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Gaza War Diary: 12 MARCH 2024

I’ll start with an apology. Sorry I didn’t give you all a heads up that I was going to be taking a few days off. I have some (not very convincing) excuses. First, on March 7, I threw a belated Thanksgiving dinner for my family, all 28 – children, grandchildren, spouses and partners, and even a little great-grandchild. Now, you might ask, isn’t Thanksgiving in November? Well, actually, it is. But in November, my grandson was blowing up Hamas tunnels in Gaza. I prayed so hard he’d return to us and I promised him that when that happened, and he and his wife could join us, I’d throw the biggest, best, Thanksgiving party ever to thank the God of Israel for his return. I did. And they all came. This lovely family evening was followed on March 10 by a family wedding in Jerusalem. It was Sephardic. It brought the house down.

And for a few days, I tried to forget about the war, about our sorrows, and revel in all the abundance and joy that still remains for each of us as part of the Jewish people in the homeland that God has given us.

But even in our joy at having been spared, we have not forgotten our anguish over our decimated families, our captives, and our fallen soldiers. Even as we rejoice over the creation of yet another Jewish family to strengthen the people of Israel, we smash a glass under the wedding canopy, never forgetting what has been lost and destroyed, a tradition that has been with the Jewish people for centuries, for good reason. We rejoice, we grow, we prosper. But we do not forget what was done to us and we continue to hope and pray for the defeat and destruction of our enemies.

That includes stupid Hollywood airheads wearing red pins with a hand. I bet they don’t even realize what it symbolizes: terrorists hands red with the blood of two lynched IDF reservists—Chief Sargeant Yossi Avrahami (38) a toy salesman from Petach Tikva, and Corporal Vadim Nurzhitz (33) , a truck driver from Or Akiva, who in 2000 were returning to duty in a civilian vehicle when they made a wrong turn and ended up in Ramallah and in the hands of Palestinian Authority policemen, who took them into custody. A thousand Palestinians stormed the police station, lynching both soldiers and holding up their bloodied hands in victory in an infamous photo. That’s the symbol you are wearing Billie Eilish, Mark Ruffalo, Ava DuVernay. Despicable. This is my wish for you all: that when Islamic terrorism invades Hollywood (a scenario made ever more likely by your encouragement and efforts to legitimize them and everything they do) you get to feel first-hand the joys of being terrorized by sickos addicted to murder, rape and kidnapping. Believe me, you Hollywood types, with your revealing dresses and gender-bending morals, are just their type.

There are stupid morons like Mark Ruffalo, and then there are people like Jonathan Glazer, the British-born director of German Holocaust movie Zone of Interest, who won an Oscar and used his platform to say: “We stand here as men who refute their Jewishness and the Holocaust being hijacked by an occupation.”

As David Schaecter, a 94-year old survivor, and president of the Holocaust Survivors’ Foundation wrote on the Foundation’s website Tuesday: “I watched in anguish Sunday night when I heard you use the platform of the Oscar’s ceremony to equate Hamas’ maniacal brutality against innocent Israelis with Israel’s difficult but necessary self-defense in the face of Hamas’ ongoing barbarity. Your comments were factually inaccurate and morally indefensible.”

CEO Sacha Roytman of Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) had this to say: “Unfortunately, Jonathan Glazer has turned a magnificent achievement into another ‘As a Jew’ moment, where he appropriates his religious and ethnic identity to attack the national homeland of the Jewish People which is fighting a war on seven fronts against those who openly call for the genocide of Jews.”

If anyone could have put these people in their place it was Steven Spielberg. How I would have loved to see him, a la Will Smith, storm up on stage and smash that gold idol in Jonathan Glazer’s stupid, sneering British face in the name of the Jewish people! As the Purim megillah says: “Who knows, perhaps for this reason you were put in this place? For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place.” It will have too. Spielberg did nothing. Big disappointment.

