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I’d like to start today’s column by describing the invasion of my house by cockroaches. After almost five years when I never even saw one, all of a sudden, cockroaches were turning up on the kitchen counters, and in the kitchen drawers, and sauntering across the floor if you got up early enough in the morning. They weren’t tiny ones either, but huge, ugly, nightmarish ones that I’d actually never encountered before in my life.

Well, we kept hoping that it was one-off, some misdirected creature that had wandered in from the garden. But then, as the number of chilling encounters increased, we began to seriously consider more serious action.

Why the hesitation, you might ask? Well, fumigation means inviting someone to bring poison into your home. It’s dangerous, and inconvenient, and disgusting, and there are so many other ways we’d like to spend our time than emptying out all our closets and washing them down, or exiling ourselves from our home until it wears off.

What tipped the scales was the realization that our home no longer felt safe. It had been invaded. Not completely, but enough to make us afraid to walk around freely, open drawers without fear, dread leaving out any food. Assailants who had no business in our home, and had plenty of places outside that were perfectly adequate to their needs, a habitat that had never been sprayed or made unnaturally uncomfortable for them. Still, they felt it necessary to come inside my home and look for easy pickings, no matter how it hurt us, the actual creators of our living space.

And so, we went to war. It was an unequal war. We are much stronger. In a short while, the poison was spread out in all perimeters around our home, so that the invaders would die trying to get in, and those already inside, would find themselves helpless to survive and continue their marauding ways.

Despite being displaced from our home, when we returned, we had the joy of knowing that the invaders had been decisively routed. We could now reclaim our living space without worrying about them showing up in unexpected places to threaten our health and safety and mental well-being.

Sometimes, you just have to fight. There is just no choice.

And as I started putting things away, I looked outside and there, right by the entrance to the sliding door into the back garden, was a huge black cockroach on its back, its many feet waving in defeat. I felt a momentary twinge at its dying anguish, and then thought better of it. It had come out of a large, fertile garden where it had everything it needed to thrive, and still, there it was, heading for the door to my house. I was glad it had died on the border. I couldn’t have cared less about its suffering or death.

The British newspaper Telegraph has reported that Hezbollah is storing huge numbers weapons and explosives at Beirut Airport. If this is true, then it wouldn’t be surprising given the track record of Hamas who does this sort of thing regularly. The Lebanese are denying this report hysterically, inviting journalists to visit and inspect the airport. I’m sure Israel doesn’t need to visit. Its intelligence knows exactly what is stored in Beirut Airport.

Videos from Hezbollah showing terrifying images of what it is going to be targeting in Israel (ports, nuclear sites, major cities) if war breaks out have been circulating yesterday and today, part of Hezbollah’s longstanding psychological warfare. Israel has been striking Lebanon in many hurtful ways all day. Suicide drones from Hezbollah wounded a soldier in the Galilee. Another suicide drone, clearly visible over Carmiel in the North, were shot out of the sky without injuring anyone.

The war with Nasrallah is long overdue. My own town, which is near Haifa, tested its siren warning system an hour ago.

Yes, war with filthy invaders is a messy, disgusting business. But if you want to feel safe; if you want to feel at home in your home, you have to take a deep breath and fight. The idea that you can wait it out is an illusion, because as you wait, you are hour by hour, day by day, losing your safety, normalcy and security. To really go home, you have to make the decision to take back what is yours, and to make the enemy pay the ultimate price.

I look forward to seeing Nasrallah on his back, his little feet waving in the air. I won’t mourn for him, either.

Our Prime Minister said clearly today that the Biden Administration is withholding desperately needed weapons from Israel. When will our friends in Congress change this before it’s too late? It is emboldening our enemies. Can’t America see that?

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6 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 23 JUNE 2024”

  1. Vivian Reply

    Israel stay strong. Many Americans stand and have your back. Help is coming soon. Our elections will be in November. God bless Israel and their people. Vivian Alabama

  2. Liz Rome Reply

    Maybe the cockroaches invaded your home to give you information for a very strong analogy! There is a greater force at work than we mere mortals are allowed to understand!

  3. Gig Berkowitz Reply

    Hello Naomi, while I enjoyed your cockroach story I, to, agree that the a strong defense is what’s required to not only win, but take back (or keep} what is yours. No more placating those who don’t like us. Fight fire with with extinguishing fire, not fuel!
    Extinguish all the vermin be it animal, insect or human.
    And, as for the current administration, it’s just a facade of the Obama regime. Full of Muslim sympathizers with a sprinkling of antisemitic insiders guiding the administration down a dangerous path.
    Bibi is right in calling him out. But he who knows not and knows that he knows not, he’s a fool and we should shun him.

    • Eliezer Reply

      Absolutely correct – but unlike the cockroaches, Hezbollah has been building up its arsenal for decades whilst the IDF Generals, Shabak etc were afraid to put down poison. Yet Lebanon is bankrupt and has been for many years, now supported by $1bn EU loan – what conditions none – the conditions should have been Hezbollah out. The west should have remembered UNSC Resolution 1701 from 2006 and since UNIFIL was not doing anything to ensure Hezbollah complied with the resolution, they should have raised this again in the UNSC but Biden did not want to upset his master Obama or the rich Arab states, let alone Russia and China

  4. Ellen Calderon Reply

    Sorry you had to deal with bugs in your home, the war is bad enough, I have some tiny bugs in my kitchen so I understand what you went through, take care, stay save.

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