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A Common Ground for Rejoicing

The most surprising and brutal of elections is finally over.  For those of us who favored Donald Trump, there is a sense of true relief, and a sincere hope that he will follow through on his promises to make American great again by securing her borders, eliminating unvetted immigration, and renegotiating trade deals that will see jobs and manufacturing plants flood back to American soil, bringing a new prosperity and hope for the forgotten poor, struggling middle class, and hopeless unemployed.

For those who did not experience the pleasure of having your candidate win, or participate in ensuring the victory of the person who did, I believe there is still much over which to rejoice:

  • That our democracy still works, that it is strong and powerful, a message to the entire world.  Millions of Americans who disagreed fiercely nevertheless were willing to stand on line for hours to exercise their democratic right.  There were few instances of violence and no significant attempts to rig the vote.  We agreed to disagree civilly, and democratically.  The handover of the government will hopefully give us more reason to be prouder than ever that we are Americans, citizens of one of the most wonderful countries on earth.
  • That the winner was gracious to the loser in his victory speech, praising her hard fight, and her many years of public service.  This too is our American heritage.
  • That those who only days ago were full of poisonous vitriol, can now lean back and relax, and let go, respecting majority rule and moving on.
  • That we are, despite the very real differences in our viewpoints, united in the desire to protect the country we all love, and  determined to see her prosper.

May God grant  that this new administration bring blessing to all Americans, and to the world.

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44 comments on “A Common Ground for Rejoicing”

  1. Donna

    I guarantee that most Americans hate Trump and hope for a speedy end to his regime. And no, I’m not a troll but a representative of

    Americans who are sick about this “election.”

    • Yehudit

      Sorry, but most Americans do not hate Trump,nor are they willing to forget the corrupt media, the corrupt government currently in existence and the chief of corrupt administrators, HRC. From our perspective they could throw her in jail tomorrow and it wouldn’t be soon enough. Perhaps she will be able to finally understand what those poor souls in Benghazi went through and how she was the chief architect of their demise.
      Most Americans are looking forward to stability and wisdom in their political leaders, a government that backs its democratic allies such as Israel and three branches of government that are not filled with political hacks and work for the best interest of the country. From OUR perspective, Go Get Them President-Elect Trump! We welcome you and your ideas and your appointments with open arms.

        • Yehudit

          Thank you Mr. Wald. I almost never contribute to online blogs, but I have been so aggravated by the opposition, let alone everything that has gone on the past 8 years, I finally decided to set some people straight. I cannot remember a time when I had felt so hopeless about the country. But now that the election is over, I am so hopeful. Frankly, if it had gone the other way we all would have been in despair and cannot imagine what the future would have been like for the generations to come. We certainly dodged the proverbial bullet this time. I am almost at the point where I think the entire Obama administration should be locked up, not just HRC!

          • Lawrence Wald

            I agree. As you know, he appointed David Friedman as ambassador to Israel. What an excellent choice! Donald Trump has also indicated that he believes only Israel can decide how to defend herself and what type of agreement with the Palestinians will be compatible with Israel’s security. He has also indicated support for moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem. Also, he has a good relationship with Netanyahu. All of this represents a good start!

          • Yehudit

            We also should remember that he does not love the “global, one world concept.” He thinks the UN is waste of space as well. In the future when the UN excoriates Israel, we have will a strong pro-Israel voice with power and money to back it up. Additionally, if the US becomes energy independent, which is what DT wants to do, we can tell the Arabs what desert to get lost in.

          • Lawrence Wald

            Agreed! We who support(ed) Trump often feel quite lonely in the Jewish community. Always good to hear your thoughts!

          • Yehudit

            One has a right to one’s own opinions, but not one’s own facts. I am quoting someone, but can;t remember who. It is easier to present the facts and hope that people will grow up or “wise up.” We Jewish Republicans have to stick together and throw some light on the ignorance that seems to abound.

