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Gaza War Diary: 13 JANUARY 2024

Palestinians are complaining about the unprecedented devastation of the Khaza’a region in eastern Khan Yunis. This is the area closest to Nir Oz, from where the terrorist barbarians departed for their murder and rape spree. Now it is rubble with no place on the earth or below it for them to hide. Thank you, dear IDF!

IDF flyers left behind in the Alfara camp in Tubas (northeast Samaria) where our soldiers rounded up terrorists, show two photos: One is bannered: “Life with Armed Terrorists” and shows absolute destruction of the region, while the other is “Life without Armed Terrorists” an shows a bucolic scene of green spaces, roads, and homes. We hope they get the picture!

According to the Wall Street Journal, and based on Israeli officials, Israel has informed Egypt of its intention to regain control of the Philadelphi Corridor along the Egypt-Gaza border, which it controlled until September 2005, shortly after disengagement from Gaza. The Philadelphi Corridor, which is the border between Egypt and Gaza, has been the main smuggling route of Hamas bringing in drugs and weapons. Israel has stated its intention of placing its soldiers along this border to uproot control by Palestinian terrorists. This is a dangerous and difficult task, but the IDF is proceeding carefully and with determination.

From Abu Ali Express in English: “At least two out of 5 rockets launched by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as part of the ‘Great Prophet 18’”’ exercise landed this morning on the petrochemical industry area in Chabahar in southeastern Iran (near the border with Pakistan). Big black smoke was seen rising from the area”.

Try harder! Maybe next time you’ll blow the whole factory up and take Iran with it!

The Houthis have released a video showing houses with Jewish stars in which Houthi terrorists practice invading an Israeli town to murder and take hostages. They even have a photo of our Prime Minister as a shooting target. Dream on! You little rats are on your way to Allah as soon as the Americans and Brits get their act together and start bombing without giving you advance warning. Your days are numbered.

Rami Igra, former head of the Mossad’s MIA unit, says: “It is absolutely obvious that public activities to free the hostages are directly responsible for Hamas hardening its bargaining position, making it more difficult for Israel to achieve their release.” Now dozens of nationwide protests are being planned to mark the 100th day of their captivity. What part of this don’t the organizers understand? They are becoming a Fifth Column, weakening our army and our government as Hamas licks its lips waiting for our capitulation to their untenable demands, like opening our jails and freeing murderers. Sorry, been there done that with Gilad Shalit. Sinwar, remember, was one of those released in that exchange. Now instead of one hostage, there were hundreds. Just stop and think before you march and shout!!!

On the way home from Shabbat services this morning, my friend and neighbor told us that right before Shabbat, he was informed that his youngest son, whose unit had been up north and recently transferred to Gaza, had been wounded and hospitalized. He said it was a shrapnel wound and not serious. He has a number of children and in-laws serving in the IDF. I wish him and his dear family a speedy recovery for their hero son.

This is how we live. From moment to moment, holding our breath.

And on top of that, we have to deal with the great wave of hatred from abroad: the anti-Semitic circus, as MK Avigdor Lieberman accurately named the disgraceful spectacle in the Hague.

South Africa, rape capital of the world, a prime ethnic cleanser of its white citizens, comes forward with disgusting allegations with no proof claiming IDF rapes (!) of women and children; genocide, based on Netanyahu quoting from the Bible about Amalek! Pitiful ignoramuses. South Africa is the legal arm of Hamas.

And then all the marches in New York, London, Rome, Athens, Jakarta. With photos of Netanyahu holding a dead baby! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I don’t think they are misinformed. They are evil. I will never forget the pro-Hamas demonstrations on October 8 in New York, how Hamas-supporters mockingly wiped their eyes as they faced Jewish protestors holding up photos and signs about our dead children and beheaded babies.

If only our enemies understood how all this baseless hatred is strengthening our resolve. A recent survey in Israel among 16-25 year-olds yielded some surprising and optimistic results. 59% said there is no other place in the world for Israelis but home in Israel. 57% said Israel will emerge from this current conflict strengthened.

Gil Samsonov, whose agency Glickman, Shamir, Samsonov Advertising, commissioned the survey, says he thinks this generation of Israelis is closer to that of the founders of the State than their parents: “Their parents marched to the slogans of ‘country without nationality or race,’ peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan, and the atmosphere of the Oslo Peace Accords and [Shimon Peres’] ‘New Middle East.’ This generation, born into the second Intifada, the war with Lebanon, and Gaza, is much more realistic. But their conclusions are not to move to Berlin, but to stay in Israel.”

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3 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 13 JANUARY 2024”

  1. bernice schreier

    the international and United States anti semitism is an incredible compaitn by Hamas…Iran and the terrorists. They have even infiltrated our schools. My country and the American Jews has been asleep at the wheel. That includes our Jewish organizations.i hope they are now awake and I hope we are no longer listening to the compromised media. I hope our next President sanctions Iran, China and Russia. AND I hope all the traitors are jailed…that includes our President who seems to have been working for China.

  2. Ryan Keogh

    Sad what happened to South Africa. At one point it was a great nation, now it is a shell of its former self. Wonder if the ANC is doing this genocide thing to distract the people from the fact that they no longer have electricity like they once did, and the fact that many of their own white population has basically fled the country because it no longer is prosperous, and the ANC treats them poorly. I wonder what Jody Scheckter, a Jewish South African and 1979 Formula 1 Champion thinks of what his country is doing. As far as I know he doesn’t live there anymore, that should be answer enough.

  3. Barbara Ellen Calderon

    Today with good news let’s hope it stays that way.

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