, colonising and oppressing Gaza in 639!

        The rest of the Levant, Constantinople, the Balkans, North Africa, Spain, Malta . . .

        If only the Mohammedans had all stayed in the desert, sodomising one another and writing poetry about their goats and camels, the world would have been a much better place.

        Tools of the devil, the lot of them.

  5. Mary Lou Reply

    Oh Naomi. These Satan-filled freaks make me sick. I’m a Christian with a deep love and commitment to our Jewish elders and yourself and many others. It really pains me to hear of such diabolical behavior from Hamas and their satanic supporters. I pray every day and plead with God to extend his divine mercy to our Jewish people. Thank good for Camille. Blinkin, Biden et als will see Satan in hell. God forgive me for my extreme judgment but can anyone with a brain or God-filled wish otherwise?. For years, I sent packages to our US troops deployed. I must and will go to the Jewish center here and see if I can do the same. -any thoughts? Naomi. You are a God send. Thankyou for keeping me more aware. I just wish you could see me “lunge” so to speak to some friends who tell me they feel sorry for the Palestinians. I’m very close to telling them in a strong voice they are idiots and let them know the devil is in love with them. And these are “good” Christians. Or so they think. Take care and God bless. I’m praying real hard.

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