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The Country Won’t Survive Four More Years of Obama in the Guise of Hillary

I’m still getting lots of feedback on my last post regarding the US elections.  Some people don’t think I have a right to express my opinion about the American elections because I live in Israel.

I find that kind of hilarious, considering how American Jews who aren’t citizens of Israel and who don’t pay Israel taxes, or send their sons and daughters and husbands and fathers to the Israeli army, or have to deal with Palestinian scum terrorists, never hesitate to tell us what to do.

I, on the other hand, do pay U.S. taxes.  I, on the other hand, am an American citizen, and I think that the mindless Democratic voting pattern of American Jews is not only horrible for Israeli interests  (the Iran deal which Hillary bragged about being the author of) but it is destroying America.  You are all soon going to be living like we do in Israel, with guards at your malls and restaurants and schools and places of entertainment.  

This is a direct result of your elected officials who keep watch lists of terrorists but never arrest them. Instead, they give them citizenship.  It is the fault of your government for flooding the country with unvetted  immigrants.  The American Jews think they are being kind and noble and remembering Jewish history when they fight to let thousands of Muslim “refugees” into America not only from war torn Syria, but from many other Muslim nations that hate Americans, and most especially Jews.  

The cover of Hadassah Magazine last month featured a very photogenic refugee child.  Think: these kids have been brought up to hate Jews, to hate the West.  They’re like Hitler Jungend.  Without reeducation, you are endangering yourselves and your families by letting them take up residence among you.  

As the Muslim mayor of London said: “Just get used to terrorism.”  That’s his solution.  

Here is a link to an article on why the U.S. won’t survive four more years of these policies under Hillary Clinton.

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50 comments on “The Country Won’t Survive Four More Years of Obama in the Guise of Hillary”

  1. Alvin Samuels

    My whole career was spent working with Trump supporters first as a roustabout, roughneck, Drilling Engineer, Founder and owner of The Sulfatreat Company, Spertus Student and now Author.

    All new me as Jewish and respected my views. While I knew things they did not they could do things I could not. A handshake was all that was required and with one Jewish exception non ever betrayed my trust.

    Trump was a Captain at his military high school in New York and employs thousands.The Democrats have rarely dirtied their hands and have betrayed millions. MY VOTE GOES TO TRUMP!

  2. Warren Young

    Hi Lawrence: NO i can’t show you any irrefutable evidence that Mr. Trump is a white supremest or anything like that. I watched the debate last night. I hope that Mr. Trump certainly is not a white supremest. I don’t believe he is.The comments I have read on here can be misleading I reckon. I still think the man – Trump may be the better of the two candidates. I’m sure many people thought it was a a good debate last night and, it helped clarify a few important points of extreme interest to both Canadians and Americans. I don’t believe either of the candidates are interested in attracting aggression. How they would handle the delicate situations when they arise – and they will arise, will perhaps be better addressed by Mr. Trump than for Mrs. Clinton.There sure is a lot of mud slinging going on here. I thought the candidates handled the pressure fairly well. There is always a certain amount of anxiety in debates. Most of the dirty stuff seems to be coming from the supporters or commentators… Yes, I thought the candidates weathered the storm quite well.. Warren T. Young

    • Lawrence Wald


      Your comments are quite reasonable and sensible. It is absolutely amazing to me how those who post on this website are totally unwilling to accept the fact that each person should be allowed to vote his/her conscience and his/her interests. There is a reason that 40+% are for Hillary and 40+% are for Donald. It is totally irrational to say that the 40 million plus individuals who support Trump are misogynists, racists, pro-Nazis, bigots, and worse! The personal attacks against those who are voting for Trump suggest a high degree of narcissism and/or paranoia on the part of the attackers. Another possibility is that they are trolls in the employ of Hillary and the DNC. Let us hope the man/woman who is elected will be the best one for both the U.S. and Canada.

      • Diana

        White Supremacists have thrown their support to Trump — so have significant numbers of anti-Semites, gun craziesj and the like. So what does that tell you?
        Trump has made big promises but at no time has he outlined how exactly he plannned to accomplish these goals.
        And with it all I think the man is a disgusting, ignorant human being and completely unfit to be the leader of the Free World!
        No I am not a Troll — I am an elderly woman living in Florida!

        • Lawrence Wald

          Well, Diana-nice to hear you are not a troll… You write the following:

          >”And with it all I think the man is a disgusting, ignorant human being and completely unfit to be the leader of the Free World!
          No I am not a Troll — I am an elderly woman living in Florida!”<

          Full Definition of ignorant:

          a : destitute of knowledge or education ;
          b : resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence

          My questions:

          How do you know Donald Trump is ignorant? Have you administered to him psychological or intelligence tests? If so, could you share them? Do you happen to know his educational background?
          You share with those on this website the fact that you are an elderly woman living in Florida. What does that have to do with the subject at hand? Are you bragging about this or apologizing? Does being elderly or living in Florida make you more of an expert on Donald Trump’s worthiness or lack of? Does this make you more of an expert on whom the rest of us should vote for? Just curious as to how or why you believe you have the right to tell Naomi and the rest of us that we are so misguided in our support of Donald Trump? Surely you can understand that you are exhibiting the highest form of narcissism in your posts! Google narcissism and you will understand what I am saying!