I’m not going to see Zone of Interest. I’m not going to see any film with Mark Ruffalo, or any other “Cease-Fire” idiot; I’m not listening to any music by Billie Ellish (no great sacrifice). But these immoral gentiles do not compare to the “As a Jew…” traitors, who deserve a special place in hell for throwing their people under the bus in the delusional pursuit of a unique status that will exempt them from the ire of Jew-haters, a tactic, I might add, oft tried through Jewish history, but which never actually succeeded.

He’d know that, if he knew the least bit about Jewish history, which he obviously does not.

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17 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 12 MARCH 2024”

  1. Jacqueline Shmidt Reply

    Len Blavatnick is a multi billionaire, dual citizen of USA and the UK, Jewish and I believe it was #56 richest on the world.
    Photos show him standing next to Glazer at the Oscars. Blavatnick knows and funded Bibi, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, etc. in my researching him today I found a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Blavatnick talking to the Satanic witch Marina Abramovic (who throws Satanic parties for the Hollywood crowd).
    Need I say more?
    These are Sabbatean Jews, they don’t worship haShem, their allegiance is to the evil entities.

  2. Sharron Reply

    Thank you, as always for your diary posts. I feel seen through your posts. First- Big congratulations on your joy full celebrations. You deserve all the naches you can receive.. My husband has to listen to me at least five times a day as my blood pressure rises- I just can’t believe the ignorance…deep breath. How can any one not see the evil, the terror tunnels, the weapons hidden in children’s bedrooms, the lies, the murders…the rapes, the HOSTAGES…it honestly boggles my mind!! Agree, so long Mark Buffoon, Billie Idiot and Jonathon Crazier…ugh to all of it. Good luck to Biden in his “come to Jesus” Meeting with BB, I guess he forgot Jesus was Jewish. Ugh Ugh Ugh… Thank you again! Naomi. Your posts keep me sane

  3. Carol Mary Tzipy O'Connor Feldman Reply

    BH was worried why we didn’t see your updates. only good

    Carol Tzipy Feldman

  4. Brenda Matsumura Reply

    So very relieved to see your honest assessments have returned and that your family celebrations were the source of your absence. Another reader took the opportunity to bad mouth President Trump, but it is Biden and his drive for Muslim votes that is the real story behind Bidens knee csp Israel in its missions. Biden is a failure at home and abroad. I’ve been so depressed over this Govt. Pro Muslim statements and “leaked” info regarding famine in Gaza and every single problem falls at Israel’s feet. I will never waver in my support for Israel and all of it’s people, who have been put in God awful circumstances through acts of barbarism beyond description. Hoping and praying along with you and millions more. No pressure on Egypt or Iran, just Israel. When Israel agrees to outrageous exchanges for hostages return but HAMAS etc must think, ” we just have to wait and let the Americans keep us protected in Rafah”. Biden will keep Dome weapons supplied as if swatting at flies, just like he does with troops on Mid East bases. He just came up with 300 million for Ukraine in Pentagon, stash, but not one nickel for Israel. You can trust TRUMP as he has a record and will be a solid frend You can count on BIDEN for incompetence and being on the wrong side of every Middle Eastern and Domestic issue.(While looking at Google news, beneath a Gazan news headline is the name of I.Haniyeh with a FOLLOW tab!!! Radicalization with one tap !!!). APPALLING !!! The time with your family must have been just so special, alive with laughter! Happy for you and happy you are back🇮🇱

  5. Ryan Reply

    Speaking as a gentile, I wish all the political bullshit at the Oscars would just stop. I came here to watch movies, if I wanted to see politics I would’ve put on C-SPAN. I remember when Ukraine was invaded, I wore the Ukrainian flag on my Ushanka at high school for the longest time, until my parents had me take it off for fear of being beaten by Russian immigrant students. I remember when they did the Ukraine tribute it just felt like cringy Hollywood bullshit, and for me doesn’t do much to support any cause, only virtue signaling. As for Spielberg’s response, I respect him. I wouldn’t want to waste my breath arguing with idiots and assholes either. Life is a bit too short for that.