        • Yehudit

          One more thing. With the Middle East in such a mess and Iran so close to having nuclear capability and its government so destructive in thought and deed to the State of Israel, one should be thankful for Donald Trump’s election. One may not agree with his domestic agenda, but if nothing else, he will build up Israel’s resources and defenses, be her ally in the United Nations, help strengthen her resolve and champion her democratic principles. His children and grandchildren are Jewish and he is not about to forget Klal Yisroel. I don’t think we could ever have a closer friend to Israel in the White House…DT doesn’t just give lip service, he delivers.

    • Lawrence Wald

      Donna writes:

      >”I guarantee that most Americans hate Trump and hope for a speedy end to his regime. And no, I’m not a troll but a representative of

      Americans who are sick about this “election.”<

      Donna, my poor, misguided left-wing "non-troll", where do I begin in my response to your "mishegas"? Do you remember the Ritchie Valens song entitled "Oh Donna"?

      I say to you "Oh Donna"–You write that most Americans hate Trump, and yet he won the election. Therefore this comment of yours is nonsensical! You say that most Americans wish for a speedy end to his "regime". I don't know what country you live in(maybe Venezuela), but in this country, we call it "his presidency". You wish for a speedy end to his presidency–I'm sure you realize that this "speedy end" that you wish for will come in about 8+ years!

      You say that you are a representative of a bunch of "sick" Americans. My dear, your sickness is easy to diagnose. You have what is known as "Trump Derangement Syndrome"! The symptoms are not accepting a legal and fair election, acting like a "sore" loser, spouting falsehoods about an excellent winning candidate, and not admitting that the flawed, losing candidate is incompetent, a criminal, and a pathological liar.

      Oh Donna, the cure is so simple–Just get over it and accept the will of the American people. Act like someone who cares about the United States, Israel, and the world. Pray for the success of our new president for the good of our country, Israel, and the world. If you don't support our new president and if he fails because people like you oppose him, place roadblocks in his way, and contribute to his failure, then our country and the world will fail, and the blame will fall on your shoulders!

    • Naomi Ragen

      Dear Donna,
      You are most mistaken, but that is beside the point What you and people like you don’t realize is that you are teaching people like me, and the over fifty percent of the country who voted for Trump, what it is possible to get away with. I hated Barack Obama. I couldn’t stand his anti Israel stance, his baloney, do nothing rhetoric, and I was devastated when he was voted in. It would never have occurred to me, though, to say he wasn’t my President, or that I hated him and everything he stood for, and I would fight against him publicly and abuse his every supporter and his every move. But now, people like you show me how it is possible to behave in America . I think you will live to regret that, because you are never, ever going to elect anyone you want without our side trying to delegitimise your choice, and make you feel useless and foolish. You taught me everything I now know. You have only yourselves to blame.

  2. Ellen Calderon

    I voted for Trump and not worried at all about his views of the Jews and who he introduces into his cabinet. Why would a man whose two children married Jews and has all Jewish grandchildren be hateful to Jews in our country and well as in Israel and everywhere else around the world. I am looking forward to changes here in the USA that we need desperately.

    • Lawrence Wald

      Ellen–I totally agree with you! You raise a good point. Believe me, the anti-Trumpers have no answer to the question posed by you. Excellent post!

      By the way, do not listen to those who speak negatively of Steve Bannon. Prominent Jews like David Horowitz and Mort Klein(the Zionist Organization of America) know him and have nothing but praise for him. Steve Bannon IS NOT a racist, a bigot, or an anti-Semite. He has excellent credentials(check out his CV) and he is strongly pro-Israel!

  3. Esther Whitmore

    I can see you gloating, after all your candidate won. But I am glad that I did not vote for him, the strongman on the white horse, who will do away with our democracy to feed his bottomless need for power and fame. A voter walked out of the voting booth after marking this demagogue’s name and remarked to his companion: why do I feel like I need a shower?
    I feel clean.

    • Lawrence Wald

      Esther Whitmore–

      I voted for Trump and I have never felt more clean. If I had voted for Hillary Rotten Clinton–a criminal who compromised the security of our country, a pathological liar, a woman indirectly responsible for the deaths of so many, a woman who accepted huge bribes from countries that abuse women, gays, Jews, and Christians, a perjurer, and a woman with a husband who has a history of misogyny, perjury and alleged sexual assault and rape, I would feel as if I would need to shower daily for at least 2 weeks!
      If you feel clean after voting for Hillary, then you don’t know what it means to be dirty!

