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Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me

Obama has managed to do so much harm while taking more vacations and playing more golf than any other president in US history.

I have never felt more challenged than I did four years ago when I did my best to enlighten my American list-members to some of the dangers of hopping on presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama’s bandwagon. But nothing swayed his Jewish supporters: not the fact that he had radical left-wing political mentors, nor his Islamic heritage and education, nor even his close 20-year relationship with the virulently anti-Semitic Reverend Jeremiah Wright. They weren’t even worried about his anti-Israel advisers, like Zbigniew Brzezinski, Simon Malley and Samantha Power, who once suggested the US invade Israel.

In fact, the response of my staunchly pro-Israel list to these revelations astounded me: “As a Jew, I am offended by what you have written about Barack Obama… You are tedious and unwelcome in the lives of Americans who are hopeful for the change that is due us,” wrote Susan.

“We wish no harm to our homeland, but we live in another country,” wrote Judi. “We too have issues of importance. I cannot believe for a moment that Senator Obama would place Israel in a position of harm.”

“This is my home first, and if I don’t protect my back yard I will lose my ability to further support Israel. You need to do a reality check,” wrote Robert.

“Obama knows how important Israel is and will most likely be more a champion to Israel than McCain,” wrote Samuel. Over a thousand of my American list-members wrote nothing at all, simply unsubscribing to my list in silent protest to my anti- Obama stance.

I tried to understand them. During his campaign, Obama promised an “unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security” and “support for secure, recognized, defensible borders.” “Israel’s security,” he told numerous Jewish groups, “is sacrosanct.”

Unlike some of my Jewish list members, Hamas spokesman Ahmed Yousef wasn’t convinced: “If Obama wins the election… I do believe he will change the American foreign policy in the way they are handling the Middle East,” he told WABC radio host John Batchelor and World Net Daily’s Aaron Klein. It turns out that he was right and the Jews who voted for him were wrong.

Obama is hoping that this time around his Jewish voters won’t remember that.

“If during the political season you hear some question of my administration’s support for Israel, remember, it’s not backed up by the facts,” Obama, as president, told the 71st General Assembly of the Union of Reform Judaism on December 16, 2011.

Really? Well, let’s review the facts, especially given the short memories of most voters.

Obama began his administration by reaching out to Muslims, giving his first formal interview to Al-Arabiya. Next, he bowed deeply to the King of Saudi Arabia and visited Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, skipping Israel. He used fulfilling his promise of giving his first foreign policy address in an Arab capital to distance America from Israel: “The US does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.

It is time for these settlements to stop,” he told cheering crowds in Cairo. But worse was still to come. “The aspiration for a Jewish homeland is rooted in a tragic history that cannot be denied. It is also undeniable that the Palestinian people, Muslims and Christians, have suffered.”

By adopting the rhetoric of Arab anti-Semites that the desire of the Jews to live in their homeland started with the Holocaust and has no other roots, Obama, in the words of Charles Krauthammer, “In three minutes… did more to delegitimize the existence of Israel than any president in American history.”

Worse, comparing what the Jews suffered in the Holocaust to the treatment of Palestinians under Israeli rule was downright despicable. Or “outrageous and embarrassing,” according to Oklahoma’s Senator James Inhofe.

Obama followed up with an incessant campaign questioning Israel’s desire for peace. We, who lived through two intifadas, who saw our families and friends and neighbors blown to bits to satisfy the world’s desire to see Israel “make sacrifices” for a fake peace, were horrified. Obama lectured Israeli leaders that they “must engage in serious self-reflection on their commitment to peace.”

The absolute gall!

Obama went one further, adopting the old Arab demand that Israel cease building on any land claimed by Palestinians, refusing to understand that if Israel did that, there would be nothing left to negotiate.

“Settlements have to be stopped,” Obama said, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton relentlessly echoed: “He wants to see a stop in settlements, not some settlements, not outposts, not natural growth exceptions.”

Under Obama, American foreign policy adopted the nonsensical idea that all Middle East conflicts would be solved if only Israel gave in to Palestinian demands. In this fantasy, the incessant brainwashing of Palestinian children to hate and kill, the atom bomb in Iran, the murderous control of Gaza by Hamas, which denies any solution short of pushing Jews into the sea, were not allowed in, nor was the fact that the disengagement from Gaza resulted not in peace, but in terrorist bomb-launchers replacing Jewish lettuce growers.

The incessant demands of the Obama administration on Israel were never balanced by equal demands on Palestinians. This carte blanche led not to peace, but to increasing Palestinian intransigence.

After all, how could President Mahmoud Abbas allow himself to be seen as less hawkish than Obama? Indeed, Netanyahu’s capitulation to American demands by declaring a 10-month settlement freeze did not bring Abbas to the negotiating table.

It simply whetted his appetite. The sky, it seemed, was the limit.

Abbas was proven right during the March 2010 visit of Vice President Joe Biden. When building plans for Ramat Shlomo, already a large neighborhood in northern Jerusalem, were announced, the Americans inexplicably exploded. Hillary Clinton called it “insulting,” even though Jerusalem had never been under a settlement freeze. The Israeli envoy to the US said that US-Israel ties were the worst they’d been in 35 years. At the very time Israel was being lambasted as an obstacle to peace, Mahmoud Abbas was publicly honoring the terrorists of the 1978 coastal road massacre which took 37 Israeli lives, with never a peep out of the White House – a fact not lost on Abbas, who continued to refuse to negotiate with Israel during the entire 10-month settlement freeze.

No matter. While Netanyahu got shuffled into side doors at the White House and Obama refused to dine with him, Abbas was an honored guest with photo ops and a smiling president gifting him with an extra hundred million dollars to build “environmental housing” for Palestinians.

This attitude of the US administration had a domino effect on other Arab countries. Turkey, with whom Israel had always had warm relations, thousands of Israeli tourists filling Antalya hotels, suddenly turned hostile. Headed by its new Islamist Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, called affectionately by Obama his “closest friend in the Middle East,” it sent six ships to break Israel’s legitimate sea blockade of terrorist Gaza, including one with armed terrorists who met Israeli soldiers with knives and clubs, stabbing, beating and throwing them overboard.

Yet even before investigating, the US refused to veto the Turkish resolution condemning Israel. A furious US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta demanded Israel “restore good relations with Egypt and Turkey,” while former defense secretary Robert Gates called Israel “an ungrateful ally harming American interests.”

In the spring of 2011, Obama said: “We believe in borders based on the 1967 lines,” finally breaking all precedents of previous US administrations, which recognized that the 1967 lines were not defensible borders but simply armistice lines where the guns had stopped.

Obama’s support for indefensible borders, sometimes called “the lines of Auschwitz,” is yet another open wound, as is the attempt of Abbas to bypass negotiations with Israel, unite with Hamas and bring his case for statehood directly to the terror-friendly UN. Moreover, Obama’s timid pussyfooting with Iran has given it the time to purify enough fuel for five atom bombs, all proof positive that the Obama administration has pushed the Middle East further from peace than ever.

As summed up by Liz Cheney: “There is no president who has done more to delegitimize and undermine the State of Israel than President Barack Obama.”