  6. C W Joiner Reply

    As a gentile, I am SO in agreement with you. I/we don’t even watch the Oscar ceremony since today’s Hollywood bears not even a little resemblance to the one we grew up with. Again, as a gentile who owes so much of my life to the Jews I grew up with, worked with and love to this day, when I see the moronic protesters chanting “Stop the genocide”, I just want to respond “You mean the Palestinians sworn to eliminate Israel and the Jews?”

    And I missed your missives, but a Happy Thanksgiving to your family.

  7. Elliottd Reply

    Glazier……nothing less than a ” Kapo”…your Kapo Oscar should be your best friend

  8. Sarah Ryan Reply

    Welcome back, Naomi. Your absence was for the best of reasons. I have read the Zone of Interest, a powerful indictment of the Nazi commandant and his family playing house while the smoke of the Jewish dead rose above their roof and well kept garden. I am sure the novel’s author, Martin Amis, who passed away last year, would have been horrified by the ignorant and unforgivable words of the movie’s director. Glazer did not honour the message of Amis.

    As for Spielberg, he had an opportunity to answer Glazer but preferred to keep stum. Paddy Chayefsky, who definitely put Vanessa Redgrave in her place years ago when she made nasty comments about Jews, had more guts. So now we know that his courage only goes so far.

    Sarah Ryan

  9. Laurie Reply

    I’m so pleased to see you back, Naomi. Your Thanksgiving party sounds as if it was what it says…a Thanks Giving.
    I really was missing you because your articles are surely what people think about the war.

  10. Ellen S Poor Reply

    Dear Naomi,

    So glad to hear about your Thanksgiving dinner! I too was worried when you had not posted.

    There are always self-hating Jews, most of whom know almost nothing of Judaism. The Hollywood crowd is overwhelmingly superficial and ignorant, whether Jew or Gentile.

    May you continue to celebrate wonderful occasions with your family!

  11. Gloria Valentine Reply

    Glad you were celebrating with joy. With Mazel.

    I and your many followers missed and worried about you.

    Re Steven Spielberg
    He did NOT get a standing ovation as so many others did.
    He got only minimal applause. That surprised me given his reputation
    He spoke out for Israel recently.
    He is interviewing survivors of Oct. 7.
    So it seems that the whole audience is aware that
    he is pro Israel and they are not.
    And they snubbed him.
    He was obviously aware of that. Possibly he thought better of making any remarks.

  12. StevenDublon Reply

    I agree with everything you said except the comment about Trump. This man is evil and will throw Israel under the bus. Look at his comments about NATO.

  13. Audrey Travis Reply

    Dear Naomi
    I’m delighted you were able to honour your dear grandson and all of your family with a big Thanksgiving feast (doubly thankful, I’m sure). With all the hatred and barbarism of October 7th and since then, what lifts me up and comforts me is singing Acheinu both aloud and in my head. Thanks very much for your insightful and ’right on the money’ posts. You tell the whole truth, both uplifting and painful that we all need and feel deeply.

  14. Liz Rome Reply

    Dear Naomi –you are so correct- the most despicable are the people who begin…”as a Jew..”
    and the most ignorant too! They know NOTHING and it shows to all of us who lost family in the Holocaust, work in Holocaust education, firmly support Israel. They could start with the Reverend Neimoller quote…but even that is too complicated for their brainless blatherings. Many of us know that Bibi will hold firm and put Oatmeal Brains in his place. And continue to pray thatr Trump will come back and restart the Abraham Accords—never to be stopped again.

  15. Elka Reply

    I have to admit I was worried when I didn’t see your posts, which I look forward to as they are always factual and you are always the voice of sanity and reason. You certainly deserve to take off and I’m happy to hear it was for good reasons. You are 100 percent spot on with your assessment of the shallow, ignorant and narcissistic Hollywood crowd. And for your wishes for them.

  16. Debbie Reply

    Thank you Naomi. My husband and have been saying this of Steven Spielberg from the start! How very appropriate to say this with Purim almost here. So much for his Schindler’s List movie and Shoah Foundation. It means nothing.

  17. Ellen Calderon Reply

    So sorry we as Americans should stand by Israel in your time of need.

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