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Gaza War Diary: 25 OCTOBER 2023

One of the many things filling me with rage these days are the people who continue to voice the opinions they think are even handed, but actually show they want to make sure Israel can’t win. The Ceasefire people. They voice their concerns for both sides, but don’t say how a ceasefire is going to help get us back our hostages, or prevent another massacre. I guess they don’t care. It’s not their problem. And being mostly actors, i.e., lowlife entertainers in skimpy outfits doing sex scenes for a living, they aren’t rocket scientists.

So now the names on the Artists4Ceasefire list are the focus of my fury. People like Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo, you’d expect. But Rachel McAdams, Rooney Mara, Mandy Patinkin, Jessica Chastain, Jon Stewart, Tony Kushner, Kate Blanchett? The list goes on. Lots of Arabs. I’ve printed it out. Never watching another thing they’re in and will write to the studios to have them cancelled.

But then too we get the other posts on TikTok. The words of a wonderful Australian politician who said: “Hamas aren’t soldiers. Soldiers don’t hold guns to the heads of children and kidnap whole families. I wouldn’t even call them militants, which is giving them too much credit. They are violent rapists and murderers. Thugs.”

That just about sums it up. And the other TikToker who called out all the people worried the Gazans. “There is only one moral issue now, only one: Freeing the hostages.”

The long wait. Every day we ask ourselves if this will be the day that our offensive against Hamas will actually start. We are all prepared to have the rockets fly over us. Our bomb shelters are ready: water, extra batteries, radios. Yes, of course, everyday there are the bombings. Mutual, except that ours are so much more effective. Theirs haven’t seriously hurt anyone no matter how many bombs they’ve launched at us. That’s a miracle. We, on the other hand, are watching our forces wipe out whole neighborhoods in Gaza, buildings collapsing in huge explosions with billowing black clouds that block the horizon. We are only bombing in areas Gazans were warned to evacuate. So anyone who dies has only himself to blame. And if he left his wife and kids there, well, he should have been more responsible. The bureau chief of Al Jazeerah in Gaza apparently lost his family today for just that reason.

But I can’t say that the casualties on the Gazan side give us any great feelings of satisfaction. They are all dead men, anyhow. Not even worth hating. Would you expend energy hating a rodent? That’s what they are Hamas. Rats. And there are millions of them. Whoever is buried under those buildings is one less
rat, but still a drop in the bucket.

How, one may ask, did Hamas grow so rapidly? In 2006 they were the elected government of Gaza, and the educational system they put into place had one purpose only: to teach jihad and antisemitism. So here we are, almost two decades later and they’ve raised a whole generation of savages and haters.

What we want, and what we are waiting for, is something serious to take place. Like an Entebbe-style rescue of our hostages. Israelis really need that. For their souls and their consciences and their sense of security.

But every time I want to scream in frustration: Go in already what are you waiting for!!? I remember who I’m sending. Among others, my grandson, Eilon.

He just got married. His wife Hadar is a doctor in Soroka and was part of the team that took care of the massacre victims and the soldiers. Eilon, who is studying for a Master’s degree in Computer Science at the Weizmann Institute of Science, is super super kind, generous, religious, a boy who volunteered to be in an elite unit that deals with explosives.

Just last night I was getting ready for bed and said: Okay, just one last look at the news. What a mistake! I went to Ynet, and there I saw the photo: Netanyahu talking to soldiers in my grandson’s unit! I studied the photo for so long, trying to find his face in the crowd. I couldn’t. But after that, the reality of his being there on the front lines, of his being told by the Prime Minister: “The fate of the Jewish people is in your hands” just made me shake with fear.

I don’t want him to go into Gaza and blow things up! I don’t want him anywhere near bombs or bloodthirsty Hamas terrorists who are going to emerge like rodents from their tunnels as soon as our precious boys go in! I don’t want that! And yet, what choice do any of us in Israel have, all us mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers and sisters? Our army consists of our families, not some volunteers from far away communities we have no connection to, like in the vast United States. There is no degree of separation.

So how did I finally get to sleep last night you might be wondering. I did the following: First I read the prayer for Israeli soldiers, then the prayer for the government of Israel, and finally my go to prayer, which is Psalm 27.

This is the prayer that got me through the Yom Kippur War. The Passover Massacre, which I narrowly escaped. My childbirths. It gives me strength, and reminds me that I am not in control, simply sheltering in the shadow of His great mercy and protection. I actually found myself getting sleepy. I actually allowed myself to fall asleep, my grandson cradled in my heart and both of us cradled in His.


