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Gaza War Diary: 10 JANUARY 2024

These days, the answer Israelis give to the question “How are you?” is a line penned by Israeli poet Haim Guri during the War of Independence: “I am as are my people” or in Hebrew “Shlomi k’shalom Ami.”

Yesterday’s catastrophic explosion in a Gaza underground weapons factory which killed six soldiers has now been attributed to an accidental triggering of explosives being set up by the engineering corps, Yahalom, to put the factory out of commission forever. May their memories be blessed. An incalculable loss for the Jewish people.

The IDF continues its determined and relentless dismantling of the largest terror enclave in the world that is the Gaza Strip, turned over to the so-called Palestinian people with tremendous good will and many hot-houses earning millions of dollars from exports in 2005. The Israeli government, then headed by Arik Sharon, in what in hindsight must be the stupidest move ever, forcibly removed all the peaceful Israeli farmers of Gush Katif who were buffering the border – even removing caskets from the Jewish cemetery! – as Israel turned over the entire area. Today we see what came of it. The “Palestinian people” turned this little paradise by the sea into a filthy backwater of terror tunnels, weapons factories, and hatred. This is what they will do to any land given to them. A Palestinian State, with an army, and unlimited ability to import weapons? Talk about a nightmare! No, the “two-state solution” has been revealed forever to even the blindest amongst us as the road to Purgatory. Never.

Now Gaza is going back to rubble, and the “Palestinian people” have only themselves and their choices to blame. These evil people are receiving their due for their evil deeds, not only now, but for their future. The landscape of southern Gaza is changing hour by hour as bombs level high rises , their “university,” and other buildings used to hide terrorists and their weapons.

It has now been revealed by an Arab-language newspaper published in London with ties to terrorists that the planning of the October 7 atrocities was a long time in the making. Planning began in 2014, even before the last war called Protective Edge. Even among Hamas leadership, very few were privy to the details which were kept absolutely under wraps to make sure Israeli intelligence had no clue. Only 70 terrorists were put into a barbaric Nukhba unit and trained for years without knowing what their eventual task would be.

They were all sworn to secrecy, like Hitler’s S.S. units. They were given detailed maps of Israeli townships and were even told who to rape. The main planners were Yahya Sinwar, his brother, Mohammed, Mohammed Deif, Rawhi Mushta – a member of Hamas political bureau – and Ayman Nofel, senior commander of the murderous Qassam Brigades, already killed by Israeli forces. All of them will die.

A short time before deciding the exact time of the invasion, Hamas operatives were sent to gather intelligence. They reported back that it was “absolutely quiet” on the Israeli side of the border. This information apparently tipped the scales and the decision was made to invade the next day, Shabbat morning, Simchat Torah. The billionaire Hamas big shots in five-star Qatar hotels, like Ismail Haniya, were themselves in the dark, given only a few hours notice. Of course, after the fact they were all absolutely delighted. They too must all die.

U.N. Watch has revealed that 3,000 UNWRA teachers lauded and celebrated the October 7 massacre in Israel in thousands of posts online in their own Telegram group. Now you know why the brainwashed children in Gaza have no future. The UN needs to be removed from all activity in Gaza. They are terrorist advocates and supporters.

Speaking of the UN, the “me too, unless you’re a Jew,” movement which demands that Hamas be held accountable for crimes against humanity in the atrocities committed against Israeli women and girls on October 7, has gotten some surprising new advocates. On Monday, two UN human rights experts – Alice Jill Edwards, special rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment, and Morris Tidball-Binz, special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, called for full accountability for the plethora of Hamas war crimes against Israeli civilians, including killing, hostage-taking, torture and sexual torture.

“As armed Palestine groups rampaged through communities in Israel bordering the Gaza strip, thousands of people were subject to targeted and brutal attacks, the vast majority of whom were civilians,” said the experts in their statement. “The growing body of evidence about reported sexual violence is particularly harrowing,” they continued, mentioning gang rapes and gunshots to genital areas. They go on, but I won’t.

I’m glad they are coming out with this. It sure took them long enough. I guess for Hamas those Go-Pro cameras aren’t turning out to be such a great idea after all. I imagine that when the geniuses and rocket scientists running Hamas ordered them and put them on the helmets of the little rats they sent into Israel they didn’t think about the implications of the IDF finding the footage and publicizing it. You can’t really blame them. Why should the Nukhba rats have all the fun? Just because Sinwar and Haniya were terrified and in hiding, afraid the IDF had a missile with their name on it? I hope that before they all die, that those missiles find them. But before that, I hope it sinks in that it wasn’t such a good idea.

If even that flunky the U.N. is finding its voice, things look pretty dire for Hamas as an object of hero-worship for the world’s misfits, Nazis and moral imbeciles. But I might be wrong. To misquote Barnum: No one ever went broke underestimating the stupidity, cruelty, and moral degeneracy of Hamas and its supporters.

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1 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 10 JANUARY 2024”

  1. Sid

    The greenhouses left in 2005 – see
    It was Israel’s fault because we did not let them export from Gaza via Israel – they could have gone via Egypt – wonder why they did not????
    Why was this renegade Jew Wolfensohn so busy looking after the Arabs of Gaza- see

    President of the World Bank (June 1, 1995, to May 31, 2005),on the nomination of U.S. President Bill Clinton, and thereafter held various positions with charitable organizations and policy think-tanks including the Brookings Institution.
    “The Gates foundation and James Wolfensohn, the US Special Envoy for Gaza Disengagement, bought the remaining greenhouses from the Israeli settlers on behalf of the Palestinians in Gaza for $14 million. The Palestine Economic Development Company (PED) was an organization founded by the Palestinian Authority to take charge of the greenhouse project after it was turned over to the Palestinians. The PED invested more than $20 million into the project. Jabir, head of the PED, has said that as a result of the destruction by Israeli settlers and Palestinian looters the PED had to invest an additional $5 million into the greenhouse project to revive it.” Australian-Jewish businessman James Wolfensohn, who served as the Quartet’s Special Envoy for Gaza Disengagement

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