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The Clintons’ Criminal Collusion

“If there is any good in them, it appears then [at a time of prosperity and success] or never … It is then, and basking in the sunshine of unmerited fortune, that low, sordid, ungenerous, and reptile souls swell with their hoarded poisons; it is then that they display their odious splendor, and shine out in the full lustre of their native villainy and baseness. It is in that season that no man of sense or honour can be mistaken for one of them.”

So wrote Edmund Burke in his “Letter to a Member of the National Assembly”of 1791. He was speaking of French revolutionaries, but he might have been speaking of the Clintons and their manifold corrupt contacts in government and media, whose collusion and corruption are destroying our country. The good news is that this election is bringing all this hidden filth to the surface. Anyone who wishes to make an informed decision on who to vote for can now do so with this knowledge. The New York Times, long the bastion of power and lies and deception, is down 95% in profits while Facebook is up billions, because people have to secretly email each other the truth that the Times continues to hide. Now evidence of criminal complicity has come to light which should shake us all to our core.

Department of Justice assistant attorney general Peter Kadzik, sent an email to the account of Hillary’s campaign manager John Pedestal GIVING HIM ADVANCE WARNING that a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit would expose Hillary’s emails.  This revelation was not reported by the New York Times, it was ‘COORDINATED’ with the newspapers reporters, who gave Hillary’s campaign the ability to vet the story before publication.


“Wikileaks Exposes Collusion Between Clinton Campaign, State Department, And New York Times”

At the same time as the latest Wikileaks email dump revealed an email sent from the gmail account of DOJ assistant attorney general, Peter Kadzik, to the gmail account of John Podesta, warning him of a FOIA case that would make it “a while before the State Department posts the [Hillary] emails”, an off-the-record communication which the DOJ apparently had no complaints about, we learned of another coordinated, collusive event, this time involving not the Department of Justice, but the Secretary of State, the New York Times, and the Clinton campaign.

In an email dated March 1, 2015, just one day before the NYT’s story revealing that Hillary Clinton had a personal email server, a State Department official, Lauren Hickey, coordinated with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign staffers Heather Samuelson as well as Philippe Reines and Nick Merrill, on a statement given to The New York Times regarding how to frame its landmark story.

In the email also sent from the gmail account of State Department press aide Lauren Hickey, the government employee told Clinton aides that then-State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki had “just cleared” a statement to a New York Times reporter. Hickey attached the statement, which appeared to include a change made at the behest of the Clinton …

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24 comments on “The Clintons’ Criminal Collusion”

  1. Cousin Eddie

    Larry do you remember the last time the KKK had a victory parade for a president elect? It’s that old Handwriting On The Wall thing. I am not a hater, I don’t hate Trump, just the decisive message. Eddie

    • Lawrence Wald


      >”Larry do you remember the last time the KKK had a victory parade for a president elect? It’s that old Handwriting On The Wall thing. I am not a hater, I don’t hate Trump, just the decisive message. Eddie<"

      You link Donald Trump to the KKK? You call Trump "a con artist" and "the wizard of Oz"? You have nothing negative to say about Hillary, a criminal who compromised the security of our country; a pathological liar; a woman indirectly responsible for the deaths of so many; a woman who accepted huge bribes from countries that abuse women, gays, Jews, and Christians; a perjurer; and a woman with a husband who has a history of misogyny, perjury and alleged sexual assault and rape? You don't describe her as "a con artist"? I have 2 words for you- paranoid and hypocritical!

      If you are pleased that you voted for such a sociopath and if you really believe that Trump is so evil, that he surrounds himself with "white supremacists and anarchists," who "call for the destruction of Jews, Gentiles, blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims", there is really no need for further discussion. We are in total disagreement, this is getting tiresome, and I have no more time for such irrationality!

  2. Cousin Eddie

    Larry in your previous comments you said you had no opinion on Bannon well what are you afraid of. If you haven’t already look up Breitbart’s publication it is a haven for white supremacists,and anarchists, he calls for the destruction of Jews Gentiles blacks Hispanics Muslims I can go on and on and on.

