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Gaza War Diary: 12 NOVEMBER 2023

I am not sleeping well, to put it mildly. But last night was somewhat of a record. I just kept trying to sleep and these images of my grandson in Gaza kept going through my head, and when that went away, I thought about all those poor hostages, especially the little ones. It’s just unspeakable that these evil people are treating anyone that way, let alone little children.

In the morning, with the light that breaks over our peaceful village near the sea which has so far been spared any sirens or mad rushes to shelters, things looked more hopeful. The news from Gaza shows a steady pace of combat victories with more and more areas of Gaza under direct Israeli control. Thirty Hamas terrorists have actually surrendered and been taken back to Israel for interrogation.

Two photos in the news especially caught my eye: one of an IDF soldier sitting in a armchair in front of the bombed out house of Hamas leader, that rat, Sinwar, made iconic by Sinwar posing triumphantly in exactly the same chair after the last Gaza War. I hope he gets to see what the house – and the chair –  look like now! The second photo was a before and after of one of the nicest streets of Gaza near the boardwalk. Lovely homes, mature foliage. That was before. Now it is complete wreckage, like Berlin in 1945. And I can’t help thinking what these people could have turned Gaza into if not for their maniacal genocidal passion and hatred. Truly ignorant, self-destructive primitive idiots.

You know, all along I have been saying there are no innocents in Gaza. But today I came across something online that almost succeeded in changing my mind. I saw it on a website called Abu Ali Express on Telegram (highly recommended, and there is an English language version you can sign up for), a site that shows you what is being shown on Arabic and Palestinian channels and websites. The video – which I‘m truly flabbergasted was ever filmed let alone publicized – was of a medical worker in Shifa Hospital, which Hamas has been crying crocodile tears over for weeks as it attempts to convince the world that its being targeted by Israelis is a war crime, ignoring the proof that Hamas has built its entire command headquarters underneath it.

Anyway, in this video a Muslim woman in a traditional head covering and wearing a surgical mask tells the interviewer that Hamas has robbed all their medical supplies for themselves. “I had a five year-old with a fractured leg and I had to set it with no morphine. They’ve taken all the morphine for themselves,” she wept. Honestly, I felt so sorry for her and for that little boy. If only people going to these demonstrations in support of Hamas would understand who they are helping. Not the doctor or the little boy, but the people stealing the morphine and the bandages and the oil and the food and …

After what they did on October 7, why does anyone still believe Hamas’ lies? You have to really either be full of hatred for Jews and thus brothers in arms to Hamas, or just stupid.

Then someone sent me this letter which showed me that there is also a third category. This is what this Jewish woman wrote:

“I certainly can understand and agree that Hamas had one goal… to kill as many Jews as possible and destroy Israel. That said, nowhere did you mention the horrific Israeli strikes that have killed more than 9,000 Palestinian citizens including children. And now Netanyahu is targeting hospitals. I have been reading about the huge surge of anti-semitism around the world and on college campuses here in America. How truly sad that people can blame every Jew for what is happening in Israel and Gaza. I feel that Netanyahu is to blame for the extreme severity of these strikes and I also believe that Hamas knew how Israel would retaliate and make Israel and Jews more of a pariah around the globe.”

Yes, according to my correspondent, Netanyahu played right into their hands! The fact that the numbers mentioned are from Hamas, and that the dead are mostly armed Hamas terrorists, with the usual collateral damage to folks who simply refuse to budge, no matter how many warnings the benevolent Israelis give them, doesn’t seem to affect her. But now we get to the real meat of this argument. Israel’s actions in defending herself have increased antisemitism! It’s Israel’s fault for responding so massively and firmly to 1400 murdered citizens, raped woman and girls, 240 kidnap victims. Now, because of us Israelis, my reader feels unfairly threatened. They are going to blame her, and it’s not her fault! She would have been delighted to see her brothers and sisters in Israel sit quietly and wait for the next massacre, and for the Holocaust to continue.

What can I say? It sickened me and I told her so and kicked her off my mailing list.

I would like to point out that such a response is rare. Most of the lovely people on my list have been so wonderfully supportive and kind. Their responses are a true source of comfort and inspiration.

But I can’t help wonder, how many Jews out there feel the same as my disgruntled correspondent? That Israel defending herself endangers them? If you feel endangered, you need to move to Israel and try to help us defeat these beasts.

I just read that the IDF left oil on the doorstep of Shifa Hospital for the most urgent cases. But Hamas refused to allow the hospital to take it. I also read that a tentative agreement over the release of the youngest hostages and the women in exchange for all kinds of things not in our interest, has suddenly been shut down by Hamas because, according to those lying scum, “Israel is attacking Shifa Hospital.”

How I wish this whole thing was over; that Sinwar and his brother were dead. That the rest of Gaza looked like the after photo of their once pretty streets around the boardwalk. Sand, all sand, once again.

In the meantime, Hezbollah in the North has been increasing its rocket fire, targeting a civilian crew from the electric company fixing some electric poles. One is dead, and four critically injured. Once that front heats up, it is my own home that will be under fire. My bomb shelter is ready. I have water, extra batteries, a flashlight, a radio. I wouldn’t mind terribly. I’d be happy if Israel could use this time of unrest and upheaval to finish off Hezbollah and the terrorists on the West Bank, and while we are at it, lob a few fat bombs at the Ayatollahs as well.

