Naomi Ragen is an American-born novelist, playwright and journalist who has lived in Jerusalem since 1971. Naomi has written for the Jerusalem Post and other publications in Israel and abroad, as well as to her mailing list, about Israel and Jewish issues.

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Naomi's tenth novel The Devil in Jerusalem has been chosen by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency as the number one Jewish book of the season.
The story - inspired by true events - is a chilling tale of the paths that so easily lead us astray, and the darkness within us all. “שטן
Click the book’s cover to learn more.

Watch Valérie Abécasis' interview with Naomi on French Channel 24's Culture program. The interview (in French) begins at the 4:00 minute mark.

Naomi has published ten internationally best-selling novels, and is the author of a hit play (Women's Minyan) that has been performed more than 500 times in Israel's National Theatre (Habimah) as well as in the United States and Argentina.
An Orthodox woman, feminist and iconoclast, Naomi is a tireless advocate for women's rights in Israel, waging a relentless campaign against domestic abuse and bias in rabbinical courts, as well as a successful Supreme Court case against gender segregation on Israeli buses.
With her tenth novel, The Devil in Jerusalem, Naomi continues her ground-breaking exploration of women in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world she began in 1989 with Jephte's Daughter, followed by Sotah and The Sacrifice of Tamar.
Naomi is a sought-after lecturer all over the world. If your group is interested in hosting Naomi, please click here.

Nic Nie MówMay 2017 – The Polish translation of Devil in Jerusalem is published as Nic Nie Mów.

April 2017 – Naomi speaks about her books at the Ivan M. Stettenham Library at the Streicker Centre in New York City.

March 2017 – Naomi tours the Paris region to speak about her new book Les Soeurs Weiss, the French translation of The Sisters Weiss.

January 2017 – Naomi is interviewed by Valérie Abécasis on French Channel 24‘s Culture program. The interview (in French) begins at the 4:00 minute mark.

“LesDecember 2016Les Soeurs Weiss, the French translation of The Sisters Weiss, is published.

October 2016The Devil in Jerusalem is published in paperback.

November 2015 – The Jewish Telegraphic Agency puts The Devil in Jerusalem at the top of its list of the best Jewish books of the season.

November 2015 – Naomi lectured in Newton (MA), Boca Raton (FL), Miami (FL), St. Louis (MO), New York City, Atlanta (GA), Cherry Hill (NJ) and Santa Fe (NM).

“שטןAugust 2015 – Naomi’s new book, שטן בירושלים, a translation of The Devil in Jerusalem, is published.

Le Dixieme Chant8-19 March 2015 – Naomi toured France and Switzerland, speaking to her readers in Paris, Marseilles, Strasbourg and Geneva about her new French book, Le Dixieme Chant, a translation of The Tenth Song.

12-20 November 2014 – Naomi lectured at the Windsor Writer’s Conference in Windsor, ON as well as in Detroit, Toronto and Winnipeg.

The Sisters Weiss7 October 2014
Naomi’s ninth novel, The Sisters Weiss, was published in paperback. It’s the story of two sisters from an ultra-Orthodox family in 1950s Brooklyn who take very different paths, and then find their lives unexpectedly intersecting again forty years later. To order the book from Amazon, click the book cover above.

8-17 August 2014 – Naomi was the scholar-in-residence on Kosherica’s Kosher Baltic Cruise aboard the Norwegian Cruise Lines Star. The 9 night cruise visited Copenhagen, Rostock, Tallinn, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Stockholm.

Salone Internazionale del Libro
8-9 May 2014 – Naomi took part in a panel discussion on women in Israel, together with Fiamma Nirenstein and Elena Loewenthal, at the Salone Internazionale del Libro 2014 in Turin, Italy.

December 2013 - Watch an interview (in French) with Naomi about her struggle against the haredi war on women in Israel.
Watch an interview (in French) with Naomi about Le Serment.

December 2013 - Naomi visited Île-de-France to promote her new book Le serment (the French translation of The Covenant).

Sotah 15 March 2012 - Sotah was published in Italian as L'amora proibito. Read a review (in Italian).

Jephte's Daughter March 2012 - Jephte's Daughter was published in an Italian paperback edition, as Una moglie a Gerusalemme.

