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A Letter to My American Friend

I also know you love Israel and care very much what happens to it. I, as you, want what is best for both our countries.

Dear G:

We have known each other so many years, meeting first through emails that I sent out in support of Israel during that terrible time of senseless terror brought on by the so-called “peace” accords of Oslo. You were a great lover of Israel who fought to bring the truth about media lies to the forefront from your position of power and integrity, earned through years of public service in the American government. And from the virtual world, we began a real friendship that brought us together so many times in your country and mine over more than a decade.

I know you want what is best for America.

But I also know you love Israel and care very much what happens to it. I, as you, want what is best for both our countries.

How is it, then, we have come to this bitter divide on the upcoming presidential election? From the beginning, I saw Barack Obama as a dangerous enigma: a man who sat for 20 years listening to the sermons of the anti-Semitic, anti-white racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright; a man who surrounded himself with anti- Israel advisers. You saw it differently: You were full of hope for a new beginning, for a fresh, new face on the political horizons, a man who would be a historic first that broke racial barriers and made all Americans feel proud that the country had turned a new, quintessentially American page in its racially fraught history.

He was a man who would fight for the underdog, the environment, women, and expand the government’s largesse to the needy through universal healthcare and social benefits. He would lead the country to a new greatness.

I viewed him as inexperienced, a bigtalker do-nothing. A man who was unqualified for the responsibilities of being leader of the free world. Most of all, I saw him as an enemy of Israel.

The first four years of his presidency were stormy, a tsunami of economic woes washing over the country, which went from a recession to a near-depression.

Franklin Roosevelt, who also inherited economic chaos, managed in the first 100 days of his presidency to pass 15 historic bills that became known as the New Deal, including the FDIC; the Federal Emergency Relief Act, which provided direct relief, training and work for unemployed Americans; the National Recovery Act; and the Public Works Administration, among others.

Mr. Obama? He passed the $787 billion economic stimulus plan and expanded welfare benefits to children, signed a law requiring equal pay for women, implemented new ethics guidelines designed to significantly curtail the influence of lobbyists on the executive branch, supported the UN declaration on sexual orientation and gender identity, relaxed marijuana laws and lifted the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research. He also ordered the closure of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp (although it’s still open). In the years of his presidency that followed, he managed to pass a historic healthcare law, which Americans desperately need. Unfortunately it is a controversial law that drains Medicare of billions, forces Americans to buy health insurance, and, many fear, will send health costs soaring.

These were important, praiseworthy acts, but as you and I both understand, none of these came close to dealing with the suffering of the average American whose life and prospects for the future have been tragically undermined, with no help in sight. Twenty-three million Americans are out of work! Twenty-three million.

Dear friend, our differences on President Obama’s domestic policies are debatable. I would not insist you are wrong to support him, although I have to say I see him as painfully misguided and woefully unprepared to handle America’s economic crisis. He has never even presided over a small business.

It is, however, our differences over Mr. Obama’s Mideast policies and his attitude toward Israel that have opened the great and yawning divide between us. How we got there, I outlined in my “Fool me twice, shame on me” column in the July 27 Magazine. In consequence of an unrelenting and ultimately disastrous path toward a new “understanding” with the Muslim world, President Obama has come to be viewed by myself and almost all my fellow Israelis as a less than willing ally, as well as a most reluctant friend of the Jewish state, something that was inevitable from the moment he bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, and addressed the Muslim world from a podium in Cairo, making reference to his heritage as a Kenyan Muslim, quoting from the Koran and demanding Israel stop building in its capital, Jerusalem.