          • Diana

            Thank you for assisting me in the definition of the word “narcissism” — quite presumptuous wouldn’t you say?
            I will continue to feel that anyone who can support the likes of Donald Trump is seriously lacking in intellect, sensitivity and basic understanding of the long range implications of having this person as leader of the free world.

  3. Kerry

    Dear Naomi,
    Perhaps the worst thing about this election is the great increase in the anger and hatred we are harboring and communicating to those who disagree with us. It’s going to take us Americans a long time to heal from this year (or maybe the last 8 years). Using inflammatory language like “mindless Democratic voting pattern of American Jews” only further increases the poison.
    So why am I voting for Hillary Clinton? I wish it was “mindless Democratic voting”. This election has forced me solidify and stand up for my beliefs as no election has before. As an American citizen whose present and future resides in America, I’m voting for HRC because I will do anything to protect the democratic nature of this country. Trump is a tyrant who has no respect for the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. As a Jewish-American, I am voting for HRC because I cannot allow a a racist, ethnocentric, nationalistic, war-mongering, autocrat to move into the Oval Office. I am also voting for HRC in this way because America needs a president who cares about the middle and lower classes, welcomes “the stranger”, and wants to strengthen our social welfare system. As a woman and a sexual abuse survivor, I refuse to vote for a candidate who thinks that he is entitled to sexually assault us, call us demeaning names, and wants to “punish” us if we need to make the heartbreaking decision to have an abortion. If someday, a daughter or granddaughter of yours asks you how you could vote for someone as morally corrupt as this man, how will you look her in the eye and defend your support of Trump? I’m not going to ask you to support Clinton, but I beg you – the thoughtful, moral woman I believe you are- not to support or vote for this monster.

    • Chanah

      Sorry Kerry. I don’t buy your reasoning for a vote for HRC. She has committed crimes against the nation, debated with canned and memorized platitudes, but above all else, she proved her lack of diligence as a potential commander in chief by causing the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi. This we know as we watched it being played out at the time. Ignoring pleas for help from her personnel was unforgivable. I cringe at the thought of this woman being president. With all Trump’s faults, at least he would be on top of things administratively. His off-the-cuff ill-considered words are just his personality; his actions show he can do the job.

      • Diana

        to To

        To Kerry Which of Trump’s actions suggest to you that he “can do the job”?
        His molestation of women — his racist a d bigoted remarks – his ignorance of world affairs and even our own Constitution not to mention his narcissism?
        The Benghazi argument against Hillary is so worn out and without any basis in fact. It was the Republicans who cut off the funding for additional security and it was not within her province to over ride that decision.
        From every standpoint she is prepared to be leader of the free world while Trump is just a loud mouthed buffoon.


        • Lawrence Wald

          Diana, Diana–Have you not taken my advice? You really need to see your therapist again, take your psychoactive medication, retreat back to troll country, or attend your anger management class.

          Look at your own post! You ask Kerry, “Which of Trump’s actions suggest to you that he “can do the job.”? Diana, Kerry never said that. He/she is actually a Hillary supporter. You need to have someone edit your posts(perhaps one of your corrupt friends who might be part of the HRC campaign team or the DNC).

          You say that Trump is ignorant of our constitution while Hillary in the debate indicated that knowledge of and enforcement of the constitution would not be a factor in her choice of Supreme Court Justices!

          I am amazed that you write “the Benghazi argument against Hillary is so worn out and without any basis in fact.” You would NEVER stand in front of those who lost loved ones in Benghazi because of Hillary’s incompetence and say that. Don’t you remember how Hillary lied to those poor parents, saying their loved ones were killed because of a video? She just did not have the guts to tell them those poor people were killed because of a terrorist attack as the result of her covert Benghazi CIA operation gone awry.

          Reasons for “NEVER HILLARY”:

