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Gaza War Diary: 26 OCTOBER 2023

I came across something on Artuz 7 that was too sickening for words. Manu Pineda, a Spanish Communist Member of the European Parliament who lived in Gaza and associates with Hamas and PFLP and was recently denied entry to Israel as part of an EU delegation said this: “[Gaza] has now become an extermination camp!”

You hear that?! “An extermination camp.” It is absolutely obscene to use that language and propagate that lie!! Outrageous. As if we took them to Gaza and make them stay there! It’s their country. Hamas has made it what it is.

But soon after I came across something that helped me recover, a recent speech from Belgian Member of the European Parliament, Assita Kanko, who attacked Pineda with so much intelligence and righteous wrath I started having hope that we are not alone in the world arena. This is what she said to Pineda in front of the entire assembly:

“I’m very shocked by the intervention of my colleague. We all here stand for human rights. We stand for the fact that all humans are equal. I really don’t know where you have been staying in the past days, but maybe you were on the moon or anywhere else, but have you seen what happened in Israel?” “Have you seen that people went into houses to find human beings, to bring them outside, to kill, kidnap, or kill the babies just because they are Jews?”

MEP Assita Kanko

“Do you remember history?”

“Do you remember what happened on European soil?”

“Do you want anything like that to happen again?”

“Did you see that a teacher was killed in France last Friday?”

“That today marks 3 years of the assassination and beheading of Samuel Paty.”

“Why don’t you speak up against the violation of our fundamental rights and our values in Europe.”

Have you seen the people also chanting in Rome, in London, in Paris, in Amsterdam, in Rotterdam, saying that we are the bad ones, saying that they are defending Palestinians, but in fact they are supporting the Islamic terror group Hamas.”

“Did you see that?”

“Why don’t you speak against that?”

“You know … the Palestinians are the first victims of the Hamas. Shame on you!”

In response, many members cheered and applauded Kanko for her speech.

Thankfully, truth is not dead. Hamas is not winning the media war. If you look at popular forums like MailOnline and read the talkbacks to photos (many of them doctored for propaganda purposes) to show the suffering of the “innocents” in Gaza you would be encouraged: almost everyone refuses to buy it, instead blaming Hamas for what’s happening, or saying things like: “Why don’t you let the hostages go then? What did you expect was going to happen?”

In general, it’s really very different than the response to the last Gaza war. Unfortunately because the atrocities were so blatant and so documented by Hamas itself on head cameras… (what were they thinking?) But also because Israel got out ahead of the story and showed the truth right from the beginning. So it’s not working for Hamas the way it used to. But honestly, I’m so sick of arguing with people, or caring about what they think. We should just say:

This isn’t seventy years ago, you kill Jews, you die along with your wife and kids. So just… don’t.

I was surprised to read that the IDF actually crossed the border and went into Gaza last night with tanks and bulldozers, killing dozens of terrorists and creating facts on the ground for any eventual post war situation which will keep Gazans far from our borders. No more farmers up to the fence! They also brought back the bodies of ten Israelis murdered by terrorists for identification and burial. They knew the bodies were there. It seems that there is a sudden flood of information coming from Gazans in response to the IDF offer of payment and safe passage. Let’s hope most of it is about the location of the hostages.

You can see why a normal Gazan might be tempted to call or write the IDF. Here is a recent transcript of a conversation between a Gazan resident of and an IDF officer in unit 504, the Intelligence Directorate. The officer calls to tell the Palestinian he was endangering himself by not leaving the area of Northern Gaza. Imagine, the IDF called him!

And this is what the Gazan tells him:

All the roads are blocked.

Where are the roads blocked? Who blocked the roads? Hamas?



Yes, correct.

How did they block the road?

They are simply sending everyone back home.

Are they placing cars there?

They are shooting at people.

What are they shooting? Are they shooting at people trying to leave?

Yes, yes, yes.

I wonder how all the Hamas supporters would feel about that if they knew? But they probably never will find out the truth. Hamas will make sure of that.