His open hostility toward our Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, is common knowledge. He, and with him the Israeli people, have been snubbed again and again, as the Obama administration demotes Israel from its “special relationship” to just “one of America’s allies in the region.” Given that the region is the Middle East, I can’t help but wonder who Obama considers America’s strongest ally here. Turkey under the fanatic Recep Tayyip Ergodan? Cairo under the Muslim Brotherhood? Or perhaps Syria? I know you can counter this with the oft-stated arguments of the Jewish Left, who say that he has increased aid to Israel and given it access to the most advanced military equipment, including the latest fighter aircraft. Indeed, you’d be right to point out that our own defense minister, Ehud Barak, said last year, “I can hardly remember a better period of American support and backing, and Israeli cooperation and similar strategic understanding of events around us than what we have right now.”

Really, my dear friend, what do you expect an Israeli politician to say given that he might be dealing with a reelected President Obama for the next four years? Yet contrast Barak’s words with the reality of the deafening silence of the Obama administration’s response to any request to draw a red line in Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, which that country has expressly announced would be used to “wipe Israel off the map.” What will increased US military aid do to help the six million Jews of Israel during – God forbid! – a nuclear attack? I know I don’t have to remind you, dear friend, what a tiny country Israel is, and how vulnerable its population is.

AS I wandered around Jerusalem during the holidays, I was overwhelmed by the reminders of how young we are, how many babies and young children and young parents there are. Like a blossoming tree full of new leaves, we are flourishing.

And so, dear friend, I must turn to you and ask you for your help. Unlike most appeals from Israel to American Jews, this doesn’t involve writing any checks, supporting any institutions. Israel is growing stronger economically every day, thank God, using its genius and creativity to fill the world with important and wonderful new medical and technological advances.

It has become everything its friends and supporters dreamed it could be. A place where every Jew was welcomed home whenever he decided he needed to come here. American Jews have given their money most generously. But very few of them have joined their lives to that of the Jewish state.

Out of more than three and a half million immigrants to Israel since 1882, only 110,000 have been from North America.

Compare that to the over two million from Europe, and over a million alone from the former Soviet Union. With rare and commendable exceptions, your sons and daughters have not donned IDF uniforms and sat on the front lines making Israel possible. Your grandchildren have not been the targets of murderous terrorist attacks.

But now the clock is ticking, and you have something you can do to help Israel.

In my opinion, you can do it while significantly helping America’s interests at the same time. You can vote out Obama and vote in a real ally of Israel, and a stronger leader of the free world, one who will not be bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia.

With all my love, Naomi …

This article was first published in the Jerusalem Post on 12 October, 2012.

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28 comments on “A Letter to My American Friend”

  1. a

    I want to to thank you for this very good read!!
    I certainly enjoyed every bit of it. I have you bookmarked to look
    at new stuff you post…

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  3. Talya R.

    Dear Naomi,
    One cannot be “pro-Israel” and cast a vote for a president who has erased Jerusalem from Israel’s map, refused to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister, skipped travels to Israel and instead visited Israel’s enemies and delivered a virulently anti-Israel speech in Cairo. A vote for President Obama is a vote against the Nation of Israel. It is a moral duty to vote President Obama out of office.

  4. Hadrian

    Ah yes … and you forgot that ‘really-raped’ women will not get pregnant due to natural bodily defences.
    Religion raises it’s ugly head in all countries when it becomes part of the politics.

  5. Jeff Rothberg

    Dear Jim,
    Boy, that was quite a rant.
    Are you sure you didn’t leave anything out?
    Obamabats like you are a dime a dozen. You are so brainwashed by the mainstream media that sadly, it is futile to even have a conversation with you. I’ve been around long enough to know better than to waste my time.
    Nevertheless, I just had to write to let you know, (because you will never figure it out for yourself) that you are so naive, it is really pathetic.
    So go ahead, be a good little boy and follow the Pied Piper. Maybe he’ll invite you to one of his parties and introduce you to Beyonce, or how about a round of golf, or perhaps shoot some hoops.

  6. Ray H

    Why do Israeli’s like Naomi fail to not only listen to what Obama has said in support of Israel but ALSO fail to acknowledge the actual deeds that he has taken to support Israel? Have not other, non-Likud politicians publicly ststed that Obama has suported Israel more than ANY other American politician during their life-time? Israeli generals have been unanimous in their praise of what the Obama Administration’s support!

