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An Open Letter to Those Preparing the Car Bombs

To: Those Preparing The Car Bombs And Suicide Bombers, And Artillery Shells In Which To Destroy The City Of Jerusalem And Her People

From: A Jerusalemite

I would like you to know the following: Each time you blow yourselves up, or plant a bomb, or injure the innocent who walk the streets of this holiest of cities, you do not convince me to leave.

You convince me that you must leave.

To: Those in the written and broadcast media who distort the truth, and ignore history, who lie and pander to violence, the so-called underdog, the so-called oppressed people.

From: A Jerusalemite

Each time you say “violence broke out,” when a Palestinian blows himself up in an attempt to murder Jews in Jerusalem, or Hadera, or anywhere else in the land of Israel, you don’t convince me to feel guilt. You convince me that you have no conscience. You convince me that just as Mr. Goebbels was finally shown up, so you and your employers will eventually have to pay the price for this sorry chapter in journalism, for the appalling, and really criminal part you played in helping to get people in our country killed, both on the Israeli and the Palestinian side.

For when a paper prints the names of every Palestinian child injured or killed in this conflict by being put in the front line by Yasir Arafat, every Jewish child killed in cold blood by Palestinian subhuman terrorists, you encourage Mr. Arafat to get additional Palestinian children killed for the sake of additional photo ops and spin points; to kill additional Jewish children.

When you dishonor the death of Israelis by comparing the numbers of innocent deaths to the numbers of Palestinian combatants killed during their bomb, grenade and rock-throwing orgies, implying not enough Israeli civilians are dying, you are suggesting we need more deaths to win your sympathetic hearing for our fundamental human rights as citizen of a sovereign, peace-loving nation to live in security.

Each time this happens, you convince me that you’ve abandoned Western democratic values, and have become a cheerleader for third world concepts of human rights, and behavior. You convince me that you’ve abandoned the Geneva Convention on Human Rights, which lists the deliberate murder of non-combatants as a crime against humanity.

You convince me not that you are courageously fighting for the underdog, the oppressed. But that you are partners with the oppressors, working hand in hand to further the goals of the terrorists, he money-heavy powers of corruption and violence all over the world. You convince me that you have nothing to say to me, or to the world, and that you dishonor your profession which should be the basis for democracy and morality; the profession that is supposed to bring the truth to light, allowing civilized people to reach honest conclusions. You convince me that you should be relieved of your press privileges and be thrown out of every civilized country.

To: The British press, which has been about the worst of all,

From: A Jerusalemite:

Britain, you who invented imperialism and white man’s burden, and all other forms of oppression of native peoples; you convince me that you’ve lost all moral grounding, and have reached a new low as a nation and as a world power. You convince me that my Anglophilia is misplaced, my love of English literature, the British countryside, the British theatre, has to be reconciled to the terrible underpinnings of moral decay that allows this kind of overt anti-Semitism.

When you still insist on controlling Ireland, still persist in jailing the “freedom fighters” of the IRA, condemn the car bomb amidst the pubs of Ealing as the work of subhuman terrorists (a bomb that killed no one), but fail to blush when you call Israel a “pariah state,” for defending herself against those exploding car bombs and human bombs in her heartland, you reveal your moral bankruptcy.

When I read this drivel, this is what I think: Before Christianity, before Islam, the Jewish people built the land of Israel. King David, a Jew, built this city. His Jewish son, Solomon built the Temple long before Mohammed was born, long before the Mosque of Al Aksa was built over its ruins. We survived the Greeks, the Romans, the Christian crusades, the Moslems, Turks, and finally the British.

We are not imperialists. We are the native people of this land. We are the true Palestinians. We are the owners of this land, by international law, by moral right, by Biblical promise. Our claim to this land goes deeper, further back, and is on more solid ground than the Americans have to America. Or the British have to Britain. When I read your drivel it makes me remember what Disraeli said on the floor of your Parliament: “When your ancestors were swinging from the trees, mine were priests in the Temple of Solomon.”

To: All good people, whose minds are still uncorrupted by the disease of Jew-hatred now sweeping our world once again in pre-Holocaust ferocity

From: A Jerusalemite

Last Wednesday night, I attended the wedding of my best friend’s son. It was held in a small garden setting across the street from where, only several days earlier, a Palestinian Moslem fanatic had beheaded young men, driven nails into the neck of a young mother, killed parents and their three children, murdered babies, and sent human limbs flying up two stories high. We, religious Jews, inhabitants of Jerusalem, unafraid, unbroken by your savagery, gathered to rejoice over the holy bond of matrimony, the beginning of yet another Jewish family.

The young couple — that at their own initiative — added a new blessing to the traditional Grace After Meals: ” We have eaten and been satisfied. May we not ignore the needs of others, not block our ears to their cry for food. Open our eyes and our hearts, and may we share your gifts in order to help remove hunger and want from the world.”

We shall keep our humanity, and urge the other good people in the world to do the same. This is the truth, the heart of the conflict, the portrait of the combatants. You decide who you believe, and to whom you wish victory.

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