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Things I do not understand.

  1.  Why in all this time, and through all these hostage negotiations, has Israel never insisted on a single proof of life for the people supposedly still held by Hamas? How can we possibly negotiate for an unknown? Now, Hamas has actually said that it will not be able to supply forty live hostages that meet the criteria under the recent American proposal (women, children, girl soldiers, the ill, the elderly)? This is heartbreaking to hear. When Israel suggested that male soldiers be substituted, Hamas’ answer was vague. Make them tell us who they have before any other negotiation takes place!
  • Why are people talking about this being “the closest we’ve ever come to war with Iran.” Say what?? We have been at war with Iran for years through terrorist proxies all over the world. How many terror attacks, how many Iranian dollars and weaponry over the years have taken thousands of Jewish and Israeli lives? The fact that we have never directly struck back at Iran is another story. A few large missiles aimed at and exploding in Teheran, particularly at the sites of its nuclear weapons factories, would come as a relief. No, thanks for asking, I’m not afraid of Iranian reprisals. Whatever our enemies are capable of successfully doing to us, they will do, with or without any reason or fault on our part. They refrain only out of fear of what it will cost them.

Joe Biden’s recent “we stand by Israel” is probably the result of his advisors whispering into his hearing aid and his befuddled brain that all his threats about abandoning Israel have brought the region close to a nuclear war. And Joe doesn’t want that, because the average American voter, who is still in possession of his mental facilities, would not view that as an American diplomatic triumph.

The withdrawal of Israeli troops it seems is not the end of the war in Gaza. Intelligence reports about a gathering of Hamas terrorists in central Gaza near the Nuseirat refugee camp and west of Gaza City has brought a devastating “circle of fire” response.

The IDF spokesman described how the combat team of the 401st Brigade, Nahal, and other units under the command of the 162nd Division began a precise, targeted operation based on high level intelligence to eliminate terrorists and destroy terrorist infrastructure in the center of the Gaza Strip. Before the forces entered the area, fighter jets and aircraft in cooperation with the 215th Brigade attacked dozens of terrorist infrastructures above and below ground. During the operation an armed terrorist came out of a tunnel shaft, and was eliminated. Rocket launchers were also identified and destroyed. Naval vessels operating in the coastal area also assisted fighters. I guess we really are going to finish this. Good.

Abu Ali express quotes Palestinian journalist Iman Khaled who thinks Israel’s targeted killing of Haniyeh’s family was an excellent tactic: “Hamas’ problem in the negotiations is its unjustified stubbornness and harshness and its focus on protecting the lives of the movement’s senior officials from assassination. The Israeli step – the elimination of Haniyeh’s sons – is an action aimed at breaking this… This this is what Hamas needs to know.”

There is a startling and perhaps significant turn of events in Lebanon. Still infuriated by the murder of senior member of the Lebanese Forces Party, Pascal Suleiman, residents of the Alashrafia neighborhood in East Beirut (a Christian neighborhood) scattered leaflets with an ultimatum to Syrians in the neighborhood to leave by Friday (tomorrow) at the latest and not to return to it, “lest they be swallowed up.”

Will this lead to a civil war? Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Another important development: Yesterday the Iranian Minister of Defense told the Iranian Mehr News Agency that “the movement of aircraft in Tehran’s skies was suspended starting at midnight due to a ‘military exercise.’ Clearing the skies could only mean one thing: rockets would be fired towards Israel. Soon after, however, Mehr denied they’d ever been told this. A change of heart? Weak knees? A telegram from the White House? A message from Israel? Who knows. But this is not over. It’s just beginning.

I think Israelis are suffering from “demonstration” fatigue. I know I am. Anti-Netanyahu demonstrations in Tel Aviv. Anti -draft demonstrations by haredim in Jerusalem in front of the induction center. Calls for pro-Netanyahu, lets-finish-the-war-and-destroy-Hamas demonstrations being called for this weekend in Jerusalem. Enough! Stay home. Keep quiet. You are just making things worse and encouraging our enemies.

All demonstrations need to be banned while our soldiers are at the front risking their lives. But ever since Vietnam, I guess this kind of thing is allowed in democratic countries. Even Hanoi Jane was allowed to publicly side with the North Vietnamese murdering American soldiers. My dear fellow Israelis, just remember, the Americans lost that war. Politicians can be influenced, just be careful what you wish for.

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