    Listen, as an Israeli-born, American citizen I am appalled by the disingenuousness of Netanyhaou. Putting the kind of preassure that he has applied on Obama I am surprised that Obama is even taking his calls and when Obama wins re-election I would not in the least be surprised if Obama doesn’t take Netanyahou’s calls. Netanyahou has shown himself to be a complete A-hole; saying that he does not want to interject himself into US politics while doing exactly the opposite! And this is coming from a guy who supports Netanyahou!

    When the time comes to act on Iran, I have full-faith in Obama doing exactly what it takes to deal with the Iranians! Obama will act because it is in the BEST interest of the WORLD – not just Israel; why is it that some of these “sky is falling” Israeli’s fail to understand this?

  7. elie oren

    It’s time to stop being naive silly non thinkers and become what I call “pragmatic realists.”
    Interfaith (Illustration)

    This is a priceless story that illustrates the sheer futility of acting for the mere sake of DOING SOMETHING.

    A farmer returns back to his home from working on his fields.To his horror he finds his farmhouse burning. He is quite desperate and panic stricken. He find pails filled with liquid and proceeds to pour the contents on the farmhouse. He continues doing so only to find the fire raging more fiercely as he continues to pour.

    A passing stranger arrives and says ” you silly man, don’t you see that you are pouring gasoline on the fire- that will only make matters worse”

    The farmer responds- ” I know that, but I must do something”

    When 9-11. occurred the Bush administration felt that they must do something responding with the Afghanistan and Iraqi adventures-Which we see made matters much worse for the whole world and particularly for America.

    Israel now finds itself with a difficult problem in Iran. It feels it must DO SOMETHING. It can act without thinking and attack or it can weigh all the possible consequences of pouring gasoline on the fire. We all hope that cooler heads will prevail and Israel will act intelligently.

  8. Dena

    Departure from the G-d of the Bible and His Word causes so much trauma, horrid trauma. It is so imperative to know and adhere to G-d’s perspectives. He hates idolatry and child sacrifice. I will vote for Romney because he is Pro-Life not Pro-Choice. G-d help the United States of America, G-d have mercy. They have killed/sacrificed millions of babies for the sake of personal choice over one’s body; they fail to see that initially they chose to have sex without being responsible; THAT was freedom of choice. The twisted sense and reason which defies the Ten commandments: Do not murder! applies to not murdering innocent children in the womb. And, from beginning to end, the Bible clearly reflects the extent to which G-d Himself is very powerfully devoted to His Chosen People. He adores, loves, oversees His Jewish people and has every intention of sustaining, upholding, loving, caring for Israel. Even in the New Testament or New Covenant Scriptures it says, “From the point of view of G-d’s choice of election, of divine selection, the Jews are still to this day the beloved, dear to Him for the sake of their forefathers. For G-d’s gifts and His call are irrevocable. He never withdraws them when once they are given…Romans 11 I will vote for Romney because he is Pro-Life and he defends Israel.
    “But Israel shall be saved by the L-rd with an everlasting salvation; you shall not be put to shame or confounded to all eternity. And, I did not call the descendants of Jacob to a fruitless service, saying Seek Me for nothing, but I promised them a just reward. I the L-rd speak righteousness and truth, I declare things that are right.” Isaiah 45 I LOVE the L-rd Who LOVES little ones, the afflicted, the needy and HE LOVES Israel dearly!

  9. michael

    I am not an American but am Jewish.
    Obama fooled me completely when he was first elected – “Yes, we can” was a brilliant slogan, and after that bumbling Bush, was clear, articulate and convinvincing. BUT, it was al smoke amd mirrors,
    You, Naomi have spelt it all out clearly and in a most clear manner, and for that you have my thanks. The U.S.A. is really in great danger from the militant Muslims. You see it, I see it and many millions of others see it. Parts of Europe are gone, and many others are on the way. The great prize is the U.S.A. and the way things are going, it will only be a matter of time.