      You call Trump a demagogue? Here is the definition of demagogue:


      : a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power
      : a leader championing the cause of the common people in ancient times

      I do not believe the first definition applies to Trump. However , I do feel the second definition applies. Trump is not a champion of the biased media, the socialists or the narcissistic elitists who have ruined this country,he is a champion of the common people. And it was the common people who voted to make him president of the United States of America.

      If you do believe that the first definition applies to Trump, then to be credible, you would also have to agree that both Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rotten Criminal are also demagogues!

      Get over it Essie-Stop being a sore loser and stop eating those sour grapes! Trump is the president!

      • Yehudit

        President-Elect Trump won with 306 Electoral College votes. In anyone’s lexicon, this is a mandate for change. Instead of worrying about pardons, prison sentences, impeachments, corruption etc. we will have someone who will get things done. We will have a country that will prosper and way less of the old boys club atmosphere.
        We will have a change agent, Big Time!
        But, most important of all, Israel will have a strong ally, willing to back her and help her when necessary, and one of the most trusted advisors to our new president will be someone who is an orthodox Jew….talking about a new, fresh start.

  4. The Jewish Republican

    I am a Jewish Republican! There, I said it! Donald Trump has consistently supported Israel and has gone as far as promising to recognize Jerusalem as the capital. I was able to breathe a sigh of relief when Donald Trump got elected. I live in a very heavy democrat state and have to keep low. But, I’m still smiling! America might have just woken up.

    • Yehudit

      Dear AlexFstop:

      Welcome to the fold. Sometimes it is hard to be a minority opinion in a majority area, but I have learned to think more about things that are important to me and to Israel and to care less about other people’s often ignorant or ill-educated opinions. That’s the benefit of being older than a millenial and truly believing what is good for Israel is good for all of us in the rest of the world.

      Keep on believing.

    • Lawrence Wald

      To the Jewish Republican:

      Welcome to the club! Jewish Republicans are like the Marrano Jews. We practice our politics in hiding!

      Seriously, my family has been divided by politics. Two-thirds are liberals and one-third republican. this has created a rift in the family. Most of our Jewish friends are liberal and they shun us now. It is important to have the strength of our convictions. We believe we are in the right and the liberals believe what they believe.

      Stay the course and know there are others who think like you do!
      Donald Trump will be a fine president and good for Israel! His first steps regarding Israel have been quite positive(see my previous post)!

      • The Jewish Republican

        Thanks. I really appreciate the encouragement. I still don’t get why a lot of Jews still support the liberal democrat causes. It seems we would b highly concerned with how our tax monies are spent.

  5. Rostislav

    Congratulations from my Australia, dear Mrs. Ragen! These omnipresent hillaries are dollar-a-dozen today, from the EU to New Zealand, but only the rebellious Americans again proved themselves to be a really exceptional nation! Their great example is already starting to work here and elsewhere.

    • Lawrence Wald

      You are so correct, Rostislav. Thank you for your Australian opinion!

  6. John Shreffler

    Thanks for your works, Naomi. It will be nice to see the US Embassy in Jerusalem where it makes more sense.

    • Yehudit

      Did anybody notice that the first foreign dignitary to be invited to the White House by DT was Netanyahu? How is that for a vote of confidence in his concern for Israel? Image is important in the world’s eye.
      Now, if DT will also defund the UN we will really be in business!

      • Lawrence Wald

        Great post, Yehudit. I think we can expect Netanyahu to be treated with respect(as opposed to the rudeness and hostility exhibited by Obama!). Trump has also said the West Bank settlements are not an obstacle to peace and he has no problem with moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem!