Le Fantôme de Dona Gracia Mendes October 2011 - The Ghost of Hannah Mendes was published in French as Le Fantôme de Dona Gracia Mendes. Read a review (in French).

The Tenth Song October 2011 - The Tenth Song was published in paperback.

May 2011 - Four-time Tony nominee Tovah Feldshuh directed a staged reading of Women's Minyan at New York's Westside Theater. The reading was produced by One Circle Productions, in partnership with Safe Horizon.

Watch the reading. Watch an interview with Naomi and Tovah Feldshuh.

Le serment November 2013 - The Covenant was published in French as Le serment.

November 2013 - Watch an interview with Naomi by Sharon Mor of Shaulina Productions about Naomi's new book The Sisters Weiss in Hebrew or in English.

6 November 2013 - Israel's Supreme Court reversed the District Court's decision against Naomi in the Sarah Shapiro case and ordered Shapiro to return the money she was awarded. Naomi agreed that the money be donated to charity.
October-November 2013 - Naomi toured the US, visiting twelve US cities and speaking about her new book, The Sisters Weiss.
The Sisters Weiss October 2013 - Naomi's ninth novel, The Sisters Weiss, was published. Read an article about it in the San Diego Jewish World.
Chains Around the Grass August 2013 - Chains Around the Grass was published in an Amazon Kindle edition.
July 2013 - An interview with Naomi about her trips to Spain to research her best-selling The Ghost of Hannah Mendes was featured in Jewish Travel.
December 2012 - Naomi's play Women's Minyan was performed by the West Boca Theatre Company at the Levis JCC in Boca Raton, Florida.
November 2012 - Naomi visited Île-de-France speaking about her books.
5 November 2012 - Naomi spoke at the Cockfosters and North Southgate Synagogue in London, England.


Sieg Heil, the Alt Right and

People are sending me information about Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute conference in Washington D.C. They are neo-Nazis. They raise their hands in a Nazi salute and say Sieg Heil. They say they love Trump.

You know what? Maybe in their warped minds they think he’ll be good for them. Yeah, that’s what the Left, some of whom really do support Muslim-Nazi terrorists, would love you to think. They are idiots- the Sieg Heilers- and dead wrong.

So, for the record, this is the current narrative that the mainstream media is using to attack Mr. Trump over these Nazi losers.

Reporter Sarah Posner, a left-wing darling who writes articles about how the war in Gaza was started by Israel to win the Israeli election for the right (!), who works for the anti-Semitic Guardian, Al Jazeera and Mother Jones, told that publication that Steve Bannon – CEO of Breitbart Friends– said that  Breitbart is “the platform for the  Alt Right.”

Alt Right is an amorphous term that is an umbrella for many anti-establishment groups, some of them like the National Policy Institute, who are white supremacists and viciously anti-Semitic. Bannon, now senior advisor to President-elect Trump, has vigorously denied that Breitbart supports any racist or anti-Semitic group.

It’s not only his word. I’ve been subscribing to Breitbart for many years. Breitbart is the most pro-Israel, pro-Jewish website on the internet, founded by a Jew who loved Israel and decided on a trip to Jerusalem to counter the anti-Israel mainstream media propaganda against her.

I have never seen anything remotely racist or anti-Semitic on Breitbart.

That is not to say that Alt Right neo-Nazis aren’t posting on the internet. They are. Just not on Breitbart.

Where you can find them with no problem, though, is on, founded by billionaire Evan Williams, who said to Bloomberg: “I am firmly against Trump” and donated generously to the Democrats. Check out the stomach-turning Traditio on, a Holocaust denying, sickeningly anti-Semitic website. When I asked to take it down, they wrote me back that they don’t believe in censorship.

The Leftists – Obama-lovers-best-deal-possible-with-Iran – will use any tactic to bring down a democratically elected government opposed to their idiocies and malevolence. They call anyone they don’t agree with a Nazi, but guess what? There are actually real Nazis out there. They just don’t have anything to do with Breitbart, or Trump. My God, the man has Orthodox Jewish grandchildren! Does he sound like Hitler to you?

If you are interested in understanding what is really going on in America, please read the astounding book by the late, great Andrew Breitbart: Righteous Indignation.

You’ll finally understand why Trump is hands down the best thing to happen to America, Israel and the Jews in a long, long time.