  10. Michael Schecter

    I am an American Jew who, unfortunately has never been to Israel. My daughter lived there for 3 years & did where the IDF uniform. I was very proud of her. I will be voting for Romney even though it probably won’t matter because I live in the very liberal California. I agree with you & hope Romney wins for America & Israel & the world. It is time for American Jews to wake up & stop voting Democrat like my parents & grandparents did. I did not leave the Democrat party, it left me. Thank you for all you do.

  11. Jodi

    Hi, Naomi:

    If Romney gets elected you just might see more of us exercising our right to return to Israel. Please have our beds ready and career centers in place; this shouldn’t be a problem because we are among the most well educated people North American has. Unfortunately most of us are in the middle class-which Romney will destroy when he sends our jobs to China, or the country where his buddies can find people who will work for the least amount of money. He’ll even reward them with tax breaks for their cleverness.

    You have no idea what Romney will do in office. He flips back and forth depending on who he is speaking with. Obama ran on an idea and he is doing what he promised, but he’s not finished.

    Has Israel’s aid from the US been cut back terribly? No? I didn’t think so.

    You’re last suggestion to us was George W–and he was a disaster. I’m voting for Obama.


  12. Harriet

    I so appreciate your rare approach which allows for a difference of judgement of Obama domestically and internationally. As a woman I gag on the thought of voting Republican, and I know you are a great champion of women’s rights. As a Jew and a Zionist, I can’t fathom voting for Obama again. What is a Jewish woman to do?

  13. NANCY

    Jim’s misinformed but elequently detailed ” talking points” reply,clearly demonstrats how Americans are being force fed by a left leaning media. The idea that wealth has become a dirty word and a person’s reliqious beliefs are vilified like the inquision only American Style are proof enough. I am a Jew and I welcome Christian values. The left is a religion, it is a religion of intolerance to the 3rd degree. If I don’t believe in government use of my taxes to pay for abortion, I must be anti-woman, if I believe that marriage should remain between a man and woman then I am anti gay. Anything I don’t lke that Obama does is because I am a racist. I especially love the Bain Capital argument, the fact that they produced more jobs than lost and boosted more companies to success is so horrible to the left, why, because they really want the government to be the big employer. Oh, and what did Obama do before becoming President, community orgainizer. But, none of that is tantamount to the out and out cover-up of the media to the loss of our Ambassador and three others in Lybia. The media stand quietly by, walking on eggshells with fear of the truth geting out and how the administration took their “eye off the ball” on 9/11 to protect our citizens. The lack of honestly is shocking,if it was Bush or another conservative in the oval office this would be front page news, every news outlet would be covering the ineptness of the administration. Obama’s inabiltiy to understand the threats that face our nation are disgraceful, so it should come as no huge surprise that he shows disrespect to Israels Prime Minister, but is willing to “apologize” to the rest of the world about America’s strengths.
    I have sadly never been to Isreal,but the existence of a Jewish State and more importantly a democracy in the middle east is of paramount importance to the United States. American Jews are overwhelmingly left and liberal and it is an embarrassment, but thank G-d the Christians understand the serious snubbing of Israel and hopefully they will get the vote out for Romney. I pray that next year at Passover, just as every year in the past, I can continue to say “Next year in Jerusalem” !

  14. naava

    I am both an Israeli and an American, but lets’ take Israel out of the equation for a moment. Any US President whose first act in office is to go to a Muslim country, headed by a military dictatorship whose presence was probably the most important safeguard to total chaos in the Arab world, invite the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood to his speech ignoring & against the request of the leader (Mubarak) of that country , and then shortly thereafter be the instrument to oust the dictator and pave the way for the Brotherhood to take office, is either the stupidest president who ever existed or the most cunning. Add Israel back in to the equation and only list the snubs to the only democracy in the middle east (Israel), what do you have? It’s not about Israel as much as destabilizing the entire middle east…which destabilizes the entire free world. Ignorance or cunning..from here it’s very clear.