    • Lawrence Wald

      Your statement regarding Breitbart is ridiculous. I follow Breitbart on a regular basis and I find it to be one of my good and accurate sources of news material that is not carried on the extremely biased mainstream media. In addition, it is one of the few media sources that is strongly pro-Israel! My guess is that you are a lover of MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post. Wikileaks has exposed those members of the mainstream media as extremely biased in favor of liberals. Their attacks on Israel are shameful!

      You write the following regarding Bannon:

      >”he calls for the destruction of Jews Gentiles blacks Hispanics Muslims I can go on and on and on.”<

      Eddie–You know better than this! What a load of garbage! There is not an ounce of truth in this accusation!

  3. Cousin Eddie

    Larry your list and I give some the benefit of doubt makes my case. But from my perspective; from the book of Daniel: “The Handwriting Is On The Wall” You said previously that Trump had 60 million votes but Hillary won the popular vote. I agree with Trump the system needs to be corrected. And as being condescending to the elderly I am 76. I’m sorry about all the BS that’s being thrown around and you know what’s they say about BS after a while you start believing it.

    • Lawrence Wald

      I don’t care how old you are! I am 74 and I feel your statement that someone 70 years old cannot change their behavior, philosophy, or political perspective is condescending to the elderly!

  4. Cousin Eddie

    Lawrence Trump is our President for the next four years. He is also 70. A leopard can’t change its spots and neither can he;look who he has gathered around him.Gingrich Giuliani Christie Bannon to name just a few
    Excellent people, I don’t think so. Thank you for your invitation to pray along with you, I certainly will, and hope for the best. He sat with President Obama yesterday and if you look at his face he just got a dose of reality. And the worst is yet to come.

    • Lawrence Wald

      Eddie-We are in disagreement. I think many of the people who will be in his administration are fantastic–successful and intelligent. Here are some examples:

      Sheriff David Clarke
      Newt Gingrich
      Rudy Giuliani
      K.T. McFarland
      John Bolton
      General Michael Flynn
      Kellyanne Conway
      Senator Jeff Sessions
      Reince Priebus
      Dr. Ben Carson

      I have no opinion regarding Bannon, Christie, and Peter Thiel. I do know he is considering a diverse group for his cabinet including gays, women, African-Americans, etc.

      You wrote:

      > “He sat with President Obama yesterday and if you look at his face he just got a dose of reality.”“He is also 70. A leopard can’t change its spots and neither can he.”<

      Eddie, that is condescending and unfair to the elderly. People can look at the facts and change opinions and political perspective no matter what the age. At one time, I was an extreme liberal, and after a great deal of soul searching, life wisdom, a study of history, and political evolution, I became a moderate conservative.

  5. Cousin Eddie

    Lawrence I’m not a religious man but I pray to God I am wrong I want to be wrong. The con artist, the wizard of Oz fooled us once maybe he will fool us again and do the right thing for Israel America and the World.

    • Lawrence Wald

      Cousin Eddie–Let us pray together. Whether we/you like it or not, he is our president for at least 4 years! I do feel he will put some excellent people around him and follow their advice.

  6. Cousin Eddie

    God willing Trump will prove us wrong. I really don’t think he will . Only time will tell.

    • Lawrence Wald

      Cousin Eddie–Naomi and I strongly believe that the Trump presidency will be a good one for the U.S., Israel, and the world. Approximately 60,000,000 Americans agree with Naomi and me. I only hope we are right and you are wrong. As you say, only time will tell…… In the meantime, let us all pray for a successful Trump presidency, a better America, and a better world!

    • Lawrence Wald

      The Lon Ranger writes:

      >”Naomi, do you seriously believe Trump is good for Israel?”<

      Several hours after his election, Trump gets on the phone with Netanyahu inviting him to the White House! Trump indicates plans to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem! He states that the West Bank settlements are not an obstacle to peace! He feels that Israel's interests(peace and security) are paramount to him and far more important than the Palestinian goal of Israel's destruction! He believes that the ridiculous Iran Nuclear Agreement is an existential threat to Israel!