30 comments to Sieg Heil, the Alt Right and

  • Dan Cohen


    Before you jump down my throat, my beliefs are somewhat similar to yours. But I am not going to go to the extent of personal attacks on anyone else, no matter what they have to say, to prove my manhood.

    Yes, Ms Levenson may not have taken the time to proofread her comments, so that the punctuation and spelling were not 100% correct. But why do you need to show her such grand disrespect and insult her background as well as her beliefs, just to show how much of a Jewish Republican you’d like to be?

    That in a nutshell is the crux of the problem in our country. People can’t just agree to disagree when they have political differences. Instead they have to belittle and insult them to prove their superiority.

    That’s exactly what you did in your repeated commentary, and I think your actions are a sad statement about our society! I hope at least you felt a little better about yourself lauding over the poor woman as you did! I personally felt nauseated reading your comments.

    • Lawrence Wald

      Well, Danny Boy, Welcome to the party! A bit late, but better late than never to launch your “MissElle” Defense System!

      First you write:

      >”Before you jump down my throat, my beliefs are somewhat similar to yours. But I am not going to go to the extent of personal attacks on anyone else, no matter what they have to say, to prove my manhood.””That’s exactly what you did in your repeated commentary, and I think your actions are a sad statement about our society! I hope at least you felt a little better about yourself lauding over the poor woman as you did! I personally felt nauseated reading your comments.”<

      Sorry, Danny, but your attack on me is no less personal than any of my comments and observations regarding Miss "Elly Belly's" vitriolic rant! You say that my comments regarding "MissElle" are an attempt "to prove my manhood"? You don't consider that statement a personal attack? Wow! What a hypocrite you are!

      You say that my "actions are a sad statement on our society". I will tell you what is a sad statement on our society–that a criminal and pathological liar like Hillary Clinton can nearly become President of the United States and an incompetent like Barack Obama can actually become President of the United States. Another sad statement on our society is the fact our police are being attacked and criminals and terrorists are running rampant. How about tens of thousands of innocent women and children being bombed and murdered,even beheaded? Exactly what are my "actions"? I am a citizen of this country and a military veteran, and I have every right to express myself freely. Are you not familiar with the Constitution?

      You accuse me of lauding over the "poor woman"! This "poor woman" who writes vitriolic falsehoods about Donald Trump and who supports "Black Lives Matter"–an anarchist, anti-police, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel organization? Give me a break!

      I say to your protegee "MissElle"–if you start a fire, you might get burned. When you go on the attack, those attacked may defend themselves. When rockets are fired into Israel, those who fire the rockets may be on the receiving end of bombs and missiles. Fact of life….

      I am very comfortable with and I offer absolutely no apologies for what I wrote. I am sorry if you became nauseated when reading my comments. I have 2 solutions for you:

      1. Don't read my comments
      2. Compazine
      3. Check with your protegee "MissElle"-She might have a "cure" for
      what "elles" you!

      Danny Boy–You and "MissElle" have the right to post on this website and even be disrespectful to Naomi, and you have the right to rebut my posts, and of course I can also exercise that same right.

      My suggestion to you–Chill out and repress your feigned indignation. It is not becoming of you and it makes you look downright silly!

      • Dan Cohen

        There you go again “Larry boy”.

        I honor your sacrifice on behalf of our wonderful country. I myself never had the opportunity. Instead I donate my time and professional services to people who otherwise couldn’t afford it. I also work hard to help as many people who need kidney transplants as possible. Paying my good fortune forward.

        Yes, the First Amendment gives you every right to say what you believe. But is it not also the case that we sometimes need to be smart enough to bite our tongues in these circumstances so that we don’t go around bullying people who may disagree with us? How sad “Larry Boy” if all you learned in the military is how to be a bully!

        As for Ms Levenson, she and I seem to share nothing in common except the distaste caused by your blustery attacks. And no Dear Larry, that is not a personal attack on you Sir, but a criticism of YOUR behavior. Your drill sergeant may not have explained the difference in that his criticisms of how you were performing in basic trsining were not personal attacks either.

        As for your accusation that I would ever disrespect Naomi… not a chance! I have been a loyal fan of her political musings for over 15 years and I have the utmost respect for her and her family, especially after what they went through that Passover in Netanya.