    Obama has exhibited duplicitous behavior from the beginning. e.g. He says he is for the right to know about GMO foods but by his presidential appointments fills every key FDA and USDA position with GMO people from Monsanto and Dupont and others. He says he is for the poor but spends millions of dollars on luxurious vacations at the taxpayers expense during a severe recession. His says he cares about health care but outlines a program that will be a health disaster to most American families. There were good models to choose from…he utilized none of them. Ignorance or cunning or both. He is a dangerous man. No American – Jew or otherwise – should be voting for him. Whether Romney will prove to better is still in the future, but for sure America is in trouble if Obama gets re-elected.

  15. John Ladd

    I did not and will never vote for Obama, my vote and my heart are with Israel. As for the policies of any one party, my father taught me some 70 years ago that the man who votes for a party instead of a man is a fool.

  16. Ande

    If you are an American Jew and not a Jewish American, if your Judaism is more important than your liberalism, than you will vote for Romney. Because just as those people booed when the Democratic platform was amended to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, these people do not care one bit about Israel or American Jews for that matter. Nice that some Jews care so much aout their fellow Americans. too bad these Americans don’t care about them.

  17. Pete

    Naomi: I think you fail to see that many of us Americans feel trapped between a rock and a hard place: an ineffective President Obama, and a Republican Party platform that we feel will destroy America. Our ability to genuinely support Israel, materially, not just with words, requires that we can afford to. The trickle down economic proposals pushed by the Republican Party have been tried before, and failed. The Romney plan for lower taxes and less regulation, when actually put into place by President Bush, landed us in the situation we find ourselves in today. While it is easy for some people posting in favor of Governor Romney to consider the rest of us as dumb or foolish, rest assured that some of us have Master’s and Doctorate degrees, often in Business or Economics, which is exactly why we don’t believe Governor Romney’s words. Does it bother you at all that his tax proposals are impossible, that one simply cannot cut taxes 20%, increase military spending, and remain revenue neutral? I don’t think you concern yourself with economics, but foreign aid to Israel and military support for Israel will become victims if the Republican plan fails and the deficit grows even more.

    I will restate that I consider President Obama to have good ideas, but to be such a poor leader and implementer that they don’t happen. I also believe that the Republicans have stymied everything the President has tried to do, with the stated intention of making President Obama a “one term President.” Put it all together, and while Governor Romney may have nicer words for Israel, his policies will make the U.S. a poorer ally for Israel than President Obama will.

    • Emily Panzer DeRosa

      Pete- this just goes to show that people with a Masters or Graduates degree can still be stupid and ignorant! Illegal immigration condoned, poor financial decisions, and obamacare are okay? Did we the people have a voice in this. The only people who obamacare will help are those with pre-existing conditions. Many businesses that provide medical plans are getting ready to only employ part-time workers and avoid providing health care. Do you really think insurance companies can carry such a big burden anyway?
      A vote for obama is a stone thrown at Israel and the USA.
      A masters or a graduate degree do not mean you have common sense.

    • Stephen Luftschein

      Sadly, I am fairly sure you will not read this reply with an objective eye, but I feel that I must try. I will discuss the specifics of your comment as well as a more important general philosophical point.
      First, is the myth of “deregulation”. There has been NO American President, I repeat NO President, that has de-regulated anything. If you want proof of that, simply look at the Federal Register and research the regulations actually initiated. During the Bush administration there were over 20,000 NEW regulations.

      This is the Orwellian nature of today’s conversation (which exists to an evern greater extent in the Middle East, leftists who claim to support equality demonizing the one nation that practices it Israel, while crying for groups that murder women, stone homosexuals, etc.) For example, cries that Paul Ryan wanted to “cut” anything, are likewise fiction. What was proposed was simply a slowing of the obscene growth of government.