And for those American Jews who say they have an obligation to put America first, how’s that working for you so far with Obama heading the nation? In this coming election, Israeli and American interests seem to coincide. Obama managed to do so much harm while taking more vacations and playing more golf than any other president in US history.

I shudder to think what another four years might bring.

This article was published in the Jerusalem Post on 27 July 2012.

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91 comments on “Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me”

  1. MARIE

    What the rabbi says is true. Read history. Why is Obama so wonderful. I would love for one Democrat to outline what he has done and why his “followers” unquestioningly and “mindlessly” follow him. What is wrong with people. Our ancestors came to America for freedom and a chance to make something of themselves. Freedom used to be paramount. Socialism and “big government” have NEVER EVER worked, EVER! Wake Up America!!

  2. MARIE

    Since you claim to be able to “tear Naomi’s argument apart line by line”, please do. As usual, the liberals blow hard yet are unable to back up the claims with sustainable arguments.

  3. Ricki

    Naomi dear,you were my hero for many years. However, I really resent you telling me to vote for a really rich forever lying dummy. I have read many articles saying that Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres have have said again and again that Obama has done more for Israel that anyone that they can remember in the past. I could tear your argument apart line by line but I think instead you could look at your own country that you chose and see why Jewish women reciting the Shema at the wall are arrested by your amazing police instead …..

  4. Esther

    1. Notice that Naomi Ragen claims to be a activist for women’s rights. The 1st bill PBO signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act which had a total of only 3 Republican votes and despite repeatedly being asked whether he would have signed the bill, Mitt Romney has refused to answer. Let’s also not forget that In June of this year, Senate Republicans filibustered to block passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act, thereby killing the bill. In April, Republicans blocked The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which first passed in 1994 and has been reauthorized twice since. Despite the fact that the bill has several Republican sponsors, all eight GOP senators on the Judiciary Committee voted against the bill when the committee considered it.

    So, it is beyond dispute that Barack Obama has been consistently & clearly on the side of women as opposed to the archaic & misogynistic Republican Party who have been busy redefining rape and systematically limiting access to women’s health & reproductive options rather than focusing jobs, jobs, jobs.

    2. In regard to the actual article “Fool Me Twice…” Interesting choice of words.
    The first sentence “Obama has managed to do so much harm while taking more vacations and playing more golf than any other president in US history”, is straight from Right Wing baseless B.S. machine. To accuse Obama of taking too much vacation is hilarious to say the least. Here are some facts:

    President Obama has been on vacation 78 days from 2009 to 2011. At the three year mark into their first terms, George W. Bush spent 180 days at his ranch in Crawford, Texas and Ronald Reagan spent 112 vacation days at his ranch in California. In fact, in 2005, the Washington Post noted President Bush’s frequent vacations in a piece titled Vacationing Bush Poised to Set a Record as Bush took the longest single vacation (5 weeks) of any President in 36 years. President Bush spent 32% of his presidency on vacation. When you add the days President Bush spent at Kennebunkport, Maine, he spent a total of 1,020 days away from the White House -close to 3 years. At 1,020 days, Bush was close to being on vacation more days than President John F. Kennedy’s total days in office (1,036). President Obama was on vacation for 26 days during his first year in office (2009). Ronald Reagan spent 42 days on vacation during his first year in office (1981). President George H.W. Bush was on vacation less than his son, 40 days, in 1989, his first year in office. President Obama was on vacation less in his first year in office than the previous three Republican Presidents.

    3. In the following sentence Naomi admits that she was frustrated in her unsuccessful efforts to convince Jews not to support Obama when he was running for office in 2008. Obviously, she was against Obama from the beginning ie prior and therefore regardless of his record actual as president.
    Notice how Naomi presents the quote from Hamas spokesman Ahmed Yousef: “If Obama wins the election… I do believe he will change the American foreign policy in the way they are handling the Middle East,” as if it equates to proof that Obama is bad for Israel. This pathetic, tortured logic is beneath not only the Jewish people but anyone who chooses to use their brain.

    I don’t agree with everything Obama does. He isn’t perfect -nobody is. However, Obama has worked tirelessly to repair the extensive damage to America’s diplomatic relations, the economy & our broken government with nothing but resistance & obstruction from the other side.

    Today’s Republicans are domestic terrorists & traitors who sold their souls to special interests such as the Koch brothers & company. They are extremist ideologues & zealots not unlike the Taliban or else corporate whores. They don’t care about you, me, this country or any other -only what’s in it for them.

    When Republicans were in control, they wreaked havoc here & abroad. They destabilized the Middle-East, empowered Iran and then proceeded to do everything possible to sabotage recovery in the hope of fooling Americans into letting them do it all over again.

    The Republican strategy has been to lie, cheat & buy their way into power. They exploit ignorance & fear and fan hate in order to advance their own agenda without a care to the harm it causes our nation or the global community.

    The knowledge that my own people who have themselves been and still are targets of vicious persecution & propaganda and who have always valued education & reason would fall for such hateful & dangerous rhetoric, really breaks my heart.

    If you choose to ignore history, reason as well as Barak & Peres but instead subscribe to the war-mongering, hate inciting speech of fear & division, that is your choice to make, but the facts are on President Obama’s side and that’s why I am too.

  5. Carol

    Rabbi Fleishig, Amen to everything you have said! It breaks my heart to see America go down the tubes like it has and if we get one more term of Obama, the destruction will be complete.

  6. Carol

    Naomi, I totally agree with you on ALL points that you have made and have been literally begging ALL my Jewish friends not to vote for Obama again! I read a poll the other day that said that 68% of the Jewish people still support him. I just can’t understand it! If anyone has read his own books, they know what he is all about. He has stated over and over again his anti-capitalist, anti-Israel, anti-Christian, anti-business, anti-personal responsibility policies. He really doesn’t even like America very well, much less Israel. Is this what we want for a President? If so, then we ALL must have STUPID stamped on our foreheads!

  7. CeeCee

    I am so disheartened by what I have read today. The American Jew is not a monolith, I am a late 60ish woman who grew up in the racially, religiously, and socially segregated South. My experiences tell me that the USA is widely divided in so many different ways. We have the religious right who have their own Ayatollahs, who vie with your own Haradi who want to impose their law on our land. We have Grover Nordquist, who has a Muslim background, whose wife is a Hardline Islamist supporter, trying to destroy our infrastructure by killing the governments ability to tax anyone.

    On both sides,there are deceit, misinformation, outright lies and distortions. All preceding administrations have done good and bad for my country. The USA is made up of 50 very independent states which each have different needs. I must decide my votes on what will protect my states natural resources, maintain its social policies (schools, health, etc.) local industry; then comes the same for the federal government, adding in what passes for our disjointed foreign policy. On top of all that I must be mindful of Israel’s security,(which we as Americans have not helped by depleting our national treasure of lives and money on a trumped up war)

    I feel so attacked from within and without by people telling me what they think I should do with my votes, (and by my elected officials ignoring what I have elected them to do). And many times my vote is for the lesser of all the evils and the hope for better times.