          Misogynist, oversexed husband who repeatedly has sexually
          attacked women, perjured himself, and was impeached.
          Do we want him back in the White House as part of Hillary’s
          cabinet(she promised this)?
          Harassed and intimidated Bill Clinton’s victims
          Incompetence as Senator and Secretary of State
          Made $100,000 from trading cattle futures as the result of
          insider information.
          Lied when leaving the White House–said Bill and she were
          “dead broke”! Suddenly 16 years later they are worth
          more than $150,000,000! How did this happen?
          She and Bill made over $20,000,000 from speeches! Why were
          they paid so much?
          Has either been strongly supportive of or extremely critical
          of Wall Street. Which is it? Why has she accepted so much
          money from Wall Street?
          Illegal Personal Server and E-Mail Account for government
          Compromised classified information
          Exposed U.S. secrets to hostile foreign governments
          Pathological Liar(verified by the FBI)
          Destroyed her server and E-Mails that were under
          Congressional subpoena
          Refused requests from our diplomats in Libya for increased
          Committed perjury in congressional testimony
          Received the questions before a debate
          Received millions of dollars in bribes from countries that
          treat women terribly, execute gays, and refuse to allow
          freedom of religion for Christians and Jews
          Takes “quid pro quo” and “pay to play” to the highest level
          Supports Obamacare(a total failure characterized
          by her husband Bill as being a “crazy” system)
          Supports globalization
          Supports a totally socialized medical care system
          Plans to raise taxes
          Supports “Black Lives Matter”– an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel
          group that advocates anarchy and anti-law enforcement
          Supports open borders and has no problem allowing into this
          country millions of impossible to vet immigrants
          Supports globalization and international government
          Supported by leftist and socialist individuals and groups
          Sympathetic to radical socialist doctrinaires such as Saul
          Has no reasonable plan to combat terrorism
          Has no problem with her campaign team plotting to disrupt
          republican events and incite violence
          Has no problem with her campaign team plotting to commit
          election fraud
          Criticized repeatedly by members of her own campaign team-
          who suggested she has poor judgement and instinct.
          Criticized by Bernie Sanders for her poor judgement
          Privately disparaged supporters of Bernie Sanders
          Plotted with the DNC to steal the primary election from Bernie
          While she was an ineffective Secretary of State, the U.S.
          became weaker, and the world situation deteriorated
          After Yasser Arafat’s wife accused Israel of poisoning
          Palestinians, Hillary ran up to her and hugged and kissed
          Her association with the crooked Clinton Foundation-a so-
          called “charity”. The Foundation was intricately involved
          with the U.S. State Department to benefit the Clintons
          Her involvement in Haitian relief-raising funds to benefit
          Clinton cronies
          Members of her campaign team have disparaged African-
          Americans, Latinos, Catholics, Christians southerners, and
          the middle class in general
          She has accused 40,000,000 Americans of being a “basket
          of unredeemable deplorables”! How can she be the
          trusted President of these people?
          Says she has a public and a private position on most matters.
          So how can the American people trust anything she says in
          Privately supports NAFTA and TPP(even though publicly she
          has criticized TPP)
          Supports the hideous Obama regulations(and plans even
          Supported by George Soros(who has a socialist and anti-Israel

          E-mails released by Wikileaks have proven all accusations
          against Hillary and her campaign team

          These are but a few of the reasons for “NEVER HILLARY”!

          Diana–I pity you if this is your “ideal candidate”. This woman has proved to be a sociopath, a misogynist, a perjurer, a devious individual, and a pathological liar. Anyone voting for her would have to have similar morals and ethics. If you truly believe your negative statements regarding Trump, then the only honorable, ethical, and moral action for you is to VOTE FOR NEITHER CANDIDATE! I myself(in lock step with Naomi Ragen and tens of millions of Americans) will be voting for Donald Trump!

  4. Rabbi Fleishig

    Diana, have you seen a list of Hillary supporters? The rapist Bill Clinton, his wife who attacked and threatened his victims, her corrupt advisor Sydney Blumenthal and his self-hating Jew son Max, her Muslim Brotherhood chief of staff Huma Abedin (I don’t even want to think about her husband Anthony Weiner), the mullahs of Iran to whom Hillary and Obama gave the green light to develop nuclear weapons, the thousands of foreigners who donated to the Clinton Foundation and were given preferential treatment by the State Department in return, the Venezuelan porn star / drug kingpin girlfriend to whom Hillary granted US citizenship because she might one day help her in become president, etc. The list goes on…

    • Diana

      You always have equivalencies
      It doesn’t excuse your poor judgement and yes selfishness by wishing Donald Trump to be President of the United States in the misguided belief that he will be “good” for Israel!

      • Chanah

        It is not poor judgement or selfishness to want a US prez who is good for Israel. Israel is fighting the war with terrorism that America will soon be fighting on American soil. It could end in Israel if Israel had the support of the US leaders to finish the war, but sadly, US leaders keep ordering Israel to stand down. By encouraging the terrorists, America is drawing them to US soil. Failure to learn what is happening in the Middle East will bring disaster to the US. That is what Naomi is concerned with. Every American should share that concern.

  5. Naomi Ragen

    Lonnie, I am not. But who are you working for and how much do you get paid to be an idiot? Or do you do it for free?

    • AndyC

      Oh, by the way, you’ve obviously fallen in line with the “but Bill Clinton…” crap too. He WAS the president, he WAS impeached, and we went through all that years ago. HE is not running for president. Are you saying that a husband defines his wife? Are you married? If your husband made a bad decision years and years ago, should we all stop reading your books? If those issues are so important to you, look what we already know about Trump. HE is the one who is running for president. Bill Clinton is not.

