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Gaza War Diary: 1 JANUARY 2024

We would all like to have some good news. And perhaps we can say that the fact that the IDF is releasing five divisions manned by reservists, allowing these fathers and husbands to go back to their families and their jobs, is something to rejoice over.

And yet… here we were on secular New Year’s Eve, merrily trying to imitate New York and Paris, when the skies of Tel Aviv were suddenly illuminated by Hamas rockets. About 27, reportedly. Eighteen were intercepted and another 9 fell in open areas. No one in Israel was physically hurt. But, oh my, the disappointment. The disbelief.

I watched the videos of the Israel celebrants, saw them out in the streets of Tel Aviv, smiling, then suddenly looking up into the skies, shocked.

After 87 days of war, thousands of Hamas soldiers buried six feet under in their terror playground, and still there is apparently no shortage of rockets with which to threaten us.

Don’t misunderstand. The IDF has made incredible progress. Just yesterday they took out the commander responsible for the planning and execution of the Oct. 7 outrage. And today the government even announced that it would be allowing evacuees of six border villages to return to their homes — three in the Ashkelon area and three in Shaar Hanegev — which are 4-6 kilometers from the border. Other townships will have to wait until the IDF gains operational control of more areas in Southern Gaza. But it’s a start, no?

Why is it so difficult to finish them off ? We certainly don’t lack the weapons or the manpower or the courage or the determination. Is it because we are differentiating between “Hamas terrorists” and “innocent civilians”? That is something I could actually side with, if I really believed such a separation existed. According to intelligence gathered by interrogations of Gazans picked up in the north and south, we are beginning to see a little more clearly how Hamas operates. The Gazan describes how Hamas operatives take their weapons and explosives with them while fleeing the IDF, invading the apartments of private citizens in “safe” zones and insisting on leaving dangerous explosives among them. They know the IDF isn’t going to bomb “humanitarian” enclaves. “When I told them no, it could explode and kill my children,” the Gazan explains to his interrogator, “he tells me, ‘then I’ll put it in between you and your wife.’ Then he shoots me in the leg.”

In another situation, the IDF destroyed a terror cell and found a camera with footage in which the terrorist films how he covers his RPG with a blanket and presents himself to an IDF inspection as a poor civilian moving to safer areas with his family.

Joe Biden’s insistence on this farce of “humanitarian” aid to the Gazans (it’s all being stolen by Hamas, Gazans complain), and more selective bombardments, is making it almost impossible to conduct this war. Certainly, it is prolonging it and endangering our soldiers, who are forced to sift through these terror cells embedded in among civilians.

Perhaps this has also led to more accidental deaths among our soldiers. The IDF revealed yesterday that 17% of soldiers deaths were due to accidents, or friendly fire. It’s heartbreaking.

I cannot for the life of me understand all the sympathy for Gazans. It is a society that is an anathema to the West. Its people abuse women and children, they are misogynists, homophobes, racists. They call an area in Gaza in which Black Gazans reside the “Slave area.” They have no respect or tolerance for any religion but their own. They have no respect for human life, even their own or their children’s. They don’t value education, have no skills. They are steeped in violence and theft – Gazans are complaining about the widespread looting of their abandoned apartments in which everything they own is being stolen and sold in “pop-up” street auctions.

They share not a single value of anything the “woke” West worships. And every country in the world which has taken them in has seen rapes of its women and girls and even little boys skyrocket. First generation skilled workers are raising second generation ignorant, layabout louts who roam around in violent gangs threatening the natives. And yet, still, they are not Jews… so that explains everything.

Now, I suppose, Hamas will assume from our actions that our determination is waning. And Joe Biden’s removal of the aircraft carrier from the Middle East has encouraged Iran to send its own ship into this region. Hezbollah will be encouraged, I’m sure. And our thousands of displaced Israelis from our North discouraged, seeing the day they can come back home pushed off even further into the future.

In the meantime, this war has cost us 50 billion dollars. 50 BILLION!!! Where is the money coming from to carry on? To rebuild? To provide services for the traumatized and wounded and economically destroyed?

We need a huge prayer session in which we all “raise our eyes to the hills from whence comest our help.” Our existence is against all odds, always has been. Our survival and continuing to prosper makes no sense and is hard to believe. And if I wasn’t a religious Jew, steeped in the miraculous history of our people, perhaps I too would despair. But I am, and I’m not. We were in an even worse place in 1947. No army. No air force. No money. Decimated by the Holocaust as we straggled back through the bloody British blockade only to be surrounded by vicious Muslims braying for our blood. And look what happened.

Am Yisroel Chai.

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3 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 1 JANUARY 2024”

  1. Beverly Lyons

    Your posts are so insightful and right on. May Hamas and its patron Iran be destroyed, Joe Biden defeated and Israel get back to normal with the return of the hostages and our soldiers. I think we will all need to be treated for PTST.

  2. Ryan Keogh

    Israel has a lot of PR work to do. All the kids my age use the term “pro-Israel” as a sign of contempt. To them, it is the same as “pro-Nazi”. At the same, they praise the Palestinian “resistance”, and call for American aid to Israel to cease.

  3. Eliezer Kaufman

    I think we should be bold and address the issue of saturate bombing clearly – why have we reacted to world views and our soldiers are being murdered as a result?
    In all our generations there are those who rise up and hate us, yet we still let them castigate us in the world media and even give them Official Israeli Government Press Cards. Even Qatar Aljazeera TV is permitted to contaminate our streets to report from what they classify openly in their reports as “Occupied Jerusalem or Occupied West Bank” – we cannot even prevent them – this shows the poor state of Israeli Hasbara.
    We don’t need sound bites every other day from so called leaders as to what we are going to do – we should just do it like any other Sovereign country.
    The Galut mentality after 75 years is well and truly imbedded in native Sabras!

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