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Gaza War Diary: 11 FEBRUARY 2024

I watched with fascination the videos of the IDF entering the tunnels under the UN headquarters in which they found a huge bank of computers. Revealing the clear connection between the use of the UN facilities upstairs and the underground terror tunnels below (the IDF showed clearly how electricity for the tunnels came from above) providing incontrovertible evidence of UN collaboration with the terrorists.

This is not only a PR coup, but a dramatic development that puts the IDF light years ahead of where it was before in penetrating Hamas military secrets and modes of operations. As Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced today: “We penetrated the intelligence core of Hamas. Their weapons are now being used against them.”

This is the place that Israeli intelligence has for years aimed to reach. In 2018, a special force of the General Staff was specifically sent to Khan Yunis to find it but was tragically intercepted and its commander, Lt. Col. Mahmoud Khair al-Din, was killed.

It was at that time that Yahya Sinwar publicly uttered the phrase: “Whitening the (Israeli) prisons” meaning literally emptying them of terrorists by holding Israeli hostages. Everything Israel is experiencing now has long been in the pipeline. Now –  God be praised–  the heart of Hamas’s intelligence, which also extends to outside the borders of the Gaza Strip, is in the hands of Israel.

There is no question that Israel has the people, the means, and the intelligence to decimate Hamas. What it lacks are reliable allies who will stand shoulder to shoulder with her to push back against the almost crushing universal pressure for her to give up her just battle.

The European Union’s foreign policy commissioner, Joseph Borrell: “I repeat the warning of many EU member states that Israeli military action in Rafah will cause an indescribable humanitarian disaster and dangerous tensions with Egypt.”

Dutch Foreign Minister: “The situation in Rafah is very worrying. We do not see how a military operation in Rafah will result in anything other than a greater humanitarian disaster. We are deeply concerned about the possibility of military action in Rafah, where half of the residents of the Gaza Strip are located.”

The Foreign Ministries of the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain and Qatar also published statements in a similar vein warning against such a possibility.

Great Britain, Ireland, and the United States have issued similar warnings. Biden even wants Israel to sign a contract (!) about how it will use the weapons it is supplying.

I have two words for all of them, and they’re not “happy birthday.”

Where is the crushing worldwide pressure on Hamas to release our hostages? Where is the overwhelming pressure on Hamas to surrender, making the assault on Rafah unnecessary? Why is Israel the only one who is being castigated, warned, admonished, and discouraged? I guess we all know the answer to that.

Believe me, if what happened to us had happened to any of them, none of them would care how many civilians they killed in destroying the enemy. To put it into perspective, relative to our populations, the number of those murdered in Israel by Hamas is equivalent to 41,000 Americans.

Perhaps what they are thinking is that if they were in Israel’s position, they’d use this opportunity to exact revenge by murdering as many babies and raping as many women as they could. But that’s a projection. Believe me, when we get to Rafah, and we certainly will, there is no other choice, we will have more mercy on the people there than any of them deserve, or would receive if they were at war with Egypt or any other Arab country.

Nevertheless, Prime Minister Netanyahu is making a very credible case on how the IDF plans to do this without a civilian massacre. In an interview with the ABC, he said the following; “Victory is within reach.

We will get the remaining Hamas battalions in Rafah… The displaced will be moved to the cleared areas north of Rafah.” He made it clear to everyone, what every Israeli knows: “Failure of our forces to enter Rafah means losing the war.”

As the demonstration on Thursday, February 9 (which I wrote about at length in my last diary entry) proves, the vast majority of the Israeli people are in favor of continuing the war into Rafah, whatever the cost. And so, it is no longer governments of the world against our government. It is the people of the world against our people.

It’s an interesting situation. Eighty years after the Holocaust, the descendants of the perpetrators, and those who stood by and watched in Europe and America (who could have, but didn’t, bomb the train tracks to Auschwitz, or increase their immigration quotas), find themselves in a position to made historical amends. But if they continue to press for Israel to stop protecting itself under the cover of their “humanitarian” concern for the people who did this; if they side with the Hamas-Nazis and the Gazans who even today polls show feel October 7 was the Palestinians’ finest hour; if they side with those who started this war, a war that the Arabs – as usual – are not capable of winning, despite twenty years of preparation and billions of dollars of aid from the very same people now demanding Israel stop defending itself, then all the many years of Holocaust memorials and speeches, and crocodile tears will be revealed in all their naked hypocrisy. They haven’t changed. They aren’t sorry. They are the same cowards and antisemites as their parents.

We in Israel, and Jews around the world, are keeping a close watch on all of them. And we will continue to demand our government go into Rafah and drag Sinwar out to be hung in the town square along with his Nazi cohorts. Netanyahu isn’t representing himself. He is representing the majority of the people of Israel. If he fails to deliver, we will find someone who will do what the people of Israel demand.

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8 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 11 FEBRUARY 2024”

  1. David

    Only one point; a caution. While the logic is there to equate the 1200 Israelis murdered to 41000 US citizens, we don’t want to see the calculated number of Gazan deaths to US equivalency.

