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In response to my last column, someone wrote me that they can get the news from numerous websites. What they want from me is what’s going on with Israelis on a personal level.

First of all, you can’t get the true news from numerous websites. Even I, in Israel, can’t the news from numerous websites, since most of them fit the events to their personal political bias. If I go to Haaretz, or Ynet, I’m only going to get the news about how much they hate Netanyahu, and how Israel is sure to lose and should surrender to Hamas and accept whatever pathetic hostage deal they are offering today, even if they offer to shoot the hostages and deliver the bodies. That’s the truth.

So when I convey news on this Diary, it’s as close to the honest truth as I can find. That’s not a small thing.

Secondly, I appreciate the sincere interest in “how Israelis are doing.” But honestly, going into our national trauma, and my own feelings, is hard, especially on a daily basis. I don’t like to take my own temperature, or the national temperature, too often.

We have to get through this. How do you think we feel when our biggest ally announces to the world they no longer support us and the welfare of our enemies supersedes their interest in our well-being? How do you think we feel when we are already in Rafah but still fighting Iran and its proxy Hezbollah that has basically made huge parts of the north of Israel uninhabitable, and they now know they can just wait for us to run out of weapons, thanks to Joe Biden? What do you think we feel when we know our hostages are being tortured, raped and killed every day, but Hamas now has renewed hope not to give an inch because they too can wait for us to run out of weapons?

The other day my husband had a cataract operation in a Tel Aviv hospital. We had an excellent surgeon and the facilities were modern and welcoming. Here we were in the middle of a war, and yet everything was functioning as normal. We stayed over in Tel Aviv at a very nice hotel on the beach because of an early appointment with the surgeon, and in the afternoon we took a walk along the lovely boardwalk. The sky was blue with fluffy white clouds. Young men were surfing the blue waves, and pretty girls were walking their dogs and jogging. “Let’s sit here,” I suggested to my husband pointing to a bench across from the ocean. We breathed in the salt air and let the sun kiss our faces pink.

And then, suddenly, I heard the whirring of a motor. When I looked up, there was a motorized paraglider right above us. In the past, we always thought people hanging from those things were adventurous and charming. Now I looked up imagining he was holding a submachine gun getting ready to fire down at us.

Yes, we Israelis are not the same as we were before October 7. Our hearts are full to breaking with the stories and images of all the beautiful young people, the children, the elderly who were killed and tortured; with all those still in captivity with the most degenerate and violent antisemites who ever lived. It aches with the loss of the heroic soldiers, policemen and border guards who gave their lives to stop the slaughter.

Since last Remembrance Day, another 761 soldiers have fallen, and another 61 wounded have succumbed to their injuries. 711 have died so far in the current war, 637 IDF soldiers, 39 local protection groups, 68 policemen, and 6 Shabak members. Another 1,294 new families have been added to the list of the bereaved. 248 new widows, 520 new orphans, and 2,174 new siblings.

In its wars, Israel has lost 25,034 soldiers. It’s an enormous number for such a little country.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “Seventy-six years ago we were a small number facing many. We had no weapons, and there was a weapons embargo against Israel. But our souls were strong, we had bravery, heroism, and unity and we were victorious. Today we are much stronger. We are determined and we are united to defeat our enemies and those who wish to kill us.

“If we have to stand alone, we will stand alone.

If we have to fight with our fingernails, we will fight with our fingernails.

But we have much more than just fingernails. With that same strength in our souls, with G-d’s help, we will win.”


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26 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 9 MAY 2024”

  1. Leon Ber Reply

    copy of letter I sent to liberal jew Your right Larry we should only have targeted operations and spare all these innocent arabs who supported Hamas and danced in the streets during 9/11. After all whats the big deal if a few hundred more Israeli soldiers are lost because the world demanded Israel be following rules of engagement that no other country in the world would be forced to follow What the big deal 1200 Israeli’s were brutally murdered raped had their pictures taken for part of the arab celebration of this mass killing .Hamas wants their civilians killed its part of their political agenda to blame Israel as murderers what better way than to hide in hospitals and mosques. I suppose the US should never have dropped their 2000 pound bombs, oh excuse me atomic bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki that easily saved 50,000 American soldiers lives. Its called WAR and Israel is fighting for its right to live, they are surrounded and missiles are coming in

    Keep in mind that it is liberal Jews who are the greatest risk to Judaism. It was David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, George Soros, Chuck U Shummer who made Barach Obama president and his stooge Biden , what a surprise anti-semitism is mirroring 1930’s Germany, yeah we supported the blacks on civil rights and now they hate us, my father was a graduate of Auschwitz and my mother Stutthof concentration camps, nobody cared Jews were being exterminated even the New York Times buried the news , all those liberal fucking Jews .

    How many times did Israel want peace 1947 independence , Yassar Arafat they offered 97 % of his demands, oh 2005 they left Gaza , uprooted Jewish communities , left tens of millions of Greenhouses that was exporting produce around the world , the arabs destroyed everything including the greenhouses left behind that the arabs could have continued a great business feeding the world instead built tunnels and aimed missiles that much closer to Israel I could go on & on with more facts but you cannot change the mind of a Jewish liberal with facts , you will never see the light.

    Leon Ber

    • Michalis Reply

      This is for anyone who voted for Biden.

      (Ben Shapiro explaining the situation.)

