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The destruction in the north continues as at least eleven people – some of them members of a medical team who rushed to the scene to help – were injured after two bomb-bearing drones launched by Hezbollah terrorists exploded in the Druze village of Hurfeish in northern Israel. The medical team were victims of a second drone attack launched eight minutes after the first. One person is in critical condition, three are in serious condition, and the rest are in moderate and light condition. IDF forces assisted in the evacuation of the wounded to hospitals.

The question on everyone’s mind is: why did no sirens sound to warn the villagers of the incoming bombs? The IDF says it is investigating.

Head of the village, Anwar Amar, said: “We came to rescue the wounded and a drone fell on us, there are many wounded here, a very difficult and complex event. This is our reality, this is how we live here every day. We are waiting for the government to decide what to do, it is time to put an end to this. We can’t continue life under such cursed conditions. Our children are traumatized, wetting their pants at night… We are the defenders of the north, guarding the country here… People are living in fear.”

At the very moment the bombs fell, Prime Minister Netanyahu was in a Cabinet meeting discussing this very issue. Aside from the human price of the injured and the displaced, eight hundred dunam (200 acres) of forest has gone up in smoke. These are the same forests decimated by the second Lebanon war and which were rehabilitated with such hard work and loving care by Keren Kayemet.

In Gaza, a two kilometer Hamas tunnel leading straight into Egypt and filled with explosives and weaponry was destroyed today by the Yahalom unit of the IDF. Extensive weapons were found in central Gaza, when the IDF attacked a group of Hamas terrorists who didn’t fight back, just ran as fast as their cowardly little feet could take them, leaving behind coffee still warm in their cups. Such heroes! I guess they are only good with those fighting against them are helpless and unarmed. The weapons, and the terrorists, were sheltering in a UN building.

Today is Jerusalem Day, commemorating the miracle of the Jewish return to its holy sites, denied to them by the Arabs until they lost the Six Day War. A parade from the center of Jerusalem to the Western Wall by thousands of flag-waving dancing young people went off without much of a problem, given that 3,000 soldiers provided security. No doubt alerted to the event, framed as “an assault on Al Aksa” by terrorists, some 70 thousand Muslims also turned up to pray at Al Aksa, the largest number of people since the beginning of the war.

Not long ago, I saw a video of young Muslims playing soccer in the mosque, so this sudden show of piety seems a little suspicious to me. Amazingly, both groups did their thing and peace was maintained – more or less. Except for a few reporters, no one got beat up.

Every year on Jerusalem Day I mourn the fact that Palestinians, or whatever they are calling themselves these days, really don’t know the history of the Jewish presence in the land of Israel, or our connection to Jerusalem. If only the schools they attend were actual educational institutions instead of terror brainwashing machines, where they could learn the truth.

Not much hope of that. I recently saw a video of Gazan school children answering questions about their attitude to Jews. Every single one described their desire to murder Jews, and that this is what was being taught in their UNWRA school by their UNWRA teachers. Will the UN ever stand trial not only for the misuse of funds and complete and deliberate failure to honor their mandate, but also for the irreparable damage that they have done to the cause of peace in the world?

This was posted on Linkedin by Dr. Eli David: “According to Spain’s Supreme Court ruling, the country must admit any immigrant from a place where ‘genocide’ takes place. Spain’s prime minister accused Israel of ‘genocide’in Gaza, thus making two million Palestinians in Gaza eligible to migrate to Spain! And now with the America port in place, we will gladly load them all onto boats and give them Spanish language textbooks! Hello Spain! A nice surprise is waiting for you.

A video of IDF soldiers dancing and celebrating near the A-Shukka school in east Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, published by one of the residents of Deir al-Balah (a Fatah supporter) received the following comments:

  • These videos are humiliating.
  • You don’t see these videos on the Al Jazeera channel.
  • Cursed be you, Sinwar.
  • I heard that it is a soldier who is about to get married.
  • It really seems that they are “stuck in the mud of Gaza” as Abu Obaida said [cynicism-Abu Ali Express].
  • As much as we are humiliated now, this video adds even more to the humiliation.
  • This soldier is either engaged now or has gone to sleep with Sinwar’s wife.
  • They really didn’t achieve any of their goals in Gaza” [cynicism-Abu Ali Express].
  • The Arab viewer only believes what the commentator of Al Jazeera al-Douri says… LOL.

Thanks for the translation Abu Ali Express.

After five months of fighting, and two months off, reservists are once again being called up. Some platoons are asking for donations of equipment. I’ll try to get more specifics. Heartbreaking they have to go back again. Just heartbreaking.

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6 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 5 JUNE 2024”

  1. KD Reply

    This might be of interest to the readers of Naomi’s blog: I have been giving away the Kindle version of my book, “The Road to Gomorrah,” and it is currently at no.1 on the free bestseller lists for Political Leadership, Ethics and Morality and Modern Philosophy.

    I did this after a few people commented on the book’s content on a website run by Daniel Greenfield.

    I did send a message to Mr. Greenfield, saying that I hoped he would download and read my book, and that perhaps some of the ideas and arguments in the book could be used to provide an historical / philosophical / factual defence of the IDF as they fight this war in Gaza, following the casus belli of October 7th.

    The book is still free, so if anyone would like a copy, you can download it from Amazon just now. I’ll say here what I said to Daniel Greenfield: maybe some of the ideas or arguments in the book would be useful, since apparently Israel has to be defended just for fighting a war.

    The Americans and British appear to have forgotten their own history. My book describes some of the things that the British did in order to prevail against Germany. Everything is referenced, everything comes straight from the archives – source documents!

    Maybe when some British “journalists” or “protestors” are commenting on how they think the war in Gaza should be fought (as if they have any idea!), we can remind them of how the second world war was actually fought, & what it takes to win a war.

    The book’s free just now – please download it and use it.

      • KD Reply

        Thank you Karen. I have just reduced the price of the paperback, so as soon as that goes through on KDP, the price of the paperback will be reduced to £9.99.

        I don’t know what else I can do about what’s going on, but one thing I know about is what the British (and the Americans) did during the second world war. In the book, I give Machiavelli’s argument as to why such actions are necessary in a time of war. (This is just as important as the actions themselves.)

        So maybe somebody, somewhere can make use of all the research I did for the book.

  2. Dalya Horowitz Reply

    Thanks for the updates. I agree – heartbreaking that our soldiers have to go back to war. So difficult to live in the conditions that exist. Bless Israel and praying for safety and victory over the scum of the earth.

  3. Katherine Reply

    A longtime reader, I appreciate your willingness to provide updates for those of us in the US. Thank you.

  4. Sue Freedland Reply

    Thank you for giving us some insight into what is really on . We pray every day for the end of this war with all hostages back home .

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