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Gaza War Diary: 10-11 NOVEMBER 2023

For those of you who have been faithful readers of my Gaza War Diary, I thank you. I would like to remind you all that my column is completely personal. It is not a news report, nor is it investigative journalism. It is simply the outpourings of the heart and mind of a Jewish woman who chose to leave America at age twenty and join the Jewish undertaking of my age: the rebuilding of the Jewish homeland, the precious land of Israel, bequeathed to the Jewish people by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

For over a month, we in Israel have been battered mercilessly – beginning with the heartless, barbarian onslaught of degenerate Hamas terrorists, committing atrocities not seen on this planet since the Nazis.

Unlike World War II, one nation and one nation alone now stands as the sole recipient of this ugliness and immorality: Israel. The disgraceful attempts of the United Nations to defend barbarism, the ugly threats of the Iranian-based terrorists groups in Beirut and Yemen, and the singularly disgusting display of the Arab summit which concluded that Israel was completely at fault provide a telling reminder of the moral decrepitude of the failing Arab world, whose own people suffer endless atrocities at the hands of their leaders. I will not even discuss the ludicrous anti-Israel demonstrations swarming like vermin over the streets of London, New York, Scotland and other places, mostly by newcomers that these countries will rue the day were allowed to cross their borders.

I write this column tonight for one reason only: to tell you something else, something surprising.

Last night, when as usual I woke at 2AM filled with fears for my grandson and the other soldiers; despair for our hostages, I opened a book Psalms. And this is what I chanced to read:

More numerous than the hairs of my head
Are those who hate me without reason;
Many are those who would destroy me, my treacherous enemies. Must I restore what I have not stolen?…
It is for Your sake that I have been reviled, that shame covers my face.
My zeal for Your house has been my undoing the reproaches of those that revile You have fallen on me…
Come near to me and redeem me; free me from my enemies.”
(Psalm 69)

And suddenly, I cannot explain why, all my fears suddenly left me. For the first time since this whole thing started, a feeling came over me that everything is going to be all right. We are not in this alone in this war. What has been done to Israel is also deeply offensive to God. The people who perpetrated these atrocities, and the ones in the UN, and in the streets, and in their distinguished Muslim robes of state smiling and shaking hands, are deeply offensive to Him. This is not just our war; this is His war too.

We, as a people, have also offended God over this past year with our endless, ugly, internecine political battles. But we have been punished and chastened and have repented, displaying endless love and compassion towards each other at this time.

At that moment, 2AM last night, I felt all the combined prayers of the Jewish people, and good people everywhere, rising up as one voice to the Lord of the Universe asking that Israel, her good, kind and just people; her brave and generous and moral people, be protected and be victorious against her many enemies. I was filled with a deep sense of comfort that indeed in this most righteous of wars, good will triumph over evil, God’s friends over His enemies.

It makes no difference at all how many evil people gather all over the world to scream their ugly threats, lying with abandon to malign the Jewish people. Jews are no longer helpless individuals at the mercy of foreign powers. We have our own country. Trained soldiers. Advanced military equipment. An air force. A navy.

But most of all, we have the God of Israel who is a God of war, as well as a God of peace, watching and directing every bullet that is fired, every bomb that is dropped, every missile that is launched. We will, with God’s help, and many prayers, win this war that will leave Israel in peace.

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11 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 10-11 NOVEMBER 2023”

  1. Leaella Shirley

    This Christian, too, prays for the peace of Jerusalem, for all of Israel and the Israeli people. A minor correction: since 2024, Russia has committed the same level of cruelty and barbarity on the Ukrainian people: murder, rape, torture, mutilation. We continue to pray for Ukraine and for Israel. I very much appreciate your letters and insight.

  2. Suzanna

    There is not a doubt in my mind that Israel will triumph. However, my heart breaks for the pain you and your countrymen are suffering getting to that victory.
    My husband wears a little Israeli flag on his coat. We have an Israeli flag on our house. We pray and pray and pray for Israel. I hope you feel our prayers. I hope, somehow, you get strength from knowing how much love is being directed your way.

  3. Robin Koerner

    Thank you, Naomi for sharing your diary.
    I too stay up at night worrying about my family living in Israel, the hostages and all people living in our homeland.
    I continue to have faith and want you to know that your words make a difference.
    Sending love and prayers to you and your family.
    Am Yisrael Chai

  4. Dvora Waysman

    Amen to everything you have written. We are on the same wave-length. I am 92, but pray that I live long enough to see HAMAS wiped off the face of the earth – they sank to a level of beastliness, barbarity and depravity not seen since the Nazis. May G-d protect Israel and B’nei Israel all over the world.

  5. Gary Davis

    Thankyou Naomi, I appreciate your daily words, especially those reminding us of hope. On another note, I hope others realize that the death numbers coming from Hamas are not reliable, it’s in their interest to over inflate, just look at the Hamas missile striking the hospital, they blame Israel and over inflate the deaths numbers big time!

  6. Eleanor Friedland

    I love reading your diary. I am 88 years of age and disabled. But your words allow me
    to be there with you.
    Please keep on writing so that I can live vicariously through you.
    Let the hostages be released, Let Hamas be removed, Let Israel
    live in peace.
    May you Naomi live for 120 years.

  7. Judith

    Thank you for this and all of your shared diary entries.

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I, too, woke at that hour and sensed, as did you, “Everything is going to be alright.” No explanation other than praying and a peace descended. Agreement was tangible.

  8. Linda Drum

    I certainly can understand and agree that Hamas had one goal… to kill as many Jews as possible and destroy Israel. That said no where did you mention the horrific Israeli strikes that have killed more than 9,000 Palestinian citizens including children. And now Netanyahu is targeting hospitals. I have been reading about the huge surge of anti- semitism around the world and on college campuses here in America. How truly sad that people can blame every Jew for what is happening in Israel and Gaza. I feel that Netanyahu is to blame for the extreme severity of these strikes and I also believe that Hamas knew how Israel would retaliate and make Israel and Jews more of a pariah around the globe.

  9. tara

    I read your posts every day. Thank you. I live in Geneva, Switzerland and had the pleasure of seeing you at the community here.

    Horrendous times we are going through but light will prevail. I am sure. I have faith and it is so heartwarming to see our beautiful people coming together. I pray for these poor hostages every day. Always on my mind. Always.

    Shavua Tov,

    Take care and thank you,

    Am Israel Chai


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