  6. Naomi Ragen

    Dear Diana,

    If only I could be sure you were as outraged with what Bill Clinton actually DID in the White House with Hillary’s help and cooperation. If only I could be sure you felt the same about John F. Kennedy. Increasingly desperate Hillary supporters and Obama shills are now scraping the bottom of the barrel to discredit Trump personally. Why not talk about his ideas? What he wants to do as opposed to Hillary? Because you can’t. She wants to open the borders, flood the country with unvetted refugees that will endanger everything Americans have built and hold dear. She wants to continue getting pay for play. She wants to continue her corruption and continue her incompetence in keeping Americans safe. And you out there who are falling for the stupid propaganda the way you fell for the stupid stuff they told you to get you to vote in Barack Hussein Obama, who is working hand in hand with Iran to destroy Israel, I feel sorrow, a bit of contempt. You threaten you aren’t going to read my books, you are disappointed in me….You should see what people wrote me when I BEGGED them not to vote for Obama. Twice. They called me a racist. An Islamophobe. You name it. They dropped off my list in the thousands. You know what? Been there, heard that. I was right and they were idiots who destroyed America’s status in the world, it’s economy, it’s security. Made the great American nation a laughingstock to dictators. The people who will suffer from four more years of Clinton/Obama is you, not me. The people whose malls, restaurants, movie theatres, schools, hospitals, will be blown up by unvetted, undeported enemy aliens is you, not me. Am I getting money from Trump? No, but I’d be happy to contribute to his campaign if he asked me. Because whatever you are telling yourself, I hope for your sake, you don’t succeed in making make the same stupid, lethal mistake again.

    • Lawrence Wald


      Please stay the course! Everything you have said against Obama and the Clintons is so accurate. It is amazing to me that Diana, Andy C., and Lonnie spend so much time cluttering your website with left wing propaganda garbage. They are obviously in the employ of Hillary and the DNC or they would not spend so much time spewing their vitriol. You would be wise to censor such misguided individuals who would attack you so vehemently. They have an excessive vendetta against you for some as yet undefined reason.

      They say we are not voting for Bill Clinton in this election, but they do not say that he will be back in the White House again as part of Hillary’s cabinet(she said that would be her plan). Also, who knows how many young women he will once again lure into the oval office(like Monica Lewinsky) to play the “cigar game”(remember that one?)? When he sexually harasses women(and worse) as he has done repeatedly, will Hillary as president create problems for these women if they speak up?(as she has done in the past?)

      Few people are discussing the latest wikileaks E_mail disclosure. It is now disclosed that Hillary admitted she used a private server to hide information that by law should be disclosed. She has admitted that she plans to open our borders, bring in huge numbers of undocumented aliens, and establish a single payer medical system. She is a pathological liar(as proved by the FBI), she has proven her incompetency, she supports the Iran Agreement), she has compromised the security of the United States, and she is responsible of the deaths of many(remember Benghazi?). As you say, a Hillary presidency(a third Obama term) will be dangerous for the United States and the world.

      Interesting that Andy C. says:

      >”Are you saying that a husband defines his wife? Are you married? If your husband made a bad decision years and years ago, should we all stop reading your books?”<

      Should we not be able to overlook Trump's bad decision 11 years ago, Andy? Should we not vote for someone because of a bad decision years ago, Andy?

      Naomi, like you, I have been called every name in the book because I find it in my own interest to support the candidate of my choice. This is the basis of America and these hatemongers will not allow us to have our freedom of choice to vote our conscience. I fear for the future of America and Israel, but thank G_d for people like you who have the intelligence to see what is happening and the courage to voice her convictions. Do not let these misguided creatures (who have an IQ only slightly greater than room temperature) sway you!!

      • Warren Young

        I don’t know what kind of human wrote that last comment. But even if I didn’t fancy the President of my country or the Prime Minister – unless he was a brutal butcher like Adolf Hitler and the like, I would never stoop to associating the man or woman with a pig. Not that I have anything personal against real pigs – I used to raise pigs – had 100 sow farrow to weaner operation. But the slur behind that statement shows a total disregard for human dignity the way it was used,.. The man you’re referring to had enough guts to run for the President of your country. Have at least a little more respect the position. I hope there are better days ahead for the leader and leaders of the U.S. and your people. If you, the commentator, have any wisdom at all, “Cool it is my advice to you!” I’ve seen many Presidents and Prime Ministers pass this
        way. Some of them great – some less than great – both Democrats & Republicans or Liberals & Conservatives – But so far we haven’t had any butchers like Hitler or Mussolini – thank God. – Warren Young

        • Lawrence Wald

          Warren– You ask the question “what kind of human wrote that comment?” Very good question. Actually Diana is a troll(as are Lonnie and Andy C.). They have invaded the website of a wonderful, well accomplished and courageous woman in an attempt to trash Donald Trump and Naomi Ragen. Frankly they are smelling up this website in order to attempt to deal with their own elitist and narcissistic insecurities. They call Donald Trump a sociopath when Wikileaks and 30 years of history have proven the Clintons to be pathological liars, perjurers and the worst kind of sociopaths. They are truly delusional.

          In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, often for their own amusement.

          Let us hope these trolls at some point will finally “get their jollies”, put on their deodorant, and crawl back into their netherworld never to be heard from again! In the process, perhaps they will attend an anger management class, resume their psychotherapy, and go back on their psychoactive medication. Naomi and we will all be the better for it.