        You, Sir, are the one who does not go along with the spirit of Naomi and everyone else here by feeling such a need to viciously attack anyone and everyone who has the slightest disagreement with your political view of the world.

        So maybe it’s you who needs to “Chill Out and repress your” overactive “indignation”.

        • Lawrence Wald

          Hey Danny Boy–The Pipes, The Pipes are callin’ for a response to your unsolicited and gratuitous criticism!

          >”I honor your sacrifice on behalf of our wonderful country.””Instead I donate my time and professional services to people who otherwise couldn’t afford it. I also work hard to help as many people who need kidney transplants as possible. Paying my good fortune forward.””I myself never had the opportunity.”“Your drill sergeant may not have explained the difference in that his criticisms of how you were performing in basic trsining were not personal attacks either.””Yes, the First Amendment gives you every right to say what you believe. But is it not also the case that we sometimes need to be smart enough to bite our tongues in these circumstances so that we don’t go around bullying people who may disagree with us? >”How sad “Larry Boy” if all you learned in the military is how to be a bully!””And no Dear Larry, that is not a personal attack on you Sir, but a criticism of YOUR behavior.””As for Ms Levenson, she and I seem to share nothing in common except the distaste caused by your blustery attacks.”<

          Sorry to disappoint you, Dear Danny Boy. I don't buy your above statement. Your overemotional(almost hysterical) defense of "Elly Belly" borders on the pathological. You are either related to her, a friend, or operating under the influence of a hidden mental agenda.(I guess you could be a "knight in shining armor" displaying the utmost chivalry!) Maybe if you would do some research on Miss Elle and learn a bit about her, you might not be so quick to defend her, and you would certainly find that she is quite capable of defending herself!

          In summary: As an intelligent professional, a citizen, a taxpayer, a military veteran, an admirer of Donald Trump, and one who loves and supports Israel and our law enforcement agencies, I have every right to verbally attack someone who spreads vile lies and falsehoods about Donald Trump and who supports an anarchist group that is anti-police, anti-Semitic, and anti-Israel. You and your protegee have well verbalized your displeasure with me. However, your condescending, elitist criticism will not dissuade me from protesting evil in any form it might arise, and in any written or verbal way I choose to do so!

          • Dan Cohen


            How awful my comments must be that you repeat the entire posting.

            You’re a very original and creative guy Larry. Have you ever taken a creative writing class? I’m sure that it would help you channel that glorious vocabulary of yours to a higher calling.

            As for Ms. Levenson, I have never met the woman, never read anything she ever wrote other than her exchange with you here, and as I said before, I do not happen to share her political views. I do however, per the First Amendment, respect her right to have them and speak about them.

            I guess saying this will make me condescending, but you Larry are simply a bombastic fool. Whether I agree or disagree with your political views, the way you choose to express them is nasty, and absolutely, not the way that the Founding Fathers intended for political discourse in their country (military service notwithstanding).

            So this is my note to you to let you know that I am not going to waste any more time on your distasteful drivelings.

            Have a good life, mucking around in your mud.

  • elle

    You have passed over so quickly, excused and so unacknowledged the president elects oft repeated words and foul
    language……now unleashed into the mainstream as acceptable…..the undercurrent may have risen from the depths….
    what we found out is how deep it was and how long it smoldered……ah well….labels are just that, labels…..don’t label
    me “liberal” because I adhere to “jewish values” like social justice, or believing that indeed “black lives matter” or for
    that matter that the original peoples….we call native Americans have been shafted over and over again….(feels jewish
    to me)…
    Referring to Trump’s jewish son-in-law and his daughter, an orthodox convert…and present it as some proof of something
    deeper…..or even a mention of Chelsea Clinton’s not converting……this is all supposed to mean, or point to what ???
    I continue to be concerned about the things this president elect continues to say which reveals his lack of knowledge….
    If some believe he will “learn as he goes” from whomever he looks for information and guidance….and from that standpoint
    we should, or he deserves a chance…….I thought he made himself quite clear……and that makes me continue to worry, and
    to voice my concern….
    I am a proud American, I love my country, I am a jew…..not just jewish, a jew…….I love Israel…….may it survive and thrive !

