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Don’t Cry for Us Israelis

I prefer that you – writers of these lies and libels – hate me and my country, if it means that you can save your tears for other peoples’ dead. We aren’t greedy for sympathy. After all, we got so much after the Holocaust, we prefer other people to have their share now. These days, we prefer to live, rather than have people cry over us and the injustices done to us.

I’m sitting here in Jerusalem after a week of heartbreak over three murdered teens, followed by almost three weeks of sirens, bomb blasts, and finally, the funerals of young IDF soldiers, of whom one-third are students who should be taking their final exams instead of risking their lives. I’m reading on the internet about what a horrible person I am as an Israeli and as a Jew, and what a terrible, immoral country I live in.

All this criticism comes mainly from the European press: The Guardian, the BBC, papers in Italy, Norway, France, and don’t forget America: The New York Times, CNN. And I’m thinking: Gee, the British should understand. After all, they lived through the blitz, Nazis raining bombs indiscriminately down on them, the way Hamas is raining bombs down on us. And when the brave pilots of the RAF aimed their bombs at Dresden and killed 300,000 men, women and children, they didn’t throw down leaflets telling people to politely evacuate; didn’t send their soldiers to knock on doors to see if they’d followed the leaflets instructions (as CNN complained Israel failed to do at an UNRWA school, which was probably hit by a Hamas bomb anyway).

And I think of the rest of Europe, who rounded up our grandparents and great-grandparents, and relatives — men, women and children — and sent them off to be gassed, no questions asked. And I think: They are now the moral arbiters of the free world? They are telling the descendants of the people they murdered how to behave when other anti-Semites want to kill them?

As for Americans, represented by the New York Times, that bastion of high-minded hypocrisy and mediocre journalism parading as the “newspaper of record,” one has only to read the article by Professor Auerbach in the New York Observer (“Two Weeks of Shallow, Facile Moral Equivalency From the New York Times“) to see how Jodi Rudoren and other Times apparatchiks have learned to close their minds and love Hamas. After all, there are CHILDREN DYING. It doesn’t matter that the Palestinians have educated an entire generation to be little Nazi-wannabes, who worship death and hate Jews, murdering their souls, and are now callously putting their bodies in harm’s way to use for touching photo ops. We shouldn’t be shocked by this omission by the Times. After all, The New York Times was one of the last news outlets to bring to the attention of the reading public the Nazi atrocities in Europe. Read the Times during the nightmare years, and see if you can’t find a pattern here.

And so, as an Israeli, brought up with Jewish values, and an American, taught to love freedom, justice, democracy and fair play, I have to tell all of you – Europeans, Americans, and last of all Muslim terrorist sympathizers and barbarians, that what you are saying no longer moves anyone of good moral judgment and intelligence. The current crisis in Gaza is so morally clear-cut, so absolutely a case of self-defense, that I must say to you, as someone finally said to Senator McCarthy: “Sir, have you no shame?”

I prefer that you – writers of these lies and libels – hate me and my country, if it means that you can save your tears for other peoples’ dead. We aren’t greedy for sympathy. After all, we got so much after the Holocaust, we prefer other people to have their share now. These days, we prefer to live, rather than have people cry over us and the injustices done to us.

So by all means, cry for the Palestinian people – men women and children – whose duly elected leadership has callously left them without protection from just retribution for their terrorist crimes. The leaders who took their people’s aid money and are living in Qatar in five star hotels building shopping centers for themselves. Who built terrorist tunnels under their homes, mosques, hospitals and schools, and recruited their sons to die for Allah, while they sit in bunkers waiting for the U.N. to rescue them.

Don’t cry for us, or our families, or our children, or grandchildren. Not this time. Not ever. Not if we can help it. Because this time, thank God, we have a country. We are armed. This time, with God’s help, we know how to protect ourselves from Nazis and their high-minded media cheerleaders.

I would like to end this with an expletive and a hand gesture towards the people I’m addressing. Please choose one you think would be fitting. I can think of many.

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93 comments on “Don’t Cry for Us Israelis”

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    • Hindy Abelson

      Thank you Naomi Ragen for a brutally honest, brilliant piece. You, more than anyone I have read on the subject of this new breed of virulent, veiled antisemitism, state your case with refreshing defiance.

      I’d like to share with you a blog I wrote and had published online. I hope you find it a fraction as interesting as I found yours. I’d be interested in hearing from you.

  2. Shimon

    I’d like to request a small favor: Your content is just great, but the font, size and bold face? Please…go with Ariel, Times New Roman, Verdana or Trebuchet.