        • Warren Young

          Pity on you. Politics effects us all in different ways I suppose. Some people handle the best principles better than others I suppose… Have a nicer day! Warren Young

  7. zeeman

    Diana: You have resorted to the familiar jargon of the progressives of which i’m certain u r a member. You call Trump a mysogenist yet he has employed many (not a token women in his businesses in high executive positions rewarding merit, not gender.
    You said he’s ignorant. Even u don’t believe that. He surrounds himself with the best of the best to advise him yet he makes the decisions. And these have enabled him to amass a great fortune. I would like to be that ignorant. You are not qualified to use the term “sociopath” yet u throw it around without a thought. I am a physician and I am telling u that Trump is not a sociopath. Finally he has self assuredness which u call narcisstic but in any event it has essential in that he will have to lead this country and the world with purpose, and not indecividness. Grow up Diana.

    • Diana

      To Zeeman
      First of all I am quite “grown up” thank you.
      It’s quite presumptuous of you to think I’m not qualified to use the term
      “sociopath”. I would venture to say that my academic credentials in the field of psychology are at the least as good as yours.
      I stand behind all my characterizations of Trump. I consider him an embarrassment and an imminent threat to the survival of this country.

    • AndyC

      Zeeman, Your arguments parrot the gross generalizations that Trump and his campaign uses repeatedly. He surrounds himself with the “best of the best people” and takes their advice? Best people? Look at Ailes, Manafort, Lewandowski, Bannon, Burns, and on and on and on. Seems to me that he consistently surrounds himself with dishonest, self serving people who just want a piece of the action.
      You say that you are convinced that Diana is “a member” of the progressives. That is typical of people who are paranoid and prone to conspiracy theories. Everyone is pigeon-holed into categories; there are members of evil societies all around, just waiting to take over!
      Zeeman, I’ve known many physicians and have never heard an accomplished one brag that he is more insightful about the character of others than average person, just because he or she was “a physician”. Judging from your writing style, I am not convinced that you actually are a physician, but perhaps you went to the same school as the guy who wrote that absurd assessment of your hero’s health.

      • Lawrence Wald

        Who else supports Trump? Rudy Giuliani, Governor Mike Huckabee, Governor Christie, Governor Walker, Loretta Lynn, Dr. Ben Carson, over 100 retired military officers, Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Bobby Knight, Scott Baio, Stacey Dash, Jon Voight, Clint Eastwood, Stephen Baldwin, Tom Brady, Gary Busey, Wayne Newton, Mike Ditka, Peter Thiel, Omarosa Manigault, civil rights activists Charles Evers and Niger Innis, Sheriff David Clarke, and Naomi Ragen to name a few. Yes, these are all accomplished Americans. What is your claim to fame, Andy C.?

        Diana says,” I would venture to say that my academic credentials in the field of psychology are at the least as good as yours.” Is she more credible than Zeeman (when she boasts of her credentials in psychology) because she is a liberal? How does she know that her credentials in psychology are at least as good as Zeeman’s? So elitist!

        Andy C. says:
        ” I’ve known many physicians and have never heard an accomplished one brag that he is more insightful about the character of others than average person, just because he or she was “a physician”. Judging from your writing style, I am not convinced that you actually are a physician, but perhaps you went to the same school as the guy who wrote that absurd assessment of your hero’s health.”

        Unbelievable elitist and condescending! You are convinced Zeeman is not a physician because of his/her writing style? You don’t believe he/she has the ability to decide who he/she thinks is a sociopath? I would suggest both Diana and Andy C. google the word “sociopath”. You will find the definition describes Hillary quite accurately. By the way, why don’t you name the medical school you are criticizing?

        It is so obvious that Diana and Andy C. are trolls who are connected with Hillary and the DNC. Their attack on Naomi Ragen is totally without merit.If they think Naomi Ragen is so “selfish and misguided”, they should leave this website and find another! I would trust Naomi’s opinion and judgement over theirs without hesitation!

        • AndyC

          When I first read your list of Trump supporters I didn’t realize that you were actually a Trump supporter yourself. But now that I realize you consider that a list of luminaries, (google it) my eyes have been opened. What clinched it for me was knowing that Wayne Newton likes Trump. And if he’s good enough for Wayne, he’s good enough for me!
          Thanks for an enlightening comment!

          By the way, no evil societies lurking about. I’m not a spy from the DNC. I doubt Diana is either.

          • Lawrence Wald

            You are most welcome, Andy. I am glad you find my comment “enlightening”. Yes, I am one of Hillary’s deplorables(and a Jewish one as well–go ahead and hold your nose!) I did google the word luminary and I am glad to hear that you consider those listed individuals as luminaries(assuming you do not believe that a luminary is a heavenly or celestial body!).

            I am glad to hear you are not a spy from the DNC(although you did not deny that you are in Hillary’s employ). For that piece of information, I wish you L’Shona Tova Tikatevu!
            Even though we are in disagreement, may you have a good year! You see, as a Trump supporter, I am not a boogeyman or a representative of the “evil empire”.