        • Yehudit

          I am confident President-Elect Trump (I love writing those words) will treat Netanyahu with the utmost respect personally and as Israel’s most prominent leader.
          He has often expressed his pleasure at his daughter converting to the Jewish faith and talks about his Jewish grandchildren. He gets us and what Klal Yisroel is about. He has also often donated to Jewish causes (not to curry favor, but out of genuine goodness).
          Let us not forget his promise to renegotiate the horrendous Iran deal as well. He is already beginning with Nafta renegotiation support.
          I know we are in good hands.

          • Lawrence Wald

            Yehudit–I so agree! PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP! It does evoke a wonderful feeling!

  7. Naomi R.

    Beautiful Naomi. There is no question in my mind that Donald Trump’s incredible win was Hashem’s will. Hopefully he will prove to be a man of his word.

  8. Lawrence Wald

    Dear Naomi,

    Your hard work and courageous efforts have paid off! The United States, the world, and Israel owe you a debt of gratitude. For those of us who were convinced that Donald Trump was the best choice and who have worked tirelessly for his election during the past year, we thank you for all you have done. Those who are able to reason clearly are relieved that the world is on the road to becoming a better place after yesterday’s election.

    It is now a time for national reconciliation and for all of us to participate in “making America great again” and making the world a better place! After 8 years of the disastrous Obama presidency, it will be a difficult task! I believe Donald Trump is up to the task!

  9. Yehudit

    America will experience growth that we haven’t seen since Ronald Regan and Israel will experience, finally, an ally by its side. So thrilled for both of us.



  11. Caryn

    When all is said and done, it’s really G-d who selects the candidates and puts who He sees fit in office. So, any thanks or no thanks should really be directed to Him.

  12. Cousin Eddie

    It’s so small of a word ‘IF’ he follows through…I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.He’s been caught in so many lies over this election campaign It’s hard to believe anybody still believes he tells the truth.

    • Bob


      Trump was my 17th choice out of the 17 Republican candidates, but he was far superior to HONEST Hilliary who was the most corrupt person to ever run for the presidency. Trump might surprise us, she never would.

    • Lawrence Wald

      Cousin Eddie–Which candidate is the pathological liar? In my opinion, the answer is Hillary! Her lies are epic!

  13. Diana

    Has Trump ever once spelled out exactly how he would implement these programs you speak of??
    If you are content with “Grab their pussys” Trump then you are among the haters and uneducated rabble whose numbers it seems are legion!

    • Matayman

      Haters? Uneducated? by whom and in what? Every American citizen regardless of education or wealth, or lack of either, is guaranteed a voice. The voice was pretty clear!

    • Lawrence Wald

      Troll Diannie Fannie writes:

      >”If you are content with “Grab their pussys” Trump then you are among the haters and uneducated rabble whose numbers it seems are legion!”Rabble also means “commoners,” but it’s a snobby and somewhat offensive way to talk about ordinary folks: “The king preferred to stay inside his castle, far away from the rabble.” Originally, rabble meant “pack of animals.”<

      Now your snobbish, elitist qualities are in full view. You must really be a disturbed individual to describe 59,000,000 American citizens(the number voting for Trump) as "haters and uneducated rabble"! You certainly cannot be taken seriously, and, in addition, you are to be pitied !

      Diannie, every time you post your nonsense, you embarrass yourself and make yourself look so foolish! After so many ridiculous posts, any rational individual would hide his/her head in shame. Yet here you are continuing to place your incompetency on exhibit for all to see! Shame on you! You must really be a masochist!

      • Stugee1

        Diana is a troll. It is useless to engage her as she does not think rationally. She will have to go elsewhere if no one responds to her vitriol. Hell hath no wrath as a liberal scorned.

        • Lawrence Wald

          Stugee1—You are absolutely correct! From this point on, we all must boycott the irrational, vitriolic troll Diannie as if she does not exist!

        • Bob

          Apparently, you think that Trump’s fowl language is worse than HONEST Hilliary’s criminal actions and serious lapses of judgement.

  14. dj duff

    What a chance for change! If President elect Trump follows through on his promises, we should see some significant shifts in our safety, freedoms and job opportunities. Thank you for holding hope through this turbulent election season.

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