  3. sophia

    Naomi, thanks for excellent, powerful writing.
    Yes, the number of people in the world hating Jews is staggering, no point of asking them about shame, they have never heard of the concept.
    But what bother, and scare me the most, that all these left-leaning Jews crying about dead children, have no shame. They are much worse than Jews hating others. They are the fifth column, traitors, those who were called KAPOS in ghettos, actively helping Nazi exterminating Jews during WWII.
    They have no shame, no brains, no decency and they are in and by themselves are shame for the entire Jewish people of the world

    • Judy Seul

      I recently found your websight and feel grateful for the opportunity to hear from people who have “walked the walk”. I recently, thruough DNA testing found that I have Jewish blood. For years I couldn’t understand the cagy answers my grandmother gave when I asked her what nationality we were. Now I know why. It is painful to me that my ancester hid her true identity because of either shame or fear. Since I mentioned my newly found ethnicity to others I am surprised at some of the responses. Even from Jewish friends. From what I see and read, being from the House of Judah is a positive thing for me. I look at this fairly new, tiny nation who have pulled themselves up out of the mire where they had been thrown, and they have built a strong, proud and talented nation. A nation that could probably take on most other countries in the world and win a battle with them. The talent in other areas like art, music, culture, and education let alone military, medical, and technilogical advances since the inception of the New Isreal is a remarkable thing. It has helped me to understand a part of myself I didn’t before understand by reading what some of your readers are thinking and feeling. It has, in a way, given me a basis to begin feeling a sense of pride in where my roots are. Thank you, Naomi.

    • Moshe Akiva

      Sophia, the so called “leftist” Jews made Israel-bashing their business. Literally. They get their money from countries that want to eliminate Israel.
      Besides them, there are rich Jews, who make business with the Muslim world and therefore, they must be “balanced” to stay in business.

      Money is everything for them.

  4. Robert

    You are the first person that I’ve heard point out that the “innocent children” who are being killed are tomorrow’s Islamic terrorists. Every terrorist was once a cute little child. Unfortunately, these little children are socialized and educated to hate Jews and to kill them. Its akin to having your house infested with termites. Do you save your house, or do you save the termites? The answer is clear.

  5. Judy Seul

    The shame of the Euro-American newspapers is overwhelmingly sad. How quickly they forget what Hitler did to the Jews and to Europe. Why is it wrong for Isreal to stand strong, repel invaders and to protect their population? Sure they aare stronger, better equipted, better trained, but they are also morally right. HaShem does not like ugly and Hamass is being ugly to their own people and lying to the world. Wake-up world. Look at the whole picture, and not just at what some terrorist group tells you.

    • Suri Weinberg-Linsky

      What is interesting about the various European countries is that their governments pretty much support Israel. It’s the people on the street and the media who are fanning the flames because they picked a side, they are staying with that side and because they were already inclined that way, it gives them license to vocalize their hatred. It won’t matter that the media is now revealing that Israel was correct in stating that Hamas using their people as human shields or stages the death pictures. They have convinced themselves that Israel and Jews are the scourge, this gives them license to voice that hatred without impunity. All we can do is be vigilant, stand our ground and make sure ‘never again’ is maintained. Am Israel Chai!

      • Judy Seul

        You’re absolutely correct. There are many of us Americans who stand behind Isreal and support her in any way we can–finances, prayer, etc.–but I fear that the people who are pointing fingers at Isreal are not looking at the whole picture. Unfortunately, in the US government is ttying to place people under “Big Govt” and the more corrupt the government seems to be, the less people think for themselves. I wonder if all the Naysayers were back in 1942 and of Jewish ethnicity and were watching their fathers, mothers, children being murdered for absolutely no reason except a mad man was trying to take over the world and eliminate the Jews. I wonder how they would view the Isrealites then? Thank God Isreal is strong and in a position to defend it’s people. Never again. Never again should we let thugs kill it’s people again.

        • Suri Weinberg-Linsky

          We have survived every threat to our existence since biblical times. Why people insist or persist on this tack is beyond me. We are here: just leave us alone to create the amazing medical, industrial and technological miracles we have in the past 65 years, which THE JEW HATERS ALL USE I might add, and get on with your own lives. If all these people invested more time into their own lives, creating their own miracles and doing good for the world instead of evil, we would not need to have these discussions and debates. The bigger picture is being diminished by yellow journalism and myopic hate.

  6. chava

    Israel has a number of problems besides the obvious one of the media, and therefore many people of the world, being against their existence. One problem is that Israel has tied its weapons systems to the USA. (Big mistake.) When it needs to re-arm, and to replace weapons and ammunition it is forced to use to protect itself, it has to turn to the USA. That gives the USA government an opportunity to blackmail and threaten Israel. People criticize Netanyahu for not standing up to Obama, but they forget that he has to balance Israel’s needs and Israel’s requirements, a sort of impossible task. (Thank G-d, up until now, a majority of Congress backs us with action. Let’s hope November continues that.)

  7. Margaret

    Well said, Naomi, Christians everywhere are praying for Israel. We believe Israel has a right to live in peace. God is with you.