In the meantime, I am going to prepare a care package for my grandson that I’m hopeful the army will deliver to him and his platoon before Shabbat: cakes and cookies, bandages and tourniquets and ropes and electrical tape – or so an article in Walla advises. Well, for sure the cake and cookies. God bless him and bring him home safe to us and his young wife.

God bless every single IDF soldier. They are my heroes. Like the army of King David.

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10 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 12 NOVEMBER 2023”

  1. Natalie Freedman

    God bless you, Naomi Ragen for keeping us informed. As a teacher of Holocaust for many years and a novelist, this time is so frighteningly close to 1938 Germany. While teaching Holocaust in the last five years, I was informed by my director that an Israeli educational board had advised that we teach the Holocaust to (in my case, 8th graders) in a softer way so that we don’t frighten or depress our students. I taught the facts, from 1933 on. I gave each student the name and picture of a Holocaust teen and told them on the last day of class whether ‘their” teen died or survived. I wanted to make it real to them but was fought by my director and, sadly, this particular Rabbi. Such a lack of knowledge has helped to bring u all ours to where we are today. Every one of my books contains an authentic and uplifting Holocaust story. Thank you for your letters which give me such insight. You have made cookies, I have called every one of my congressmen to stand with Israel. I am sending prayers for you, for all my own Israeli cousins and for your dear grandson and every soldier. Sending love, Natalie Freedman

  2. Shirley

    Hello Naomi
    I write from South Africa as a jew, I am embarressed how (not my) government takes the side of Russia and Iran. Very worrying. Not sure if any of you heard about our march we were going to have on the beachfront of Sea Point a once not so much now predominantly jewish upmarket area. It was a christian for Israel march and they got permission to do such. Many jews were joining in as well. The day before Saturday there was a HUGE pro Palestinian march in our town, huge!! and nobody interfered. Well Sunday came people were getting ready to come do their march and prayer and yes they came in their numbers…. and caused mayem, and the march was called off for safety reasons.
    So sad, its really fighting a losing media battle with this lot, they will not and do not want to hear the truth.
    Anyway I love reading your posts.
    Prayers for all of Israel and us jewish people around the world.

  3. Dalya Horowitz

    Thank you so much, Naomi, for your descriptions and information. The woman who wrote you those terrible comments is disgusting. She seems to only be interested in her own safety and not at all care about the massacre, hostages or anything that Israel is withstanding at the moment. I am so glad you’ve dropped her from your list. She is a selfish, self-centered individual. I want you to know that among the Jews where I live, everyone is doing everything they can for Israel. Last Friday some “I Stand With Israel” signs on the lawns were torn to pieces at 3:30am. The police are on it, it was called a hate crime, but better than that, now there are 3 times as many signs and many Israeli and Israeli/American flags flying. Thank you to this lowlife for getting everyone involved. Am Israel Hai!

  4. Joy Margulies

    Naomi, you are giving really good war info, thank you!
    The Jews that say what your reader said are despicable.
    Israel is doing the dirty work for the entire world.
    I pray for the soldiers and hostages a few times daily.
    I pray your grandson and mine in yeshiva are protected by God.
    And your family and Am Yisroel too

  5. Cora

    Prayers for your grandson and all the brave men and women of the IDF that do the “ dirty work”and sacrifice their lives so that the self hating Jews of USA can still have a homeland. It makes me angry beyond belief. I find that here in California I get most support from my non Jewish friends whereas the news about “ Jews for peace” makes my skin crawl.

  6. Sarah Ryan

    Dear Naomi,

    I, too, saw that disgusting letter of yesterday. I was not going to censor your correspondents so did not comment. Yes, there are other Jews who think as she does, but the vast majority does not. We are united in eliminating Hamas although sadly unity is rarely 100% strong. We read your reports with sadness but also with hope. Please keep including us in your thoughts and emotions. It helps to keep us connected.

    • Liz Kittredge

      Agreed –Sarah. I will never understand the self-hating Jewish people.

  7. Lynn Blumenfeld

    Naomi, I have been thinking of many things this past month, most with horror. How could such an occurrence as October 7th happen? How could the world – including the idiots in my home country, the United States- support it? What is being taught in our schools and Universities to encourage these mass demonstrations? And, often, my thoughts turn to my relatives and to you, all of whom are living through this. I had one day with good news. I received a letter from the President of my long ago law school. It was a long letter decrying the actions of both Hamas and the current feelings on U.S. campuses. Also, I found out that the undergrad school I had gone to had just opened a Holocast Memorial Center to educate people. Many, if not most, know nothing of it – after all, it was over 80 years ago. Even those who do know have no reference to 2005 and what we gave up then.
    My heart and my prayers go out to you and your family, especially your grandson.

  8. Barbara Ellen Calderon

    I pray not only for your grandson but all the young soldiers fighting for Israel I also have a grandson right now he’s studying to be a Rabbi, try to sleep better we Americans are with you.

  9. Dawn Bartlett-Brown

    Dear Naomi,
    I saw that post yesterday and I was very tempted to say something. But I didn’t.
    It made me so angry.
    Please, PLEASE know that here in my country, the USA, there ARE Christians and our Jewish family and friends who COMPLETELY stand with Israel. We have common sense!
    I pray for you, your family, and all those affected by this unimaginable horror.
    And I’ll tell you one more thing, this has only strengthened my desire to visit Israel.
    Much, much love and support and prayers,
    Dawn Bartlett-Brown and family

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