    My parents were New York fiscal conservative Republicans from the 30 & 40. I grew up a Southern Democrat in the 50’s &60’s. Now I live in a different state, the 4th one that I have lived in and each state has its independent needs and only wants to be part of the USA on a limited basis.

    And what I really want to say is loosly transliterated from my Russian/Polish Grandmother barely remembered Yiddish, Gay Avek, und hok me nish kin chinic. (go away and kick your ownself in the head. or at least that is what my mother told me, yiddish was for when they didn’t want the children to know what they said.)

    • rivelli

      CeeCee – please remember that, no matter how good life has been in the U.S., you are just visiting. Your true home is Israel – not just the State but the Land of Israel. History shows that eventually things won’t be so good for Jews in the U.S. and we will be forced to rely on our ties to our homeland.

      BTW – hok mir nisht kin chi-nic means Don’t bother me with a tea kettle. In other words, leave me alone.

  8. David


  9. Kira

    While I agree with much of what is said in this posting, the hyperbolic tone will only turn off the very people who need to be convinced — those who are “on the fence”. Quoting Liz Cheney and using terms such as “the lines of Auschwitz” make the arguments even less effective. Yes, the situation is very frustrating, but our arguments need to be presented in a manner that is acceptable and helpful.

    • steven manus


      Liz Cheney happens to be a very talented and insightful woman. What do you object to, in her quote? Or are you afraid of what your liberal friends might think, if you were simply guided by your own conscience? I find that the “group think” of the left debilitates otherwise intelligent people. It puts you in chains . . .

    • Rabbi Fleishig

      Kira, do you really think the Palestinians and their Iranian and Arab allies are not determined to wipe Israel off the map, and if Israel retreats to the pre-1967 lines this will bring peace and prosperity to the Middle East? Maybe you should take a look at this video prepared by someone who once thought the same politically-correct thoughts you’ve been indoctrinated with, but in the end refused to drink the Kool Aid:

  10. Howard Karby

    I am no fan of Obama. However as long as his opposition is made of those Tea Party crackpots what is the choice. If you let those pople run the United States, there philosophy of no involvement of the state to pull up the underclass will become the philosophy of what once was a great country. For example, in my view they would have people die in the streets and the government would pick the bodies up in trucks rather than provide the poor, and the working poor with the right to obtain medical care. They would refuse to allow the state to provide innoculations to young women to protect them from cervical and ovarian cancer. They would contiue the present practice of having the billionaires taxed at lower tax rates than their secretaries. In the end they will create the division of the country so that there is no middle class and anyone who follows history should know what that will eventually mean. Anyone who thinks that their kind of society is good for the Jews (yes, including the billionaires who are Jewish) is sadly mistaken.

    • Robert

      Pray tell what the Democrats have done to pull up the underclass? Well, they have created a welfare system that has destroyed all incentive to lift oneself up thereby making generation after generation of underclass wards of the state. We ALL know that education is a major factor in lifting the under class. And what have the Dems done here? Rather than support students, they support the very teacher unions…….that have made shambles of K-12 publik education, especially in the inner cities where so many of the underclass reside. 75% of inner-city minorities support a voucher system that would bring Psome competition to the monopoly that is publik education, and who opposes vouchers? The teacher unions and therefore the Democrats. Bottom line, rather than empower the underclass, the policies of the Dems only serve to create a permanent underclass

      You liberal elitist claim to care about the under class, BUT you do NOT want to get personally involved in helping them. They are, after all, beneath you. So, to assuage your guilt and wash your hands of the underclass you claim to care so much about, you willingly buy into the ‘let’s pay more taxes’ and let government handle/help the underclass. And you maintain this view even as government program after program to lift the underclass has failed. Bottom line, rather then empower the poor, you support policies that make them permanent wards of the state, destroying in the process the hopes and dreams of generation after generation of underclass families…….all while you wash your hands of the underclass. Pitiful.

  11. Rina

    Could not agree with you more Naomi. I often wonder what planet the Jews for Obama live on. The writing was on the wall before he became president. Most of the members of my shul are supporters of Obama but I know some members who did not vote for him .Thank goodness I am not the only one. Are the Jewish people so blind or do they not check out what he stands for?
    Am thankful I was brought up to investigate and not listen to liberal TV channels and journalist. Wake uo America before it is too late.

  12. Shelley

    I DID NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA. I saw thru the smooth image and cult of personality propoganda. A community leader and a 2 yr Senator was his resume for becoming president was NOT sufficient reason to vote for him. With that background it would appear that Nancy Falchuk or Marcie Natan would have more experience than Barack Obama,(or as a friend refers to him as Obozo). I love your books. Keeping telling the truth.

  13. Lady-Light

    Naomi, as usual you’re spot on. I would like to re-post your post on my blog, with credit of course. I just posted about the irony of observing Tisha b’Av under a sovereign Jewish state, with control over Jerusalem. It’s embarrassing.

  14. Surak

    One last comment. Numerous Obama supporters on this page and others whom I have met in person are very shifty about what is so wonderful about Obama and what is so dangerous about Romney; but a few are open about their priorities. They are: 1) abortion up to the moment of birth, if not afterwards (no, that is not rhetoric but literal fact); 2) same-sex marriage; and 3) taxes as high as possible – on somebody else, of course. Israel, as many pro-Obama commenters have honestly noted, is not high on their list of priorities. In Rabbi Ken Spiro’s work “Worldperfect”, he identifies contributions of Judaism to world civilization by way of contrast to the practices of other civilizations of antiquity. Contrary to common belief, the fundamentals of humane behavior are not observed universally. The Greeks and Romans and many others practiced infanticide and homosexuality. Jewish family life stood in vivid contrast to these great civilizations, who mocked Judaism; yet Judaism survives today. Regrettably, today’s Jews are ignorant of our beautiful heritage, and have adopted Marx over Moshe Rabeinu, the Communist Manifesto over the Torah, and Alinsky over Rambam. In short, American Jewry is committing slow suicide through service to a false god. I pray for America, but I am preparing gradually for the possibility of aliyah. We have less than 100 days to save the greatest experiment in world history.

    • Tom Stone

      O my goodness, Surak, I thought I was engaging someone intelligent (see below). You sound like Glen Beck. G-d willing, whoever runs your country, I hope your ideas and ideology are marginalized. Talk about dangerous! FYI today a poll of attitudes of citizens of different countries towards the USA was published. The only countries where the attitudes towards the US have declined since 2008 are ARAB countries who feel that Obama is too lenient on Israel. Go figure!

      • Surak

        If your definition of “intelligent” is someone from the right who adopts all of the left’s policies, then I don’t qualify. Somehow that lack of intelligence was not apparent when I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics and numerous other credentials in unrelated fields.

        Do I sound like Glenn Beck, one of Israel’s most vocal and passionate defenders? I’ll take that as a compliment.

        My ideas and ideology are those of America and Western civilization. If and when they become marginalized and America collapses into socialist ennui or dictatorship, your little paradise up north will be at the mercy of Russia, China, and the jihadists, without mighty America to hide behind, eh.