    • john abeles, florida

      This is quite a description of our adversaries
      Just which Palestinians are you all talking about? The Palestinians who, in 1948, fled their homes to neighboring countries when the Arab world attacked Israel and told the Palestinians they can return after Israel is destroyed?
      Or the Palestinians who lived in the West Bank under Jordanian (then Transjordan) occupation and annexation when Jordan attacked Israel in 1967 and lost both the war and the West Bank to Israel?
      Or the Palestinians who, while living in Jordan in the 1970s, envisioned Jordan becoming their Palestinian state and started a civil war where King Hussein ultimately killed thousands of Palestinians and forcibly removed many from of his country, making them refugees?
      Or the Palestinians who entered the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany, and murdered 11 Israeli athletes?
      Or the Palestinians who infiltrated a high school in Ma’alot, Israel, took 102 students hostage, injured 50 and murdered 22?
      Or the Palestinians who, among others, hijacked an Air France jetliner to Entebbe, Uganda, and held hostage more than 100 Israelis?
      Or the Palestinians who were exiled from Jordan to a peaceful Lebanon and started a civil war that cost more than 120,000 lives and created more refugees, with many exiled from Lebanon?
      Or the Palestinians who hijacked the Achille Lauro ocean liner and shot, murdered and threw overboard Leon Klinghoffer, a 69-year-old Jewish American paraplegic in a wheelchair?
      Or the Palestinians in the Abu Nidal Organization who murdered an estimated 600 Palestinians from rival factions?
      Or the Palestinians who wrote and live by the Hamas Charter that states, among other things, “… Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors”?
      Or the Palestinians who enticed young and susceptible Palestinians to become suicide bombers with the promise that when they murder Israelis, they’ll receive rich rewards in the afterlife and financial security for their families?
      Or the thousands of Palestinians in Ramallah who cheered as the bodies of two Israeli soldiers were thrown from a second story window after they were tortured and hacked to death?
      Or the Palestinians who honored a suicide bomber with a military funeral for murdering 15 people (including seven children and five from one family) at the Sbarro pizza café in Jerusalem?
      Or the thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza captured on video cheering as two airliners purposely crashed into the Twin Towers on 9/11?
      Or the Palestinian families who received $25,000 from Saddam Hussein for their children’s “successful” suicide bombings?
      Or a Palestinian like Yasser Arafat (although he was Egyptian born), who became a billionaire by stealing money from other Palestinians as they lived in squalor?
      Or the Qatari born and Egyptian-raised Omar Barghouti (who refers to himself as a Palestinian), who co-founded the boycott, divestment, and [including educational] sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel while getting his doctorate at an Israeli university?
      Or the Palestinians from Hamas (a group the U.S. and other countries label a terrorist organization) who, when they took control of Gaza, shot several hundred Fatah Palestinians in the legs, purposely crippling them for life?
      Or the more than 100 Palestinians from Fatah crippled by Palestinians from Hamas who, at the confidential request from Mahmoud Abbas to Shimon Peres, received new legs and rehabilitation at a medical center in Israel Or the two Palestinians who proudly confessed to the knife attack and murder of five members of the Fogel family, including the father, mother, and three of their six children, ages 11, 4 and 3 months?
      Or the Palestinian mother, Raida Abu-Mustaffa, whose baby’s life was saved through funding and a rare heart operation by a Jewish doctor at an Israeli hospital, yet the mother dreamed that her daughter would one day become a martyr?
      Or the gay Palestinian man who, while living in Tel Aviv (considered one of the gay-friendliest cities in the world), pleaded with Israel’s high court not to be deported to the West Bank because it would lead to persecution by his family and his detention, torture and death by Palestinian security forces?
      Or the Palestinians in the West Bank who, in 2013, committed 27 honor killings against their wives, sisters and daughters?
      Or the Palestinians who, since childhood, have been educated by books and newspapers that claim Jews are sub-human, satanic and animals, and that Israel is the root of all of their problems?
      Or the Palestinians who grew up in refugee camps while Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait and Brunei became some of the wealthiest countries in world, gave virtually nothing to help the Palestinians and have purposely kept them in refugee camps as political tools since 1948?
      Or the Palestinians who, for decades, promoted terrorism against Israel forcing Israel to build a security wall (that virtually ended all suicide bombings) and now call it the Apartheid Wall?
      Or the Palestinians who, after Israel voluntarily withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, giving the Palestinians land and self-determination, have fired more than 11,000 rockets at Israel, killing Israelis and causing thousands of injuries?
      Or the Palestinians who, since the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993, have committed thousands of terrorist acts (not including rocket attacks from Gaza), murdering 1,472 Israelis?
      Or the Palestinians from Hamas who kidnapped and murdered three Jewish teenage yeshiva (Torah study) students?
      Or the Palestinians who denounced Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas because he condemned the kidnapping and murder of the three Jewish teens?
      Or the Palestinian mother of Abu Aysha (one of the suspected murderers of the three Israeli teens) who said if he truly did it … “I’ll be proud of him till my final day. … I raised my children on the knees of the [Islamic] religion … their goal is to bring the victory of Islam”?
      And you want Israel to stop the bloodshed”?

      • Suri Weinberg-Linsky

        Brilliant! I might have to borrow this to refute the deluded souls who think ‘poor Palestinians’.

      • Kim

        The ones that are currently being pummeled/decimated by an overreactive military superpower. (David versus Goliath.).

    • Sara abro

      Hi kim. Yes, many christians are anti semites and many are not. And there is a large christian support that even i have seen from south africa for israel. I am a mother of a beautiful two year old boy and the images i see of gaza do break my heart. It is so important to understand why there is a conflict in gaza and to know that all israel wants is peace. We do not want to be the cause of death or devestation. In the same vain, we do not want to see the destruction of our people or our children. Hamas uses people for pr and as himan sheilds and political statements. The have fired over 3000 rockets into isreal. Israel must defend its people. And remember too that israel is the only democracy in the middle east. We do not mutilate pur woman or sacrifice our children. Believe what you will but try educate yourself more so you dont get hoodwinked like so many do from the one sided media reporting i see at the moment. As a mother and a liberal human being i wish only for peace and love. It is only a pity hamas wishes for my death and the complete destruction of israel. I support israel to defend itself as i would support you to defend yourself if someone attacked you and your family. God bless the christians and others that support us when last week i felt like we were on our own and now know we are not. I hope others like you that feel like reasonable people know why and who they are supporting in this conflict. Keep reading and maybe you will change your tune.