        • Lawrence Wald

          Diana says–“Since you support Trump you ARE an emissary from “the Evil Empire”.

          WOW! Such an insult! You are an angry?lady who is unable to have a reasonable debate.

          You tend to forget that Bill is a misogynist who sexually harassed women and who was almost impeached for perjury. You forget that Hillary is a pathological liar who would have been criminally prosecuted if the Justice Department and the FBI were unbiased. You must have forgotten that she perjured herself in front of Congress. You also forget that Hillary compromised the security of the United States with her unsecured server, was incompetent as senator and secretary of state, and was responsible for the death of Americans at Benghazi and an Iranian nuclear scientist in Iran. Finally, she supported the Iraq War and the Iranian Nuclear Agreement!

          You also fail to mention the shenanigans of the Clinton Foundation controlling the US State Department and using
          it for its own gain.

          So, Diana, who is the evil narcissist here? Who is the sociopath? I will use your words–How can you find it in your heart to support Hillary?

          Obviously we disagree, and because of your personal insult, there is no room for further discussion!

  8. AndyC

    Naomi, Many of your points are well taken. Unfortunately though, you are eager (and proud!) to replace a very problematic situation with an irreversibly catastrophic one. While Clinton may not be the best candidate in history, Trump is without doubt, the very worst, for the US, and therefore for Israel.

  9. Joan Kleinman

    Your posts are extremely important to us in the United States especially as Jewish concerned people!!!! Keep posting and writing books I hope your working on a new one!

  10. Marsha Roth

    I unfortunately agree with the Corporon & Tancredo article too. What a sad state of affairs America has come to now. I can’t recall anything like it ever.
    Sometimes you have to take your best shot and hope that the rest of the checks & balances make up for the shortfall.

  11. Chanah

    Naomi, my sister also told me I shouldn’t vote in the US elections. But yes, we must file US tax returns and now even report on our Israeli bank accounts. Israeli banks must do added paperwork for their American accounts as well. But the worst is that whoever is elected US prez does affect our lives in Israel especially through the micromanagement of administrations like Obama’s. Every other week we were informed that John Kerry was coming or calling, warning Netanyahu and even making threats if Israel didn’t give away more land to our enemies. Because Obama decided, without any knowledge of reality, that “settlements” were causing terrorism, building in some areas all but ceased and drove up home prices. After 8 years of this, my husband and I are about priced out of the home-owning dream. The US policies have encouraged and emboldened the Arab terrorists, making some areas no-go zones if we don’t want to be pelted with rocks on the road. If Israel responds with the IDF to protect citizens, the US admin responds with their knee jerk reaction and condemns Israel. I used to think it didn’t matter who was US prez, but Obama proved that it does indeed make a difference to our lives in Israel. We must all vote for Trump, to prevent a worst catastrophe than Obama. Hillary is insane as well as pro-Muslim.

  12. mattis kantor

    It is no less than a major tragedy, that supporters of the political movement called Progressive – a movement that has brought us into the morass of moving values – speak so innocently (and foolishly) of our moral “need of those spirited leaders that speak out in favour of our traditional values” – as if Progressivism is our (Jewish) tradition. To such an extent are they prepared to stick with the banner bearers of this rapidly evolving (or degenerating) movement. that they can apply such noblesse to it (as being “in favour of our traditional values”). This very movement, who now actively promotes and engages in teaching lower levels of grade-schoolers, the fundamentals of gender identity (as they now defiantly define it) is indeed ‘endrenched’ in the bloodflow of those Hillary supporters, who decades ago were themselves taught in the schools (those by, and with, liberal teacher’s union values) the “holiness” of left wing policies. How has it happened that so many smart Jewish people, have not yet woken up to the ringing bell of truth. As one commenter here says so aggressively “You would wish the likes of the ignorant, mysogenistic , narcissistic sociopath on the United States in the ridiculous belief that Trump would be “good for Israel”. Please, sir, look at the adjectives you use. They are parroted from the Progressive movement media, which in and of itself is OK, but can you really read ALL INTELLIGENT opinions about those very quotes bandied about, and agree, that although for the 30+ years of Trump being in the public eye, he has never been accused of any of this? Nothing until he took on to challenge your ‘holy grail of Liberalism? Has it not occurred to you that these adjectives (including some of the precious plums, used against Breitbart, as if it were Der Shturmer) are merely a propogandist’s tool of keeping the faithful faithful? Wedging a block into the brains of the gullible, so they don’t even dare to look at Conservative opinions (except the ones who have political axes to grind against an outside intruder)? And, dear reader (if you reached this far), what would you have said about an old fashioned frummy school (called a cheder) where the kids are brought up to see demons in anything other than religious texts? That this kind of ingrown-group-think, is to be a model for Progressivim, and its dissemination of lofty progressive thoughts? The former would certainly irk (if not revile) you, but for yourself, you are satisfied to perform the very same “rituals” of revilement. I challenge each and everyone of you, to listen to Rush Limbauagh for one week, and keep notes of all the stupid things YOU heard him say (NOT ht thing the media reports him as saying). As an intellectual Jew you are commanded (yes, COMMANDED) to listen to an eloquent voice of opposing view, and then think with your own brain. And if you cannot, you are, in my eyes, nothing less than a bigot. —————— There is however, one thing I respectfully disagree with Naomi, and that is the notion that Jews in the USA should vote in the USA for the good of Israel. For three reasons. We must vote for the best in continuity of Jewish life here in the USA. Second: let the Israelis vote for leaders who are competant and can forge some sort of unified policies, and when they can do so, then we must pick up the slack (if there is any.) Third: at the coming of the New Jewish Year, let us give a little more credence to the Biblical passage about the land of Israel, “…a land upon which they eyes of G-d are focused on, from the beginning of the year until the end of the year…”