  2. Sara Reply

    Dear Naomi, Thank you always for your war diary entries. Since Oct 7th, as a Jew, my heart has ached and I’m certain my blood pressure has risen. While I don’t live in Israel, I still feel the [ain of loss, I feel anger that the world turns a blind eye and I agree…Biden is disgusting and is slowly unraveling the world. I have great disdain for media as well for it’s bi-assed anti-Israel stance in many cases. We have eyes. We have hearts. We can see. Please stay strong. Israel will come out on top.

  3. דוב קרבי dov kravi Reply

    Dear Naomi,
    The Obiden clique is unfortunately not the only one to betray.
    In France we have a paltoquet who thinks he is Jupiter and gives lessons to the Jewish State. Absolute shame.
    Thank you for your articles, which I am passing on translated to many friends.
    ביחד ננצח

  4. Gary Reply

    Naomi, disregard the Hamas useful idiots, we’re with you and trust your judgement.

  5. Vivian Davis Reply

    I read your column every day. I am not Jewish. I like was raised to believe our Jewish neighbors were Gods Chosen People. Israel stand strong. Many Americans have your back. Biden will be defeated and Trump will come to your rescue. Please stay strong.

  6. Baila Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing how you feel about all of this and how it feels to live as an Israeli in Israel! I live in the United States and here with a google search of Israeli news, it is easy to have access to very many different news sites. Each writer has some differences. I really appreciate the personal example! I appreciate your honesty.

    • Kelleigh Nelson Reply

      Naomi, I am so very sorry we have this horrible administration run by Obama/Biden. We are not at all happy with them or with what is going on in our own country. I can tell you though that every month, we send donations to Israel. It’s not the weapons you need, but there are a lot of us helping who love Israel and her people.

      Our friends are so angry at Biden and we’re writing, but it seems as though all our politicians are worthless scum. So, we give and we pray every day for Victory and peace.

      Thank you for all you do and share with us.

      Larry and Kelleigh

  7. Marsha Reply


    I look forward to your blog entries on a daily basis. It has become an important part of my daily reading. As an Israeli resident/citizen I also value your evaluation of the current events, which most people do not even take the time to digest and compare to past history events.
    Don’t change!
    A long standing admirer.

  8. Linda Biderman Reply

    Naomi thank you for giving us the real news. I don’t have to read between the lines when it is coming from you. You say it like it is whether it is good, bad, or ugly. I am very frightened for Israel and for all the Jews around the world. I pray that Israel continues to be strong and does what is best for Israel to survive. It is very apparent that Biden is more concerned with getting the Muslim vote. I don’t think he has Israel’s best interest in mind. You are in my prayers and in my heart. May g-d keep you safe and may Israel be victorious. I am not going to go into American politics because you can see for yourself how broken the United States is under the leadership of Biden. Very pathetic!

  9. trudi Reply

    words cannot convey the hurt, anger & concern those of us, Jewish Americans, feel at the betrayal of our President. We pray that Israel stays strong in the face of the despicable acts of those barbarians. I have always sympathized when I studied about the Holocaust. Never did I ever think I would be in a position to empathize. Since October 7th that awful feeling has been present. May G-D watch over all peace loving people.

  10. Sarah Ryan Reply

    Naomi, whoever reproached you for giving us news which can be sourced elsewhere speaks only for him or herself. What a selfish response. I am grateful for whatever you share with us. I read many news sources but as you note, I trust in bits and pieces. Everyone has an agenda. I try to put the pieces together on my own despite my jaundiced eye. I can only imagine what you undergo as you read, sift, filter, and try to communicate to us what goes on in Israeli homes and hearts. I appreciate your efforts very much. They are valuable and reliable. Write what you can, no need to torture yourself on our behalf. Take comfort however possible. And thank you.


    The USA, under President Biden, continues to send Israel all weapons needed for defense of the country. The only weapons not being shipped at this time are the heavy damage bombs.

    Please be aware that former President Trump has called out his autocratic plans for a second administration. Like Hitler, in Mein Kamph, he is telling us about his plans for revenge and control.
    Do not be fooled that he has love for Israel or for America. Look at his real actions and his announced plans and realize he has love only for himself.

  12. Golda Reply

    you will prevail, but the price will be enormous.
    over two years ago one of my twin grandsons made allyiah to Israel
    and we were all so happy and envious of him.
    now, selfishly I want him back in America.
    he has never held a gun, is too old for the IDF, and is totally out of his league.
    he is self supporting, has volunteered to make sandwiches for soldiers, worked in helping farmers,
    but could not defend himself or others, if he had to.
    my heart breaks for all the families of hostages, whether their loved ones are dead or alive.
    the beasts of the world will burn in hell, but that is too good for them.
    G-d, where are you?

    • Brenda Matsumura Reply

      That is a lie regarding President Trump. It was he who put together the framework and team for the Abraham Accords. It was he who cut funding to UNWRA after hearing from N.Haley their hatred of Israel. He has aJewish Son in law, daughter and grandchildren. He likes Nettanyahu and will work with whomever Israelis put in office. Trump put many effective sanctions on Iran to knee csp their ability to attack the U.S. and Israel. Biden removed EVERY SINGLE ONE, GAVE Iran over 100 Billion dollars and is jeopardizing his own country and destabilizing the entire middle East. We had 4 ,years of Pres. Trump, and there were zero political prosecutions or policies, such as opening borders etc., taken by Trump that endangered the U.S. What makes Biden Admin worse, is that he personally doesn’t like Israel going back before Nettanyahu and there’s a name for people like Biden, clamoring for VOTES ,, at everyone else’s expense.

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