    • Lawrence Wald

      Elle–What a trollish rant! Your grammar and writing skills leave much to be desired. You write 200 plus words without a period and with only 1 comma? You better go back and take English 101 with an emphasis on writing skills!

      You say you are a Jew. Didn’t anyone ever teach you that Jew and Jewish are capitalized?

      Amazing that you say you are a proud American who loves his/her country. Don’t you think that the 62,000,000 Trump supporters are also proud Americans who love their country as well?

      You indicate support for “Black Lives Matter”? You actually support this anarchist group that is opposed to Israel’s existence and that is anti-Semitic to the core? You support a group that advocates anarchy and violence toward police? Shame on you!

      What you write suggests flight of thoughts, paranoia, lack of anger control, or some other cerebral disorder. You should be embarrassed by this ranting of yours. I would suggest you revisit your mental health therapist, enroll in an anger class, and go back on your psychoactive medication which you must have discontinued!

      Get over it! Donald Trump is our President-Elect! Your disturbed ranting will not change that fact!

      • elle levenson

        Your reply and remarks are amusing, Mr Wald. If this is how you talk, you betray the undercurrent of hate and rage that is so
        disturbing and apparently widespread in our culture….regardless where it is directed….we all make choices and we are all a product of our situations, circumstances, as well as the wisdom teachings we have hopefully been exposed to. (oh,…did I end a sentence that way….haha!) The word “jewish” is not always capitalized, and yes I chose not to capitalize “jew”…..It is also
        true that I say “I am a jew” rather than “I am jewish”…..Also, I do expect to be respected as a women, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a teacher, a writer, a speaker….It is my intention to speak carefully when expressing myself (limiting the adjectives as well) I will share your words with my adult sons, grandsons and granddaughters because I know that there are lessons and messages here to discuss in these contentious times in which we are now living, and how to react and respond to words, raised fists, and other such “put downs”. It surprises me that you used words like “trollish” and “rant”….and gave an assessment of my mental character, or lack of in your estimation. Thank you for providing that avenue for teaching how to express oneself. I am not afraid of you, Mr Wald, but your “kind” speaks a loud “caution”…..I am listening and I am watching (Let me mention that my friends are both Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservations….. (……) *

        • Lawrence Wald

          Well Elle Levenson–I am truly honored that you find my “reply and remarks amusing”! You show your ignorance–of course Jew and Jewish is always capitalized! Check out any reference source!

          I am pleased you will share my words with your “adult sons, grandsons, and granddaughters”. Perhaps they might learn something and not follow your misinformed thought process.

          You write,
          >”I am not afraid of you, Mr Wald, but your “kind” speaks a loud “caution””I am listening and I am watching”Also, I do expect to be respected as a women, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a teacher, a writer, a speaker…”

          Well, at least we now know more about you. By the way, are you 1 woman or 1 women? See what I mean about your grammar?

          Why don’t you also tell us more about your “professional” activities–“herbalist”, “reflexologist”, and even “alchemist”? Do you have an MD? Are you practicing medicine without a license? Are you “prescribing” St. John’s Wort as a foot balm? My goodness! And we are supposed to take you seriously?

          Enough of this nonsense–This is getting tiresome and those of us on this website who are rational have better things to do than suffer such foolishness!

    • Dear Elle,
      Liberal values are often not Jewish values.
      Abortion is not a Jewish value
      Saying Black lives matter means you don’t think other lives matter, like policemen’s lives for example. That is not a Jewish value, but a hateful racist statement.
      As for profanity, I agree Trump is profane. However, given the disgusting sexual behaviour of the Clintons IN THE WHITE HOUSE, his profane words are nothing compared the profane deeds of the Clintons.
      Jewish values include charity, that is not welfare. The highest charity, according to Maimonidies, is to make a person self sufficient. Democrats see no value in honest labor, and keeping people dependent on welfare destroys their hope, their souls and their self worth. I should know: my mother was on welfare when my father died, and we lived among blacks in a low income housing project in Queens. There is nothing more soul-destroying than liberal policies towards the poor. As for Trump. Give the man a chance. After all, we suffered through eight years of Obama. There is a fresh breath of air coming, new hope. Yes, Trump may prove a disaster. But Hillary was already in government, and she was a disaster.
      All the best, and every blessing,

      • Lawrence Wald

        Wow! As usual, Naomi, Your comments are so accurate and SO WELL WRITTEN!

