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Gaza War Diary: 11 JANUARY 2024

Is America, or more pointedly, the Biden administration, with Israel in this fight for her life and the lives of her people, or against her?

It is not such a simple question. Caroline Glick has published a devastating essay in which she points out all the ways America, having initially rushed to Israel’s aid and supplied her with weapons, is now making it impossible for her to win the war. According Ms. Glick, who is is the senior contributing editor of Jewish News Syndicate and host of the “Caroline Glick Show” on JNS, as well as the diplomatic commentator for Israel’s Channel 14, a columnist for Newsweek, and a senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Center for Security Policy in Washington: the only way for Israel to rout its enemies and enable its citizens to return to their homes in southern and northern Israel is to do precisely the opposite of what the United State demands.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken insisted: “Israel needs to do everything it can to remove any obstacles from [aid] crossing to… Gaza. Improving deconfliction procedures to ensure that the aid can move safely and securely is a critical part of that,” he said, his heart bleeding for the “starving” Palestinians who started this conflict, and completely ignoring the Israeli hostages being deliberately starved. Most importantly, he completely ignoried that the method of aid delivery through Hamas-supporting UNWRA employees has seen this aid stolen by Hamas and used for terrorists to prolong the conflict.

Even though Blinken is well aware that Hamas terrorists deliberately embed themselves  among civilians, he had this to say: “The daily toll on civilians in Gaza, particularly on children, is far too high.”

Well, what about this idea then:  let “innocent civilians” leave Gaza, just as 6 million Ukrainians left their country since the Russian invasion.  But the Biden administration is adamantly opposed to that: “The United States unequivocally rejects any proposals advocating for the resettlement of Palestinians outside of Gaza,” said Blinken. “In today’s meetings with Israeli leaders, I was… crystal clear: Palestinian civilians must be able to return home as soon as conditions allow.” Yes, to “rebuild” without de-Nazifying.  What a joke!

And from there the US moved on to how to lose the battle for our Northern border, pushing for a “diplomatic solution” that will see no decrease in Hezbollah’s forces trained to invade Israel and commit genocide;  no decrease in Hezbollah’s missile and drone arsenals, which are capable of destroying strategic targets and civilian populations throughout Israel. And most outrageous of all, requiring that Israel surrender sovereign territory to Hezbollah  terrorists in exchange for the removal of Hezbollah forces from the border area. What?!!!  Never achieve a status which will allow Israelis to live safely in their homes in the North?  But let the Gazans – who started this whole thing – take back their land and go home to dig more tunnels? Does anyone see the disgusting insanity inherent in these ideas?

This is not the advice of an ally, but a bullying push for the Islamic agenda that will destroy our country.

And last but not least, the Biden administration sees “lasting peace” in the form of a Palestinian State headed by the PLO, oh sorry, the Palestinian Authority which Israel has been fighting along with Hamas, destroying terrorist enclaves set up under the PA in Judea and Samaria and from which an endless stream of terrorist attacks against Israelis emanate every hour on the hour.  These are not peace partners.

And if you think I’m imagining Blinken’s duplicity, consider his answer to the question of an Al Jazeerah reporter during a recent press conference in Qatar. “One hundred and ten journalists have been targeted by the IDF, including the son of our colleague Wael Al-Dahdouh. Does the United States condemn the killing of journalists?” an Al Jazeerah “reporter” pointedly asks Blinken. His answer, without any fact check is: “I am deeply, deeply sorry for the almost unimaginable tragedy suffered by your colleague, and, as I’ve said, far too many innocent Palestinian men women and children.”

If Blinken had bothered to check, instead of doing an instant grovel and apology, he would have learned that Hamza Dahdouh, the dearly departed son of the esteemed Wael, the poor Dad, the Al Jazeerah “colleague, was a dual-hat Islamic Jihad terrorist-journalist, his name listed in documents found in Gaza in Islamic Jihad strongholds. The IDF released a copy of the document in Arabic. Perhaps get Blinken a copy?

Is this the way a friend behaves, cowering and agreeing and apologizing and siding with Israel’s lying enemies?

