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Gaza War Diary: 1 APRIL 2024

The plan envisioned by the Biden administration of replacing Hamas with the “moderate” Palestinian Authority is so far going over like a lead balloon. According to Abu Ali Express, two days ago Hamas thwarted an initiative to secure aid trucks by PA officers who entered through Egypt with the Egyptian Red Crescent in coordination with Israel. Majed Faraj, the head of intelligence in the Palestinian Authority, apparently tried to manage security by misleading Palestinian factions and the members of Hamas’ popular committees who have been robbing aid trucks until now, and only recently threw in the towel because they claim Israel has killed seventy of them. Hamas police forces have arrested six of the leaders of the PA security force in Rafah, and anyone else involved in this initiative. It is plain to see that as long as Hamas is still in a position to kill and arrest, no other administration in the area will be possible.

I hope the Biden administration is taking note… 

Yesterday, Sergeant First Class Sivan Weil, 20, of the Commando Brigade’s Egoz unit, from Ra’anana, became the second soldier to be killed in the deadly RPG attack on his tank on Friday, March 29, when he succumbed to his wounds. The attack injured 15 others. This beautiful boy gave his life for his country. Dear Weil family, we honor your son’s brief, heroic life, and thank him and you for giving us our country.

In line with its despicable policy of using hospitals as command centers, the IDF recently bombed Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s command center in the Al Aqsa hospital compound. Why is it we never, ever hear anyone complaining about the Gazan’s gross violations of the Geneva Convention which governs conduct during war and places hospitals off limits? Far from being off-limits, hospitals are the Jihadi’s favorite place to kill and be killed as they find it so convenient to hide behind patients and medical staff.

TikTokkers are especially focused on showing pictures of the devastation of Shifa Hospital, which I must say is ravaged. Clearly there were life and death battles taking place there between our soldiers and terrorists. Little is left. But the TikTokkers just use it as an example of what Israel did to a “hospital.” Nothing about Shifa was a hospital. It was a command center and a weapons depot. And one day the IDF will reveal the brilliant strategy it used to allow Hamas to fill it up to the brim with returning terrorist scum before going in and finishing them off. Bravo! Photos of flabbergasted Gazans staggered by the sights are wonderful to see. Just two months ago, the area had a large outdoor screen and was broadcasting Hamas propaganda about imminent victory. Photos of mass surrenders of Hamas in Shifa are especially useful as the Hamas ideology claims its fighters  —unlike other Muslim warriors — will never surrender, but will fight to the death… As if. Cowards.

While I was eating lunch, the IDF launched ten simultaneous attacks on Hezbollah targets in Lebanon – weapons depots, rocket launchers, etc. A few hours later, the Syrians reported an Israeli attack on the Iranian Consulate, adjacent to the Iranian Embassy, in Syria. Reports and then denials said that among those eliminated was the equivalent of a Brigadier General in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who served as commander of the ground forces was well as the air force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and was also once deputy commander of their operations division. His second-in-command and several other senior officers were also killed. The Syrian Ministry of Defense sent out an official announcement claiming everyone in the Iranian Consulate building was killed and that the building was completely destroyed.

I hope the part about Zahedi is true. Pulverizing that scum bag would be quite a coup.

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3 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 1 APRIL 2024”

  1. Sara Reply

    My blood boils when I inadvertently watch certain completely bi-assed news? administrators. I’m pretty certain I now have high blood pressure…it reminds me of being yelled at by a teacher for something someone else did. Most certainly media’s goal is to separate and incite- not to research and report facts. Perhaps they are every bit as evil as Hamas.
    My heart breaks every time I hear of the loss of another IDF soldier…and each one so beautiful…fighting for his country…all I think about is their parents…
    I wish Israel would stop trying to appease the rest of the world and just get the job done…also, how on earth will they get rid of all the tunnels…I think about this also. Thank you Naomi for keeping us all informed.

  2. Audrey Travis Reply

    Naomi, could you please give us a comprehensive list of online news sites you follow (in English please)? Many thanks.


    • Mary Lou Sinkey Reply

      Hello Audrey. I follow the Jewish News Syndicate. Caroline Glick and Melanie Phillips author many articles and Johnathan Tobis is great.
      I don’t pay anything and get a daily email. Mary Lou Oh. I believe I found out about this in Netanyahu autobiography.

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