  13. Lawrence Wald

    Naomi, I agree with you 100%. Many American Jews and African- Americans) have swallowed the false propaganda of the liberals. If one searches history, it is amazing how often Jews ally with those who would destroy them. It can only be detrimental to American Jews to admit hundreds of thousands of unvetted Muslims.

    I simply cannot vote for Hillary–a pathological liar, a sociopath, and basically a criminal responsible for compromising American security and being directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of many individuals. This is a person who has been shown to be incompetent. She has supported the Iran Nuclear Agreement and she refused to support the Green Movement in Iran. She is the person who kissed Yasser Arafat’s wife after she accused the Israelis of poisoning Palestinians! Also, the status of Hillary’s health is obviously in question.

    As you say, the country and the world cannot survive a third Obama term(ie Hillary). I believe Trump has more support among Jews, African Americans and Latinos than is widely believed. We will see!

    Thank you for having the courage to voice your beliefs!

    • Diana

      Yes Hillary’s kiss of Mrs. Arafat still haunts me but that does not compare to the ignorant, sociopath, mysogonist lying, loud mouthed, vile narcissist that is Donald Trump.
      NO criminality has ever been PROvEN against Hillary though she’s been hounded for thirty years. If she used a private e-mail server so did many before her in similar positions.
      She is not an unflawed candidate but Trump would be a lunatic with his finger on the nuclear button! May we be spared!

    • Warren T. Young

      As a foreigner, a citizen of Canada, I hesitate to comment. But the news is just as loud here as it is in the U.S. What happens in the United States affects us as though we were almost a part of you. Most Canadians think highly of the U.S. and all things being equal, we are pretty much the same in many, many ways… we’ve served together and planned together and we have joined together in many social, Industrial, economic and military areas of our human lives. For one, I have reasons to be concerned about who gets elected in the U.S. I personally think Trump may be the best candidate most likely to serve the people better than his opponent. There are no doubt many capable individuals perhaps more suited than those who are present candidates. But isn’t that always the case? We’ve both had some tremendous Prime Ministers and Presidents and we ought to be thankful for that. Hopefully Trump will be a pleasant surprise!

  14. Deborah S.


    Please understand one thing about those of us who are voting for Hillary: we are VERY aware of her deficiencies and would gladly vote for just about anybody who ran under the Republican banner but NOT TRUMP!!! There are many horrible despicable people in the Republican party the would be an improvement over Hillary but again TRUMP is not one of them. He is totally self-serving, mean-spirited, reckless and ignorant of what it takes to be Commander-in-Chief. Yes, we would have to endure another 4 years of Obamaism under the guise of Hillary, but that is far preferable to the chaos that would have to be straightened out if Donald Trump got elected.

  15. Rostislav

    One more deep bow from my Down Under for your courageous honesty, dear Mrs. Ragen! I think that all these cheap well-worn labels (type of “extreme far-right”, “mysogenistic”, “hateful” etc), without a single word about Hillary’s multiple crimes, are the best proof of your position’s righteousness. Mr. Trump’s vision of America, of Israel and of our world surely does deserve your worthy support. It is so satisfying to see that you are not cheated by the leftist lies about Comrade Putin being a close ally of Mr. Trump – just a day ago I’ve stopped my commenting for the Moscow “Novaya Gazeta”, because they supply their authors in the USA supply Russian readers only with Never-Trump trash, simultaneously banning all the arguments against Obama-3. Three cheers for the future Free World’s victories – both in tonight debates and in the November!

  16. AndyC

    I am astonished that you are giving such credibility to a Breitbart report. You have been suckered by the main arm of what would become Trump’s propaganda network, should he be elected. Breitbart is truly no more credible than the National Enquirer, just more dangerous.

    This situation is no longer about differing opinions regarding policy and issues. The essential problem is that you are putting your trust in a man who will say whatever you want to hear if it gets him elected, the result of which would be catastrophic. Having scored the United States as his best real estate trophy yet, Trump would then turn over the daily grind to his small circle of confidants, who will in effect run the government behind the scenes. His behavior and rhetoric has made it clear that there will be no accountability, no transparency, media would largely be under control by a propaganda outlet. Unlimited police power governed by the same people. Americas greatness as the world’s standard bearer of human rights and civil liberties would be a thing of the past. A government under Trump would result in a civil war. Sounds ludicrous? If only it were.

