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A Personal New Year’s Blessing

My Dear Friends,

Another year draws to a close, and I cannot let that happen without thanking each and every one of you for all the blessings you have brought me.

Although most of us have never met, I cannot tell you how important you all are to me.

I remember the nights when I couldn’t sleep because of some terrible new libel about Israel, and how I stayed up late reading your e-mails, assuring me that you were sending out the true story.

I remember the times I shared stories with you about families with sick children going bankrupt, wonderful pre-army programs for troubled boys up in the Galilee about to close down, abused women seeking justice, and how you magically saved them with a an outpouring of generosity that was impossible to predict. Thank you. And when my father -in-law, of blessed memory, passed away and I was able to share his story with you, it helped me very much to hear your heartfelt reactions.

As always, it has not been an easy year. The uprooting of Jews from their homes, the destruction of synagogues were horrible to witness.The ongoing hardships of displaced families,  both in Israel and in natural disaster zones like Louisiana, are a challenge that must be met by us all.

But there is good news too. Fewer terror attacks. Fewer victims of terror in Israel. The bringing to justice of Palestinian murderers responsible for the death of the victims of the Passover massacre, and of Tali Hatuel and her five young children.

The exposure of Pallywood, the diabolical staging of fake news events like the make-believe murder of Mohammed al-Dura, modern blood libels. The power of good people like yourselves who take the time and trouble to research the truth and pass it on, making the liars’ and bigots’ and oh-so-sophisticated pro-terror propagandists’ (i.e., reporters’) job that much more difficult.

Most of all, as I sit here in my little study in the Jerusalem hills from which all these notes go out to you, I know that whatever tragedy, travesty, joy or injustice comes our way as a people and a nation, I will not have to face it alone, nor will the people of Israel. And you can count on me, and on Israel, if you need our help wherever you are.

Thank you all for another year of concern, cooperation, companionship and comfort.

May God bless each and every one of you and yours with a wonderful, sweet, healthy, prosperous year, filled with good tidings, personal and national.

Every blessing from Jerusalem…

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