      • Kim

        So according to you, Christians and others are anti-Semites or support Israel? Talk about a broad brush. As a mother and a human being, I value human life. Each & Every One and especially children who are the mercy of irresponsible adults. When we paint with a broad brush and categorize people, we de-humanize them just like you did. We have problems here in California just south of our border, many people are being slaughtered by drug lords and the cancer is moving across the border but that does not give us a right to destroy an entire region. In fact, we MUST show restraint as a super power and get to the root of the problem or nothing with change. Do you think the actions of Israel really help the case for Jewish people around the world or do you think it reinforces negative perceptions?

        • Sara Abro

          HI Kim

          Thank you for your reply.

          You are correct in saying my statement was too broad. It didn’t come out quite the way I meant it. All I was trying to say was that we do have some Christian support. I need to say that I do feel that anti Israel is the new PC way of being antisemitic – i struggle to see the difference.

          I was just watching footage this morning showing rocket launchers in Gaza from Hamas next to a school and another next to a UN facility. It has been proven that Hamas have deliberately and strategically put their weapons in such places that when Israel does retaliate to Hamas rocket fire that there are civilian casualties.

          I can also add that there were over 40 terror tunnels found and those tunnels were built for the sole purpose of infiltrating Israel and murdering on mass civilians. Hamas is a terrorist organisation and their open goals are to destroy Israel and kill Jews.

          The fact that innocent people are being killed and children and adult and women – whoever, makes me sick. AND I feel Israel had no choice but to defend its people.

          If only more people in the world had love and humanity. I believe that even through our debate that you are a reasonable person that I could have over for dinner and discuss the mess or the world with – just remember that not everyone out there is reasonable. Certainly in my mind terrorists are not.

  8. Sohrab Rustom

    Dear Naomi,
    I am not a Jew, but an Indian, Parsee living in Germany.
    I am extreemly proud of the few (unfortunately) Jewish friends (from India), that I have.
    What a GREAT Nation, brave & Strong with a GREAT leader, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. To pity Israel would be an Insult to this great Nation!!
    But I wish that the Israelis would BE CERTAIN that the MASS of the NON-muslim Population of this cowardly world Supports without exception the right of Israel to FLOURISH!!!
    Islam and the muslims will destroy this world. But there is hope that they will NEVER destroy Israel. Fortunately they are buisy destroying themselfs!!

    Isreal FOREVER!!


  9. JOhannes Krämer

    Dear Naomi,

    I live in Austria and I am not jewish. The whole Hamas-thing makes me so sad, sometimes angry. But in this actual conflict I am surprised that the medias report much better than in the conficts in the past. Even our Austrian ORF-Television has shown much understanding for Israel.
    Some of my friends were in Israel in the last three weeks. Two are leaving tomorow to Tel Aviv. In this difficult time for Israel, we as christian believers are praying for you. As church we donated to Keren Hajessod to help to finance the alia of jewish people! Stand firm as Israeli, many people understand Israel. Christians all over the world a behind you. To use a well known sentence: He who is with you is stronger than he who stands against you.

  10. Jan Averink

    Dear Naomi,
    Very well spoken, my greatest respect.

  11. Buddy Sutton

    I would suggest for you to discuss your ideas more intelligently and more by really listening to all the news stations and papers.
    If you did so you would hear they all say Netanyahu is correct to protect Israel and its people.
    Please be careful not to cause any enemies and hatred to our nation and the Jewish people by picking fights with the media.


      Hi Buddy – your arrogance in your words : “be careful not to cause any enemies and hatred to our nation and the Jewish people by picking fights with the media”……maybe you must express your ideas and views more intelligently!
      Naomi’s article is spot-on – maybe her last paragraph was written to you!
      Naomi – me and my husband, Louis, here in South Africa support Israel in what they need to do to protect their land and people – WELL DONE on this straight to the point article of yours!!
      regards – elize van der linde – SA

  12. Ellen Cresswell

    How have we forgotten, the past history of Palestinians. Remember Yasser Arafat? He was offered 97% of what they asked for. He turned it down. I sincerely believe that if Palestinians were offered 105% of more than they asked for, that they would turn it down. They have a mindset that is carved in stone; they are “right” and everyone else is “wrong.” How does one negotiate with those whose beliefs are set in concrete? The more they get, the more they want. That “thinking” is more than dysfunctional…it is outright sick!

    Remember when Israel forcibly moved and sold out those homes on a strip of Gaza that was deemed for Palestinians? These were fairly new homes and those who came to occupy them let them go to ruin.

    They want to “live” in the twelfth century. Never mind that turning females into slaves and whose station is worse than that of a camel. We are all saddened and diminished when children become the fodder of war. Putting these precious lives at risk by not accepting or negotiating anything except what they can hold those for ransom is beyond comprehension. If the Palestinians cared for their children and not as “acceptable losses” of war they would negotiate.
    The Israelis are not killing children with malice and forethought. The extremists are!