    I do agree with some of your policy points, and I am not ignorant about Israel’s struggles. But by putting your faith and trust in a man who is so obviously untrustworthy and amoral, and by helping him secure the most powerful position on earth, you will be helping to enable unthinkable global consequences.
    How this man has managed to seduce even intelligent people like yourself is a question that history will have to answer.

    • Irene Schienberg

      I love Israel, have been there twice on Federation trips, have family there and I am still haunted by a situation in an Afula Hospital when we were this. I believe it was in the 80’s and it was after a bombing at a polling place and one of the patients there was in a wheelchair after being severely injured because of the bombing. Many Arabs receive quality treatment there and in all Isreali Hospitals. We had been told that there was an expression of happiness when this was broadcasted on the news. I am in complete agreement with Andy C.’s description of Donald Trump and he is masquerading as a self proclaimed messiah. I look at this man’s self serving history and the only individual he has ever served is himself at the expense of others. Neither do I trust the Palestinians who I also believe have been used as pawns for political self serving reasons. For years Israel has reached out, but I also believe that on the flip side of dependency is tremendous rage. I believe Israel needs to keep doing what needs to be done to protect herself. But I also believe that we eventually undue ourselves when we don’t do the right thing. I do think about how Israel has successfully flourished since my first trip there in the 90’s. There are terrifying challenges that we are all facing and what frightens me the most in the pervasive abuses of power in all governments, personally, and in the name of G-d.

  17. dj

    Thank you for your clear thinking and plain English on this present danger. Absolutely NO to 4 more years of not stating the problem, overlooking problems, creating more problems for the $$.

  18. Diana

    Naomi you are so misguided but above all you are selfish.
    You would wish the likes of the ignorant, mysogenistic , narcissistic sociopath on the United States in the ridiculous belief that Trump would be “good for Israel”.
    He is a great danger to our society attracting the most hateful elements and the brain dead among us.
    I have lost all respect for you as have my numerous friends and relatives who will not be buying your books or supporting your endeavors.
    What has happened to your intellect and sensibility?

  19. Martin Rothschild

    As a survivor I can not stomach any one who lauds Putin. Are we the Jewish people loved in Russia? Trump’s accepts the white supremacy groups, who are the NZis of the US. Hillary Clinton is no bargain. There is also a third party candidate.. You definitely should vote, but not for Trump

    • Warren T. Young

      I did not realize Trump was pro white supremacy connected. I’m only a Canadian. but everything that goes on in the U.S. affects us beneficially or disagreeably – depending on what the prevailing economic and social values prevail in U.S. policies. Naomi we both need the spirited kind of leaders that are not afraid to speak out in favour of our traditional values and are prepared to stick with them. My heart and prayers go out to the people of Israel and all those who are suffering at the hands of those who’ve made themselves our enemies. There is just too much evil going on in the world today.

      • Lawrence Wald

        “I did not realize Trump was pro white supremacy connected.”

        Warren–show me irrefutable evidence supporting this statement. Trump has no connections with white supremacists. Some have chosen to support him and he has disavowed their support.

        Why don’t you delve into the unsavory supporters of Hillary Clinton–ie ” Black Lives Matter”(an anarchist, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel group), Al Sharpton, Michael Moore, George Soros, Daily Kos, The Nation, Media Matters, Huffington Post, and many others.
        While you are at it, investigate her association with the radical leftist Saul Alinsky.

  20. Graciela Gerber

    Naomi, not only you have a right to mingle in US politics, but, as always I a
    I admire your guts
    I live in the US and have to hear the opinions of US citizens have about how they think about israel’s politics and
    you Israel should behave
    I applaud your ideas
    Todah taba,

  21. Warren T. Young

    It is astonishing what has developed throughout North America since WW!!. Canadian soldiers in Europe during WW!! saw and helped clean up the horrible mess left by the enemy in the camps that held mostly Jews and many Christians and innocent victims of the hatred that had been raised at that time. God wake us all up! Even the media here suppress us from speaking out. We need a voice. Without prejudice one of our candidates for Prime Minister has been accused of speaking out for the security of Canadians by strongly suggesting immigrants from the middle east should be more carefully screened in an effort to hopefully weed out the dangerous immigrants. Canadians and Americans need to assert our traditional values and make them stick. Otherwise YES we are going to be in serious trouble!
    Warren T. Young

  22. Claire

    Yes I agree Naomi. The worst thing is that a couple of days ago someone sent me a video of a doctor speaking about how when she was first lady she brought this man Abdul Rahman(don’t quite remember his name) who was a friend of Arafat. Apparently Huma was born in the US but left from Saudi Arabia when she was two, returned to go to college. About the first day that she came someone introduced her to Hillary. I wonder why? Why is Hillary and her daughter Chelsea as well are so interested in the Moslem community that they go to so called transfaith talks.

  23. Cheryl Jacobs Lewin

    Naomi. You are (sadly) correct on everything. There are also American Jews living in Israel who are supporting Clinton. And there are Israelis who support anti Zionist orgs and anti Zionist activities. But it has been like that in Israel since 1948.

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