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Never Again? Really?

It is not every day that a woman wakes up to find that her children and grandchildren have spent the night in a bomb shelter, bombarded by missiles launched by a vicious, anti-Semitic terrorist organization dedicated to murdering every last Jew on earth; missiles launched haphazardly at densely populated residential areas at the heart of the country. I think about my in-laws, both survivors, one of Auschwitz the other of Hungarian slave labor whose wife and two children were gassed by Nazis. And here we are in 2021, and their precious descendants are once again objects of intensive attempts at annihilation as the so-called civilized world brays in unison in support of Hamas, the spiritual heirs to the Nazis.

Considering the extreme delicacy and almost fanatic regard for human rights hailed by this generation, who are devastated by the use of the wrong pronoun, who demand “safe spaces” where their delicate ears might not be assaulted by opinions differing from their own, I find this astonishing. Yet, the fact that the children and grandchildren of survivors, was well as the dwindling but precious and very much alive escapees of Hitler’s Final Solution are obscenely being subjected to the fear and horror of existential assaults on their existence doesn’t seem to bother anyone, let alone move them to the kind of frenzied activity that, let’s say, a transgender storyteller denied access to small children in the library might. In fact, if they decide to get involved at all, it has been to link arms in solidarity with Hamas terrorists and their supporters, incensed, they explain, by Israel’s “barbaric” treatment of the Palestinians in “occupied” Gaza, or because Israelis went up to the Temple Mount, Israel’s holiest shrine, plastered over to erect the al Aksa Mosque. Let us examine this reasoning and apply some facts.

Gaza, an ancient city conquered and reconquered, was ruled by Jews as early as 96 BCE under Herod. Only seven centuries later, in 637 CE, did Muslims appear. In modern times, there was even a Jewish community in Gaza until its members fled Muslim riots in 1929. Egypt ruled the area until they launched the Six Day War. Jewish settlements in Gush Katif, encouraged by the Israeli government to keep Israel’s borders secure, succeeded in keeping rocket launchers further away from the border. With Israel’s unilateral withdrawal in 2005 following the Oslo Accords, this buffer was entirely destroyed, Jews thrown out of their homes, their synagogues and very graves uprooted, and their lucrative hothouses left behind, all in the name of peace.

What followed was anything but. First there were the internecine battles between the PLO and Hamas, both organizations committed to terrorism against Israel, until Hamas succeeded in winning the hearts of Gazans who elected them to rule.

The hothouses, donated by a generous American donor to the Gazans, were destroyed. Billions in aid from all over the world was used to build terror tunnels and build up missile sites. Gazans were terrorized by violent Hamas gangs into silence and poverty, Hamas’s only agenda to use them as cover in launching offensives against the Zionists. Mayhem soon followed, proving to Israel their hopes had been foolish and naïve.

In 2007, long range missiles were fired at Ashkelon. In 2008, a Grad rocket landed two hundred meters from the neo-natal unit at Barzilai Hospital. In 2009, 571 rockets were fired. In 2010, 250 rockets. In 2011, 680. A mortar aimed at a school bus killed 16-year-old Daniel. That same year, Israel deployed the Iron Dome missile defense system and just in time because in 2012, 360 rockets tainted with poisonous white phosphorous were launched. All this time, the Israeli navy was busy intercepting long-range Russian and Iranian missiles gifted to Gaza. In 2014, Hamas erected a loving monument to the M-75 missile in Gaza City bragging that “with its help they had managed to take the battle to the heart of the Zionist entity, Israel.” In 2014, 3,000 rockets were launched at heavily populated residential areas in Israel, rockets that cannot be aimed. Even Human Rights Watch, that anti-Israel mouthpiece, found itself obliged to register a protest.

Hamas is not concerned about civilians. Indeed, it places its own rocket launchers between apartment buildings, in mosques, schools, and hospitals, terrorists firing then running away in the hope that the IDF, the most humane army in the world, will not retaliate for fear of civilian casualties, or –even better—that they will, creating excellent propaganda photos for Hamas’ hate-driven agenda.

This scenario has continued uninterrupted, expanding to incendiary balloons that sparked millions of shekels in damage to peaceful Israeli farms along the Gaza border. Israel on the whole has chosen (disastrously in my opinion) to ignore Hamas rocket-fire except in the case of the actual loss of human life.

This is the poisonous terrorist swamp into which you have dipped your delicate little millennial toes, pronoun-huggers. To blame Israel for this conflict one must truly be like Hamas, a devotee and acolyte of Nazi-inspired hatred against the Jewish people.