        I repeat your words from below, which do not sound intelligent: “Looking at the racist crazy comments from most of the posters is proof enough that too many people simply don’t get it.” I challenge you once more to name one single racist comment anywhere on this page. Why don’t you be honest and admit that, like a typical leftist, you want to intimidate anyone who disagrees with you on policy by demonization, and that anyone who disagrees with your false messiah Obama is necessarily racist (even though all conservatives would gladly support a black conservative over a white Obama clone)? I demand specifics. Name one single racist post on this page.

        • Tom Stone

          Is your middle name ad hominem? See my response in the thread between us below. I re-read the posts. You’re correct. None were racist. I apologize. That said, upon re-reading, I did find most vacuous, hysterical and uninformed beyond re-stating Hannity and Limbaugh garbage. Your willingness to invoke Beck says all anyone needs to know about you. I’m relieved that you’re In mathematics. See ad hominem works all ways.

          • Surak

            Now you have moved the goal posts. Admitting that your previous assertion that most of the posters on this page are racist was in error (and in fact libelous), you now assert that we are “uninformed”. Fine; instruct us. You have chosen to position yourself as a more informed person. Name even one specific assertion below that is factually incorrect.

      • Rabbi Fleishig

        Once again, a favorite tactic of the left: Their opponents must be mentally ill or stupid, because all right-thinking people think exactly as they do. How is it that the left absolutely worships diversity of skin color, “life style”, culture and country of origin, but diversity of opinion is a big “NO-NO”? In the Soviet Union, dissenters were committed to mental institutions. Tom, do you want that to happen here too? If you can’t defend your position, then don’t attack your opponents. Attack their positions.

  15. Doug Hart

    Doctor Michael Savage (whom you might or might not like or know) is a radio talk show host. He is fond of saying, “Liberalism is a mental disorder…”

    It would explain a lot!

    • Rabbi Fleishig

      Michael Savage is taking the easy way out – attacking the mental stability of his opponents instead of their opinions. I would not regard that sort of behavior as worthy of being emulated in any way shape or form. If you can’t refute your opponent’s arguments, don’t dehumanize your opponent. Think of better counter-arguments and conduct the debate in a civilized way.

  16. Sylvia Simko

    What is wrong with the Jewish voter in this country?

    What is our problem? Do we still vote like Grandpa? Do we still believe that FDR was a saint, even though publication after publication has shown that he waited far to long to enter WWII, and finally it took an enormous amount of arm twisting to get him to move, that he refused to bomb the access to the extermination camps and turned away ships with Jewish refugees who then perished in the holocaust ……

    Can we not see that Obama is clearly not a friend of Israel…and that it took Romney going to Israel to get the White House to release some needed weapons to Israel? Who but the most blind cannot see that. He offered Israel up on a chopping block as an attempt to garner favor with the Palestinians and Arab world in general…He demanded that Israel cease construction of settlements, even on their own land..He treated BiBi like a third world leader….he wants Israel to return to the 1967 indefensible borders….what’s next?

    What is our problem? The non-Jewish community clearly stands behind Israel and opposes Obama…with the exception of his base and those who the union holds sway over……Do we really think that big government is the answer to our economic problems? That we are the entrepreneurs who create employment and have to deal with the absurd red tape and layer upon layer of regulations?

    Do you really not understand that we are as far from socialism or communism as our grandparents were close to it? This is different world that we live in. The reason that the Jews created the unions of the past century were valid then…not now..

    WAKE UP AMERICAN JEWS..Obama is no friend…

  17. Linda Capeluto

    Thank you Naomi, for this wonderful article. This was sent to me and I will forward this to everyone I know,Jewish and non-Jewish. I will vote for Gov. Romney and I’ve been volunteering for him since he declared his candidacy. This election is the most important one I’ve seen in my lifetime.

  18. Lloyd Hanford

    Your abilities as a novelist and plyright are indisputable but you have no credentials in international relations or the U S Israel relationship. Your examination of this subject rests on many unsupported myths about th administration and accuses them of following policies which the Bush administation also followed. Many very prominent Jews in Isrtael (including Ambassador Michael Oren) would disagree with your analysis as would prominent Jewish activists like Edgar Bronfman. You would do well to perform better research on a subject before going off with unfounded criticism. You azre entitled to your opinion but should recognize that these musings are just your opinion.

    • Surak

      Edgar Bronfman – the person who advised the terrorists to just focus on killing Jews living in Judea and Samaria – that is your rav? Shameful. The American Jewish communal establishment wouldn’t save the European Jews during WW2 and are now distancing themselves from the Israelis – but Hashem will have the last word.

  19. Sheldon Dan

    Naomi, you are right. And I know that there were lots of Jewish voters who refused to see how dangerous Obama was. I, for one, was not one of your readers who tried to tell you that Obama would not be bad.

    I predicted that, as bad as things seemed at the end of the last administration, that it was possible Obama would make things worse. Unfortunately, I was right.

    I was very skeptical about how Obama would treat Israel and told everyone I could exactly that. You wrote in exacting detail everything that has happened in the last three years. Fortunately, there is evidence that some Jews are listening. It won’t be enough to prevent the Democratic nominee from getting a majority of Jewish votes, but it won’t have to. If that majority shrinks, it’s a victory.

    Sadly, most American Jews are tied to the Democratic party, and no matter what happens, they refuse to consider anything else. Here is one American Jew who stays independent of party and hopes more people make that decision.

  20. Rachel

    Naomi, I can feel your disappointment at not having persuaded more of our fellow Jews in 2007. Perhaps you feel that your writing is not making a difference. It did with me. In 2005, through work, I met a young Jewish woman who had just returned from a trip to Israel. She passed on to me a wealth of information, including links to your Web page, as well as other pro-Israel sites. This life-long liberal, previously embarrassed by Israel’s “oppression” of the Palestinians, began reading different opinions and perspectives. Naomi, you are one of the writers whose eloquence and witness changed me. I became a Zionist and conservative and voted Republican in 2008, as I will in 2012, because I believe it is best for America…and Israel. Thank you for what you do!

  21. Lynn

    100 days until Election day. At this point, I think there is a very firm chance of Obama being re-elected. Why? With nearly half the population living off of government largesse, is there any reason they would vote against him and his socialist policies. My only hope is that a lot of them are too lazy to get out and vote.

  22. Victor

    I am not American but South African so perhaps unqualified to enter this debate. However, when Obama was elected 4 years ago I told a close American relative that I would judge him on one issue only, the manner in which he treated Israel, as I did not have enough knowledge about internal American issues. Within a matter of weeks after his election I had my answer (his Cairo speech) and nothing has changed since. The absolute epitomy of his arrogance (and he is undoubtedly the most arrogant, egotistical individual I have ever come across) was when he made Bibi enter the White House through a side entrance and abandoned him to eat his dinner with his family. His rudeness and arrogance was beyond belief. No more need be said. I, for one, will cheer when he is voted out. From an outsider let me assure you – he is the worst ambassador for America in many, many years and his “legacy” will live long after he has gone. Its time that he literally had his ears pinned back.