      Another good example of this was brought up by Biden during the debate. He decried cutting taxes on the wealthiest 120,000 families. Ryan may have been too deferential, but I am not. This is fiction. Those families do not pay income tax, they pay capital gains taxes.

      As to cutting both taxes and deductions, of course it is possible to balance the 20% cut, and EASILY. More importantly, virtually EVERY American is crying and has been, for years, to simplify the tax code. That is all this proposal is.

      But here is the larger point. Obama is the single most ideologically committed Progressive since Woodrow Wilson. Another President who despised our Constitution and Americanism (read his history of the United States, the treatise that first brought him fame in academia for validation of this). That philosophy derives from the utopian movements that rose in Europe in competition to the Enlightenment. I repeat, in competition to the Enlightenment. This argument has waged for 2000 years. It is Burke vs Hobbes, Locke vs De Toqueville, etc. What made the United States unique and what IS American exceptionalism is that we are to this day, the only nation born out of the enlightenment concept of the “Divine Rights of man”. There is a reason Obama always omits the word “Creator” from the Declaration of Independence. It is b/c of the inherent antagonism that the utopians feel about Religion. What Progressivism did with the Utopian movements id to adopt the Hegelian historic dialectic, and profess that man can perfect himself and thus, all boundaries, be they nation state, religious, ethnic, cultural, tribal, economic, etc are relics of the past and to be eliminated.

      This is why Wilson pursued the League of Nations, and Obama seems to subjugate us to the UN. More than that, it is why when he discusses the 1% what he means is actually the entire US. But his class warfare is no different than Wilson’s racism/sexism. It is the need to pit one group against the other. It was Progressivism, that passing the slippery slope, led to Eugenics and ultimately the Shoah. Hitler prided himself on his knowledge of the Progressives of the US and in particular Walter Lippman and his use of propaganda.

      The almost visceral dislike Obama has for Israel, and Jews, derives from this belief in what Progressives view as the evils of Religion and religious differences. Ask yourself why he has never chosen a church since becoming President while having made such a show of being a member of Trinity Baptist in Chicago.

      Please, understand that liberalism, and Progressivism are two entirely different belief system. Progressives USE liberals to advance their statist agenda. And they exist in both parties. George Bush was a Progressive.

      The difference right now, between the Progressives on the left and the right, is that on the right there is still religiosity. It has not succumbed fully, yet.

      I do not know if Romney is a Progressive. There are indications he may be. But, what I know is Obama is the most committed Progressive we’ve seen in 100 years. And Romney, if for no other reason than his Mormonism, is committed to the security of Israel. Obama will ensure that it ceases to exist. It is that simple.

      • Elize

        – Hi there, Louise! It was so great to *finally* meet you at Naomi + Matt’s wedding! Thanks so much for the very kind words! Believe me, it was very ducfifilt for us to choose a few teasers because WE have a lot of favorites, too. Thanks again for leaving a comment for them here. 07.22.11 12:28am