    Their Koran is worth more than the lives of children, women and men. When they “honor” those who would blow themselves up, and however many others that they can take with them, makes life meaningless. So how can anyone negotiate with fanatics of that medieval mindset?

    Ellen Cresswell 8/1/2014

  13. Randy Rutkin

    Brilliantly stated. The blind, disgustingly hypocritical international community (including the U.S. and our shameful administration) don’t matter anymore. When their spineless acquiescence has finally allowed evil to win, all we’ll hear is their whining that they just didn’t realize what was happening. How totally reminiscent of Nazi Germany. What gutless fools. Let’s just pray that Israel, apparently the only country left with any moral integrity, once again puts itself at risk for the rest of this pathetic world and wipes those sick Jew-haters off the face of the earth.

    • Ben Ghazi

      Thank you Randy. My name is Micki Regev. I’m an Israeli American who loves both countries. In my comment a few days ago I used a pseudonym to show my opinion on our useless administration, a mockery of a leader for the free world. All you need to do is listen to Nancy Pelosi (who is very lucky that stupidity doesn’t hurt). You have expressed the sad reality much more eloquently than me.

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  15. Sivan Rotem

    Congratulations dear Mrs. Ragen!!! You have written what every decent human being should think and fight for.Excellent!!!

  16. Margot Pa

    Thank you Naomi for telling it like it is in such sn
    eloquent and unapologetic way.
    We don’t have to apologize to the world that we
    prefer doctors, scientists and musicians to suicide
    bombers, child floggers and beheaders .
    We don’t have to apologize that we have survived and
    flourished against all attempts to murder and annihilate us.
    We don’t have to apologize that we are in love with life while they worship death.
    And we certainly don’t have to cry when the barbarians come for them – and come for you they will.
    When will they understand that their hatred only makes us stronger?

  17. Joan Haefeli

    The perfect letter. I cannot understand how anyone could side with Hamas or the Palestinians, for what is going on in Israel right now. I hope this letter reaches all corners of the earth.

  18. Marian Segal

    Kol hakavod! Wish you would send this article to the NY Times as a letter to the editor.

  19. Sara Abro

    This war has brought forward the ugliness and wide spread anti semitism openly. Some Jews in our rainbow nation are being kicked out of stores in main shopping centres. I have been sent some pathetic messages on my facebook. There have been open letters against Israel from Ministerial level in our Government in South Africa.

    Yes, I do feel sad for the children and as a mother the images are disturbing. But, I cant ignore how Hamas continues to aim and fire rockets specifically targeted at civilians in Israel as even though there are more casualties in Gaza, Israel actually warns and avoids civilians. I cant ignore how they celebrate the death of Jews when the Jews dont celebrate killing others. I cant ignore how Hamas uses the civilians as human shields and as a means for propaganda. I cant ignore how biased the media supports is of Gaza and how the Israelis are being criticized for self defense.

    Hamas and the extremists want the total destruction of Israel and want to then move on to convert the world. Those that are not Muslim and defend these terrorist actions don’t realize they are next…

    May hashem protect Israel and its soldiars and may all Jews in Israel and the diaspora always know there is a home for us where we can live in peace away from people that hate us.

    Thank you for the article – I hope it can help some readers see there is a case for Israel and we are defending ourselves because we have to – not because we want to. I don’t believe any Jew wants war – we would be only too happy to live in peace.


    I thing is about time to us Americans to say enough to the terrorists or Muslims and say if they don’t like the way we live here to go home like the Russian did and Canada an Australia and the country that have love for their people and the liberty of all the citizens that live in there.
    Today is Israel tomorrow will be Europe and USA they forget 9/11 and how everybody have to change the way of living without having to be careful in everything that you do or were to travel because of them why the people forget that, don’t worry they will remained you very soon after Israel will came us.

  21. Carla B

    We as Americans have been very naive in thinking that Muslims in this country are placid people. They are taking over school curriculums taking out the history that does them disservice, teaching their children the hate in their OWN schools, getting away with Sharia law in out country. We should stand up and protect ourselves. If these people love the Zkoran and love to be Muslims and not want to assimilate I say send them back to their country. Oh, there not safe there, well too bad we are not safe here with them. Let’s take back our country for the sake of our children and their children for our future.

  22. arthur ebbin

    tell me what those tunnels are for.enlighten me as to the purpose of all those thousands of rockets.and then explain to me how any impartial observer can side with is not possible!

    • Tom

      The tunnels are to get their missiles into Israel, capture civilians, Murder the people close at hand.

  23. Dick Delson

    Naomi, good for you. When I was in the Army I was shipped to Ft. Eustis in Virginia where my MOS was playing baseball for the fort. When I still had to stand formation, there was a guy who lined up next to me who used to call me every curse word anyone has ever heard. I ignored him. Then one day he called me a Jew bastard. He never saw the punch that broke his nose. He hit the ground as if he’s been shot. They took him to the base hospital to patch him up. A couple of days later, he was back in formation.
    “I didn’t think you had it in you,” he said.
    My reply: “You crossed the line.”
    Good for you, girl,

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  25. Steph from Texas

    Amen, Naomi!! Loved your article.

    Please know, the New York Times DOES NOT represent America. It represents the liberals and administration who have turned their backs on Israel and have done nothing but made poor and damaging choices for too many years now. The other half stands behind Israel.

