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A country of jihadi homicidal maniacs declares its intent to take revenge on you as you go into Shabbat. What actually happened? Nada. We sat in the backyard watching fluffy white clouds move slowly across a sky so blue it seemed fingerpainted by an enthusiastic toddler in love with the color.

Was I worried? No. If you must know, the only concession I made to the threat was leaving my iPad open to the news bulletins on Ynet. I will also admit, at the risk of sounding deranged, that I was almost hoping that the mullahs would try something so that we in Israel could at long last have a reason to smash their stupid, arrogant, fanatic faces to a pulp and destroy their nuclear capabilities. And if you think that Israel doesn’t already have plans ready and waiting to go, you are as dumb as they are.

I just read that among the intelligence Israel has gathered in the tunnels of Gaza are letters proving that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards has transferred 200 million dollars to Hamas through bitcoin, shell companies, and agents in Lebanon over the last few years. They are the instigators, funders, and supporters of the massacre of the Israeli people, and their plan is total genocide – first Israel, then the rest of the Jewish people worldwide. It is time we finally stopped pussyfooting around dealing with their generals and proxies and embassies on foreign soil and aimed some bunker busters directly at Teheran.

Am I worried about the consequences? What, you think it’s better to sit back and wait for them to use their billions (some of it courtesy of Barack Obama and Biden) to fund some more genocidal acts? Do you think if we don’t attack them they won’t attack us? Have you been paying attention at all at what has been going on here? What was October 7 “revenge” for? What crime did we in Israel commit against the mullahs except existing? No, the time for self-deception has got to end. This is our enemy. The sooner we direct our efforts at destroying them, the better.

I’m not naïve. Israel does expect something to happen in the next few days. As of Sunday, schools are closed, and gatherings of over 1,000 people are banned. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow. I’m planning on going. I’m going to dance. I’m going to drink wine and toast the bride and groom. The mullahs can go to hell. And if I wind up in a bomb shelter, or dead, I’m sure the Iranians aren’t going to be better off. So, Supreme leader and all your Islamic, Iranian morons you can kiss my mezuzah!

The despicable kidnap and brutal murder of Benjamin Achimeir, a fourteen year-old Jewish shepherd out with his sheep Friday morning just outside Jerusalem near the Arab settlements of Duma and al-Mughayyir has Israelis in Judea and Samaria incandescent with rage. A few of them took out their anger by rampaging through hostile nearby Palestinian settlements. They also beat up a Ynet photographer who no doubt came to collect images that would provoke the easy condemnation of Israel-haters worldwide. Unfortunately for him, but not for us, his equipment was destroyed.

And before we start weeping about exacting revenge on the “innocents,” Palestinians rioted against Israelis and security forces attempting to find the perpetrators. One Palestinian was killed. At his funeral, in a village near Ramallah, Palestinians chanted: “We are your people, Ya Sinwar! Ya Gada, come on and start a revolution… that’s what (Saleh) Al-Arouri ordered!”

But I agree with Bibi who has asked for calm to allow the Israeli army to find the murderers.  

As far as the aid packages to the Gazans, now it’s getting ridiculous. Videos show piles of food discarded by Hamas left rotting in the fields. There is no way to distribute the food until Hamas is defeated. There is no way to defeat Hamas, until Israel goes into Rafah.

Gazans report that the IDF has sent leaflets to western Rafah with the photos of 35 hostages, including foreign workers, calling on residents to transfer any information about them in exchange for a monetary reward and safe future for them and their families. The fact that there are only 35 photos is chilling. Does the IDF know something they aren’t saying, backing up Hamas who declared they can’t find 40 live hostages for a ceasefire deal?