I think the time has been reached that Golda reached with Kissinger, and Begin reached with Carter, when Israel’s leaders have to stand up for their peoples’ lives. Hopefully the Biden administration isn’t long for this world. With its demise, will come the possibility of a true partnership with a real ally, instead of a fake hug from a weak, dithering, wrong-headed, morally corrupt frenemy. The weapons won’t help us if we give into their suicidal demands.

Today, the relatives of hostages took bull horns to the Gaza border and shouted to their loved ones to hold on. I wish I could have joined them.

I wish we had a single free nation that backed us honestly.

I wish we weren’t in this alone.

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7 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 11 JANUARY 2024”

  1. Karen A

    The Biden admin is absolutely not a friend of Israel. This is an administration that took the Houthis off the official list of Terrorists in 2021 to try to work together, idiots! Biden has admitted that he’s only running for president to stop Trump i.e. to keep the left in power. They are only interested in power! They will only do what will keep them in power, period. If that means turning their back on Israel then they will. Don’t doubt it for a second. It’s only about votes, everyone else is collateral damage or lucky depending on how the wind blows.

    • Ryan Keogh

      Kind of stupid to try to work together with a group that on its flag says, “Death to America”.

  2. Ryan Keogh

    I agree with David Bornstein, but the reason the US doesn’t go all out on terrorism is because they fear that doing so could cause a war with Iran and by extension WW3 (entirely rational fears in my opinion). However, Blinken’s comments are reprehensible, and his “peace” terms are to say it nicely, idiotic. I am not an international expert of any kind, but if I was making the peace after the war, the thing to do would be just occupy the West Bank and Gaza under a military government, with a deradicalization program modelled after the occupation of Japan and Germany.

    I do not support the wholesale deportation of Palestinians, though I could why many Israelis would want it. Doing so would antagonize the Arab states and would not guarantee the end of the Palestinian problem, as the Palestinians could simply launch their attacks from there, as the PLO has done in Jordan and Lebanon. It would also alienate Arab Israelis, and more importantly the Israeli allies. The Occupation would have to last at least two or even three decades, to ensure that the future generations of Palestinians would be peaceful and not at all hostiles to Israel. Doing this would of course require the military to control all functions of government and civil services, notably education. And most importantly, it would need to be made clear to the people that Hamas is responsible for their suffering, and that the Palestinian people must accept Israel.

  3. Sylvia Knoop

    Jews have alway been hated. We are doomed if we do and doomed if we don’t.
    We have always given to the world and they hated us.
    Really for the first time in history we can and should fight back

  4. Mary Lou Sinkey

    The Biden administration and many of our politicians in power, are destroying America. They’ve become the global elitists. It’s frightening and sad. I’m an American and totally ashamed of the weak “rulers” of our country – a country once so great and full of pride. I continue to pray for Israel and the IDF and I heartedly pray for the demise and total, soon destruction of Hamas and other hate groups. Stay tough, oh Israel. Most Americans, be they Jewish or Christian (like me) affectionately salute you. Naomi. I look forward to your blog. It’s informative and I respect its contents. Shalom.

  5. David Bornstein

    Iran is holding the world trade hostage in the Bab el Mandeb strait via the Houthis, besides supporting Hamas and Hezbollah.
    The USA could totally destroy their international terrorism in probably 48hours maybe less. All without losing a single soldier or sailor. They know exactly where the drones and rockets attacking shipping are coming from.
    Precisely why has it not been done? For the exact reasons you quote above! The USA is scared of Iran? They would have the backing of all the Sunni states in and around the gulf not to mention other Western allies (except Australia my country which could not send a single warship, but happily phones the Iranian foreign minister and tells them to play nice!!).
    Biden and the Schmockocrats need to go and go fast. Pity the USA has fixed election terms and they are a whole 4 years! At least here in Australia they are 3 years and not fixed, often we go to the polls early so can kick out the incompetence as we will do next time round!
    I thought Blinken was Jewish. And sympathetic. Obviously the rot comes from higher up, a senile old corrupt man whose son should be in jail.
    Israel should join the hasbara effort with Ukraine. Direct comparisons of genocidal terrorism are appropriate here, as are hostages.(or what remains of them).Russia has kidnapped thousands of Ukrainian kids.

  6. Natalie Freedman

    The Gaza War Diaries, honest and clarifying, are very helpful although we could weep while reading them.

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