  23. Debbie


    I’m a “dyed in the wool Liberal”. But in the last presidential election, I voted for a Republican for the first time (only the second time I didn’t vote Democratic — the previous democrat I didn’t vote for was Carter — I’m not sure which of the two is worse, Carter or Obama).

    The only problem is, last election the Republican candidate and his running mate were both staunchly and openly pro-Israel. But I’m afraid that Romney isn’t as staunch a supporter. I would like to see who he chooses as his running mate, how this trip to Israel ends up going. The more he reveals about his position, the stronger he is in his support, the more likely I’ll vote for him. Otherwise, I’ll write in Artur Davis, one of the staunchest supporters of Israel in US politics.

  24. John Ladd

    The current situation in America should remind everyone who “believes” of the situation in which Israel”Judea” found itself just prior to the captivity by Babylon, they had forgotten G-D and exiled Him from their lives and the nation!

  25. Tom Stone

    I live in Canada. I’m a Canadian by choice. 30 years ago I had to choose whether to immigrate to Canada or USA. I’m glad I chose as I did. Looking at the racist crazy comments from most of the posters is proof enough that too many people simply don’t get it. FYI, the Israeli military pleaded with Bush NOT to take out Sadaam. Their concern ( now realized) is that Iraq was an important buffer against Israel’s real enemy, Iran. To compare Bush and Obama’s foreign policy accomplishments is a joke. How many Al Queda leaders did Bush get? Obama? With regard to the economy, Bush inherited a SURPLUS from Clinton, and then started 2 wars AND cut taxes which caused the deficit to explode. Every economist worth anything agrees that Obama’s action saved the
    US from a depression. Romney wrote that the Auto industry should be allowed to fail. Obama chose to save it. Has Obama been a great president? No, but, America today is safer and better positioned than it would have been with a Republican in the White House. Ask anyone who runs a business whether they’d hire a single employee if taxes were cut. The only reason employers add workers is when demand for their product or service increases. You all believe the garbage that lower taxes create jobs. How? The Republicans are hostage to extremists like Grover Norquist and the Koch brothers. I pity you all if they effectively assume power. With regard to Israel, there is NO difference in US policy towards Israel compared with previous presidents. But then again, racist, narrow minds don’t like facts. You/they like extremist nonsence. Turn off Fox news and Rush Limbaugh and open your minds. BTW, I vote Conservative in Canada. The party that limits gun ownership and availability, accepts Gay marriage ( which is legal throughout Canada), is in favourite of universal/government run healthcare, is anti-capital punishment. The extreme left in the US (Pelosi and Reid) is dangerous. But not nearly as dangerous as the crazy right, which most of the posters sound like. I hope that some sanity in the middle can prevail, otherwise you’re toast. So stop worrying about Israel. Start worrying about guns, education, failing infrastructure, health care that is hostage to the Insurance lobby, the largest per capita prison population IN THE WORLD. Obama himself may not be the solution. But it’s naiive to imagine that a Romney presidency will magically solve all your too many problems.

    • William Horwitz

      Most Canadians have no idea what they are talking about and should stay out of U.S. politics.
      Thank you for choosing Canada instead of the United States of America. Your absence makes us stronger.

      • Tom Stone

        I’ll debate you or any of the mindless people who spout the nonsence I read from most posters to this article on FACTS. But the again people on the extremes (left and right) never allow facts to get in the way of stupid ideology.

    • Surak

      You lost me right at the beginning with the word “racist”. I have been reading the posts in chronological order, from bottom to top, and I have seen absolutely nothing that qualifies as racist, let alone your lie that most of the posts are racist. As a long-time Jewish member of academia, I assure you that nearly all of the racism and anti-Semitism I have experienced in my life has been from people of your ilk – the left. I understand now that the left projects all its vices onto normal Americans, including racism. FYI, I, and all conservatives I know, would gladly choose a conservative black as president over a liberal white. I’m not sure you grasp this; you may be in the grip of leftist indoctrination, or else you are ashamed to admit that it is only conservatives who live up to Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ideal of a society in which people are judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Ugliness such as yours is what drove me away from the Democrat party years ago.

      • Tom Stone

        The difference between us, Surak, is that you’re ideological, and I’m not. You view everything through the prism “conservatives are good, for economy, Israel, America, Democrats are bad”. I recognize the danger of the extreme ideology on both left and right. You’re right, much of academia is driven by an anti-Israel obsession that is anti-Semitic. The extremes on the left have anti-business attitudes that undermine the American system. My question is, do you have the courage to condemn the worst face of the extreme right; anti-regulation ( the banks have shown us why more is needed), anti -any limits on availability of automatic and semi-automatic weapons, abortion, same-sex marriage etc.? I think not. Because the extremes are so obsessed with their/your ideology, you/they can never view anything through a common sense lens. FYI, I am part of the 1%. I work in the financial industry. I don’t live in a tenure-protected academic ivory tower.

  26. Stephen Luftschein


    Perhaps you remember, I was one of those that communicated the opposite to you 4 years ago, warning anyone that would listen that more than being anti-Israel, Obama was openly anti-semitic. Sadly, like most sophisticated modern bigots, he actively curries the support and favor of those Jews that agree with him on other issues. And remarkably successfully.

    I truly shudder to think what will happen with another 4 years, but suffice to say, I am both saddened, and reassured, at the recent Israeli motions toward friendship with the Russians.

  27. Menahem Yachad

    So, what are you all going to do about it? Vote for Romney? Is that your knee-jerk reaction to this mess? Wake up! This is your last calling card to get up and out. America is finished for the Jews. It’s Germany 1933 all over again.

    There wasn’t an Israel in 1933. There is now. If you’d be really honest with yourselves and ask “What can I do for my country (Israel)?”, not “What can my country (America) do for me?”, you’d see the answer clearly staring you in the face. Israel needs you. America doesn’t.

    It’s time to come home to Israel.

  28. Yehudah

    Israel has been around for over 30 centuries and under conditions far worse than what the Islamics or the big black bug in Washington can do.
    There is a higher authority that protects Israel.
    We are in the era where the night is darkest just before the dawn and things in Israel seem to be at it’s bleakest.
    But in the end, the Islamics will not win, nor can they win.
    Just because a few Jews may be dumb doesn’t mean all are.
    Believe in Hashem, pray to him and everything will, in time, work out well.
    We Jews, who live in Israel, and those of us who do not, have to remember that the ultimate owner of the land has already determine who lives there.
    The few dumb Jews, who make a lot of noise, will not be able to change this, nor can they.

    • Barry Allen

      I’m sure that there are those who gave the same passive advice just before the exile to Babylon, while people were being transported to the Nazi death camps, and while the temples were being destroyed. Modern Israel’s existence is a miracle from Hashem, but it would not have been realized without the commitment of people who fought for it, rather than sitting back and waiting for divine provenance. Your belief that Islam will cannot win is foolish; we can win, but only if we use the abilities that Hashem has provided.

