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Category Archives: Terrorism

Peace in our Time

In that pregnant pause between World War One and the unleashing of the unprecedented human disaster that was World War Two, democracies had the opportunity to change history; to forestall Hitler’s naked aggression. What was missing was neither […]

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Meditations on Lebanon

The day Israeli troops began to pull out of their encampments on the Lebanese side of the border, a banner headline in Israel’s most widely read newspaper, Yediot Acharonot, screamed: “The Degradation!” Inside, the paper showed panic-stricken residents […]

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Here We Go Again

When the pipe bomb went off in the lively seaside village of Netanya recently, I remember thinking: Oh no. Here we go again. The bombings. The “I can’t condone” of the Palestinians (why can’t they say “We condemn?”)  […]

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Oh, When?

We took a trip to Europe last month to visit our daughter, who is doing her second year of National Service teaching Hebrew in a Jewish school in Toulouse. El Al was very helpful, giving out tickets to […]

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