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11 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 13 APRIL 2024”

  1. Brenda Matsumura Reply

    It’s sad, bad and infuriating what Iran just did to Israel. Some in America think Iran intentionally missed hitting anything or anyone. Like you and anyone with a brain, knows they absolutely meant to kill as many Israelis as possible. It took Biden 5.minutes, literally, to say the the U.S. won’t help again if Israel strikes back. So if they hit the U.S., Biden won’t do a thing either. He has GOT TO GO!!! Likely anyone reading my disgust with this entire Admin.may think I’m just a MAGA Republican. Truth is, I want to replace anyone, regardless of party, that is this dividing and incompetent. I wouldn’t want the job, but bet I could do a better job, but it’s a lie bar. He’s been giving Iran Billions and I’ve been jumping up and down on social media but get pushback about ” Biden hatred”. If we didn’t have Military Bases dotted around Iraq, Biden may said, ” oh well, the come to Jesus moment has arrived.”. He deserves it come to him and his batch of liars and political hacks, too numerous to count. I hope and pray the Jewish communities wake up. Will Israel have the Iron Dome re- armed? Or the billions of dollars it cost Israel assisted with money??? Mrs.Ragen; your Gazan War Diary continues to be a source of real time information and perspective that enhances my love for Israel and it’s people. ( As I watched the attack, I envisioned you at the wedding that evening, drinking wine and dancing, along with the Couples’ new Union. It was a sweet vision amid the madness.)

  2. Dalya Reply

    I totally agree with you. The weakness and anti-Israel attitudes of the Biden administration have caused all of this chaos.
    I love your strength and resolve and I agree with you 100%.
    I am so glad you tell it like it is and don’t knuckle under to the haters.
    Thank you for another great diary story.
    Enjoy the wedding!!!

    • KD Reply

      Hi Minda,

      What do you mean?

      I do not live in the United States, so I have no allegiance of any kind to either of the two political parties in America, but I can see what the Biden administration has done – to the world!

      It’s difficult to understand how anyone who voted for “Sleepy Joe” can look at everything that has happened since he took office, and say they are glad they voted him into power.

      Kind regards,


    • KD Reply

      Former president Donald Trump took to his own social media platform, Truth Social, to say: ‘ISRAEL IS UNDER ATTACK! This should never have been allowed to happen – This would NEVER have happened if I were President!


      Source: Daily Mail 14th April

  3. Karen Reply

    As an American I am utterly ashamed of this administration. The frustration I feel (I yell at nobody when watching the news or when they show Biden’s evil face) is beyond belief. How did we get here? The same way Germany got there in the 1930s. Subtle changes, that people said “I can’t do anything about”, that became fundamental changes to our country, belief system, morals, everything that the west used to hold dear. Of course when Obama said he would fundamentally change America he wasn’t kidding. History repeats. I’ve been preaching this to everyone who would listen for the last 16+ years, but here we are and the consequences are only beginning to be seen. What breaks my heart more than anything is that Israel is paying the price more than anyone. And where is Biden tonight while Israel is under fire from Iran?? Who knows? Probably went to bed at 8pm. Having gone on vacation and having to rush back to DC probably wore him out. He’s certainly not talking to the people of the world which is what he should be doing!! Useless piece of trash. This lies on his shoulders.

    • Dalya Reply

      Thank you for your post. I totally agree with you. You are correct in your statements. Just wanted you to know there are people out there standing up and fighting. Even though we lost many “friends” we stick to our beliefs and just go on. We now have new friends who see the world as it is, not through rose colored glasses. Keep up the good fight – you are in the right!!

      • Charlotte Reply

        Everything you say is so true. I’m amazed that the liberal population adores Biden. Sure why not, he’s giving people a pass on school loans, allowing “the people” you know those who pay taxes to cover the tab. For a Roman Catholic to preach and support abortion is senseless. Our country is doomed. There is no respect or accountability in the government and with its citizens. We are overrun with illegal people while our poor and disadvantaged are ignored. The lax attitude toward justice is lost.

    • KD Reply

      It is interesting to consider Biden’s behaviour in light of the symptoms of malignant narcissism. (If you google “symptoms of malignant narcissism” then you will get a list of clinical symptoms.)

  4. Brenda Matsumura Reply

    Heard on Tel Aviv broadcast, an Israeli say when Biden, Blinken, Austin etc. said “Don’t” on Oct 8 and yesterday, it was meant for Israel too.!! Ridiculous. Another Biden mouthpiece. “Don’t’ is the only thing Biden can remember without his blue note card. On the flip side, a Syrian/Lebanese Activist, said ” IF Israel took out the Iranian leaders, ” ‘THANK YOU”.
    Wishing and praying the very best for Israel, the precarious situation with the abducted and the IDF .along with the innocent citizens of Israel. Enjoy the Wedding Mrs. Ragen!

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