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Weeks ago I read that the Shabak was running out of room in the holding facilities set up for captured Hamas terrorists. The article said something about the “legality” of the conditions of overcrowding of these places. And I thought: What legality? These are all child-killers, rapists, and murderers. Are we really supposed to worry about their “rights”, their “comfort”?

Apparently so, because today, without discussing it with anyone, officials running the prison system released untold numbers of Hamas murderers, including Mohamed Abu Salmiya, director of Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, proven headquarters of Hamas terror activity; a place where our hostages were held and at least one that we know of, soldier Noa Marciano, was murdered. He was let go without being charged with anything, even though he had been in custody for seven months and had been brought before magistrates at least three times.

Avi Marciano, Noa’s heartbroken father, called this a “knife to his heart.” I find that sickening. Netanyahu claims he didn’t know anything about it. Gantz claims no one told him anything either.

Meanwhile, furious Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich told reporters that he has requested an immediate investigation to be completed this week which will include “steps against those responsible for the failure.”

Of course, the first thing Abu Salmiya did was hold a press conference to condemn Israel for arresting him for no good reason. We are our own worst enemy.

All this, while our brave troops hammer away at Gazan strongholds, killing dozens of Hamas terrorists, and using heavy earth movers to help uncover hidden portals to underground bunkers. The last day has been immensely successful in achieving the destruction of Hamas’ remaining troops, whose bodies literally litter the streets. Thousands of Gazans have fled from Rafah as they received IDF notices that their neighborhoods are being targeted.

Khan Yunis now has Venetian canals of green sewage between the bombed out buildings. A truly horrific landscape. And yet, Hamas is not fazed. What do they care? Their goal is clear: no matter how many Gazans die from bombs or disease, hold on to power with the help of the Iranian monsters.

This is exactly what Israel is trying to prevent. All the plans for “the day after” being floated by Israel, include the exact opposite: areas which are Hamas-free zones.

According to Ynet, after a discussion at the Southern Command yesterday, the Prime Minister stated that “we are advancing towards the conclusion of the phase aimed at eliminating Hamas’ terror army. There will be further actions to strike its remnants.” Despite Netanyahu’s declarations, no significant decisions were made regarding the transition to the next phase: “It is still too early to talk about the end of the intensified war.”

Nevertheless, today about twenty rockets from Gaza were fired at communities near the Gaza Strip from Khan Yunis. A number of the projectiles were intercepted and some of them fell inside southern Israel. No injuries were reported. IDF artillery is currently striking the sources of the fire.

So we are not finished yet … and even when we are totally in control – a matter of days I think – we have Nasrallah waiting in the wings.

Some believe that once the war in Gaza is over, Nasrallah will stop his war against the North. I don’t believe it for a minute. Iran wants a regional conflict. They want Lebanon to be destroyed, and to have an excuse to do their best to destroy us.

They will not succeed. Is this war harder than the War of Independence, when we had hardly any armaments and a bunch of untrained Holocaust surivors for soldiers? Is this harder than the Six Day War, when the entire Arab world descended upon us ? Or the Yom Kippur War’s massive surprise attack? And we won all of them. With God’s help, we will win this one as well.

Palestinian channels are showing a video of a “15 year- old boy” being “murdered” by Israelis. Abu Ali Express: “They forgot to mention that the video had a few seconds before (which have already been deleted from the internet) in which ‘the boy’ Muhammad Sarhan is seen walking in a crouched gait with what looks like a gun or some other type of weapon in his hand so that it would not be seen.” Abu Ali Express shows the “boy” in another photo where he looks about thirty and is cradling a bomb. Such liars! If their lips are moving, they are lying.

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8 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 1 JULY 2024”

  1. Tanya Dawson Reply

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    my relationship is now full of love..

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  2. Jeannette Noteboom Reply

    Yes the only solution is the death penalty. Remember “an eye for an eye, e tooth for a tooth”.
    These criminals have taken lives so their life should be taken. It’s in the Thora

  3. Sara Reply

    I just don’t get it. These are bargaining chips for the hostages, who is running this show? I think the longer the war goes on the more unrest begins to unravel… but this? My mind is simply scrambled….

  4. Eva Lande Reply

    So we should go down to their level only to get more space in the prisons? There’s no death penalty in any country in Europe and there’s no shortage of heinous crimes. It’s of no dissuasion whatsoever.

  5. Guy Reply

    Netanyahu is like Sargent Schultz “he knows nothing”
    The left hand does not know what the right hand does!!!

  6. Eliezer Reply

    You are so right- it makes my blood boil and I have had a bad depressing day with this news combined after a night when for two hours military IAF planes were flying over Jerusalem
    Acco prison still has the gallows and rope used to hang Jewish Resistance Fighters in the 1945 to 48 period for acting against the Mandate Law – it was never used on Arabs!
    Now we have the opportunity to use it on the muslim terrorists – clear out the jails, hang them and wrap their remains in pigs skins

  7. golda Reply

    a bullet to the head or a lethal injection for any muslim prisoner set to be released.
    the war will never end as long as muslim terrorists are released.
    the Israeli government is made up of sadists!
    or lunatics or both???

  8. Evelyn Wajcer Reply

    Use the death penalty to release space in crowded prisons. There is no question that many of the imprisoned are guilty of heinous crimes and when freed will go back to killing Jews. Like Eichman and many Nazis, they have no regrets. How stupid to let them live.

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