  26. Emmanuel

    Israel has the right to live in safe
    Greetings from Greece

  27. Gary Fidel

    Thank you, Naomi! The liberal media in the US is deaf, dumb, and ignorant as to history. It would never occur to them to look back at actions taken during WWII by the UK and the US that resulted in tens of thousands of civilians dying. They are also deaf, dumb, and particularly blind to the Hamas Charter, which calls for Shariah Law to be imposed on all of “Palestine” and for all Jews to be killed. Thank you again, Naomi, for having the courage to speak the truth!

  28. Christos

    Tough but excellent article. In Greece we have a motto. “ΕΙΣ ΟΙΩΝΟΣ ΑΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΑΜΥΝΕΣΘΑΙ ΠΕΡΙ ΠΑΤΡΗΣ”
    We support Israel.

  29. Anne marsden

    You hit the nail on the head,.Congratulations.

  30. Hastaroth

    Greetings from Greece,Europe’s most antisemitic country,with almost 70% of the people having antisemitic/anti-Israel views.Not only they are antisemitic,they even don’t want to listen to anything that doesn’t fit in their antisemitism.If you give them references that show the truth,they don’t even read them.I’ve experienced it time and again in several fora that I visit.I wonder whether it needs some catastrophic event on us Greek Jews to wake them up from their hatred.Thanks for your article,but I have the impression that we’re,once again,alone against the whole world….

  31. Jack Shasha

    I do cry for you but I am with you all the way. We will go down in history as the people who stood up for freedom and democracy against the whole world.


  32. Susan Andres

    First as a Jew and second as an American, I am ashamed to be the latter, Obama has the IQ of an asparagus and is a disgrace to America. I applaud Israel’s convictions. Unfortunately the world has naively accepted these Muslims in all their countries,not anticipating their own country’s demise from the atavistic/barbaric Muslims

    • Hillary Hussein Kerry

      Susan, your words are an unforgivable insult to asparaguses everywhere.

  33. Joel Schroeder

    Thank you, Naomi.

    As a Christian Canadian with 100% Mennonite background I and my family stand behind you and Israel. I would proudly serve for God’s chosen people.

  34. Aletta Sinoff

    You have expressed what I wish I could have said, most eloquently and perfectly to the point. Bless our people and our nation. With gratitude to you for your message, your clarity, and your willingness to speak up and out without fear. We are stronger because of what you have written.

  35. Ben Ghazi

    Dear Naomi,

    Thank you for so brilliantly expressing what all sane and decent people feel.

    I am glad I didn’t write it, as I’m not a writer, but mainly because I would have used the expletive at the end.

    “John Kerry” ( I call him קרי לילה), there is no use responding to Joshua (if it is his real name) or P J Jones; they don’t deserve to be acknowledged. Unfortunately, I know more than a few Jews, Israelis, Even in my ( not immediate) family that express views on the same line. They all have a mental disorder (not related to the subject, but in general) which prevents them to see facts, reality, truth and history.

    This is a critical time in world history, when we have the most divisive, secretive, corrupt and incompetent US administration (note my pseudonym) that cannot lead the free world (or anything for that matter). America will recover, even though the “temporary insanity” of the people lasted more than 4 years, but Israel needs to take care of itself. I am sick and tired of hearing “Israel has the right to defend itself”. Israel has the right and moral duty to defeat and destroy the evil forces that try time and time again to destroy her.

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  37. Paul

    Ms. Ragen,

    Israel does have supporters here in The United States. I am sorry that our current administratin dos not seem to have as much backbone as past administrations. I have a tremendous admiration for your administrations retraint and leadership. If only our president had that leadership ability, we may be able to do something to assist you. Unfortunately, you will be going it alone for as long as the American liberal is in power. Please hold out until the American people come to thier senses. I fear it may some time before that happens. Also, I know you know this already, but I want to say it; please disregard the awful names that the evil people call you. It only proves their lunacy. I hope things work out all for the citizens of Israel and Jews all over the world.

  38. Kenneth Douglas

    Excellent article! I stand by Israel! I’m tired of media berating Israel. I am a 56 yr old black man living in the liberal morass called LA County. I can’t believe the sympathy folks have for the enemies of Israel. Sickening! I have in my lifetime knowingly have met survivors of the Holocaust. Who knows how many I’ve met that didn’t reveal it to me. This article was sent to me by my friend Gil. Until today I did not know of you Naomi but I will be following you now!


  39. Sandy Brygider

    Wonderful article and why people are so blind these days is beyond me. But first we must remove the word radical when describing these Muslims – All Muslims fall into the same category. They all believe in the Koran. They all believe in world domination and the destruction of Israel and the Great Satan. When Israel is gone they will come after us here in the US, as we are the Great Satan. Bush made a bad error after 09/11 – He should have banned any religion which violates our criminal statutes as the Muslim religion does. Just look at what the Koran teaches. It is the same for every Muslim all over the world, not just the so called radical ones. First convert the infidel. If that fails tax them or use them as slaves, and lastly kill them. And here we have our own government facilitating the building of Mosques in every little town or city in this country. If I had my way I would confiscate every Mosque in the USA and sell the property, giving the funds to the Israelis. Mark my words people, when the great awakening comes, we shall be playing Cowboys and Muslims – just as we played Cowboys and Indians in the 1800’s.