      Yes, Naomi and I feel Trump is(and will be) good for Israel!

  7. Yaffa

    Naomi, I am so disappointed in you that you use your literary website to get political. I am heartbroken that I must distance myself from you until a time when I feel safe. You, who have written about the freedom of women and the emancipation of people that are in horrible situations would choose a man who is a women-hater and women-abuser. A man who has no experience in government and one who hides his tax returns from all of us.
    Why you chose to get involved in politics is beyond me. You should focus on your books. I have read every book but the child abuse book.
    I hope you will cease and desist on the topic of politics and return to what you do best: fiction.

  8. Ammi

    Robert, what amazes me is how you embrace a corrupt, soon-to-be indicted again 30-year career politician who wants open borders. As for your 400 rabbis, they can join the long list of Republicans who said more against Trump than they did against Obama paying ransom to Iran and paving Iran’s path to the bomb. None of them impress me much.

  9. Robert

    Over 400 women Rabbis from around the world have come out against Trump.
    Please read what they say.
    How anyone can vote for this disgusting human being is amazing to me.

  10. Rostislav

    It’s a pleasure to see from my Australia that Mrs. Ragen does deal with facts – not with any feelings, rumors or labels, as her opponents usually do. The Clinton’s candidacy always was a source of constant awe for me: if the Progressives of such a large country as the USA couldn’t find some able demagogue who’d be at least a tiny bit less corrupt and criminal than Hillary is, then – what kind of a party the Democrats are? Sheer mafia all the way, and nothing else. As it was written in your good book “The Covenant”, “…they are drunk with power. The Ten Commandments mean nothing to them. They don’t even have the most primitive moral code” – exactly so!

  11. Ammi

    The blind democrats, and even worse the suicidal Jewish Democrats, are violently opposing Trump and his supporters any way they can from the lies in the media to the yard signs continually destroyed. Democrats are always the first to call others “nazi” and are also the first to act like one. They suppress speech, ignore laws, and don’t care who they need to kill to get their way. I am one of the few Jews over here who unabashedly & unapologeticly loves Israel and U.S. (the real one, pre-Obama). I have zero respect for any Dems or for the Republicans in Congress who fought Trump (whom the people picked in a landslide) 1000% harder than they ever fought Obama on anything. If she wins, she’ll let in her gazillion unvetted “refugees” and America and Israel will be lost forever. I fought hard against the Iran deal, but my voice didn’t make a dent. Suicidal Jews were much more effective. Trump is our last chance, our last hope. I am glad for every Israeli American vote as I know you are not suicidal Jews. I think we’ll win next Tuesday, G-d willing. Trump will undoubtedly make mistakes too, but at least his efforts will be coming from the right place.
    In love and hope,

  12. Dr. Arline Gold

    You absolutely should not be putting down two people, flawed true, who have given so much to our country and the world!!!! By the way what does her opponent done for the world—–nothing but selfish, self-promoting negativity!!! Trump is a paranoid horrible human being with a horrible immoral, lying, abusive history. G-d forbid he gets to run our country. Stay out of it!!!!

  13. Kerry

    Dear Mrs. Ragen,
    I don’t know you personally, just through your wonderful books and blog, but you seem to be seething with anger toward so many people. There is nothing wrong with caring passionately about the issues that affect you but it becomes incredibly unhealthy when your anger causes you to dehumanize those who disagree with you and spew such hateful language. You’re hurting only yourself in the end and not helping both of the countries you love. Please take a break from politics and heal thyself.
    All my best,

  14. Cousin Eddie

    The hate for Hillary is so great, you are unable to see Donald for who he is….they said they would be able to control Hittler in ’33 you see where that went. Look at the pepole who he listens too….

  15. Terry Adler

    I hope this is Not , “Too Little Too Late”…… Let’s hope the “sheep”,see the handwriting on the wall.
    Shalom Aleichem.

  16. Warren Young

    I’m with Naomi. Please America… Choose your leader wisely. We need a strong, honest, faithful voice in the U.S. and around the world. Best to you ALL! God help us… Warren Young

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