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Category Archives: Women’s Issues

A Modest Proposal

What began as a routine divorce between a Danish-born convert and her Israeli husband now threatens to tear apart the country, opening deep wounds and revealing the ugly face of the haredi judges who rule Israel’s Rabbinical Court […]

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Rachel’s Story

On Sunday, I went to Israel’s Supreme Court to listen to the wisdom of the highest judges in Israel concerning the case of Rachel S. (there’s a partial gag order, thus the initial), the woman on whom I […]

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Et Tu, Oprah?

I am a 55-year-old white, middle-class American woman; wife, mother, grandmother. I am one of the loyal fans who have made Oprah Winfrey the queen of American television, and a successful magazine magnate. I am special in only […]

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Desecrating God’s Name

The role of Chief Rabbi of Israel is the product of the catastrophic mingling of religion and politics. Chosen for their political connections rather than their scholarship or exemplary personal life (although past chief rabbis have been blessed […]

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