  40. Yossi Winter

    Thank you Naomi for an excellent article! As a Holocaust survivor, I appreciate your straight forward putdown of the leftist apparatchiks -sadly – many of them Jews.

  41. Hillary Hussein Kerry

    My government applauds the efforts of Hamas to increase the proportion of women among its elite defensive suicide bombers. For too long, many of the region’s governments have denied equal opportunity to women. I am proud to announce that my office has concluded an agreement with Hamas whereby women suicide bombers will not only be assured of preferential hiring practices but also of equal compensation.
    The US government is honored to bring affirmative action to yet another part of the world.

  42. Jonas S. Lieberman

    I am totally embarrassed because I just sent a Facebook message to Naomi about a half hour ago, however I had no idea who she is and I complimented her on her writing and her style of writing and furthermore I asked her permission so that I can have what she wrote printed in the New York Post. I feel like a total idiot!

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  45. Cheryle Gertner

    What an incredibly truthful and touching article you’ve published! The issues are so well- clarified that anyone with a moral compass of integrity would have not an iota of difficulty knowing that the tiny democracy of Israel, amid the tyrranical and hostile Arab countries needs and deserves the support and admiration of the free world, rather than its condemnation.

  46. Tracy

    Amen! Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth! I wish more people would. It is so disturbing as to how many people have misrepresented the situation. Thank G-d for the State of Israel.

  47. David Nathanson

    Good piece. But you misquoted Joseph Welch. What he said was: “Senator, may we not drop this? We know he belonged to the Lawyers Guild. Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator. You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

  48. Paul Bunch

    Agreed. I’m British, gentile and married to a Jewish girl, with two lovely Jewish children. I want you to know I have experience the duplicity of the European/British press first hand, having spent 6 months on Kibbutz in 1993 and finding none of the attacks I became aware of whilst there were reported back here in the UK or anywhere in Europe. Sorry that our country has been so biased and underhanded for the last 70 years.


  49. Carl Muller

    I am a South African (gentile) that supports Israel on Facebook. I have been told that I will be killed. I might have lost friends but still go on. Israel has the right to live in safe borders and to protect her citizens. It is interesting that 11420 children have been killed in Syria by the Muslims and no one says anything about that.

    • Natacha

      Hi Carl,
      I agree with you, it’s really a shame that nobody cares about the children that were murdered in Syria. But you know, since it’s not Jews who did it, the world does not care…
      Naomi, i love your books and i agree with your articles here. I’m Argentinean and live in Israel since 2003. Lost a few of my “friends” on Facebook, they called IDF “terrorists”. Enough for me, the world has gone blind!!!

  50. Joshua

    Hamas’s missiles are comparable to the Nazis’ bombing of Britain? If you’re insistent on invoking WWII, you ought to refer to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, where a poorly armed, abandoned, courageous people sacrificed their lives to resist a brutal and illegal military occupation.

    • John Kerry

      The Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were not resisting the Nazi occupation of Poland. They were resisting the Nazi plan to send them all to death camps. No such danger faces the Gazans, who are not occupied by anybody. Until Hamas started shooting rockets at Israel, there wasn’t a single Israeli soldier in Gaza. As for the blockade, it only began after Hamas’ repeated terror attacks. Oh, wait – I forget. It’s not terrorism if the victims are Jews.
      The Gazans elected Hamas as their government, knowing full well that Hamas intends to kill every single Jew on the planet, those in Israel and those on the Upper West Side of New York and everywhere else. Did they think Israel would roll over and let them?
      Hamas is the modern day equivalent of the Nazis.
      The solution is to end the illegal occupation of the Middle East and send all the Arabs back to Arabia.

      • Suri Weinberg-Linsky

        Well said John Kerry! Nothing like the truth getting in the way of fiction!

    • John

      There is no military occupation of Gaza, no extermination policy towards Palestinians,.Arabs live unmolested and free in Israel…. Yet the Hamad charter calls for killing all Jews, they train their children in Nazi-like propaganda, uniforms etc….so who are the Nazis in your analogy.?

    • Mirel

      What illegal military occupation? There has been no Israeli presence in Gaza for years, and most of the missiles they’ve been sending to Israel have been aimed at areas that are within the 1947 UN borders. So what exactly are you talking about?

      While comparing the missiles the Hamas sends out to the blitz may not be the best comparison, comparing the Palestinians to the Jews in WW2 is absolutely ridiculous. Jews in Europe did not have any charters to take over Europe or kill every last European. They didn’t send people out as suicide bombers to target innocent people on buses; they didn’t have people shooting at civilians driving by or kidnap teens to massacre. So what exactly is your basis of comparison?

    • Debbie


      What “military occupation”? The israelis pulled out of gaza 10 years ago, you ignoramous. Hamas expressed their gratitude by launching 1000s of rockets at israeli citizens and building a system of terror tunnels under mosques and hospitals, from which to ambush, kidnap and murder israelis

      I can imagine if Texans vowed to destroy the rest of america and americans everywhere and followed suit by building an arms arsenal, bombarding civilian centres with rockets, willfully kidnapping and murdering teenagers, you’d be bloody hell screaming for its military occupation.