Like the founder of the Palestinians, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, you must truly be an admirer of Mein Kampf and Hitler, which Husseini was. During WWII he said: “Germany is the only country in the world that has not merely fought the Jews at home but has declared war on the entirety of world Jewry; in this war against world Jewry the Arabs feel profoundly connected to Germany.” Husseini visited Auschwitz with Himmler and begged the Germans to hurry up so that the half million Jews in Israel could be dispatched in a similar fashion. In 1944, Husseini launched a parachutist attack to poison the Tel Aviv water supply. A war criminal, he was harbored by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He is the founding father of Palestinian aspirations. His followers include Yasir Arafat – who had Mein Kampf translated into Arabic and distributed in bulk to his followers; and Mahmoud Abbas, the “moderate” who wrote a doctorate declaring the Holocaust “a Zionist fantasy.”  

Yet Hamas is even worse than the PLO. Their founding charter unequivocally proclaims their devotion to killing all Jews. Their ally, Hezbollah, led by Hassan Nasrallah, declared in 2002 that it was good that Jews were gathering in Israel because “it will save us from having to hunt them down all over the world.”

All those out there who have wept over Anne Frank’s diary, watched in stupefied outrage The Pianist, and visited Holocaust museums and memorials wondering how such things could have possibly happened in the modern world, need wonder no longer. If you really mean “Never Again” now is the time to do something about it. Open your mouths, engage online, counter demonstrate, tell your politicians not to withhold aid from Israel in her attempts to protect herself. Arm yourselves and your communities against the new Brown shirts beating up Jews and burning down synagogues in your own hometowns. Do not delude yourselves that by joining the chanting mobs you will somehow be exempt from what they have planned for every Jew in the world, not just Israelis. All of you now have a front row seat to Holocaust redux. If you choose to just sit back and watch, we in Israel, isolated by your indifference, your politics, and your cowardice, will carry on without you. Never Again is now.  Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.  

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22 comments on “Never Again? Really?”

  1. judy appell

    bless you for writing this. i do not understand the jews who go against their own. i guess there have always been self hating jews who turn things around to support their theories instead of seeing the truth

  2. Yaffa

    It is rather sad for me to read the hateful words of a self deprecating Jew. You do not have to agree with President Trupm’s policies. However a character assasination based on lies of the left leaves me confused and saddened. This article is right on. Naomi Ragen’s description of what is happening in Israel is accurate. Instead of having compassion and empathy, you find it necessary to establish a moral equivalence between this terrorist organization and the most moral military in the world. It’s like comparing the Western world to Isis. So frustrating to see people misguided.

    • Tom McCarthy

      Christ was the first Self-hating Jew and look what the Jews did to Him. The tsunami of resentment against Jews currently playing out was entirely predictable and was entirely self-inflicted. People have had it with the Jew World Order and it’s no surprise that Jews are dealing with it by doubling down on all the degeneracy, overplaying their hand as they’ve always done. Jews clearly have a death wish and day by day their bad behavior is making it happen.

  3. Joel Laker

    Naomi, I used to be an avid reader of your books but after your love affair with Trump and Breitbart I decided not to buy or read another book by you. I’ve just read your take on this conflict and in many ways I agree with you, however, you didn’t go to the source or lynchpin that started this latest conflict. An Israeli court decision to evict Palestinians in East Jerusalem and award parts or all of their properties to settlers. In past you talked lovingly of Trump and all he has done for Israel but not all he has done to attempt to defeat Democracy in the USA. You didn’t mention in past articles Trump lovingly keeping Adolf Hitler’s Book at his bedside table. To be just is to tell both sides of the story. You want to go after crazy your list should include – Trump – Natenyahu – Marjorie Taylor Green etal. It takes 2 to tango and you make peace with your enemy.
    BTW – there are no humane Armies that I know of. I am a proud Jew, my late Father z’l was a Lawyer, I learned a great deal from him, listening to both sides and searching out the causes of hate and conflict were the first step to understanding and having prospects for resolution. As he always said, “A Word To The Wise Is Sufficient. Joel

      • Rabbi Fleishig

        It’s all very well and good to despise armies, but remember that your enemies (and as a Jew and Westerner you definitely have enemies) do have armies, and soon, thanks to people with your views will have nuclear weapons aimed at you. So keep your head in the sand and stay ignorant and happy.

    • Linda Biderman

      Joel, I am very saddened to read your post and know that you do not support Israel. It is my understanding that this conflict actually began because of three houses in Israel that were inhabited by Arabs with people who refused to pay rent and were living there for years not paying anything. Finally, they they were no longer allowed to live there and were made to leave. That is what I understand started this last conflict. Check it out! Also, Trump was wonderful to Israel and moved the capital to Jerusalem where it should have been prior to Trump being President. Trump is all for democracy and a two party system. Under Biden we are only going to have a one party system…just like other socialist or communist countries. You can kiss democracy goodbye. The Democratic Party is no longer the Democratic Party you grew up with. I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think so. So glad we can share our thoughts. At some point we will not be able to do so.

