Naomi Ragen is an American-born novelist, playwright and journalist who has lived in Jerusalem since 1971 and who writes regularly in the Jerusalem Post and to her mailing list about Israel and Jewish issues.
Naomi has published nine internationally best selling novels, and is the author of a hit play (Women's Minyan) which has been performed more than 500 times in Israel's National Theatre (Habimah) as well as in the United States and Argentina.

With her newest novel, The Sisters Weiss, Naomi continues her ground-breaking exploration of women in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world she began in 1989 with Jephte's Daughter, followed by Sotah and The Sacrifice of Tamar.
An Orthodox woman, feminist and iconoclast, Naomi is a tireless advocate for women's rights in Israel, waging a relentless campaign against domestic abuse and bias in rabbinical courts, as well as a successful Supreme Court case against gender segregation on Israeli buses.

Naomi is a sought-after lecturer all over the world, and her fall 2014 lecture schedule in the US and Canada is quickly filling up. If your group is interested in hosting Naomi, please click here.

The Haredi War on Women

The latest craze - modesty glasses for Orthodox Jewish men so they won't be able to see women.

I Am Not Sitting in the Back of the Bus - Why, together with other women, I filed suit to put an end to the primitive and degrading gender-segregated bus lines now popping up all over Israel.

Read my original article about how I was attacked by a religious fanatic because I refused to move to the back (the "women's section") of a Jerusalem bus.

Read about an American woman beaten because she refused to move to the back of a Jerusalem bus.

Read my article explaining why segregated buses are just the latest crazy idea of fanatics with too much free time on their hands.

Read about haredi women who want to sit with their families and don't want to be forced to crowd together in the back of the bus.

Israel Bus Rule Sparks Religious Row - How the liberal western media perceive all this fanaticism.

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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This page contains links to documents regarding the plagiarism cases filed against Naomi Ragen.


Michal Tal:

The Sordid Story of the Michal Tal Case

Gilad Corinaldi’s Letter

תלונה לוועדת האתיקה של לשכת עורכי הדין בישראל

ערעור לוועדת האתיקה המרכזית

The Disgraceful Behavior of the Israel Bar Association

התנהוגותה המחפירה של לשכת עורכי הדין בישראל

עתירה מינהלית נגד לשכת עורכי הדין

החלטת בית המשפט העליון

בית המשפט קבע: נעמי רגן לא העתיקה



Sarah Shapiro:

תגובה להחלטת בית המשפט

An Objective Analysis of the Court’s Decision

השוואה בין הספרים של שרה שפירו ונעמי רגן לפי פרקים

Expert Opinion Supporting Naomi Ragen

A Comparison of Sarah Shapiro’s Book and Naomi Ragen’s Book

Sarah Shapiro “Copies” from Other Authors

Sarah Shapiro’s So-Called Similarities

Ideas Sarah Shapiro Claims As Her Own