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An Unorthodox Match now in Paperback

Just a note to let you know that the paperback edition of An Unorthodox Match is officially coming out today, November 24.   I’ve also just finished the sequel, An Observant Wife, which takes the love story of Yaakov and Lola forward starting at their wedding, which should be out by next year around this time.  Until then, I hope those of you who haven’t read the first book will make the effort.  The sequel can be read alone, but it’s much more fun if you’ve already met the characters. 

For those of you who have haven’t read An Unorthodox Match, here is a summary: 

California girl Lola has her whole life set up: handsome fiancé, business degree, fast-track career, when suddenly and without warning everything tragically implodes.  After years of fruitlessly searching to put the pieces back together with love, marriage, and children, she takes the radical step of turning her life around to seek spiritual answers outside the parameters of modern life in the ultra-Orthodox enclave of  Boro Park, Brooklyn. There, fate leads her to the dysfunctional home of newly-widowed Jacob, a Torah scholar whose small children are aching for a kind woman’s motherly touch.

While her mother direly predicts she is ruining her life, enslaving herself to a community that is a misogynistic religious cult, Lola’s own heart tells her something far more complicated.  But it is the shocking and unexpected messages of her new community itself that will finally force her into a deeper understanding of the real choices facing her, and which will ultimately decide her future.

You can get the paperback at Amazon by clicking here.

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4 comments on “An Unorthodox Match now in Paperback”

  1. Linda Simmons

    Loved your book, An Unorthodox Match. It struck very close to home. My daughter is a ba’al tsuvah who married a convert. They are part of the Satmar community. Now their sons are of marriage age and they are unable to find wives for two of them. Nobody will allow their children to marry their children who were raised from birth to be observant, but my daughter and son-in-law didn’t come to this until they were in their 20’s. It’s a very difficult situation and they are devastated that their sons are well past marriage age (in their community) with no prospects in sight.

  2. Sylvie

    Thank you for this news. I was wondering if the devil of Jerusalem and An unorthodox match will be translated in French. I can’t find the answer anywhere ! Thank you take care Sylvie

  3. Glenda Urmacher

    I found your book The Devil in Jerusalem so sickening, sad, perverted, and an amazingly difficult
    subject to read.
    I really can’t believe that people behave this way.
    I must be getting old.
    One of my twin grandsons wants to make Aaliyah with Nesh b’ Nesh. (sp)
    I wish I could go with him,
    I am afraid for him to be in Israel.
    He would not recognize the characters in the book until they swallowed him up and
    destroyed him.
    but I am caring for his 85 yr. od Holocaust survivor husband with Alzheimers.
    Be well and be safe and I hope we meet sometime when this mishaps is over CCP (Chinese Communist Party )
    virus is over and we will once again be free t travel.
    Happy Thanksgiving

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