  29. Susan Marx

    The problem is that American, including American Jews, have been trained that they should be openminded. And in this case, they are bending over backwards to be so openminded that their brains are falling out. They think of the Palestinian Arab as underdogs. And we have been taught to stand up for the underdog no matter what. And our rabbis and cantors reinforce this. The message of Israel needs to be carried through to the masses of American Jews and Americans in general. Not only is it the Jewish Homeland. But Israel is also the ONLY democracy in the middle east.

  30. elle moss

    Obama—The Great Pretender.
    I will certainly NOT vote for him.
    I’ll gladly vote for Romnmey.
    The world needs an authentic Chief Executive in the White House.

  31. elle moss

    Obama—The Great Pretender.
    I will certainly not vote for him. I will gladly vote for Romney. We need an authentic Chief Executive.

  32. Sergei Sandelbojm

    I am one of the voters who cast my lot, as well as Israel’s, with Pres. Obama(and continued to read the wonderful and prescient Mrs. Ragen). I was initially shocked and confused by the new president’s middle east policies. No more; i see them for what they are. Yes, he has provided Iron Dome and other military support, but that can not undo the other things he did (including restoring UNESCO funds for ‘Palestinians’) to create the new bravado he encouraged in Israel’s enemies, and the additional lives that will be lost because those enemies have been emboldened.

    I am equally dismayed by the lack of leadership Obama showed for the U.S. It is not enough for him to say he prevented a depression when so little was accomplished with the ‘stimulus’ funds. Indeed, many economists believe we are in a depression now. Take the time to read the Affordable Health Care Act. It will be anything but affordable. He did little to help homeowners with ‘underwater’ mortgages. He has done nothing to revise the tax system to encourage economic growth. And where is his leadership on the banks that played fast and loose? Where are the financial incentives for businesses to invest in America, rather than provoking American companies to lay off U.S. workers and outsourcing production to foreign countries that have lower environmental standards? The president plays games with Iran while it develops nuclear weapons that it will not hesitate to use.

    There are also too many Senators and Representatives in BOTH parties whose loyalty is to party and not people. They are equally to blame for the economic straits we face.

    Mr. Romney is unimpressive, but for what I can only pray will be sincere and timely support of Israel, and support of all Americans’ best interests, he will get my vote.

  33. Liz Rome

    I fully support you Naomi – keep this type of column coming for the next 100 days.
    To you liberals who think Obama cares for Israel – just remember actions speak louder than words. He never went to Israel, insulted Netanyahu, made outrageous suggestion of returning to 1967 borders etc And the “new” aid this week was already in the pipeline. It was not new.
    More importantly our beloved United Sates will collapse from the crazy and irresponsible ever increasing debt.
    All Democrats – especially the ones who said first vote for Obamacare and then read it later should also be voted out of office.
    Our children and grand children have no future under the increasing load of entitlements.
    The numbers don’t compute.
    Wake up and smell the coffee before it is to late.

  34. Naomi R

    Naomi, an excellent article and all true, but I am still very worried and at the same time infuriated with Obama’s tactics. He has managed to garner a healthy number of Jewish votes by appointing a Jewish Chief of Staff, Leftist, but supposedly Orthodox as well as other Jews who frankly should know better, with his “hail fellow well met” attitude. The joke will be on us if Obama, G-d forbid, is reelected. Will Jacob Lew still be Chief of Staff? I highly doubt it.

  35. Pingback: Fool me twice, shame on Me « Newsbeat1

  36. Holt

    Im not a Jew, just married to one, but I agree with Rabbi Fleishig. Obama & Co want a Europeanized America. Cradle to grave entitlements. America will no longer be that great experiment of History, instead, just a wannabe copycat like the tired socialistic states overseas.

    And Israel? It must kowtow to the progressive-liberal axis which perceives any imbalance of power (the evil Israeli vs the weak Palistinian) as an evil to be corrected, no matter that that imbalance is self-imposed and advertised (by the Palistinians) in order to curry the World’s compassion and pity. Palestinians and other Muslims don’t care about bettering their situation, or rather the only way they see it bettered is if Israel declines. No win-win with them. Only Israel’s demise will suffice. The fact that Obama & Co. will NEVER discern this speaks volumes. Why don’t American Jews see this?

  37. Lois Boreen

    Totally agree with you , Naomi.
    My Mother taught me “Show me your friends and I tell you what you are.”
    That said, I looked at his Chicago associates and vowed never to vote for him and his ilk. I pray daily that he will not win a second term.
    Yasher Koach to you and your ideas.

  38. Nuts for Naomi

    Naomi, your list of Obama’ s bad deeds regarding Israel is missing entries. Like cutting foreign aid, not. Reducing military support, not. The Israelis who are alive due to the GIFT of Iron Dome, not. Highest level of military cooperation ever, not.

    You go ahead and cout the bad speeches. I will count e lives saved.

  39. Wendy

    Naomi, I couldn’t agree with you more!
    I am reminded of something I read the other day on for Tisha B’Av, a piece entitled “Whatever Happened To The Jews of Arabia” by Sara Rigler.

    She writes that there had been a thriving Jewish community in Saudi Arabia, around Medina, for over 1000 years. They were powerful and wealthy and were annihilated in the course of just a few years. In a very abbreviated version of history…when Mohammed fled Mecca in 622 he originally befriended the Jews and studied with them, even taking on some of their customs but when, after 2 years, he could not convert them to his new religion, his friendliness turned to open hostility. He began by attacking on tribe of Jews, knowing the others would not come to their defense.Things went from bad to worse and in the end the remaining Jews surrendered and offered to leave Medina.
    Mohammed rejected their offer. The vanquished wine merchants tribe, who had twice refused to help the other besieged Jewish tribes, suffered the worst fate. The children were sold as slaves; the women were given to the victorious soldiers “for the Muslims to use,” and the men (except for three who agreed to convert to Islam) were decapitated in the marketplace. According to Muslim tradition, the blood of the decapitated Jews flooded the marketplace of Medina.

    A large, powerful, affluent Jewish community was destroyed in just three years. Was it destroyed by Mohammed’s forces or was it destroyed by its own divisiveness?

    Our sages say that the Holy Temple was not destroyed by the superiority of the Roman forces. It was destroyed by sinat chinam, senseless hatred among Jews.
    “Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” Apparently the Jews of Arabia did not learn from our tragic history.

    To me this baseless trust in Obama by a majority of my fellow Jews echoes this tragic piece of history. My own family are staunch Democrats and having found out that I support Mitt Romney for President have stopped talking with me. I would welcome even political debate but instead they have simply turned their backs.
    This is sad and painful but somehow their support of Obama is a more powerful force.

    On a positive note, there are fewer Jews that are supporting Obama this time around, There is a group, the Jewish Republican Coalition who has been making ads of Jewish former Obama supporters, speaking about what has changed their hearts and minds.

    A second term would have Obama unfettered and free to bring on a nightmare for all Americans, from which it would be difficult to recover.
    The bone of additional financial aid that Obama just threw to Israel, on the same day as Romney’s visit is a manipulitive ploy to garner favor from a sadly naive constituency.

    Thank you Naomi

    • Samuel Burns

      This is a good comment. And there is no better example of “baseless hatred,” than Obama’s attitude towards Israel.