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8 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 25 OCTOBER 2023”

  1. Linda Biderman

    I was very shocked and saddened when I heard about this massacre. I have always thought that Israel had the best security of any country in the world, and I was so wrong. This attack must have been planned for a very long time. Also, instead of using high technology these monsters must have used low technology. I am very sure of that.

    I am praying that all the hostages are well taken care of and will be released so they can go home to their loving families who miss them and love them.

    Since this occurred I feel so stressful and frightened also. I am scared for you and all the people in Israel and I am scared for me and all the Jews living here in the U.S.A. It is not just about the Jews in Israel. These monsters want all the Jews dead. I guess history has a way of repeating itself in some very ugly forms.

    I worry about my children and grandchildren and wonderful what kind of lives are they going to have? They have two things against them. One is that they are white and the other is that they are Jewish. What kind of a world do we live in?

    I think it is also shocking how anyone could want a ceasefire. Anyone who supports these monsters, or a ceasefire should get on a plane and go and live in Gaza. I would help pay for their plane fare if they didn’t have the money. Also, I think it should be mandatory for any person who is running as a representative in government should have to sign an affidavit requiring their allegiance to their country. In the U.S.A. there are a number of people in government who support Palestinians. They should be thrown out of our country. We should put them on the front lines. I think that would be justice.

    Please keep sharing what is going on in Israel and how you are coping. I trust what you write. I don’t trust The NY Times and some other newspapers.

    You are in my prayers along with praying that Israel will achieve its goals.

  2. Rachmiel ben Berel

    The left–and its shoot from the hip, empty headed approaches to solving the problems of the world–is directly responsible for the current Middle East conflict. Fortunately, we have yet to suffer the image of Jane Fonda sitting on the top of a Hamas missile launcher. Still, it might be in the works if Sweden’s very own Teppichfresser doesn’t beat her to it!

  3. Vivian Davis

    Why are we waiting to invade? Do it now. End this misery for the people of Israel. Pray for Israel and the people of Israel.

  4. Gary Davis

    My wife and I arrived in Tel Aviv the night b4 the start of the war (my first ever visit), when I awoke to unfamiliar sounds, a little like the sound of thunder, but not! We all know what happens next! To make a long story short, a week later we were repatriated back to Australia. Though we didn’t see any of Israel apart from walking around the perimeter of our hotel and the taxi to the airport, I felt what I saw was far better, the soul of the Israeli people. Our hotel was converted to an evacuation centre, and the way the community embrace and care for each other is something the rats will never destroy!
    Just one anecdote, the person instructing us all to arrange and sort the donated goods around the ballroom, turned out to be a sweet little 15 year old girl. They sure grow up quickly. Then we had groups of young school children girls coming over to give the mothers a break from their babies, and then we have clowns arriving to entertain the kids.
    Stay strong everybody, I can’t return soon enough and do what I can to help.

  5. David Bornstein

    Naomi, It is time Israel started issuing ultimatums of its own. “Either the hostages are unconditionally released by. X. Time, or Muslim murderers in Israeli jails will be summarily executed. They do need to be reclassified as Nazis for that is partly whose ideology they follow. The call to have current inhuman scum arrested in the South so reclassified has my total support. I have long advocated for the death penalty for terrorism. They say they love death. Be kind, Israel. Give them what they say they love!
    The point needs to be made. How many “civilians “ are there in Gaza? Hamas are Gazan, their families are Gazan sand they all voted for a murder organization. Witness the “excitement” on the recorded call by a mass murderer to his parents, and their enthusiastic support for his efforts. The parents are not civilians.
    The further point is how much “humanitarian aid” went in to Germany or Japan following Dresden or Hiroshima?

  6. Harry

    I only care about what the Israeli government thinks and does. If they do not demand an unconditional surrender, the future will be very dark no matter what lefties think.

  7. Linda Simmons

    My heart is breaking. I pray and I watch the news and occasionally I get my work done. I am giving money to help Israel in its fight and I will continue doing so. I watch the antisemitism around the United States and I know it is 1930 once again.
    I am angry at my liberal friends who voted for the weak president that we have. I don’t believe this would have happened had we had a strong president. I am angry when I see signs that say Jews for Palestine.

    Tomorrow, I am going to the Republican Jewish Coalition. Perhaps I will hear something encouraging. I will continue to pray. Bless you and may your family stay safe.

    • Suzanna

      I’m a Christian, but not a “replacement theology,” Christian. That means I believe the Bible teaches that the Jewish people own the land of Israel and deserve to live there in peace. G-d has Israel in the palm of His hand. Absolutely nothing, not filthy Hamas terrorists nor the idiot braying supporters of rapists and murderers of women and children in my country and others will change that fact.
      Dear Naomi, please know, there are still Gentiles like me who stand with Israel and the Jewish people no matter what happens. I pray for Israel every day.

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