        The left wingers are embarrassing themselves more and more each day. The ultimate is the multimillionaire Jill Stein demanding wasteful and nonsensical recounts so that she can line her already rich pockets with more money solicited to(supposedly) cover the cost of the recounts! She ran on an environmentalist agenda, and we now know that she is heavily invested in the corporations and industries she campaigned against. Then, there is the matter of Hillary joining the recount campaign after lecturing Donald Trump about accepting the results of the election!


      • elle

        Naomi…..Black Lives Matter does not mean or imply that other lives do not. Black Lives Matter then went to Blue Lives Matter
        and All Lives Matter, but does it then mean that Black Lives Don’t Matter. Of course it does not !
        Abortion……I’m not going to touch that one here.
        Thanks, at least for acknowledging that the president elect has spoken many time inappropriately….words and expressions.
        Regardless, can we hope that this way of speaking is not representative of his presidency ?
        I am and the world is watching and listening.

        • Lawrence Wald

          You continue to extol the virtues of “Black Lives Matter”. Naomi Ragen is correct when she is critical of this group! You obviously have not read the platform of “Black Lives Matter”. If you investigated further, you would find that this group is racist, anarchist, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. “Black Lives Matter” even supports the BDS movement against Israel! This group set up a disruptive, harmful presence in Israel and was finally expelled by the Israelis! Any Jew(or other individual) who supports this racist group certainly does not support Israel and actually wishes harm to Israel!

          • The Jewish Republican

            Its about time someone said that. Thanks, Lawrence!

          • Lawrence Wald

            “Jewish Republican”—Ah, it has such a nice ring-the sound of it is “music to the ear”! By the way, there are many more Jewish Republicans than the liberals would have us believe! In our flock, we can include members of the Trump family and the significant others of Trump’s children. Such a “mishpachah” we are!

  • Lawrence Wald

    Naomi, no one seems to mind that Hillary was endorsed by the anti-Semitic, anti-white, anti-Israel, anarchist group “Black Lives Matter” as well as the Communist Party. No one accused her of being an anti-white, anarchist, communist, anti-Semite because of those endorsements! Such a double standard!

  • Rostislav

    “They are idiots- the Sieg Heilers- and dead wrong” – no objections, dear Mrs. Ragen. You know, the recent event which really saddens me is not some pathetic Nazi conference, but Donald Trump’s unexpected reversal (as a unifying move, naturally) from his pre-election intention to prosecute Clinton: “It’s just not something that I feel very strongly about”. For me his “unifying move” is very alarming. Of course, any sudden reversals are suspicious, whatever beautiful and noble reasons may be invented for the astonished public, but this particular “unifying move” reminds me too much of the Oslo utopia, and I am not sure at all that hopes to be united with the Clinton’s Leftists would be more successful (or less tragic) than those to be united with the Arafat’s terrorists.

    • Lawrence Wald

      Rostislav–I agree with you. I was dismayed to hear that the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation might not be prosecuted. This would prove that you and I must obey the law or we would be prosecuted, but the Clintons and other elites remain above the law, even in a Trump administration…So sad!

  • David Roytenberg

    Hi Naomi. It’s very interesting to read that Bannon may not have said that ‘Breitbart has become the platform for the alt-right’. It’s simply repeated as a fact everywhere I’ve read about him.

    As far as you know, is this second hand report in Mother Jones the only source for this claim? Has Bannon denied that he said it?

  • Judy

    From Paul Joseph Watson: There are two ‘Alt-Rights’.
    One is more accurately described as the New Right. These people like to wear MAGA hats, create memes & have fun.
    They include whites, blacks, Asians, latinos, gays and everyone else. These are the people who helped Trump win the election.
    The other faction likes to fester in dark corners of sub-reddits and obsess about Jews, racial superiority and Adolf Hitler.
    This is a tiny fringe minority. They had no impact on the election.
    Guess which faction the media is giving all the attention to?