  18. Jim

    I’m sorry you feel this way. First, comparing the situation FDR had with that of Obama is incomplete without mentioning the obstructionist Republican Congress currently thwarting every Obama effort. As they have acknowledged, they would rather see the President fail than have America succeed with Obama receiving credit. Many economic measurements now show significant improvement from the debacle he inherited. But for all the fluff of your preamble, your appeal is really only and entirely about what you see as best for Israel. That, as you must see, comes from you being Israeli and us being American. I don’t wish I lived in Israel; clearly neither do most other American Jews. That has nothing to do with being self-haters or not being committed to our religion. We love our country just as you love yours. For you, however, there is no conflict between thinking Jewish first and being patriotic second. In America, sometimes what seems best for Jews worldwide is not necessarily the same as what is best for Americans. We do not have the luxury of simply seeing Israel’s perspective. Therefore, I am constantly weighing what scenario satisfies both interests. Like much of life, it is a complicated calculation. To you, Romney’s unquestioning support of Israel – despite never having been tested – is enough to support him and overlook everything else he stands for. To me, Romney’s disdain for the poor, idolization of the rich, anti-choice, anti-women, anti-gay, pro-gun, right wing Christian conservatism, Bain Capital bloodsucking financial bona fides, and narrow-minded views on every economic and social issue are so antithetical to my views of Judaism as to be patently offensive. I question how you can overlook all of that and condone voting for him. I can’t. I cling to my view that Obama does want peace for everyone and has shown mettle when faced with difficult choices. I hope that sanctions work; if not, I believe he will support a more militant posture. Aside from bluff and bravado in order to peel the Jewish vote from the Democratic Party, I see no reason that Romney would be more likely to put American boots on the ground. Oh yeah, one more thing, it doesn’t help your cause to suggest that America and specifically American Jews have fought enough for Israel. We’ve only given you millions of our own dollars and used our influence to get you billions of our country’s limited dollars to help you build your county and have unparalleled defensive capabilities. I find that thought incredibly infuriating. Maybe, just maybe, increasing settlement growth while the Vice-President is in Israel and openly meddling in the US election are positions which might be seen by some, even your friends, even Jews, as selfish and asinine. There are reasons the Jewish vote has been Democratic by around 80% – 20% for decades. I can’t overlook those reasons. Not even for the views of some Israeli Jews who apparently couldn’t care less about the impact of such an election result on America and American Jews.

    • Stephen Luftschein

      I left a reply above that deals with Obama and his philosophy, but please, to repeat the tired “obstructionist” GOP is really quite pathetic at this point. First, Obama came in with full control of both houses of Congress. And he got through everything he wanted. Except of course for passing a budget which EVERY Democrat voted against, repeatedly. Finally, Obama’s definition of obstruction is failure to agree universally 100% with everything he wants. That was put on full display in the public meeting about Healthcare.

      You can defend Obama’s anti enlightenment agenda, but to claim he has fought obstruction is simply not worth the time it took me to type this.

  19. Barbara Martinet

    Naomi, Obama has emboldened Israel’s enemies by his speeches, coolness, and symbolic actions, ie. rudeness to Israel’s prime minister. All of his famous “57 states” see this for what it is. Obama wants his “57 state” friends to know, a new sheriff took over the USA and the support for Israel is not the same. This is obviously deliberate.

    But what most people stsupidly don’t realize is that if Israel is struck a painful blow by its enemies, the evil doers would be triumphant, celebratory, emboldened, and might recruit 100-fold to continue striking at Israel again, plus the “snake” America and other western cultures.

    I pray that Israel is held tight in the arms of the almighty.

  20. Larry Shapiro

    Dear Naomi, If you think Romney or any other president will go to war for Israel you have another thing coming. Every U.S. presidnt since Israel’s creation has acted in the interest of the U.S. not Israel. This interest includes America’s huge stake in Mideast Oil. Israel is and has aleways been on its own. Not one American boot has ever been on the ground to defend Israel. In fact, what boots there were were used to stop Israel from truly winning any of its wars. You can concoct any stories with which to blacken Obama’s name, but you are wasting your time and in fact are hurting israel’s relationship with Israel that needs nurturning not attacks on the American president. Need I add Jonathan Pollard who is being held for political reasons some of which I speculate have to do with the virulence of Israeli Obama haters.

  21. Jerry G

    A recent poll of American Jews gave Romney a 47% to 46% edge over Obama. Could American Jews finally be coming to their senses?

  22. William Horwitz

    I too saw him for the fraud he was and still is. I did not, and will not vote for him. Neither will my wife nor all but two of my friends who are comitted leftists and notJewish. I will explain wherever possible the dangers to the US and Israel in voting for Mr Obama(with respect to office of the Presidency of the US). I will also continue to pray the Almighty keep the Jewish State safe and the United States free to help.

  23. avi

    i saw him in the same way you did and still do. if elected, i fear what will become of israel and the USA. i did not vote for him nor will i now. i have no idea why any jew would fall for his disguise.

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