      • M Smith

        You are wasting your breath, Linda. Most American Jews only read or watch popular mainstream — in other words, left-wing — news sources. They have ZERO idea of all the good former President Trump did–he literally brought peace to the Middle East, not to mention that he did many excellent things for America, like giving black Americans the lowest unemployment rate in the history of the U.S.–because all of their news sources suppressed the good stuff.
        OTOH, those same news sources barely seemed to fact-check any criticism or negative stories about the former president; the more the better.

        During 2020, our local Jewish newspaper, while suppressing the good things former President Trump did for Jews and Israel, also suppressed news about the blatantly anti-Israel foreign policy team Biden was putting together prior to the election.

        Also, right now where I live, Jewish organizations are *supporting* CRT (Critical Race Theory – actual racism) in schools. (They will tell you it is to protect Holocaust studies, but that’s 100 percent a lie, since facts about the Holocaust can be totally taught without CRT being implemented.)

        For those who don’t know, CRT in our K-12 schools–and **supported** by the Biden administration–teaches kids that ALL white Americans are racist and oppressors, while ALL blacks–including Malia and Sasha Obama–are oppressed victims forever. If you are white, you were born a racist and will die a racist. You need to find ways to beat yourself up and make yourself less white, less of a terrible, oppressive person. If you are black, you are a victim, and your job is to actually find the racism in everything that is said or done to you by a white person. If anyone tells you that’s not what CRT is, they are lying. I saw the original information on the original BLM website and other “anti-racist” training sources.

        Isn’t that some sort of child abuse, teaching white kids that there is something wrong with them because of their skin color? Teaching them that they need to do the best they can to “fix” themselves? And teaching black kids that the only characteristic, the only attribute, about them that is relevant in life is their skin color? Yet, from what I’m seeing, this type of indoctrination of our children is supported by most American Jews.

        And isn’t this absolutist teaching reminiscent of the things Hitler said? Essentially (and I’m paraphrasing) “They’re Jews, so you automatically know they are evil, they are rats, they’ are parasites”? Where is the difference?

        The truth is, CRT is Marxist, and MOST AMERICAN JEWS AND JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS ARE SUPPORTING MARXISM/SOCIALISM IN AMERICA. They have totally forgotten what happened in Nazi Germany.

        It’s disgusting. It’s true what they say: No one hates Jews more than Jews.

  4. M Goldstein

    My granddaughter called me from a bomb shelter when this all began and she was upset. I told her to calm down and pray. And try to realize that at least in israel she has an entire wonderful amazing army and government to help stop this.
    In the rest of the world there is no one on a jew’s side.

    • Joel Laker

      Linda I lived in Israel in 1967 through the
      the war. I
      Certainly support Israel but as I said it takes 2 to tango.
      Donald Trump is a
      A liar cheat and thief soon to be indicted. Look at “The Big Lie” Look at the Republican Party most of whom kiss the ring of this Deplorable man. I support Israel but do not support the abusive behaviour toward Palestinians.
      A Father who goes to Shul, Keeps Kosher and beats his wife and children needs to be accountable for his actions and doesn’t get a pass for keeping Jewish practices. If you love Trump it really says it all about you, this is the man who said of the Charlottesville Nazi riots “there were good people on both sides.

      • Linda


        Stop living in the past! Donald Trump is no longer the President. Get it! Stop blaming him for what is happening in our world today. Biden wants to go back into the Iran deal that John Kerry under Obama promoted. Russia and Iran are supporting Hamas and Hezbollah. It doesn’t look pretty! Whatever Trump did which was a lot, Biden wants to undo. It is becoming the normal to teach our children in our schools that the white man is bad and we should pay for our sin of being white. Is that okay with you? It is not okay with me. It is very racial in and of itself. Under Biden we are getting more of the great divide and the Democrats are promoting the division of race. All the illegal immigrants coming into our country will all be democrats and there goes our two party system. You see Joel, this is the plan! It is not my plan, but it is the Democratic plan. Changing the laws of how we vote also plays into this.

      • M Smith

        Linda is a patriot who actually managed to get her hands on real, authentic news and not the fake crap you apparently have been ingesting, Comrade.

        In all honesty, it took me a while to figure out our political news was fake–so maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on you, Joel–but once I discovered one big piece of fakeness last year, it disturbed me so much I began looking to see if there were other things Americans were being told that weren’t true. (I did this primarily, though not exclusively, via a wide variety of news sources on the Internet, instead of just settling for the most popular platforms and media outlets.) The truth will set you free. I recommend it, Joel.

        BTW, I literally saw terrible things the BLM movement and “Antifa” protesters were doing on the left coast last summer–courtesy of eye-witness film footage from on-the-ground sources in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, and elsewhere in 2020–things including the destruction of black-owned businesses, so much for black lives mattering–and meanwhile the fake news media (MSNBC, CNN, ABC, etc., and most of the popular social media platforms) reported very little of it; slanted the tiny bit they did report; and concluded that any “protests” that had occurred were all mostly peaceful. I’m sure that was a great comfort to the folks who lost loved ones to gunfire in the CHOP zone of Seattle, among other places where rioting occurred, last year.