  40. Osnath

    I can’t believe that after all this time Obama is still admired, he is a socialist fanatic, he is driving America down a slippery slope into the gutter, he is scary, can’t you see it ?
    This is nothing compared to what he will do if you re elect him, he won’t have to worry about about another election.
    I am a very worried Canadian.

  41. Arlene

    I voted for Obama and will do so again although he has failed to lived up to his rhetoric for the USA. A Romney administration would plunge us further down the road that Bush paved. A weaker USA leads to a weaker Israel. You just don’t know which side of your bread is buttered. ,

    • Samuel Burns

      How can you possibly vote for Obama again? Naomi failed to mention that Obama recently allowed Hani Nour El-Din, a member of a known terrorist group, to meet in the White House with one of his security advisors. Obama has done more to facilitate the increase in Islamic influence in the US government than anyone; and has correspondingly strengthened Shariah law in the U.S. And look at how Obama treats the US military–like garbage. Do you really believe Obama when he says “The US has Israel’s back”?

      • Arlene

        Samuel, An invitation for a meeting does not imply an invitation to take over our country. I do not think Obama treats our military worse than Bush did, or heaven forbid, Romney would. Obama is not my ideal foreign policy maker, but at this time he is best suited for domestic policy. America is where I live, and charity, so to speak, begins at home.

  42. Miriam

    Dear, Naomi,
    As an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, I just want to say that I am in a back to the past situation in the US. I have already lived in a country where everything was ” free” , education, medicine, summer camps for children and everybody got equal pay.
    Americans like Bernice who support Obama are like children who don’t know what they are talking about. The “free'” stuff is not free, you pay with your freedom. It is amazing to me how quickly Americans are giving up their freedoms, first of them being freedom of speech. Look at the uproar at the owner of Chick Fil A who expressed his opinion about marriage. As I said earlier, I lived in a country where everybody had the same opinion about everything !!!
    I didn’t vote for him the first time and as sure as the sun is rising tomorrow, will not vote for him again!!!

    • Ann

      Miriam – I’m sure that having lived in a socialist nation, you know what you are talking about. More people should listen to you.

  43. Diogenes in search...

    I am Diogenes walking around with a lantern searching for a thinking Jew…other times I am Rip Van Winkle arising for a sleep wondering what happened to my beloved America…maybe I need to be a cantor reciting “Kol Nidre” begging mercy and forgiveness for our fallen ways…we are a stiff-necked people and the secularism has caused us to lose our way…I, for one, am working my hardest to vote in any Republican on the ballot! Kol tuv v’yasher koach!

  44. Jerry G

    This is the information age. All we have to know about Obama is out there and available. Illegal aliens, government employees, welfare recipients, corporate gangsters, gays, Islamists and Communists have selfish motives in voting for Obama. All others with any mental capacity at all who vote for him need psychiatric care.

  45. Angel Gonzalez

    To the Bernices of the world, if you can put aside your entirely emotional revulsion at the thought of voting for a Republican (“Eee-gad! Heeewiiie! No way! Never!”) for only one second, would you be willing to consider this: if Obama is re-elected, support for Israel (or not), social programs, Obamacare, none of these will matter because our economy (and the rest of the world’s with it) will simply tank! The single core issue everyone should be focused on today is the precipice that the unthinkable and unforgivable debt of 16 Trillion dollars+ is leading us to – all of us, you included – like a bunch of lemmings. After the crash, when it’s 1929 all over again, I hope you will find room in the long lines that will form outside thousands of soup kitchens, because that’s the only thing people will be able to rely on to survive. And frankly, when that happens, all the Obamabots who will have made it possible should be shoved at the end of the line, or even prevented from joining them since they will have caused them in the first place. You want charity from the public treasury? There won’t be a public treasury left. Ergo, no charity. Happy now?

  46. Jodi

    Romney gets elected and the US class divides will widen further. We are heading towards major class warfare.

    If Romney gets elected all he’ll do is send more of our jobs overseas and reward the companies who do it with tax breaks–he sees this aa appropriate.

    We are the only civilized nation that does not have Universal Health Care–that makes us uncivilized in my book. If you get sick and you’re poor Romney and Co. thinks you should do your patriotic duty and just die.

    Sorry Naomi, Obama has to have four more years. Your last pick was George W — and look where that put the USA.

    Israel still stands proud. You are still getting American support from the government and from the Jews who live here.

    Romney is so wrong for the USA — and if the Jews in the USA lose any more ground do you really think he’s going to support you if we can’t? Without us making noise you’re on your own. Look over those borders and think about that.

    Your column has just convinced me to send more money to the DNC.

    • Angel Gonzalez

      “Your last pick was George W — and look where that put the USA.”
      Jodi, are you seriously saying that the USA is in better shape today than at the end of GWB’s presidency? Don’t numbers mean anything to? Can you actually count? If you have the guts and the integrity to do so, just look at this graph: . Bottom line: the deficit at the end of the Bush era was at a staggering (at the time) 400 billion dollars. Today, thanks to the irresponsibly profligate president that you mindlessly still idolize, we’re at 16 TRILLION!!! Still think that Bush was worse? Get real. And more importantly, wake up before you take us all with you over the cliff.

      • Jodi

        Those numbers are from a Right Wing rag publication. Show me something that you got from the Wall Street Journal. Until then what you’ve shown me means nothing.

        All these folks know how to do is say no and block things. If Obama was providing the only air available the GOP would allow themselves to suffocate. This is most negative mean spirited group I’ve ever had the displeasure of having to see. They haven’t accomplished one thing in years and are disgrace to the USA.

        • Angel

          Of course… Any figures that highlight Obama’s insanity must be from some right-wing rag. Just dismiss the facts when they’re inconvenient. How about Forbes Magazine? Another right-wing rag for you? Anyway, check out this: The bottom line is interesting. In ranking the absolute worse presidency in terms of deficit-GDP ratio, guess who’s the absolute winner? Your messiah! By a very long shot. Re-elect him, and he will double that feat before his second term is over. Before that of course, the whole country will have gone to hell. That’s what’s at stake and anyone who votes for him will be an accomplice in the destruction of this country. Go right ahead. But please don’t come complaining later.

        • Chavaleh

          Jodi, Stop drinking the hallucinogenic Kool-ade!!! If you think the values of America are so wrong, and blindly support Socialistic values, please do us all a favor and move to a Socialist country! Why must you destroy the most prosperous and successful country in the World? Just leave!! You have some of the most ignorant statements here that I have ever heard. Naomi and others here are well informed and telling the absolute truth regarding Obama and his cronies. Do the World a favor and don’t vote in November! And for goodness sake, save your money and don’t sent it to the DNC!! That’s like sending it to the Iranians!!