    • Ryan Keogh

      I’ll do the math anyway.
      Claimed Palestinian casualties are over 27,000 (Well, at least according if the Hamas-aligned Gaza Health Ministry is to be believed, and I do not think these numbers distinguish between combat and civilian casualties)
      So therefore the Palestinian casualties, in American terms, would equate to almost a million people. For comparison, in WW2 Americans suffered over 400,000 deaths.

  2. Brenda Matsumura

    I am over the moon knowing 2 hostages were rescued today from Rafha area. I cannot describe the relief those 2 men were found and being treated in Israel. I will reserve any political comments. I do not disagree with Israel but I do with the governance in my country, the USA. I pray for the abducted now found and hope and pray for more. The IDF is to be commended as it does appear they fought terrorists to achieve the rescue.

  3. Karen

    It is absolutely insane what is expected of Israel. When ever before has a country that’s been attacked, drug into war, had hostages being held, given safe passage for civilians, humanitarian aid, released prisoners, etc etc etc and yet still be accused of genocide when very low numbers of what we Americans termed civilian losses “collateral damage”. What more does the world want from Israel?! Nobody will take the refugees and nobody will allow any forced evacuations from Gaza. So, how could we make it any more impossible on Israel and yet cast all blame on them at the same time?!? I have never been so ashamed to be an American as I am at this moment. What a joke this administration is, but what a dangerous one! If the tables were turned, no way in hell would we be doing 1/3 of what Israel is doing to protect the citizens of Gaza while trying to wage a war that was not of our making. It’s disgusting! Shame on the west, shame on the US. And why aren’t any of these protestors screaming at the multitude of Arab countries to help the “poor Gazans”? That’s what I’d like to know. Why the hell is it supposed to be up to Israel and everyone else? Get your own Muslim countries to help out!

  4. NickM

    In the West, there are parades every week where people wave flags and chant hate-filled (and sometimes openly genocidal) slogans. These people are either Muslims who have emigrated to the West – people who you would expect to support the Muslims in Gaza – or brainwashed idiots who believe in “white guilt.”

    Anyone who speaks out against this, or who questions the wisdom of allowing so many Mohammedans into our country, is swiftly arrested and prosecuted for hate speech.

    That’s the crazy world we’re living in.

    I have spoken with someone who I thought was pretty intelligent – well read and well travelled, and I was absolutely astounded to hear them start defending the Islamic terrorists and their supporters and fellow travellers in Gaza, because apparently, if you’re white and living in the West today, you are all supposed to feel guilty about what some white people did hundreds of years ago. It’s crazy!

    There’s no mention – no understanding at all, it appears – about all the slavery that has gone on around the world that either didn’t involve white people, where white people were being enslaved, or (shock! horror!) Muslims were the slavers!

    No, these people appear to be hell-bent on making everyone in the West see the war in Gaza through the lens of white guilt. They can’t get past it, and want everyone else to see the entire world the same way.

    So in their view, the poor, “oppressed” brown-skinned people in Gaza are justified in doing absolutely anything, no matter how horrendous or barbaric, because in their view, they are brown-skinned and “oppressed”.

    It’s an absolutely crazy way to think – but there it is. That’s what we’re fighting against – this horrible, Satanic brainwashing that has people all around the world abandon all sense of decency and common sense.

    It really is the devil’s work.

    If you say to any of them – ok you believe that Muslims should emigrate from their own countries, because they are hell-holes that no sane person would want to stay in, and move to other countries.

    Ok – you keep crying about Gaza being a hell-hole that no sane person would want to stay in – so why aren’t you protesting about the Egyptians, who have closed their border to Gaza and are not allowing those poor, brown-skinned refugees into their country?

    They don’t want that though, they want *these* Muslims to stay in “their own land.”

    So you *don’t* want Muslims to leave their own country, even if it is a third world hell-hole. You want Muslims to say in their own country. Ok, so you’ll be wanting all of the Muslims who have come into our country to leave and go back to “their own land” then?

    No, they don’t want that though, they want all of *those* Muslims to leave their own country, and stay here.

    So you believe that Muslims should leave “their own land” and go and live in other countries then? So why aren’t you protesting about the Egyptians for closing their border . . . . and round and round you go!

    It’s crazy, circular thinking that makes your head spin just trying to comprehend what’s going on in the minds of these people.

    Like I said – it’s the devil’s work.

  5. David Bornstein

    Astounding that the world is not demanding surrender and release the hostages immediately. THAT is precisely what Netanyahu and all members of the government should be coming out and saying at the start of every media interview, along with the fact that it would produce the desired ceasefire and alleviate the humanitarian disaster of the hostages. If the interviewer does not allow them to say their piece, terminate the interview!

  6. Susan Diamond

    Yes! I agree that Hamas should be persuaded by all the countries saying “Cease Fire” ,
    to instead say, “HAMAS SURRENDER”

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