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Do the Palestinians Deserve a State?

It has become axiomatic since Oslo that there is a Palestinian people, and that they are oppressed and disenfranchised and deserve to express their national identity through a state of their own. This state is to be housed on the lands captured by Israel in the Six Day War, and run by the Palestinian Authority headed by Yasir Arafat.

Let’s think about this. In the light of recent events, what kind of state can we expect the Palestinian people to establish?

A state which has no respect for human life, where small children are inculcated with hate for other peoples and religions and cultures. Where they attend summer camps in which they are taught that to be a suicide bomber is the highest form of religious expression. Where they are taken to the front to get themselves shot for the sake of photo ops, and where their parents get paid blood money for child sacrifice.

A state in which people regularly murder women for infractions of male honor codes. A place where a brother will stab a sister he suspects of sexual misconduct, while his mother and father look on in approval. A state where domestic abuse isn’t a problem, it’s a way of life, and where battered women are the norm. This, if they are lucky, because the Taliban, another extremist Muslim state in which the participants are exercising their national identity, have made women virtual slaves, denying them education, medical care, employment, and freedom of movement and expression.

  • A state in which summary executions are carried out without due process.
  • A state which defends shattering the skulls of infants in their mothers arms.
  • A state in which hands dipped in the blood of lynch mob victims are raised to cheering crowds.
  • A state in which education consists of hate-mongering textbooks.
  • A state run by corrupt officials who literally get away with murder, while pocketing all monies collected to alleviate the suffering of the hungry, unemployed and unskilled.

And to those who say that the Palestinian people are not to blame, but their leadership, I would like to point out that the Palestinian people has chosen, and continues to choose, its leadership every day by passively accepting the dictates of the Palestinian Authority with Yasir Arafat at its head. There are enough guns and ammunition in the hands of enough people to cause Arafat quite a bit of trouble should the Palestinian people choose to change its leadership.

I would like to say to all those progressive, liberal people whose hearts yearn to see a Palestinian State set up in the West Bank and Gaza, what is the matter with you? Does the world really need yet one more corrupt state of Muslim extremists to misconstrue their own religion, and dishonor the religion and cultural artifacts of others? Do we really need to empower yet another murderous, corrupt, inhumane regime and give it legitimacy? To what end? And to whose benefit?

The Palestinian people may have earned themselves the curse of living in such a state, but can the world, in good conscience, really agree to let them have it?

The truth is, that anyone who really cares about the Palestinians, anyone with an ounce of real humanism, liberalism, or humanity at all, should oppose the establishment of a Palestinian State under current conditions with every fiber of their being.

Because nobody deserves the kind of state that Yasir Arafat and his henchman have created. Not even the Palestinian people.

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25 comments on “Do the Palestinians Deserve a State?”

  1. Ron

    It should now be apparent to all, that peace in Israel will NEVER be realized. The various solutions are A.All jews must leave,or, B.All arabs must leave. Arguing about the history of the land is futile. Just get it over with now.

    • michael

      what Palestinian??? never been a nation so why do they need a country??genetically they are from Saudi a Arabia so let them go back home and start a revelation there they will be killed to the last one by there brothers

  2. michael

    I fail to understand how a Palestinian nation was created by no other then Rabin and Peres the Oslo accord was the biggest lie fed to the world all of it to be recognized for a Nobel peace prize Arafat who openly said it is only the first step to take it all Arafat had NO connection to Israel he only visited his aunt for 2 weeks in Jerusalem
    the Arabs were called Syrians then Jordanians and now have created an entity of Palestine a word they can not pronounce
    the world is so fed up with Islamic terrorism the band to them and pay huge sums to keep this lie going an entity that oppress the masses kill them and send them in harm way persuasion them to say they were born in Haifa Jaffa etc. and the UN will support them till they go back to the houses they came from WHAT A LIE think about it lets say a family of 4 from an apartment in Haifa of 3 rooms now will be about 120 now can they live in 3 rooms????? this is garbage it is good for the UN as it is a job for life for Arab leaders a good income on there back and a reason to keep the masses all over the Arab world oppressed it all garbage it is time to stop giving funds to the UN who squander it and the terrorists to buy weapons and get the people out of refugees camps and to have a normal life they are the ONLY refugees in the world that hang on to it for so many years if no funds will be coming they will disperse ISLAM IS NOT THE WORLD RULLERS not yet

  3. John Kerry

    We Americans strongly oppose seizing the lands of others by military conquest and the imposition of foreign values on the local population and the suppression of their religion. For all these reasons my government demands that the Arabs go back to Arabia immediately.

  4. michael

    to have a state and be a nation you do not just create it a t the whim of somebody who want this bit of land and for that take it from somebody else
    Arabs have so much land and there is NO Palestinian entity it is a fabrication of Arafat and Rabin and Peres why not in Jordan where most of them came from?
    looks like a child who want this toy that is the same as the other but he wants this so are the Arabs Israel was uninhabited for so long and when Jews came all of a Sudan every one wants it the prize first choice
    it is all B S I want this toy not the other
    go jump in the lake if you find one

  5. yvonne stine

    am I wrong. years ago the jews traveled and got thrown out of every where they went finally settling down in their current location. Now they are wanting it all

    • John Kerry

      No dear, it is the Islamists who want it all, including your home town.

    • Mirel

      Yes, Yvonne, you are wrong. The Jews originally lived in a land called Israel, comprising areas that that cover much of today’s Middle East: modern-day Israel, Jordan, parts of Lebanon and some others. In a small corner of the kingdom, lived a people, called Philistines, who invaded from abroad and eventually died out.