  • The Jewish Republican

    It seems very silly how the so-called liberals behave. They have no idea that, as Jews, we have been taught to work hard for what we want and to enjoy the fruits of our labors, not a leftist handout by the government. Donald Trump shows this ideal. Sure, he has baggage like us all. Nobody is perfect, especially the liberals who think they are. I noticed Chelsea Clinton did not convert, yet her husband is Jewish. It seems that the democrats are hypocrites.Trump was the only candidate willing to bring the US Embassy to Jerusalem. He has also stood up to the Saudi’s. The liberal press is just a bunch of crybabies that have been found out by the electorate about their untruths. Stop crying and get back to work. It looks like Trumps has more Jewish Values than the leftist press.

  • When Hillary was introducing to the world the other 1/2 of the voters, she referred to them as “deplorables.” She evidently took her eyes off the her teleprompter. She should have looked into a mirror and we now have come to recognize the “despicables.” She was a leader of the liberal left, and the US voters had enough of her corruption, and many failed policies. Too many people should know by this time that the bigger government is, the more corrupt it becomes.

    A number of years ago there was a bank robber who was well dressed, polite, and often disguised. When he was caught, he was asked, “Why do you rob banks?” Willie Sutton (Slick Willie) replied, “because that’s where the money is”! Today there are many Slick Willies in Washington, DC. Let’s hope Donald Trump can drain the swamp of the Hillary-types, the corrupt, the dishonest.

  • Stu Tarlowe

    Regarding these comments from “Cousin Eddie” and “Beth”: Take heart, Naomi: Many of us have incorrigible Libtards in our extended families; suffer their dreck as best you can and don’t be deterred from your keen insight and analysis.

  • Joan Kleinman


  • Marsha

    But Beth, when you say you teach your children “Jewish values”, do you mean REAL Jewish values, the values in our Torah, or the values espoused by the Democratic party? Because the two are at times diametrically opposed. Abortion on demand? Not a Jewish value. Gay marriage? Also not a Jewish value. When someone claims to believe in Jewish values, yet voted for Hillary, I am immediately suspect that they are among those who have replaced REAL Jewish values with liberalism.

  • Yehudit

    Remember that Soros, a self-hating Jew, backed Hillary and her liberal cohorts to the hilt. He Is a nut job of the first order and his money is tainted. Hillary came with more anti-semitic baggage than I have room to describe.
    I want to remind you that Trump involved himself in civil liberties issues in tony Palm Beach by integrating all of his institutions down there and led the charge to change the overall atmosphere. He is more inclusive of minorities (those who are here legally at least) than O or Hillary ever was. He did this before his children married Jewish spouses, before his daughter converted (an Orthodox conversion mind you) and before his Jewish grandchildren were born.
    Also, in terms of Breitbart, for heavens sake, they opened up an office in Jerusalem as the head office for Middle East affairs. If he was anti-Jewish or Israel he could have gone to Amman, Jordan or Cairo instead…Start looking at CNN, PBS,the NY Times (may they disappear soon) etc.and their totally biased reporting over the years and stop ranting about a non-issue like Breitbart’s supposed biases.

    • Worse than just a “self-hating Jew” and “a nut job”, Soros is a kapo. It’s too bad we Jews are not supposed to believe in Hell, because there aren’t fires hot enough for Soros and his sorry-assed ilk.

  • Yehudit

    Because nut jobs support DT, does not mean he supports them, or their ideals. He can’t be responsible for every crazy out there. Remember he has Jewish children, Jewish grandchildren (all of them) and one of his closest advisors who will be in and out of the White House is Jared Kushner, orthodox, conservative, brilliant young man. DT may be our first (in name and deed, Jewish President!).
    DT will NEVER sell us down the river nor will he allow anyone else to.

  • Ethel Schwartz Bock

    Brava Beth. Chole chovod ( I don’t know how to transliterate) Trump’s orthodox grandchildren have no bearing on him – he didn’t tell his daughter to become a Jew, her husband did. I hope that all the neo Nazis and anti Semites that support dt are not supported by him. We just have to keep praying for peace in our lives and in the lives of all good people.

  • Beth


    Please don’t call Liberals Nazis. It’s untrue and unfair. Many Liberals are Jews, like you and me, and we teach our children Jewish values.

    I respect what you have to say and want to understand it. I am trying to build a bridge between myself who voted for Hillary and those who voted for Trump. I’m trying to understand so please don’t call me names.