        Jews like you make me think of those German Jews who pooh-poohed other Jews who tried to raise the alarm about Hitler and his Nazis. Keep your head in the sand, Joel; I’m sure nothing bad will happen.

    • Joel Laker

      Let me point out only 3 things about the Trump you adore. He stole from his own Trump Charity and was court ordered never to have another Charity. Of the Charlottesville Nazi Gathering he said there were good people on both sides. He, Republicans and you are watching the destruction of Democracy in The USA.

      • M Smith

        Joel needs some education. Trump said: “Excuse me, they didn’t put themselves down as neo-Nazis, and you had some very bad people in that group. But you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. You had people in that group – excuse me, excuse me, I saw the same pictures you did. You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of, to them, a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name.”

        After another question at that SAME press conference, asking him to clarify, Trump became even more explicit: “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.”

        And later President Trump said, when asked yet again: “Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

        He was asked to clarify his Charlottesville comments ad nauseum, and each time he did, it’s like the Left Wing Media didn’t listen, because they continued to push the same BS story.

        But I noticed that when Officer Chauvin put his foot on George Floyd’s neck, and Obama fomented racial unrest by saying “Today we witness with our own eyes police officerS kneeling on the neckS of Black AmericanS”–even though it was ONE officer and ONE black American–the press gave that a pass. I bet you did too.

        I get where you’re coming from, Joel. You don’t care about the FACTS about what’s happened and what is happening in our country. As an American liberal Jew, you only love the narrative that lets you beat yourself up for being an awful white Jew.

        I’m conservative, not racist (but you go ahead and believe what our Antisemitic media tell you), and it shocks me how my fellow Jews support narratives that are untrue and also harmful to Jews and Israel. So sad.

  5. John Cruse

    Right on. The enemy will never make peace because that would mean you have a right to exist. I love your writings.

  6. Ellen S Poor

    Thank you Naomi! As always, well thought out and well written. I have shared it to Facebook and will forward the email to some of my family and friends. I pray that you, your family and Klal Yisrael will be safe.

  7. Linda Biderman

    Thank you for this post. I absolutely agree with you. I am shocked and appalled at how many Jews do not support Israel. This feels like the “Never Again” happening again. There must not have been support from the world and leaders that helped Hitler kill so many Jews. I know many Jews here in the U.S. who sympathize with Hamas and the Arabs living in Gaza. I find it shameful. We in the U.S. are also dealing with the extreme leftists in our Democratic Party who only wish for the destruction of Israel. Our laws need to be changed so that we don’t allow representatives to be elected who come from outside the U.S. to hold office and make decisions for the rest of us because of their connection to these countries. You are a wonderful author and obviously a wonderful human being.

  8. Jill Goldblum

    Well said! Passing along so more of us can “SIMPLY “understand 🙏

  9. Fern Kurland

    Thank you so much Naomi. I love your writing and love your remarks. I am certainly a big and long follower of you. This commentary comes to me at a difficult time. I have just learned (yesterday) that my synagogue (supposedly Conservative) has hired a rabbinic student to lead the teenagers in evening programs. What’s wrong? This rabbinical student, of Hebrew College in Newton, is one of the “signers” of a declaration against Israel and the American Jews who support Israel, with compassion for Hamas. (I don’t have the exact words since I am at work right now, and my papers are at home. I read the document and I am appalled by it. This is not the Temple Israel, Sharon, MA, I raised my children in, and not the synagogue I was so active in. In my opinion the lay leaders are at bottom ground. I have been a member of this synagogue for 53 years, and now I am about to leave. My four children were B’nai Mitzvah there, and were very active in the USY. They did learn Jewish values and love for Israel, which they also experienced in our home, they attended the same Hebrew speaking Zionist camp which I did. Your remarks
    above have encouraged me to send it to the lay “leaders” of the congregation which I am about to leave. I am a passionate Jew and Zionist, and I am deeply saddened by what the Rabbinic School is allowing our future rabbis believe, and will teach. I do wonder if this is happening in the Jewish Theological Seminary in NY. Chas v’chaleelah if it is.

  10. Carol

    Absolutely true, an excellent post. Only virulent anti-semitism can explain the actions – and inaction – of the rest of the world as Israel and the Jews are attacked again and again.

  11. Wendy Edelson

    Great post, Naomi!
    I am currently in Zuckerberg’s gulag for being a passionate Zionist and proud Jew ( channeling Menachem Begin who told then Senator Biden to pound sand!) so I have shared this elsewhere on social media, MeWe, Parler etc.
    Thank you.
    Am Yisrael Chai

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