      When the Romans invaded the land of Israel and the kingdom of Judah, they took the Jews off to exile throughout the Roman empire. In an unsuccessful attempt to weaken the Jewish ties to the land, they changed the country’s name to Palestine, taken from the name of the Philistines (it’s the same name in Semitic languages although it looks different in English).

      When you made it clear to us all over the world that we were not welcome, we returned home to the country from which we were originally exiled. Actually, we only returned to a small portion of it, because the world powers decided to grant parts of our ancient land to other countries. The largest portion of the land called Palestine went to create the country of Jordan. But that was enough for us.

      So no, we don’t want it all, but we do want to be able to live in peace in our corner of it. And for some odd reason, we would really like to be able to live here without people coming to blow themselves up on our buses, or kidnap and murder our children, or send missiles to blow up our homes and kill and injure our citizens. And yes, if other people can’t respect that, then the nature of things is that they’ll have to bear the consequences of it. Whether it is retaliations if you’re among the terrorists, or seeing terrorism eventually invade your areas, if you’re merely making observations from the sidelines.

  6. Barbara Colomitz

    Thank you for sending such important information !
    To say I love your books ,is an understatement !

  7. fari

    N Palestine’s deserve their state to be lived their freely.

  8. fari

    I don’t agree at all with what you said. If fighting for your own rights is wrong then every country who got freedom by giving so many sacrifices and bloodshed , shouldn’t have come into existence. Why Muslims are always being held responsible for all the attacks? Cant you see what’s going around? Israeli’s president himself proclaimed that he is never going to stop attacks on Palestine. The extent of freedom which ISLAM has given to its women, no one can ever give. Totally biased article!! You will not realize it till you face all these circumstances by yourself.

    • Mirel

      No, no Israeli president has ever said that he is never going to stop attacks on Palestine. The Israeli president does not have the power to start or stop attacks. As for the Israeli Prime Minister, he has said that he will not rest until Israeli citizens can live in peace, without having missiles sent at them. If you want to live in peace too, then stop sending missiles our way. Use the funding you receive to build a state, not to try and destroy the state next to you. We provide you with your electricity and your water. We send you food and humanitarian aid. We treat your ill in our hospitals. What do we get from you? Missiles, kidnappings, and terror. Take a page from the Kurds. They have achieved more than you in less time without spilling innocent blood through terror.

  9. Nayeli Gilbertson

    This article is extremely disturbing. Both Palestinians and Israelis have commited attrocities. To portray the Palestinians in such an ignorant light shows that you have no real knowledge on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. You sound as bad as the Palestinians you are describe. It really is a shame to see this article. I would suggest you do more research and really try to understand the subject rather then generalize the Palestinian people. The time for the blame game is over. Israelis and Palestinians have to work to find a solution.

    • Mirel

      Could you please enlighten us as to the ignorance that Naomi displayed here?

      What are the facts you have to dispute Naomi’s claims?

  10. Palestine

    I would suggest for Jews to go and claim Egypt too!!! since they were living there as slaves for the pharons as history says before the Moses rescued them!

    • Big Mo

      If the Jews go back to Egypt, will the Arabs go back to Arabia?

  11. Geraumezeit

    The author’s blatant disregard for other’s misery and facts is striking. This is the most biased, narrow-minded and ignorant written piece I have ever read.

    There is no analysis based on facts, nor is there any logical connection between the assumptions made and the conclusion reached.

    I am amazed that seemingly intelligent people are capable of holding views without any trace of objectivity.

  12. Deb

    Here’s what confuses me most. There are intelligent people who will watch something unfold (Joe was sitting in this chair looking at a book opened in front of him on this table. Tom walked in the door, across the room, and smacked Joe on the left side of the head with his right hand.), and yet describe a completely different sequence of events. I hope I’m not being ignorant, hateful, or closed-minded to ask….Why do you suppose people do that?

  13. Liza

    Palestians claim that Zionists are just 70 years old and that they are the descendants of the Phillistines. They deny the existence and history of the Jews. Christ and Moses were Palestians. Believing this false historical teachings, Palestinians rightfully claim all of Israel as their rightful homeland. This is not a joke.
    Moreover, it is amazing how many Canadians and people all over the world believe them today. They teach hatred to their children and their people, who accept this information as truth, and all Jewish history as Jewish lies; it is therefore not surprising that their youth are ready and eager to fight for their country, to be terrorists.

    Both Jews and Arabs who lived in Palestine are Palestinians. Jews were referred to as Palestinians by the Romans and called their country Palestine until the creation of Israel by the U.N. in 1948. When Israel became a State, arabs living there called themselves Palestinians. As Palestinians, they are claiming Jewish identity as Palestinian history. The only way to support the State of Israel is through HISTORICAL EDUCATION of Palestine. It is most urgent that LIES should not replace TRUTH, All Palestian and arab false information and propaganda must be disclosed without delay. The history and education on Palestine and Palestinians must taught in all schools, universities, and through the media.

    • Deb

      This entry prompted me to think about why any location is labeled with a name. The reason is to distinguish it from any other location on the planet. Common sense! I do not, however, understand how land can be “owned”. Now don’t get me wrong. Whoever wants to put in the arduous labor of “working the land” in order to produce life sustaining resources will do so. But how does one “own” land? It’s a ridiculous concept to me. As far as “hate” goes, ownership goes a long way in creating and supporting it. Where am I wrong in my thinking?

    • Katie H

      You’re actually describing the typical Muslim fanatic church-bombing member of Boko Haram, which means “books are forbidden.”

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