  51. Marsha Livson

    I live in an over 55 community….mostly people who should remember or have heard about the holocaust. Recently, at a current events meeting a woman, in her early 80’s, answered that she will always vote Democratic and I asked her what she should do if it were Hitler running and she said if he was a Democrat, she would vote for him. There is something in America, in the New York area, that has made so many people forget so fast. Perhaps they feel sorrow for the poor Palestinians, but I am proud of Israel for finally standing up and saying “Never Again.” How do we remind our senior citizens?

    • Madeline Friedman

      Marsha Livson, the facts of what you wrote are becoming the norm and are truly frightening. People are voting Party without much regard for who’s actually running. It’s as if people don’t care to actually think anymore, and rely on the brainwashing by the media rather than critical thought. Yes, she probably would vote for Hitler if she voted for Obama, to her own and her peoples’ own demise. It’s one thing if people want to give up their freedoms to milquetoast politicians who don’t care about our country or Israel. It’s another that they’re the voting majority who also seem unable to think critically and clearly, and the rest of us in the minority have to suffer as a result.

  52. Madeline Friedman

    Why do you see it, why do a minority see it, and why does most of the world now not see it as you describe, and as it is? With an Israel approval rating of only 51% in the U.S., and with public opinion in support of Israel dwindling, I cringe to think of what happens when approval ratings fall into the mid-40s. Does anyone remember or care about “never again…?” What of all the Liberal Jews who elected a man with the names Hussein and Obama as President? What kind of liberal, Jewish guilt, shame, and…what, exactly?…a need to prove exactly how liberal we can be…?…elects a man who may have been born an American, but wasn’t raised in America or as an American, and is clearly anti-American to the highest office in America? Shame on the Jews who sold out Israel and threw her under the bus with the election, TWICE, of this tyrant!

  53. Judy

    You said it like it is. You always do. Maybe one day the world will listen.
    Wishing you strength and courage in this mess we call “living”.
    And keeping all Israelis in our hearts and prayers…

  54. Donald Scharoff

    Yasher Koach Naomi. You have acted to usher in our Shabbos in the most appropriate manner. Telling the “do gooders” where they can go. This is one time when the mighty fist of the Lion of Judah will smash the perpetrators of terror into oblivion. No stopping until the goal line is crossed.

    • PJ Jones

      “This is one time when the mighty fist of the Lion of Judah will smash the perpetrators of terror into oblivion.”
      You mean until you have murdered every last one of them …. I just reread this – the perpetrators of terror – WOW – you should be careful – such a death wish for the Israelis !!

  55. Rhonda Youell

    Can we publish your article on the front page of our Canadian newspapers? You have hit the nail on the head, as they say, and I am proud of every word you have written. As a Canadian Jew I know you speak the truth for all of us, whether the Palestinians choose to hear us or not.
    Thank you.

    • Suri Weinberg-Linsky

      I agree with Rhonda!!! I am a proud Canadian but when I see what some are doing and saying, I see the Canada from the 1920 – 1930’s where Jews were vilified and condemned to death (None Is Too Many). Hopefully, it is a small minority with too loud voices who the media is pandering to and they will retreat under their rocks once again. Of course, using their Israeli-made technology, medicine, etc. which they fail to recognize as ‘the enemy’s tool’. We will survive. But if it comes to it, we will fight as never before. Am Israel Chai!

  56. Nigel Yarden

    Amen to every sentiment expressed here. Thank you from Europe

  57. Chaiya Sora

    You’re the BEST Naomi Regan! You said it! Thank you!

  58. Debbie


    This is a great article. I think it’s getting majorly frustrating for everyone to continue constantly calling for “death to the Jews” just like they yelled it when Dreyfus was railroaded over a century ago. Do people not get this? This isn’t righteous concern about people (there are a lot of worthy people in the world to be concerned about — why aren’t these people concerned about THEM???). This isn’t normal concern about self-determination (don’t the Basques and the Tibetans, for example, deserve self-determination?). This is simple, blatant, bald-faced, obvious, virulent at its source Antisemitism. Pure and simple. Pure and simple. Pure and simple.

  59. Nancy Nelson

    You worded this with profound truth.
    As a Texan, I am shedding tears of frustration and anger, for what I clearly see your nation is having to cope with.
    Texans and Israelis share much in common. That “enough is ENOUGH” attitude, and discerning truth are only two. Verbiage and descriptive gestures are two more.
    I have been one of your readers for several years.
    You never fail to express what many of us are thinking.
    You are not alone.

  60. Donna Lack

    This is so clear and concise – what an amazing post. The New York times and others of its ilk lost me a long time ago. There is NO moral equivalency between Israel and this terrorist organization. The mainstream media has lost its way, tragically. How easily they have been manipulated, and they have gone willingly, which we Jews will not do. Please know there are so many of us here in the United States, both Jew and non-Jew, who love Israel. It is a shining beacon of democracy and we know it is. Your country is my country’s best friend. Thank you for your inspired writings, Ms. Ragen. Am Yisrael Chai!

  61. Naomi R.

    Excellent Naomi! You speak for those of us here in the US too who are totally fed up with the double standard applied to Israel as well as the repugnance of the articles in so called trusted media.

  62. Elaine Sussman

    Perfectly written!Amazingly nothing changed. Actually now their vile hatred reaches people faster. What’s most troubling is that it’s so bold. Have they no shame?

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