 And so, I tell myself, I have to stop caring too about what the ignorant write and say and what prejudiced, stupid reporters write and say, and what propaganda lines the Hamas has up its sleeve for tomorrow. I say to all of them:

It’s not seventy years ago. You murder Jews, you die, along with your wife and kids. Even if you aren’t the murderer, but just support the murderers with your allegiance and your taxes, and your slogans and your marches. All of you are responsible when Jews are killed, especially when we see you celebrating as you did on October 7. All of you deserve it when you pay the price for the crimes of your elected government and your heroes and your leaders. We Jews don’t have to protect you. We don’t have to call you on the phone and tell you to leave. And if we do (!) and your elected officials – the ones you voted for, and you put into power over you – try to shoot you when you try to escape the war they started, then whose fault is that?

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13 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 26 OCTOBER 2023”

  1. Ruthie Saginur-Zaionz

    Israel will continue to be viewed as an apartheid state. If this is the case, then let Israel act accordingly. No more nice guy. It has not worked in our favour in the past and it is not going to work in the future. And here is the grand question that I wish some journalist would pose: Why do the 26 countries in the middle east refuse to accept displaced Gazans into their own countries as refugees? Is this an example of Arabic Brotherhood?

  2. Pam

    It’s possible to say what you’re saying without hating fellow Jews who disagree with you. You had spoken of hating Jews who want peace with Palestinians. Would you hate this woman because she sees a different way? “My name is Michal Halev. My son La’or was murdered last week by Hamas terrorists. I made this appeal for love and healing instead of vengeance because I don’t want other mothers to experience the unbearable pain I’m going through. Please help people the world over hear my anguish, and maybe seeds of peace can be planted in the fields of battle and hatred.”

  3. Karen Shulman-Osberg-Asbeck

    I am so glad to have read this post today. I was getting so frustrated with the media and attitudes in the USA, the student protests, lack of people speaking out, that I’ve been driving my family and friends nuts with my constant outrage. I needed this encouragement and to know that people aren’t uniformly falling for the propaganda like the media is making it seem. It’s disgusting that they report in a way that makes everybody think it’s ok to think in such a way, it becomes “normal” to be apathetic and that’s what scares me most. It frightens me nearly as much when people say “oh, I haven’t really been paying that much attention”. The world needs to wake up! Thank you Naomi! Please keep this up!

  4. Charmaine Ryan

    I hope this video from Australia’s senator Jackie Lambie (neutral) will confirm that some people can see for themselves and make intelligent decisions. She was a former army soldier.

  5. Ariella

    Your words today gave me hope and strength. I don’t want to feel quilty anymore for seething with rage. My 88 year old mother is a holocaust survivor who had to run to the shelter to hide from bombs or to the basement to hide from Nazis. A few days ago she told me that she is not going to any shelter or sealed room anymore. She doesn’t want to see any more horrors, hopes that Olam Haba’a is a better place.
    USA and BBC media is as shitty as always.
    My hope is that the liberal leftist American Jews will wake up before it’s too late.

  6. Eva Lande

    We live enough miles from Dearborn, the largest Arab community in the US. Never put our feet there. Here’s what I read in the latest Detroit Jewish News. Rabbi Lopatin: Some individuals from Detroit’s Arab American community have contacted Lopatin to express support and concern. However “no one in the Arab American community has spoken on the record and condemned Hamas. People are petrified to speak out against Hamas,” he says. “They are afraid of verbal abuse, boycotts of their businesses, physical threats or having their houses burned down. Says it all.
    We are especially following the news on the French channel. Our hearts go out to you and our beloved Israel that we’ve visited 3 times.
    Love from Michigan.

  7. David Bornstein

    You support a terrorist, you are a terrorist. In this context these occupying arabs are Neo Nazis. Israel has a death penalty for. Nazis.

  8. Suzanna

    We live not too far from Dearborn, MI. The lovely, peaceful citizens, and their vicious supporters have been jubilant there since October 7th. Since before any Israeli retaliation, mind you. Ann Arbor, MI. is also a hotbed of hatred toward Jews. We are living in the Weimar Republic here, whether we recognize it or not.
    We must stand against this rising tide of nazism if we really believe in our G-d.

  9. CW Joiner

    As a gentile, I am fervently pro-Israel. And a Naomiphile. Thanks for the coverage.

  10. Eli Kowalsky

    You are spot in. It appears that the overwhelming majority of so-called “Palestinian Arabs” living in Gaza and in Judea-Samaria sopport terrorism and the celebrate the cold blooded murder of innocents.

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