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Acts of War, Treason and Plain Stupidity

It is a terrible thing to live in a country in which the lives of citizens are so cheap that there is no such thing as an act of war. Go ahead, shoot into our living rooms, blow up shoppers in the marketplace, shoot on cars passing on the highway. Desecrate our synagogues. Plow under our holy places. Call Judaism a fake, deny all Jewish claims to ever having had a Temple on the Temple Mount. Demand all of Jerusalem as your capital. Teach your children to hate Jews, and to give their lives to kill them. We will still come to the town square and hold up signs begging you to love us. To forgive us. To please, please give us the peace and quiet we already gave you 92% of the West Bank for.

And if you tell us to go to hell, then we will send our authentic Nobel peace prize winner crawling on his knees to you, to advise you how to fool the people in Israel into meekly handing over what it is you want this week, even if it is all of Jerusalem tied up with a big bow. “Give them one week of peace,” Peres reportedly told Arafat, assuming that that would probably be enough to make the idiots forget that for the past month you’ve been trying to gather the entire world together for a Final Solution to the Jewish problem in the Middle East.

Wrong, Mr. Peres. Some Israelis don’t even need a week. Watching the misguided, pathetic fools in Rabin Square cling to a delusional and disproved political concept was like watching all those fools in the movie Independence Day hold up signs welcoming the aliens who were hovering over them getting ready to blast them to smithereens.

And just as there is no such thing as an act of war in Israel , there is no such thing as an act of treason. Want to drive a Volvo as a Arab Knesset Member and call on Israeli Arabs to join in murdering our soldiers in the Intifada? No problem. Want to advise people to break the hands of our policemen when they try to restore order? Go right ahead. Want to found one more whining mother’s organization to undermine our soldiers and give aid and succor to the enemy – be my guest.

Mothers in Favor of Dismantling the State? Mothers Encouraging Mass Desertion from the Army? Mothers for National Suicide? It’s your right. And every single news program will give you hours of public air time to share your gross stupidity with the nation.

After all, we are a free and democratic state, are we not?

But what about my freedom as an Israeli citizen? I know that if I lived in Boston and someone shot into my window, or threw rocks at me in my car, and elected officials encouraged it, and public organizations then suggested the solution was for me to move out of Boston, they would be arrested and prosecuted. They’d all be in jail.

Because you cannot do such a thing to an American citizen,  or a British citizen, or a French citizen.

My fellow Israelis, what is the matter with you? Oslo was called a “process” for a reason. It was an acknowledged series of risks that was supposed to answer the questions: Can we trade land for peace? Is there someone to talk to on the other side? Are they trustworthy and reliable? Like it or not, we got our answers. All those who talk about “continuing the process where we left off” totally misunderstand the situation.

The “process” is over, and we are left where we began, with only one option: to gird our loins, and start acting like citizens of a free and independent state, answering acts of war with war; arresting traitors; and facing reality with intelligence and courage instead of stupidity and cowardice. Because if we can’t do that, then the Jewish State has already ceased to exist.

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