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An Ex-Muslim’s Short and Brilliant Explanation of Islam

I was watching another one of Pat Condell’s marvelous rants on YouTube when by chance I came across this stunning video created by an ex-Muslim who grew up in the Middle East and attended Islamic schools. Her explanation of Islam left me in shock and awe. So clear. So unequivocal. It cuts through all the insane chatter, the talking heads, the politically-correct, dim-witted speech.

You HAVE TO listen to her. Only then will you truly understand what is going on in the world, the “refugees”, ISIS, Islamic faith, etc. etc. …


To see this brave ex-Muslima’s brilliant video, click here.

Arab Slave Market

To see the Pat Condell videos I mentioned, click here (European Betrayal of Women) or here (Offending a Million Muslims).

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12 comments on “An Ex-Muslim’s Short and Brilliant Explanation of Islam”

  1. Lef Elliot

    Excellent video. Thank you so much for drawing attention to it.

    The lady is truthful and extremely lucid anout her religion of birth. Her observations are valid notwithstanding whether or not she converted to another religion. A person can be a murderer and yet his/her testimony can still be valid. So those who doubt her on the ground she is may be a convert to Christianity have no cause to invalidate her testimony about islam.

  2. Chaim Nutzman

    rabbi, the point is that your views are far more moderate and nuanced than those of the ex-Muslim Christian woman, who says we’re all fools for believing in even the concept of a moderate, rational Islam. I know her to be wrong.

  3. Chaim Nutzman

    I don’t care what group she’s representing. What offends me is her facile dismissal of even the possibility of moderate Muslims all because of her recitation of the history of Mohammed and early Islam, along with the continued existence of Islamic terrorism. That’s almost like saying Jews are child-killers because the Jewish Bible required that rude children to be stones to death. I know and work with scores of Muslims who are kind, law-abiding, and constructive members of the American mosaic. Why don’t you ask the ADL whether they think that video is anything other than ethnic hatred?

    • Rabbi Fleshing

      Chaim, Islam is neither an ethnicity nor a race, and the difference between Jews and Muslims is that no Jews are today stoning rude children to death, despite the Biblical command to do so, but many Muslims are committing atrocities (to put it mildly) exactly in accordance with the teachings of their holy book. So your comparison is not in any way valid or justified.

      • Chaim Nutzman

        So, nu, does the video for you legitimize treating all muslims as having shared guilt for the islamofascist terrorists?

        • Rabbi Fleshing

          Chaim, guilt and responsibility are individual, not collective. Of course not every Muslim is responsible for the actions of every other Muslim. Nevertheless there is nothing wrong with subjecting all Muslims to extra scrutiny given what is happening. The question is how can this be balanced with the need to judge people individually and to avoid collective punishment. For example, how is Israel to deal with the fact that while very few Muslims are actively engaged in terrorism, the ones that do enjoy widespread support among their co-religionists? It has been said that an extremist Muslim is one who wants to kill all the infidels, while a moderate Muslim is one who would never dream of doing this himself, but is quite happy for the extremist Muslim to do it for him. The sad fact is that there is a lot of truth to this, and we in the West don’t know how to deal with the issue.

    • Rabbi Fleshing

      Lonny, are you saying that what the ex-Muslim said in the video is false because she is associated with a Christian missionary organization, or that as observant Jews we are not allowed to listen to anything anyone says before confirming that he or she is a certified friend of the Jewish people? Maybe we should just ask ourselves whether what they are saying is true or not, rather than obsessing over the credentials of the person who says it. Doesn’t the Torah tell us that Balaam’s ass spoke the truth, even though he was an ass?

      • Lonny

        You insult my sensibilities. Why would you lend credence to anything this anti-semitic group posts, let alone refer others to them? I dare you to refer other Jews, face-to-face, to this group for enlightenment.

        • Rabbi Fleishig

          The truth remains true no matter who says it. I understand your aversion to the messenger, but perhaps you should ask yourself why you are so resistant to the message. Do you really believe that what she is saying is false? If someone you respect would say the same thing, would you accept it or would you find a reason to reject him/her too. Is your problem with the messenger or with the message?

  4. Naomi ragen

    I actually found this on youtube posted by the woman herself, not any organization. Nevertheless, she speaks the truth.

  5. Lonny

    Ms. Ragen I was very disturbed by the ex-muslim video you linked to.
    It was posted by a Christian organisation that believes Jews are going to Hell and tries to convert Jews to Christianity
    I was very surprised that you would promote such an organization.

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