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Gaza War Diary: 24 OCTOBER 2023

All day long, I had this queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I finally put a name to it when I realized it was like being in a plane circling the landing strip. Around and around we go, never actually getting there. There is the feeling of running out of fuel.

My day consists of the normal things (washing dishes, saying my prayers, eating breakfast) and then there is the round of checking my apps. First Ynet, then Abu Ali on Telegram (which has the best visuals of bombings in Gaza, always great to see), Israel Today, and finally Chet Mem Aleph in Hebrew. It catches me up on what’s happening and new posts appear as soon as something changes. It’s a bit addictive. I find myself playing online Scrabble just to pass the time until I can check again….

Last night I wrote down some notes to myself: 

Laws we need to work on.

  1. Making support for the enemy online as well as in demonstrations a crime of treason with jail time, expulsion from educational institutions and revocation of citizenship.
  2. Death penalty for the crimes against humanity committed by Hamas zombies.  I would make it retroactive especially for the murderer of the Fogel family, who killed the parents, children and a small baby years ago. We should have taken the warning then. He’s still stinking up our prison.

Everyday I add another famous name to my cancelled list. They sure had me fooled with their ostentatious do-goodery. Angelina Jolie who produced the movie “First they Killed My Father.” Silence. The human rights activist Clooneys. Silence. Mark F-ing Zuckerberg (his Jewish parents should hide their heads in mortification at how he turned out). And all those other bruised by a butterfly-wing microaggression protestors who need safe rooms for the wrong pronoun but not for the savage butchery of Jewish families. I can’t take any of them seriously anymore., especially Saint Greta, who cries the world is coming to an end when ice melts, but when it actually is coming to a moral end with the savage destruction of human life, sides with the murderers. A stupid child, who will make an unbearable, ignorant adult.

About noon, I had a total breakdown shouting the following to no one in particular:
Instead of mourning our dead, we now have to prove to the world that these things actually happened to us. Can you imagine people having to do that after 9/11?
I’ve come to view this obsession people have with requiring Israel to show proof while accepting the word of terrorist scum without scrutiny as part of the pathology of antisemitism.
During the Holocaust people said: Oh, just propaganda. And then after the Holocaust when it was too late they said: We just didn’t know! And then a few years later, they said, there was nothing to know. Gas chambers? Six million dead? All made up stories. The most documented genocide in history and we still had to defeat denier David Irving to court! To show photos, interview witnesses! And now, the spirit of David Irving has entered the bodies of NY Times reporters, coeds in Berkeley, student groups in Harvard, and UCLA, and Boston University. We are suddenly inundated with David Irvings!

And I say: Don’t give into them! Don’t you dare take our babies out of their bodybags and show them their cut necks! Don’t you dare display the wounds of the Jewish girls mercilessly sexually abused by these animals! Don’t you dare! Because they know it’s true. They’re glad it’s true. And they’re hoping it happens again.

The truth-seekers are all suffering from the same deadly, incurable disease of antisemitism which apparently has no preventive vaccination either. All the Holocaust Museums, documentaries, movies, first person testimonies, haven’t succeeded in inoculating the next generation, many of whom are obviously infected. As Rabbi Sacks said: First it was our religion, then our race. And now when hating people because of their religion and race is uncool, it’s suddenly our nationality. The reasons change, but the hatred stays the same.

I realized that when I was nineteen years old and I read While Six Million Died, I decided to move from New York to Israel. I wanted all of my children to know how to shoot a gun, or drive a tank, or fly a bomber. And I wanted to live surrounded by Jewish people who knew how to shoot a gun, or drive a tank, or fly a bomber. I knew that antisemitism was not dead. It simply, and in our present situation, literally, has gone underground, waiting for an opportune time to reemerge, to push its filthy ugly head up out of the nether world once again into the light wearing a new mask, and a new robe and a new persona, able to convince the same type of gullible, ignorant moron that the Nazis convinced that they could get something out of killing Jews: a new watch, a pair of underwear, a better job, a nice apartment. And so here we are once again dealing with people who loot, and kill, and torture Jews. We hope all the allies showing up in Israel to commiserate and show solidarity will not discourage us from applying the only known cure for such infected murderous zombies as those who live in Gaza.

The Secretary General of the United Nations General Antonio Guterres, has finally brought that shameful organization down to rock bottom when he said today that the Hamas murders “didn’t happen in a vacuum”. My dear sir, we Israelis will remind you of this when we get finished with the Gazans. That can’t happen soon enough. Because it isn’t just Israelis whose lives and whose country is on the line. If Israel doesn’t show strength, determination, skill, and faith, in dealing with this despicable enemy, Jews all over the world will be considered easy pickings. The West has tragically opened its doors to these people, polluting once free and democratic lands, spreading the danger everywhere.

Good night. Let us pray for a better tomorrow for us all.

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10 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 24 OCTOBER 2023”

  1. Susan from Toronto

    Our hearts are breaking with yours in this terrible tragedy. Thank you for reminding us of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z”l who would not be shocked at the loss of morality in the Western world; we sorely miss his wisdom at this time. No ceasefire until the IDF have done their courageous work!
    Am Yisrael Chai!

  2. Penny

    Thank you Naomi. ❤️ You express yourself so succinctly and eloquently. Telling the truth is so important and you sure know how to do that.

    Penny and Michael Levy
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  3. Joel Laker

    I am a Canadian Jew who lived on Kinbutz Sa’ad in 1967 through the 6 day war. I have Family in Israel and worry about them and all the inhabitants of Israel.
    Solutions come with “Chachma” and good leadership. Do we have it?

  4. David Bornstein

    Another law to be worked on urgently is the death penalty for terrorism. Full stop.
    Israel now needs urgently to apply more pressure by threatening the death penalty to those polluting Israeli jails unless the hostages, dead or alive, are released immediately. 5 wars with inhuman beings is enough.
    As to the myth of “civilians” in Gaza (or Jehuda and Shomron) the phone call to his father gloating that he had killed 10 Jews, should be sufficient proof that the “civilians” in Gaza fully support Hamas. Support for terrorism equals terrorism.

  5. Elizabeth Baxt

    Naomi your blog is inspirational. So many of your thoughts could have come from my mouth. We are in this together. Continue being a light for the world. Thank you.

  6. Arlene

    Calling the monsters “animals” is a a disparaging slur to animals!

  7. philp

    For what it’s worth, I say acheinu kol beis Yisrael out loud every day after davening, so we can all say amen.
    And I write about the war every day on Medium. For what I can do.

  8. Carrin

    I look forward to your post every day. You are m Hero… I add you and your family my prayers along with my family in Israel every day. i just do not understand this world and the especially these young progressive Jews who follow the Palestinians with “kill the Jews.” What they do not understand in Germany the Germans did not care about you if you were a Jew they killed you too. What they do not understand they are next by the Palestinians no matter how much they stand up for them. Last March when were were there I was appalled by all the liberal Jewish demonstrations
    I have so much admiration for you for speaking out and I support you 1000 %. I will be in Israel in March and would just love to meet you and give you a great big hug. Keep speaking up I applaud you

  9. Vicki

    I have no money to support you,. My heart and spirit will always support Israel.

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