    • Samuel Burns

      You are terribly misinformed about Obamacare; AKA the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, H.R.3590. First, the PPACA is a job-killer. This is because it eliminates the tax deduction for employee prescription drug benefits. The money that was used to reimburse employees who purchase prescription drugs; WAS used to reduce companies’ income; will now be a loss. Thus AT & T has lost
      $967 million because of Obamacare(Source: Heritage Foundation); and they have laid off thousands of workers. Obama’s physician of 22 years, a left-leaning Democrat, has said that the PPACA is terrible, because there’s no cost control mechanism in it.(Source: The Amateur, by Edward Klein) Thus it will cost three times what Obama said it would; and at least 6,000,000 people will still be uninsured!
      In addition, Obamacare is a poison pill for doctor-owned hospitals; because the regulations it contains won’t allow these hospitals to expand.(The Heritage Foundation) In addition, the PPACA has already driven many US doctors out of business; and it won’t allow people to choose their own doctors; rather we will be forced to take someone we don’t know or trust. Is this plan something you truly want? I urge you to think about it; because, trust me, it’s worse than this.

  47. EDG

    Sorry Naomi, but you’ve been in Israel too long. Perhaps if you came back to the United States you would understand why Romney would be a disaster for women as well as the middle class in this country. Also, if you are among the needy or will be completely forgotten. We have no choice but to reelect Obama.

    • Sylvia Simko

      Sorry EDG, but you have been a liberal too long… Can’t you see that we are so deep in debt with Obama’s populist policies that we are digging the grave for our kids and generations to come? Do you want Greece? or Spain perhaps? What is the big thing for women that liberals are offering? Free abortions? Free contraceptives? you will be paying for these with your increased taxes! Try to be more open minded and see for yourself what you are wishing for.

    • Alan Lasnover

      Put religion and party politics aside! Open your eyes and ears to what Obama has done and failed to do in his first term. Put aside the anti-Obama hyperbole and look for yourself. Our economy will not recover until the Federal Government allows for unfettered private markets. If not for yourself, then for the sake of your children and their children.

    • Vera

      EDG ~ Here’s a man with an outstandingly upright, well-educated, caring family, from his strong wife, to his equivalently strong young sons and beloved grandchildren, & you think Romney would be a disaster for women! But you go for even the greater absurdity of saying you have no choice but Obama! Obama, the person whose biggest smiles are reserved for the moments when either he has put one over on us, or when people applaud his singing. IMO, Obama missed his calling: it’s clear that he loves bathing in the limelight, loves amusing people…he really should’ve been a stand-up comic. Once he’s out of office & we continue to pay big bucks for his living expenses, maybe he’ll go on the road to do standup. Let’s just keep him busy with that…& soon.

  48. Lisa Cohen

    I find it at the very least naive if not outright suicidal for any Jew that claims to be pro-Israel to vote the Israel-hating marxist in the White House. Obama signed funding for Israel this week only to upstage Governor Romney who is staunchly committed to the secure future of both the United States and Israel and it will not work with American Jews living in Israel and it will not work with Americans here who are not anti-Mormon. Actions speak louder than words.

    • Vera

      Lisa ~ I couldn’t have said it better. Take a look at David Horowitz’s site,, to find clear examples of his own road from communism to conservative, & lots more information about the threat of Marxism from Obama and others. I know you’ll appreciate it. I hope other readers here will also.

  49. ben ordover

    Trying to speak sense to many Jews is like trying to turn a camel into a horse. The only transparent thing about
    Obama is his intense dislike of the America I grew up in.
    Another 4 years of this ego maniac will cook many gooses
    among them The J street Jews who find fault with so many
    things in and about Israel. Watch out. The next job this fool
    kills may be yours.

    • Ed Rosenberg

      I just read Bernice Cohen’s comment.
      Ms Cohen, please tell me what Mr. NoBama has accomplished in his almost four years of outrageous leadership? If NoBama is
      reelected our fine country will be into 5 Trillion $ more debt than we are in now. The economy is in the toilet and don’t tell me it’s Bush’s fault. Let’s bring up the security leaks from “high sources” in the White House. Let’s bring up his 100 rounds of golf, lets bring up with-Holder, let’s talk about bowing down to Muslim leaders. The Muslim’s treat their cattle better than their females. G-D help you if you ever become a Muslim. G-D help a Muslim if he or she denounced his/her faith. GOD BLESS AMERICA. You don’t like it here, move to Baghdad.

  50. Sylvia Simko

    Kudos Naomi for summarizing Obama’s misdeeds during his (hopefully last) 4 years. We cannot understand how American Jews can still be so idiotic and short-sighted and want to vote again for Obama! The polls show that “only” 65% will now vote for him.-(it should be in the single digits at best) Typically they cannot discuss matters in an adult way, and feel “offended”-everything for the left goes through their feelings. If you want rationale they immediately balk and feel “offended”. You have to continue writing and publishing, perhaps you can get some sense into some of them after all….

  51. Bernice Cohen

    Altho I agree with much of what you say in your article, I cannot in good conscience vote for Mr Romney. President Obama just signed a policy paper declaring the continued support of Israel. I believe there is a lot going on that the public is not privy to. US realizes that Isrel is its only democratic ally in that part of the world. I will certainly vote for President Obama. The alternative is unthinkable.

    • Sylvia Simko

      How can you be so shortsighted Bernice! Can’t you see that Obama signed this policy paper now, because he wants to counter anything Romney will say during his Israel visit! Obama is a sinister shady person, if not a Muslim himself, he is enamored with the Muslim faith and mentality. It will be a catastrophe for us Jews if he wins again and can do whatever he wants. So what’s the “unthinkable” you so fear with Romney? Perhaps better relations with Israel? Perhaps a sounder economy? How can you be so one-sided and betray your own people?

    • Vera

      Bernice ~ None are so blind as those who would not see: this old saying applies to you. Obama is a slippery, bald-faced liar. He will say whatever is expedient for him to utter. You haven’t stated why “the alternative is unthinkable” in the case of Mitt Romney. I can predict, though, that unless you’re one of Obama’s personal cronies, if he is re-elected, you”ll live to rue the day.

  52. Karen

    There are many of us who stand with you Namomi.
    We see that Obama speaks out of two sides of his mouth and really does not like Israel at all, except to get what he wants for “his” likes, mainly to separate the state of Israel. Those of the American Jews do not speak for many of us. Unfortunately, they are blinded by the sparkle of falseness that he speaks. It turns my soul when I hear them speak so favorably and are ensnared by the untruths. Wow.

  53. Rabbi Fleishig

    Obama wants to remake America in the European image, imitating its bloated useless bureaucracy, financial and moral bankruptcy and of course its murderous enduring anti-Semitism. His goal is to replace the American ideal of the self-made man (or woman) with the socialist ideal of the government-made man. One more term of Obama will leave the average American penniless, jobless, homeless and totally dependent on the Washington-Wall Street-Holywood axis of evil.

    • Esther

      A “rabbi” preaching lies & hate?! Oi vey how the mighty have fallen… so much for the chosen ones. You should be a shamed Mr. Fleishig. Reading this blog & comments has really shaken my pride & faith in Jewish people.

      • Rabbi Fleishig

        What exactly is the lie in my comment? Where is the hate? Is it that I dared question the motives of the Left’s fearless leader?

  54. naava

    Another 4 years of Obama? Maybe the beginning of the 6th Caliphate…

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